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  1. Easy now. I did read. I understand what you're saying, but was confused by the last post. I appreciate the time you're taking to help me with this.
  2. My monitor default is 60hz and I want to up that refresh to 70 or even 75. I can run wot at high fps and want to see more of that via a higher refresh rate, hence the attempt to oc the monitor. I surely wouldn't.
  3. Details as in gfx settings? Currently, I only play wot and the gfx are nearly maxed out on all options and without vSync, the game tells me that I'm running 85+ fps. So...once I make the refresh rate change in Radeon Settings, update the windows display adapter, and restart, then I should open wot and enable vSync and see if the fps is locked to the new refresh rate by looking at the in game fps? Thanks for dealing with these questions...
  4. Cuz I'm dumb and want to make sure I understand. I should go ahead and, using Radeon Settings, create a custom resolution and in there change the refresh rate, then go into windows display settings and select the new refresh rate, and then restart the pc? Start up a new game, enable vsync, and then check fps? If I set refresh at 70, then with sync enabled, I should see 70fps? If so, then the refresh change worked? OK, following adder's suggestion above? Thanks!
  5. Lols, I didnt realize that he wasn't in the US...Imma noob.
  6. See if this deal works for of yesterday, Fry's was still shipping. You have to sign up for an email code or you can call Fry's one. $167 for a 75hz, freesync, full hd ips monitor...
  7. I noticed something similar this morning...choppy as hell. I'll check settings to see if something changed.
  8. I'm attempting to overclock this monitor hopefully up to 75hz (one Amazon reviewer got up this high). My build uses a XFX R9 280X and I have Radeon Settings installed. Using Win10 64-bit. Monitor is connected to the pc via hdmi, though I don't know the hdmi version. So far, I have tried both Radeon Settings and CRU to overclock this monitor. In Radeon Settings, I've gone to Display, create custom resolution, and changed to 61, 70, and 75 followed by going to the desktop, right-clicking, display settings, display adapter, then monitor tab and selecting the new refresh rate. The screen blacks out when saving the custom resolution in Radeon Settings and after selecting the new refresh is display settings, but when I go to the ufo test site, that site reports 60 refresh (the bar beneath the ufo animation always goes to "Ready", though. Using CRU, I follow the instructions to add the new refresh rates, change to LCD Standard, and then restart64 to restart the driver, then go into the display settings, monitor tab, and select the new refresh, and, again, ufo test with a reported 60 refresh. Can anyone help me find a guide for this specific model or provide some advice on what I might be doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
  9. The only money I've spent on this game has been for gold and prem time and only then when it was on a steep discount. I badly wanted to get the spershing and is6 2-3 years ago and could never justify it. Without them I've grinded out the m48 and is7 (and other tier 10s) while accumulating 60 million credits and several 4 and 5 skill crews. So clearly, the prem tanks werent necesaary. Hence, Im still sitting on the fence wrt buying prem tanks. Prem tank over $50 is a no-go from the start. Tier 8 heavies in the $30 range is acceptable and Id buy there. Tier 8 meds in the $20 range and, again, Id buy there. In fact, I bet the volume of prem tank pirchases would shoot up at those prices earning wg tons of profit. The very best type of package for me right now would be a tier 8 prem, 90 days prem time, and 5k gold for $75. Id see real value in that. But, at current prices that'd be well over $100 and that price point is just unrealistic to a casual gamer like me. As you can tell, yeah, I think the prem shop prices are not just expensive, but overly expensive. Consequently, I won't be spending more money in this game despite having $200 set aside for it. That money will likely be spent on buying another game or two, but not on wot.
  10. Bullshit. You could have wasted that IQ; you could have languished in that environment; you could have abandoned the network; and you could have cbosen not to use your balls and stake out on your own... In your case, the opportunities were there and you took advantage of them as many millions have before you. Further, what of those with more modest intellectual capacity and without environment and networks but still exercise their balls and make something? You act like that success is just presented on a platter and is waiting for nubby fingers to grasp on to it... Or maybe I misread/misunderstood you?
  11. Of the short video I watched with junkers chat yesterday, that part stood put as the most ridiculous. First, it was the only substantive item that could be discussed because the rest of it was idle chatter about what wasn't done and non-specifics about coming changes. Second, the "host" was praising these changes as very well received. That was bullshit. The community overwhelmingly rejected the new sounds while on the test server and when released. Further, the community generally appeared pissed that wg focused on sounds and physics at the continued expense of real problems, like arty,rng,map rotation, etc. Third, objectively speaking, players were not complaining about physics or sounds anyway. Garbage video...
  12. Finally finished my build - Thanks to folter and others for their input!
  13. Fair point. School districts also treat cheerleading and bowling as sports, too. I'm neither here or there on the whole e-sport vs sport argument, if there is an argument. I was curious why he didn't compare e-sports to clearly recognized sports. Keep in mind that the original point made by Ian was that since tanky-tanks is an e-sport that this trip would address his gym class requirement. That's nonsense, but when you (not yoy personally) can't reason your way into an argument, you have to make unreasonable arguments.
  14. Lolz, making fun of golf, pool, and bowling is not an argument for e-sports being a "sport". It is funny reasoning for why golf, pool, and bowling are not sports, though you'd have to find to someone who actually classifies those leisure activities as a sport first. It's interesting that you didn't compare e-sports to activities that clearly are sports, e.g., football, baseball, track?