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  1. Thanks! Yeah tried some camo and rearranged some crew skills to give me more camo, definitely makes a difference (I get spotted less on my way to camp bush) And the food does seem to have more effect on the gun handling than i thought it would. Really the problem is me though, I keep thinking "I have armor, I can totally brawl with this". and then sit around getting shot waiting for my gun to reload. The stupid thing is,I know I can't out DPM a T62, and yet I keep trying to do it..
  2. Hey all So finally have decided that the STB is simply to cool looking to not be in my garage, so it's time to go up the Japanese medium line. Have a potential female crew, so I'm not as worried about that (just trying to decide to use them for this line or the Leopard 1) Just curious if any of the t4-7 tanks are actually worth playing, they look.terrible but I'm an an average player, so entirely possible I'm missing something. Trying to decide if I should free XP to T8 or play the line, or if there's some worth playing, and others to just free XP past. Looked through some of the reviews, but most comments are a couple years and more than a few updates ago, so not sure how relevant they are in the current meta. Thanks as always for any input
  3. So bought teh E50M tonight, hate it so far. Gun seems like it's hte one on the IS6. But part of that's been bad teams, and finding myself the sole focus of arty for some reason (seriously- I'm green, average at best, why is arty focusing me rather than the Grille, who's spotted 20 meters away from me?) But, question- Is it worth training camo on this? Crew has BIA., some other second skill, 100% Repair. The tank does seem to get spotted from space,but I have zero camo on my crew, and the paint job is factory grey. Don't need it to be invisible, but does training camo and putting paint on it get me to the point I'm not spotted from across the map when I'm not firing? Really just wondering if I should train camo or safe stowage/some driver and gunner skill. (
  4. So it (like the others) is going to have insane camo now, how much do you expert type think that's going to be impacted (if at all) by the upcoming scout revamp?
  5. Thanks guys! That really helps. Also just realized it's pretty pointless to have ACT on when all the crew members have the same XP,
  6. Hey all Bought a 112, had no Chinese crews, so training one from scratch. (Dear God I find it annoying to play without 6th sense, I use it as such a crutch..) Anyway, ,Premium Vehicle, Accelerate Crew Training is on, now- do the personal reserves (+ 100% XP and +200% Crew XP) stack? or is it useless to run more than the crew XP one.
  7. So picked this up today (figured it's time I started a Chinese crew) Started with a 50% crew, so the tank was a little pitiful, but seems decent now that they're close to 100% But- is the idea with this things armor to avoid brawling? Close in it seems to get penned a lot, not sure if I messing something up or if it's just that close up a lot of tanks are firing down into the plate and reducing the angle.
  8. Cool, thanks! I'll watch that thread.
  9. Thanks again all! (although I feel the need to point out "EZ" for some of you is likely "how the fuck do I make this work/smash my keyboard in frustration" for me. Right now I'm enjoying the 100.01 P, seems to be a monster at T8, decidedly below average at T9, and useless at T10, but it did get me my first Kolabanov/RW etc etc game , so that was nice. (although a little irritating, realized later If I'd let some of the 100 alpha tanks shoot me a few more times before killing them I'd have completed HT 12.3) I have the E75 unlocked, so that can work if I decide these 20KPH tanks aren't for me, IS4 line is still back at the KV3, but it's on sale right now, might be time to try that line out as well. Had avoided it as the KV3 and 4 looked useless, but maybe I can bludgeon my way past them.
  10. Does anyone have a set of recent (currently watchable) replays? Preferably involving what you do vs other scouts, but anything would be appreciated. Just picked it up (again) and while getting yelled at by my team for not brawling with a T54LT , one of the team said Crab had some replays that showed the T49 being used to kill other lights. (I sadly try and do drive by's and occasional sniping) I tried to message him, but apparently can't. (probably a feature to keep good players from being inundated with message by people like me) Don't need vs other lights specifically, just if anyone has a set of anything current, would love to see a few games.
  11. LOL I can do the basics of angling, but I've watched more than a few replays where someone is managing to keep angling against 3 or 4 tanks in front of them shooting from different angles, that I can't do. (And even vs one tank I sometimes fuck up my initial angle) Thanks all! Going up the Maus line.
  12. Hey all, I have the E75 unlocked, as well as either the 100.01 P or the VK 45.02 A. I am appallingly bad at finding that "perfect" angle o deflect shots, so out of these three lines- which relies least on my skill to bounce shots? I'm looking for a heavy tanks line to complete the T-55A missions, but also for use in pubs. (more the latter) Was working towards the E-100, but not sure if the new and improved Maus is now better, or if the PV VIII would be something to pick up. (from what I've read I think it's between the E-100 and the Maus for bouncing, but could have missed something)
  13. Do you get the gold value if you already have the tank or the credit value? (I seem to remember them switching it to credit value at some point,could be delusional) I have no real interest in going up whte Swedish or Czexh lines, but I already have the 85M. and since (according to the wiki) it's worth just over 3K gold, that wouldn't be horrible.
  14. Thanks guys! Might try Bert- I had tried M44 with HEAT until I gave up, I just can't get the HEAT to pen with that tank, I manage to hit tracks with pretty much every shot, even from the front- and after scoring non damaging crits 15+ times a game over who knows how many games I'd had enough.(And I was running out of credits) Just gave up, might buy it back and try again though. I like the idea of trying blindshots- but that near 40 second reload would make it a little imparactical on the M53 I think. And yes, worded it poorly, meant that with 4.6 K damage I outdamaged my closest team mates by a wide margin and still didnt get close to top XP
  15. Yes I know, arty sucks, but I'm on mission 15.3 (for the T55A) I have to score top damage on my team,(at least 3k) as well as have the most XP. Using the M53/55, and so far (with a little luck) top damage has been easy. but top XP -I'm not even close. (Just finished a game with 4.6K damage, more than the next 3 members of my team combined, -but I came 6th on XP earned) I get that kills give XP, but with a 40 second reload, I'm not sure if I'm better to go for a (potential) 800 damage hit or a 50 damage hit and a kill. Are there any tricks to getting XP for this mission? Really want to get it as the 55A is the last of the mission tanks I want, and I won't have to play arty again after (if) I earn the 55A.