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  1. Only played a few games so far, I like it- camo seems good, aim time seems awkward, mobility is pretty decent, but your fuel tanks are at the front. Don't play Chinese tanks, so maybe this is a no brainer for many of you, but I've been set on fire twice from front penning shots, and had my fuel tanks damaged a number of times Something to keep in mind. And if anyone's interested, 3967/256 assisted +5 kills (and a draw) gets you a Mastery.
  2. From the pictures on TAP, doesn't this look more like a nerf? It's definitely from the side/top/back of the turret, but the front seems to have less armor in numerous spots , the cheeks look stronger, but around the top looks like it's less.
  3. Because I'm stupid. Or maybe xenophobic. Thanks all! I've got enough free XP to get the T7 elited, so might start with that and see how life is as a semi armored 20KPH machine.
  4. Thanks- kinda what I assumed but good to get confirmation from a (much) better player. I actually don't have much interest in the 183, I've simply always liked the idea of the Tortoise, but have always gad to admit I have no idea how to make a slow,giant, underarmored tank work. Maybe best to just wait and see what the T10 is going to be like, if it has enough armor to be workable. I've watched a bunch of replays for teh T7-9, but they all seem to be the red team driving in front of one of the TD's repeatedly rather than any decisive positioning or playing.
  5. Hey all So (because so many are doing it and damnit, I'm a follower)thinking of grinding the 183 line before the replacement. (And because that replacement tanks looks sexy) But most of what I can find on the various AT seems to predate the Japanese heavies and the Swedish TD line. AS well as buffs to various tanks, new premiums etc, so (to me) it looks like armor that was "OK" a few years back is decidedly useless now. I like the idea of the line (just stack DPM on more DPM) but I'm not sure how it will play out in the hands of an average player. Anyone have any recent experience?
  6. Yeah, the tank seems fantastic -if i can get hull down and in a position where I have time to aim. Any other situation and it's kinda... useless. I don't get the love for it, as I said, totally get the hull down thing, but in all those situations where it can't get hull down, that gun handling (worst T9 heavy) coupled with the aim time (worst T9 heavy) just make it so...crap. It's not a bad tank by any means, had some fantastic games in it, it just seems so...situational.
  7. So... Apparently it's a bad idea to tell platoons of Scouts they suck, I get TK'd enough that I don't really need a platoon going for me You're a little sick. (Also lesson learned, never tell a scout platoon they suck...apparently they take it personally) Watched a few of your replays and you always seem to carry premium HE, don't think I've ever seen you use it, what do you carry it for? EDIT= Also want to thank you guys for making/posting in this thread. I've discovered the sheer number of completely useless players running around in T49's with 152, either singularly or in platoons is staggering, playing the 54lt has never been so much fun.
  8. And more importantly- from what I understand, being able to complete three trees for "free". would mean I get 3 female crew right away (again unless I'm mistaken)
  9. Really? So just looked and I actually completed all 5 of the final missions with honors from Stug,T28, and T55A, this means I only need to complete one 260 set to get the tank? That is kinda nice.
  10. So it makes more sense right now to go back and make sure I have all the Stug/T28/T55A final missions done with honors now, instead of continuing to grind the Obj 260 missions- or am I completely misunderstanding this?
  11. So just picked it up, seems ...OK (elited, but not used to it yet) How do you equip one of these? Rammer/Vstab and vents or GLD? I'm thinking the vents reduce the load time by a fraction, and help the soft stats, but GLD might get that aiming time down to somewhere mid 2's. (Well probably 2.7 or something, but less than 3) Any opinions from players who are actually decent so I can repeat them in pub matches and seem all smart and stuff? ,
  12. Have they mentioned this getting buffs? It's one of those tanks I want (looks cool) but it just seems so...meh, even in the hands of much better players than I am, it always sems like a free damage tank as I can just keep putting 265 pen shells through it's front hull.
  13. If the constant stream of games many people had before the MM changes, where you were one of two or three T8's with nine Tier 10 tanks didn't stop premium sales, I don't think MM that gives you 7 other T8 tanks to shoot at will.
  14. How many of these GIFs and replays are from typical games? Is this like every game, every other, or one in ten? T49 is one of those tanks I decided to sell after having game after game of misses, or splashing tanks for 200Hps of damage on rear shots. This and the Sheridan thread are kinda making me want to buy it back (although I don't have any more exceptions until 2018) but I\m not sure my results will be any different.
  15. This really might be a case of a player not the tank, I have no idea how you managed to do that much damage, (other than you know, skill) but all of the ones I ran into yesterday were pretty much a joke for anything T8+ (and in 2 cases my Type 64) to pen their armor. I actually hope they sell a lot of them as its nice to shoot at a new premium that's pretty much point and pen.