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  1. More armor in circulation means the need for more pen to counter it. A more expensive game economy means the tactic of using high-pen guns to avoid having to spam as much code 22 is an easy fix. And otherwise, the passive sniper role is simple and relatively low-risk. Better pen and accuracy theoretically means less likelihood of getting trolled by RNG.
  2. Honestly no, boredom never even crossed my mind. But think bigger-picture for a second, any one tier may seem to become more repetitive at face value but without the threat of higher tiers nor the obligation to lead the lower tiers, more tactical options open up. And besides, tighter MM spreads may just mean finally having an excuse to play at more than just a couple different tiers. And if the tier spread was tightened and WG actually made use of that opportunity to do away with unnecessary RNG, they may finally be in a position to make a competitive mode that doesn't suck.
  3. Supposing hypothetically that all tiers had high enough populations so that queue times were never a problem, the ideal MM would be same-tier all day 'erry day. Something like a KV-5 may be the only exception where it absolutely has to fight against tier 6s and 7s to not be a total waste of time. Particularly when we're talking about armor vs pen mechanics, the tighter the tier spread, the easier balancing gets. And perhaps going a little more theoretical than that, the more these values are tuned for fighting at just one particular tier, the closer we get to a system where RNG becomes totally redundant and eradicated from the face of the earth (may it happen speedily in our days, amen). Back to the current reality, 5/10 is probably the best compromise we can expect in the meantime. The problem is really that some tiers have the population to arrange whatever you could possibly want whenever you want it, but others do not. And WG accidentally stumbled onto an idea to help fix that, pity that their execution of it was so sloppy though. Imagine if 'grand battles' happened at tier 8 rather than tier 10. 'Nuff said.
  4. Think of it in terms of how much resources you're willing to allocate into view range versus some other aspect. Make no mistake, it would be very nice to have extra view range so that you can cancel out more enemy camo, but is it worth an equipment slot if you're already getting acceptable view range without? If the map meta were more vision-friendly, I'd say yes. But since that's not the case the question is much harder to answer. Moreover, consider that if everyone else in the high tiers is expected to have 440+ effective view range, any member of your team that's further forward than you are is potentially a viable scout for you. Also that if you have credits to spare, food can make a decent substitute for optics and helps in other performance aspects as well.
  5. Keep in mind that the difference of super-vents' 7.5% crew skill to regular vents' 5.0% is still predicated on not using that same equipment slot for something else, and that crew skill doesn't have an exactly linear relationship with actual performance increases. The usual rule-of-thumb "just divide by two" stops being accurate once you start stacking enough crew boosts. For instance, suppose you have a T-62a and its 400m base view range. If you're stacking vents, BIA, and food that's a 20% crew skill increase and we'd expect that to equal a 10% improvement to view range, therefore ending up with 440m. But the actual result is 336.3m, showing the discrepancy. (that estimate was made using both tanks.gg and wotinfo's vision calculators, haven't checked in-game yet but usually those sites are on the ball) But the usual rules still apply, if you can hit 445m view range without optics, then why the hell would you use optics? Even for tanks that depend a lot on vision, there's only like 3 maps that really force you to play vision games, in any of the other maps just not being blind is good enough. Corridor meta strong, da tovarish?
  6. Looks like a very conventional sniping TD. Certainly has its conveniences, but doesn't seem as relevant in the meta as either a Skorpion G or even a WZ-120-1G FT. Lacks the former's alpha and turret, and also lacks the latter's troll armor, hull traverse, view range, and DPM. Sniping is all well and good, but in the current meta it'll only get you so far. At some point you're going to have to brawl and the CDA can't brawl its way out of a wet paper bag.
  7. Depends on your crew. But let's suppose a worst-case-scenario, new crew with no skills. Even then, you can run rammer/GLD/optics and if you run food that'll get you to right around 440m view range. If situational awareness is your commander's first skill, then just a few battles in is all it takes to hit the 445m spotting cap. If however you aren't running food and your crew has no vision skills, then switching from optics to binocs would make sense. The major division is loadouts is between those built around having food and those built around not having food. I've heard lots of rumors concerning the frontal fuel tanks and how vulnerable they are, but my own experience is that I was only lit on fire once so far and that was from a side shot to my engine. Besides, we're talking about a TD with low hit points and that trollish upper plate. The paradox is that any gun that's likely to pen you frontally is likely to kill you outright before it lights you on fire, and vice versa. But if you ever are lit on fire, your already low hit points get trashed. So the exact risk of running food is debatable. As for the cost, the beauty of actually buying a tier 8 premium is not having to worry about the cost. Still a tough call. But in any case I maintain that rammer and laying drive are essential and whether the third slot is either optics or binocs is just a question of whether or not you're running food. As for replacing the laying drive with vents, I'd also only do that if you had food to help with the aim time.
  8. The ideal scenario is getting the best of both worlds by running rammer/vstab/optics with food on the side. That combo is like having the three equipment with two vents as well. Of course the problem is that food is expensive and you'll be out an equipment slot. But sacrificing credits for fun has always been WoT's modus operandi and it isn't that hard to run preventative maintenance to compensate for not having an extinguisher. But let's say you're a cheapskate and you refuse to run food. Then we circle back to the original question of: "Is 445m view range enough? Do I need more?" If the meta were more dependent on spotting and vision games, or if you could squeeze more view range without compromising other assets, then that would be something. But as things stand currently, I'd say 445 is enough for the corridor meta and once you hit that number you should invest resources elsewhere.
  9. The above formula was: basic normalization * 1.4 * shell caliber / nominal armor thickness. Using the provided example of a 130mm gun hitting a 60mm armor plate, if firing AP then your basic normalization is 5 degrees. The ratio of caliber to actual thickness is 2.1667 or so. So 5.0 x 1.4 x 2.1667 = 15.1669 degrees of normalization. To summarize, 2x overmatch will basically triple or quadruple your nomalization value depending on the specific numbers. But that only takes place if you don't autobounce, which if you ask me is BS. 2x should take effect before the autobounce rules kick in so that we don't get insane scenarios like we did with the Swedish TD armor.
  10. What this might suggest is that WG may actually be considering a buff to the regular light tanks in light of just how much better the premium lights are.
  11. Not yet available on NA so that's a bummer. But I am noticing a few key factors that are subtle on their own, but powerful when they all happen to be on the same tank. So let's break this down. You want to play at tier 8, but tier 8 has problems. Its expensive and its bottom tier all the time. You want to play a tier 8 premium so that you can participate at high tiers without breaking your bank. But even in spite of all the recently released tier 8 premiums that have more than enough cancer armor to troll the hell out of the lower tiers, they aren't very well optimized to deal with higher tiers. Likewise there are a number of tier 8 TDs that at least have enough dakka to threaten the higher tiers, but they pay for it with the usual TD weaknesses. Either that or they're not premium and therefore unprofitable. Skorpion seems like the answer, but its camo and view range are bad, its profile is huge, and anyone's HE can pen it frontally. But this WZ eggroll cannon meets many of the same criteria without many of the same weaknesses. Its profile is low, camo is good, and view range is high enough to run optics if you stack with food (and being premium it can actually afford that). Armor is functional in the right circumstances, yet mobility is still more than workable. And the sheer amount of dakka combined with all of the above means you can rely on pure muscle to solve your problems even when bottom tier. The weakness is supposed to be accuracy and aim time, but check this out- https://tanks.gg/tank/wz-120-1-ft?e=22.25.5&k=0&c=-1.-1.13 If you're willing to stack food, laying drive, and BIA then those two problems basically disappear. As for the pen situation, 248 pen AP and 310 pen HEAT is pretty good all things considered. It can actually afford to spam some HEAT without needing a premium account. Basically if I was told to balance a tier 8 so that it can readily participate in any possible scenario +/-2 MM can create without it looking blatantly OP and scaring the plebs, the eggroll cannon as we see it here would be that very thing.
  12. The objective was simple- incentivize play at tiers 9 and 10 via improving their MM. And that caused the chain reaction of the tiers below being disproportionately dragged into higher tier games. That whole line of "bottom tiers having easier matchups" was frankly dishonest. There may be fewer high tiers per match, but more matches with high tiers, so the net rate of dealing with -2 scenarios stays roughly the same, while the rate of +2 scenarios is much lower. Being funneled into corridors doesn't help either. But the much more interesting question to ask is just how much brown-nosing the MM has to do to tiers 9 and 10 to justify not just grinding that far but also staying there afterward. These are expensive tiers to play, and ultimately the whole WoT project depends on players' willingness to throw credits away at these tiers. Naturally, I maintain that the solution is as simple as ever. Get MM to set up +/-1 and same-tier matches as often as physically possible. NA may be forced into +/-2 because of its smaller population, but the closer to same-tier you can get, the less that the game will need ridiculous gimmicks like +/-25% RNG for the sake of evening out lopsided matchups. If we can ever get to the point where bugs game features like that become obsolete and are eventually done away with (please Lord, may it come to pass speedily in our days), then perhaps there'll be enough enthusiasm to bring some of the lost population back.
  13. That's not saying much, tier 8 lights are currently in the extremely awkward position of being balanced in reference to tier 8 mediums (most of which are terrible) and simultaneously being shafted by the new MM that feeds them to tier 10s more often than not. Being the best tier 8 light tank is therefore not at all dissimilar from winning the special olympics. As of the new Bull- itself, strike one is simply being worse than the Black- and strike two is the unfortunate combination of new fatties with ebola armor and its code 22 being such an uninspiring HEAT round. And the DPM is very close to being strike three. There are loadouts that can put you at more or less 2.5k but they involve food which is expensive as balls. And even that 2.5k DPM is hilariously bad when you consider that the tier 6 Cromwell can exceed it.
  14. Naturally the premiums are in a very good place right now because they now have normal MM and didn't get nerfed either. The Type 64 and AMX 13-57 even got access to vstabs that they didn't have before, so that's even better. But the kicker is that with new cancer-armor tier 8 heavies running amok in the same corridor meta, playing any mid tier tank that cannot produce at least 230 pen on demand can be a burden. All well and good to scout/support/flank, but all of these tactics depend on the team, which is a lousy gamble to make in the pubs. As for the non-premium light tanks, the winners seem to be few and far between. But I have an especially hard time thinking of any at tiers 6 or 8. In the case of tier 6, the Cromwell and Type 64 have the market cornered. Most of the alternatives are playable but why bother when these two tanks exist. And in the case of tier 8, not so much that the black- is superior as the much larger problem that tiers 9 and 10 are a thing. Yes, light tanks have always had to deal with tier 9-10 games, but in the past the scouting role had relevance that has tragically died since then. In the current meta, tier 8 lights are put into the same boat as tier 8 mediums, which is not a good situation to be in. Their DPM is pathetic and they don't have the pen to deal with cancer-armor either. And I'm not seeing a decisive view range advantage, so I really fail to see the point of tier 8 lights. But if its any consolation, I did keep my Bull- and I don't expect to rage-sell it any time soon. Yes, its current place in the meta is all but redundant, but mostly because I need to splurge on food to get decent performance out of it, which negates the profitability advantage of playing at tier 8 rather than tier 9 or 10. As it is with many things in WoT, if you're willing to make all your credits disappear then you can have nice things.
  15. I know that WG's notion of 'historical accuracy' has always been very loose at best, but their rule has always been that even the most impractical blueprints still need the actual blueprints to end up putting a tank in the game. With this, that line has been crossed. And of course the aesthetics are obnoxious and out of place. I thought the paint schemes for the Liberte and Patriot were pretty bad (and there's much worse than that on the console and blitz versions) but the whole idea of anime tanks is a whole new level of pandering and money-sucking. Just how broke are WG that they have to resort to these desperate measures? But at any rate so long as these abominations stay on the Asia server they won't be my problem. Still, there's the completely separate problem that these tanks are rendering other tier 8 heavies obsolete, and yet another problem that once again that frontal armor has no weakspots and is thick enough to make it utter cancer to fight against unless you have stupidly high pen to work with.