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  1. Let's just add another freakin' IS-3 clone because there just aren't enough of those around. Also lets make this one even more OP than usual because no one plays the other commie heavies. They're just so difficult, complicated, and underpowered, how would we ever expect the players to appreciate them? No seriously, what the hell is this shit? I don't even care that this is a premium, that any tier 8 is this blatantly OP just makes no sense at all. And did you see that thing WG did there? The new 100.01's alpha gets nerfed from 490 to 440, and this sneaky bastard shows up right on its heels. No bias here, comrades. They had better nerf the balls off of this mental abortion. Come to think of it, it would be pretty kek if it only had 200 view range.
  2. The T-54 can hypothetically produce 444.6 meters of view range if you're stacking vents, BIA, SA, recon, and food. So if you do in fact have all of those things then you can get away with not using optics. Even better if you have paint and camo skill too. Otherwise, I'd say just use the classic rammer/vstab/optics combo. BIA and vents are both perfectly good on their own, there's no magic reason that they have to be combined to be useful. The logic of combining BIA and vents is basically to do the above- replace an equipment slot with crew skill. For example, vents' 5%, + BIA's 5% + food's 10% adds up to 20% total crew skill improvement, which translates to roughly 10% (a little less, to be truthful) actual performance improvement. So in weird cases of certain tanks that can't mount meta equipment, you can use this formula to fill in the gaps. For example, autoloaders wanting a rammer. But for normal tanks like the T-54 that can mount all the normal stuff, this tactic is a little goofy. But truth be told, if you avoid sniping and brawl a lot then it probably won't even matter if you have 410 view range or 444 instead.
  3. That may well be, but I'm not looking forward to being forced to snipe at the fatties and watching every shell ricochet right off. Just not a fun situation to be in. At least with the fastbois you can perform the circle of lulz when desperate enough. And if anything, tanks like the IS-3 and the thousand clones of it are OP AF as it is. If they could be 22'ed by tier 6s frontally I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
  4. If all light tanks get regular MM and then become directly comparable to mediums of the same tier, then WG will have to take a serious look at the meta and decide what balance means. Its been assumed that existing light tanks will be also up-tiered to fill the gap at tier 9, but that's not certain. If such a thing was done, then there might be less balancing work than trying to balance light tanks to their current tiers, but either way WG can't just sweep this one under the rug with their typical "working as intended" BS. Light tanks will need to be heavily modified either way.
  5. There is an interesting implication to this- if tier 10 light tanks exist, then they'll probably bump up current light tanks with scout MM up one tier and then give them all normal MM so that the gap at tier 9 is filled. If the new norm is that all light tanks get regular MM, then now we can finally sit down and discuss the issue of how light tanks are balanced next to mediums of the same tier. That'll be some serious soul-searching for WG and the current meta, curious to see how they handle it.
  6. The big implication of the 74's combo of accuracy and depression is that you can do a thing that nothing else in this tier can really do- abuse cover to the next level. Peek the tiniest silhouette out for the smallest fraction of a second, and still land deliberate hits on the enemy. Its a lot of micro, but done right there's absolutely nothing the enemy can do to retaliate. Two or three pixels of an Strv 74 turret appear for half a second over a rise, and 150 hit points disappear. Every. Single. Time. And even better, it does this without burning an equipment slot on vert stabs. I guess the only problem is that tier 8 heavies are a thing. If only the APCR had more pen.
  7. There's a problem with this approach. The steeper you make an arty's shell arc, the more it can ignore cover, the more positions on the map it can hit at any time and from anywhere. The reason arty is broken is precisely because it works so indirectly. It is disconnected from the need to use strong positions, or to manage line-of-sight, or to worry about cover, the very things that all other tanks have to constantly worry about. The solution is to make arty more direct. And if you ask me, there's already a perfectly good precedent of functional artillery in-game. Tanks like the KV-2 and Hetzer show us exactly how artillery would be if it followed the same rules as normal tanks and fought directly as God intended.
  8. And now with the new overmatch rules coming into effect on the test server, the roof will no longer be a weakspot unless you're shooting it from above. Welp, clearly this tank was way underpowered and needed another buff.
  9. Simple answer is that it could be worse. I've seen some other games that are P2W as holy hell. Best example was that free version of battlefield that ran for a handful of years but was shut down a while back. Check out youtube videos of "Battlefield Play4Free" to see what I mean. Also topkek for the ridiculously unimaginative name. To put into perspective just how P2W that game was, you could buy 'veteran' and 'elite' versions of each weapon, which had increased damage and magazine capacity. You could buy skill points for cash if you wanted to. You could buy boosters that transformed grenades and claymore mines into tactical nukes, and you could even buy a kevlar booster for increased health. Not to mention adrenaline shots for instant heals in the middle of combat. And the best part was that most if not all of those goodies could only be acquired by spending real money. It was fun times actually. You could earn all the gold you needed by filling out piles of scam-ridden surveys. And the game was playable when they eventually started to nerf some of these things. WoT, as silly as it may be, is not nearly as dependent on the gold economy just to get a competitive gameplay experience. What you really need in WoT is time, lots and lots of time. Time to get out of stock, time to get the crew to decency, time to grind credits, time to get tanks that are good in the first place. My own experience is that a complete potato can roll around the middle tiers, and if he does so for long enough he'll eventually have good crews, piles and piles of credits, and enough free exp to cut through some grinds. At that point, comfort is easy. But having the patience to reach that state without being ensnared by the various temptations is unusual. So now we can argue whether or not the comforts of premium time and premium tanks as a means of reaching this state sooner than normal are unfair. With more credits (or shitloads of gold) comes the luxury of getting use more premium ammo and consumables. That is a significant advantage to have. And in spite of these grinds being temporary, we're still talking about significant spans of time. Cutting a grind from, for instance, 10 hours of gameplay to 5 hours still leaves five whole hours of one player being crippled compared to another. What's more, because crews continue to improve indefinitely that means whoever had an early shortcut stays ahead forever. Noodle covered these points well enough on his own. I'll just add that this wouldn't even be an issue if stock grinds weren't so lame, or if alternate shell types were done in the AW style instead.
  10. ST-I is a funny thing. You can over-angle and still have the lower glacis be its only weakspot. The cheeks are actually pretty safe in just about any orientation on flat ground. You just need a bit of terrain to cover up your front and you're bulletproof. And even among decent players, most aren't abundantly familiar enough with the ST-I to know that you still aim for the lower glacis even when its angled, the majority will go for the side instead and get trolled right out of their pants. But the thing is that even in a best case scenario where you're angled perfectly and your lower glacis is covered by terrain, the overall hull protection of roughly 240mm everywhere is right at the tipping point where regular shells are a risky gamble but gold shells aren't. Tiers 9-10 using code 22 is a problem unless you get into a crazy hull-down or sidescrape.
  11. Sounds like a map issue rather than a balance issue. If only there were good lines of sight and kemp-booshes, the fastbois and TDs could get work done. And if it is a balance issue, they can always modify the respawn timers to make the squishies competitive. If an MBT takes 10 extra seconds to respawn, heaving damage at them would have relevance.
  12. No comparison, the T71's gun is completely superior to the 13-75's apart from the one quirk that the premium shell is HEAT rather than APCR. The T71 can mount a stabilizer, the 13-75 cannot. The T71 gets an extra degree of depression, and 11 extra degrees of elevation. T71 has a better p/w ratio and much better hull traverse. Both have the same view range. The one and only clear-cut advantage that the 13-75 brings to the table is camouflage. And even so, its not by all that much especially considering how weak the vision meta is these days. No comparison at all.
  13. Possibly the most generic tank in the whole game. The most 'normal' of all the 105mm guns. Mobility, check. View range, check. Depression/elevation angles, check. Armor? Some exists. Doesn't have a massive tumor like the M48 does. If only it were smaller, stealthier, and had some module durability, it would be perfect. But in any case, the AX does what it needs to do. For those of us who liked the previous Centurions but wanted one that wasn't totally gimped in the meta, the AX is a real option.
  14. Actually, the equipment for third slot has been a bigger puzzle for the JT than most other tanks I can think of. I've shuffled through several options and I'm still unsure which is the most optimal. In the beginning, I used binoculars. Need 500 meters of view range? Just sit still and you have it. But sitting still isn't something the JT really gets to do all that often. Even in a passive playstyle, you still want to angle between shots. Next I tried the superheavy spall liner. Neat that the crew gets 50% additional protection, and therefore running double repair kits could be a thing, but module vulnerability is still a massive problem when you heave the JT into the line of fire. Next up, wet ammo rack. Now your ammo is safe, but your crew, engine, and tracks get taken out with every incoming hit. If only the JT could run a cyclone filter, oh if only.... But eventually my journey led to the two slot-3 equipment items that actually made sense. One is optics. If you also have vents, BIA, and vision skills, a JT with optics gets to have 468 meters of view range even while on the move. Throw on chocolate and that gets bumped up to 487 meters. And just the combination of vents, BIA, and paint will keep your camo rating above 10% even while on the move. If you actually trained the camo skill as well, lord help us all, the 76-ton, 9'-2" tall monster may actually win the vision wars. Option two is the humble toolbox. A lot of high tier guns have reloads just barely quick enough to perma-track a normal JT, but a toolbox JT may get to keep the precious repair kit in reserve to use on the engine or ammo racks instead. 'Nuff said. As for the JT itself, all I have to say is the combination of hit points and firepower are dangerous in the right hands. Anything with more alpha than you won't beat your reload. And anything with a better reload than you won't beat your alpha. Its so beautifully simple- you will always have a way to win a shot trade, and you have enough hit points to trade to the death with anything, even tier 10s. So long as that gun is being used, you win at life.
  15. Stop and think about it, this isn't such a terrible development. The armor meta isn't that magical. And a tier 6 that may even give the mighty IS-3 pause? That can only do good for the game. As for the thing itself, we don't know the camo ratings and its hard to get a scale for how bulky it really is. Also whether or not the new line will get access to new and unique equipment loadouts. But even in spite of the underwhelming DPM, the sheer accuracy, penetration, depression, and mobility will let the IKV-65II (henceforth dubbed 'doorstop') have some niche. You know what everyone likes? Not getting shafted by RNG. Seems to be just the gun for that job. Also the shape and proportions of the doorstop are kind of cute actually. Low and a little bit fat, kind of like a Welsh Corgi.