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  1. And here I was all feeling all impressive with my 2100 DPG. And what? I thought the Leo 1 was far better than the PTA, it has a worse turret? That makes me sad.
  2. There's no way a 320 alpha gun on a TD can have a 12.5 base reload,
  3. I think (hope) they will. All they really need to do is say "we fucked up, going forward we're going to have one policy across all regions, there is a certain standard that CC members agree to meet, we reserve the right to terminate CC status at any time for not meeting those standards , but we will never pursue copyright strikes against anyone." Which is pretty much what EU did. Just get the other regions on board and they're done.
  4. Thanks, I got the embed link from youtube and tried 3 times, I fail
  5. Jingles quit as after he had an explanation, a sort of apology, and a promise from WGEU that they wouldn't issue copyright strikes against youtubers, WGNA came out and said they would totally punish anyone who used hate and/or homophobic slurs in their videos like Sirfoch did. You can click the "link" button above to see the youtube vid, (I'm seriously failing at doing a vid embed on this forum)
  6. And now Jingles has quit thanks to WGNA apparently not knowing that WGEU already cleared things up.I suck at embeds
  7. This probably should go in the Sirfoch thread, somehow I manged to miss that tonight (apparently I suck at forums and at embeds) Anybody with the ability can delete this if they'd like, I promise I won't focus you with my arty. Actually makes me sad, yes he's not a great player,but he has no issues admitting it up front, and his vids were pretty entertaining. But apparently after WGEU apologized (sort of) and clarified they would never issue copyright stirkes, WGNA came out and said they would punish people like Foch who used those homophobic and hate speech filled slurs. Also as I'm one of those feeble minded people who can never remember how to embed a video... Link
  8. Was going to pick this up, but decided I'll wait for another prem or two to be released. There's no way WG can not keep up the overpowered premium designs, they won't sell.
  9. I haven't seen teh original vid, but it is possible it was above and beyond what should be "acceptable" from a community contributor, Or it's entirely possible this is WG over reacting , so much seems to come out of that European office. In my opinion- it's fair for them to ask that CC's conduct themselves with a certain standard. Whether or not this was "slanderous" I kinda doubt, but it's possible having heard some of Foch's rants before.
  10. As someone who made the jump to 10 way to early (and I'm still trying to fix the poor showing I have on most of my tanks) I'd suggest playing T6 until you are good enough to influence pretty much any game at T6. and some T7. It's probably not a huge deal to go to T7, but they will face a lot of T9 tanks, and T9 tanks are a lot tougher than T8. (The jump from 6-7 isn't that big, the jump from 7-8 is bigger, but there's a huge difference between T8 and T9) If I did it again (and decided to reroll to become a light blue) I'd wait until I was winning 55% or so of my games before moving up a tier.
  11. So to kind of derail , this just happened in game, playing on Himmelsdorf , game comes down to my Leo PTA a T71 and a Type 59 vs a near full health 4502B and a Defender, as all our tanks are one shots, and their two tanks are near our base, I tell teh team to cap with me as with all 3 of us they shouldnt have time to get back. Guess what happens, the Type 50 and the T71 both go tearing after the full health 4502B and the Defender, do absolutely nothing to them other than the 59 dying, t71 runs away (still doesn't run to cap) And before I can solo cap the Defender gets back and resets. We lose, talk to the two players on my team after the loss and get told to learn how to play, real player's "don't cap" So, with all the respect I actually have for you good players (seriously, I've learned a lot from most of you and I appreciate it) Could you stupid <expletive deleted> idiots stop telling pubs "capping is bad all the time" You blues and purples tell orange and yellow players "don't cap" in game and some of them believe it.
  12. The game length thing depends, but you really can't come up with a overall "this is the best option" as it all depends on too many circumstances. From past experience (both capping and having someone on my team cap) I'd guess that capping does give XP (for people who are in teh cap) and that will be worth slightly more to someone than teh team bonus for killing all, but teh personal bonus for doing damage/spotting etc is still greater, It seems you get more XP for doing damage/spotting, then adding cap points (for yourself) then team bonus for killing all. That's completely my impression though, it's how it seems to work for me, but could be entirely wrong.
  13. Heard it explained once that- killing all gives more XP, but capping gives more XP that trying to kill them all and losing the game. Also (as mentioned) obviously the time involved, playing for 5 minutes and winning by cap is probably better than playing 14 minutes to kill them all. (Unless your damage farming/ trying to gain marks of course)
  14. Thanks, that helps. Of course if you stupid clan wars people would use the T10's I have, that would be easier. Have had the batchat unlocked for like a year, probably should actually buy it at some point. And the 215B gets CW use? That's cool, loved the Conq so same gun with better soft stats should be fun.
  15. Well actually done with the 61 grind ,doing much better with the STB (through all of 12 games..) Small gun was the first 20 or so, but the WR never really improved even after the big one. It may be I tried to play it like the 7/1 , took up the same positions etc, but where (as mentioned) the 7/1 can and does bounce a decent amount of the turret, the 61 just gets penned over and over again. By the end of the grind I was definitely trying to snipe too much as I was just tired of getting penned by anything that hit me, including T49's and arty. STB1 seems a lot better with the profile and turret, 2500 DPG so far,(again, a staggering 12) not even close to the 3K that so many of you churn out effortlessly (or so it seems) but decent enough. ~ And I think I've derailed my own topic.