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  1. Monitor 1920x1080, power is a coolermaster 650w. My understanding is that the new card use a lot less power than the old, so I *think* this should be OK? Live in Canada, so we pay ridiculous prices compared to the US. Thanks! I'l take a look at the RX460
  2. Hey all So sort of unemployed right now, and while I haven't been playing many games (obviously) looks like my old Graphics card just died. (enabling it or any drivers for it causes black screen I can't boot around, disabling it system works fine) Anyway I realize it's a very old card, but I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for something comparable, but cheap. (I assume i can probably get a much better card for $200, but I can maybe afford to spend half that..) Just hoping some of you smart types might have some suggestions. Thanks!
  3. Didn't see anyone mention it, but has anyone tried Warhammer Total War? Always enjoyed the (older) TW games, and used to play Warhammer, so it seems like a fit. Plus it's only like $20.
  4. nah cause it's a question- I assumed (and yes apparently with the old saying about assuming) that because the commander was alive when the shot was fired, I should get a warning, that's why I was curious, Didn't know that's how it work (I mean I've only been playing for some 15 thousand I suck) Thanks for confirming that's how it works though.
  5. ...Really? You post simply to say "I bet this guy doesn't have a replay?" How...sad. Yeah I know that happens, that's why I'm wondering if it's the same thing if your commander gets killed, again (as I read it) technically it shouldn't, but really have no idea. Replay in first post, and please, it's a brilliant title. Thanks all! Yeah I'm pretty sure it was a blind shot (there were tanks behind me, but it doesn't look like I was in a direct line) just a blind shot that hits me while I'm moving around a bit. I also can't imagine taking blind shots with a gun that takes 30 seconds to reload..but then again I'm not even blue, let alone purple, so... Really just kind of curious as to the mechanics of does sixth sense not go off if the commander is killed in that interval.
  6. Yeah I know- but an actual question, if you're spotted, shot, and your commander is killed before the 3 second "sixth sense" window is up, do you not get a spotted warning ? (Even though I assume you should, because the commander was alive when you got spotted) Just had a game on Fjords(my least favorite map ever) in my Leo1, one of you purple types in a FV4005 shot me (for like 1900 damage) without my sixth sense going off, I was pissed, but realized he had killed my commander so figured that's what happened. After teh battle received a PM from a player on my team asking if I'd been spotted ,as the FV had apparently shot him as well without his sixth going off. Asked if his commander had been killed as well, but didn't get a response back. So curious if this is how dead commanders/sixth sense works, or if the rumours about you evil cheating purples are true.
  7. Figured if I ever end up joining a clan I'll need this tank for CW, so Just bought it. Hate it. How do people hit anything at any kind of distance with this gun. No depression. No elevation. Running BIA, Food, and GLD, Aim time is still well above 2. Only 4 games so far, but putting out an amazing 940 dpg. One of those tanks, I know it's fantastic in the right hands, or even in most player's hands, apparently not mine. Off to watch youtube vids I guess to see how people actually make it work.
  8. Kranvagn is the second On Track for June (starts 16th I think) in case you (or anyone else) missed it- might want to wait a couple weeks to buy the T9
  9. So now that this is in the Tech Tree (10900 gold) how decent is it without a skilled crew? Haven't started either of the Swedish lines, but think the TD one looks interesting, just wondering if this can work with a zero skill crew or if I should pick up the T6 m42 thing and then retrain the crew.
  10. And here I was all feeling all impressive with my 2100 DPG. And what? I thought the Leo 1 was far better than the PTA, it has a worse turret? That makes me sad.
  11. There's no way a 320 alpha gun on a TD can have a 12.5 base reload,
  12. I think (hope) they will. All they really need to do is say "we fucked up, going forward we're going to have one policy across all regions, there is a certain standard that CC members agree to meet, we reserve the right to terminate CC status at any time for not meeting those standards , but we will never pursue copyright strikes against anyone." Which is pretty much what EU did. Just get the other regions on board and they're done.
  13. Thanks, I got the embed link from youtube and tried 3 times, I fail
  14. Jingles quit as after he had an explanation, a sort of apology, and a promise from WGEU that they wouldn't issue copyright strikes against youtubers, WGNA came out and said they would totally punish anyone who used hate and/or homophobic slurs in their videos like Sirfoch did. You can click the "link" button above to see the youtube vid, (I'm seriously failing at doing a vid embed on this forum)
  15. And now Jingles has quit thanks to WGNA apparently not knowing that WGEU already cleared things up.I suck at embeds