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  1. Supposing there were a tier 8 version of grand battles, it would mean some portion of the current tier 8 population would be diverted out of the normal random queue on an inconsistent basis. for players that have it checked that is. So there is a measure of improvement for the limited MM premiums in not seeing as many tier 9s, but they still end up with a very small number of grand battle maps and still get little if any opportunities to be top with tiers 6 and 7 below. Here's a slightly different idea- tier 8 ranked battles. Which would accomplish all of the above but with a larger pool of maps to work with, a more obvious goal to work towards, and the ability to be selected on demand rather than just popping up randomly. And in reference to the current ranked, doing so at tier 8 has the advantages of not needing nearly as much gold spam, being less of a credit sink, and being available to a larger group of players plus a larger number of tanks. (Incidentally WG could hawk more premiums though that does raise questions of balance) However in any case, the pref MM tanks are still going to need some work. The good news is that you can make them a lot more comfortable without making them overpowered. Soft stats like terrain resistance and movement dispersion do make a huge difference without breaking the meta.
  2. The long term solution to the 3/5/7, tier 8 MM, and code 22 problems is +/-1 MM. Not necessarily destroying +/-2 MM completely, but making it the exception rather than the rule. And perhaps increasing the bonus for lower tiers damaging/killing higher tiers, maybe also putting in some flashy UI element that shows this. And here's the best part, when version 1.0 goes live with all its fanfare, they'll actually have the population to make +/-1 MM more common if they wanted to do that. And with only a very tiny number of exceptions, all of the tanks currently in game would be much better balanced in the 5/10 format than they would be in 3/5/7. Also code 22 wouldn't be as much of a crutch, so there's that. But coming back to the topic at hand, as of getting pref MM premiums to fit into that format would likely mean balancing them in reference to the typical standards of their respective tiers. At that point, both +/-1 and +/-2 MM would be more functional for them.
  3. They could do a number of different things, and WG themselves have acknowledged this. Still, here's my take on the situation: One option is simply to let limited MM tanks stay that way and compensate them with bigger multipliers to credit earnings and crew training. Plus basic quality of life buffs (terrain resistance, movement dispersion, view range, pen, etc) when absolutely necessary. So long as WG stops selling these tanks ( ) then eventually they'll be only a very tiny portion of the queue at any given moment. Option two is to rebalance them for +/-2 MM, which may be much more drastic. But for example, imagine the E25 with full +/-2 MM and only one thing changed- its APCR buffed to 244 pen like the Panther. That alone may be enough. Or in some cases like the KV-5, down-tiering to tier 7, losing a couple hundred hit points, but maintaining the current credit earning multipliers. Option three is VOLUNTARY replacement and/or gold payout. For example, WG offering to swap the KannonenJagdPanzer for the KJP 105. But the moment that these methods become forced is when the deal turns very sour. If for whatever reason someone wants to keep a crappy premium, WG has no reason to force them to get rid of it.
  4. The Defender is obnoxious for high tiers because any shot you throw at it could hit the upper glacis or the turret front and autobounce right off. This is what that armor profile looks like from the reference point of a Jageru's HEAT shell. https://tanks.gg/tank/defender/model?cs=jgpz-e-100&vm=live&cl=000001 The front profile still shows a good deal of red and that triggers me. And the lower plate is still over 200mm effective at least, which is just enough to be utter cancer for tiers 6 and 7. But the thing that's even more ridiculous is that in effect the Defender is what would happen if you asked a 12-year-old which buffs he'd like on his IS-3. "I want moar alpha, but the same DPM and pen!" -and WG says: "Granted!" "I want the turret roof weakspot removed!" -and WG says: "Granted!" "I want better gun depression!" -and WG says: "Granted!" "I want way better front armor, but with the same mobility!" -and WG says: "Granted!"
  5. T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    Call me crazy, but the derp actually makes a ton of sense on a fast tank that wants to minimize its exposure time. There's nothing wrong with the 90mm, but to get anything out of it you need put yourself in the line of fire and stay there for long enough until the DPM stacks up. Concentrating all your firepower into just one big shot means you can make hit-n-run/ambush attacks and bail as soon as the one shot clears your barrel. Even autoloaders have an unload time that they have to fully expend to be efficient. And the time spent reloading can be used productively to active scout and/or re-position. Of course, the elephant in the room is that the accuracy is terrible. But at most ranges the difference in base spread alone isn't going to be as relevant as shell velocity and dispersion penalties. 683 m/s is actually pretty good for such a big HE shell. And the dispersion penalties are 0.10/0.10/0.36, so all the cancer is concentrated on turret traverse. Lock that turret as need be and that can be at least partially avoided. Some shots will miss, but to that there's two counterpoints- A is that other guns miss too, that's just the WoT experience. And B is that if you're only exposing yourself to the enemy just the bare minimum amount of time to get a shot off and go, the enemy's ability to punish you for a miss will also be minimized.
  6. Directives

    As of right now, a typical high tier tank with a well-developed crew won't gain much from directives. You could throw on firefighting, repairs, or camo to a crew that doesn't already have them, or maybe a tank with bad view range could run the optics directive to hit the spotting cap, but other than that its just minor conveniences. The real meta-breaking happens at the low tiers. Adding sixth-sense to crews that don't already have it or stacking view range to screw with the vision game. Maybe even some camo memes. Though sadly low tiers just don't earn the directives to sustain this. Still, one of these days ranked is going to either sink or swim and when that happens there's good odds that the bond goodies will be sold for credits. When that happens, game on.
  7. Ranked Battles Discussion

    A lot of problems both in ranked and in the randoms could be solved the same way- for example when exp is divvied up between the spotter and the shooter, if the ratio was skewed much more in favor of the spotter, then that would be a punishment for redline snipers. Besides that, the format is still trying to figure out if it wants to be individualistic or team-based. And as things are right now, it appears to get the worst aspects of both. 15v15 with no voice comms is all but impossible to deliberately coordinate. And still the emphasis on WR means that if your team has downs, you suffer. So in light of that, two options present themselves- One is to stick to 15v15, but abandon all pretense of a team-based mode. Score all 30 players together as one group at the end of each match, sort by base exp, and issue rewards accordingly. Yes, that would basically take WR out of the equation. That's the point. The other is to use a different format with smaller teams and voice comms, similar to the old team battles mode. This way you could force reliance on coordination and it might actually happen. But the punchline to this joke is that all this work is really just for the bonds. If not for that, why would we be grinding and wasting so many credits? Clearly, WG wants to encourage tier 10 usage (and its associated expenses) because that's their shtick. Yet in this case they could cut out the middleman and just sell the improved equipment and directives for a high credit price. If they did, both sides would be getting exactly what they want without all this hassle. And what's more, if the directives were readily available and affordable for your average pubbie, that would do wonders for new accounts. Conveniently, one of them gives sixth sense to crews that don't already have it. Imagine all the cancer that would be cured from early crew grinds if that one item wasn't such a pain to keep in stock.
  8. Challenge accepted! I don't know what you were expecting. Wait, which kind of pickle are we talking about?
  9. Shape is more important than size. And overall bodily proportions are yet more important than tit shape. Oddly, that isn't common knowledge. Working in the field of architecture, the concepts of shapes, symmetry, and proportions stand out like a sore thumb, but your typical pleb has no eye for it. Every straight teenage boy goes through the initial phase of judging racks by the simple mantra of "bigger is better" because they haven't yet realized a couple key points- one is that gravity is a thing. What starts up high and proud will inevitably swing low. The other is that the bra is deceptive. It carries the weight that the skin cannot. And when removed, our old friend gravity comes back with a vengeance. Standards might radically change in zero-g environments, but I digress. The mature man quickly becomes disillusioned by sheer size once this basic lesson kicks in, but in spite of this the thicc archetype is still going strong. And there's numerous theories to that end, anything between "lul 'muricans too fat" and it being a black thing that got picked up by others, just like rap music. Even so, insofar as higher beauty standards are concerned mass remains a liability. Thicc is a trap (not that kind of trap) because of the same reasons outlined above. Even if a thicc subject has absolutely flawless tit shape and proportions at a given point in time, that's strictly a temporary arrangement. Gravity will destroy her, just a question of when. And there's also the issue of the ratio between fatty tissue and glandular tissue. Not as significant in this context, use of hormones to stimulate growth will favor glandular tissue which has better structural qualities than fatty tissue. Moreover, even a relatively slim subject can produce a similar effect through posture rather than body mass or deceptive clothing. A simple forward lean with both arms held close to the sides for instance exaggerates the cleavage and denotes feminine submissiveness, which is desirable. MFW this of all places is where I make the 'wise titty sage' aria. Need cold shower.
  10. Object 268 version WTF were they thinking?

    The fact that all that armor can be hauled up to the front so quickly is the one bit of novelty that the 268v4 brings to the table. But then again, you still have a code 22 magnet that doesn't have a turret nor good track traverse, nor good view range, nor any notable firepower advantage. So in total, a weird gimmick that can be just as ebola to use as it is to fight against. WG tried so hard to make a TD that doesn't behave like a TD, and in the end I don't think that's to anyone's benefit. Should have just left the 263 line alone. If they really wanted it to be more popular, then buff their depression, gun sweeps and velocity perhaps, but no need for this autistic gimmick.
  11. Textbook reaction to progesterone. Have you changed your dosage recently? Needless to say, hormones like these do have far-reaching side effects on both mind and body that are not to be underestimated. Moreover, hormones tend to synergize with one another so the balance between estrogen and progesterone for instance can complicate things. The third leg in that unholy trinity is prolactin, but that's not recommended unless you want the waterworks. Some people are in to that, but its certainly not for everyone. Overbearing maternal instincts can be constructively redirected to any object, though neotenous features tend to illicit a much stronger response as they trigger the very same instincts and hormones. Typically a puppy or a kitten would do the trick but it doesn't necessarily have to be a live pet. Anything between babysitting a relative's kid and tending a potted plant could suffice.
  12. Any curiosity regarding how approachable these topics are has now been abundantly satisfied, so there's very little to ask now. This sort of thing can't just be asked, it has to be tested, hence the last several posts. But I will say this, I do have my own share of eccentric proclivities and have had to grapple with depression and suicidal thoughts among other things as a result, so in that regard I can empathize, believe it or not. But I will inscribe a few trinkets of sage wisdom in this ivory tower of yours. One is that at the end of the day, the body is nothing more than a putrid lump of flesh. Whatever beauty or strength it once possessed in youth will one day fade. We all end up in the same place, six feet under to feed the worms. So whatever praise the body earns is always going to be vain, shallow, and temporary. The second is that trying to impress society is a fool's errand. They're still little more than hairless apes ruled by their hormones and instincts, and above all else these hormones and instincts compel them to breed to avoid extinction. The very idea that someone can't (or won't) participate in the same pursuits will always be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for them to truly comprehend. They may tolerate, even patronize, but they won't understand. They can't, its outside their programming. Besides, basing your own sanity on someone else's reaction is just asking to be insane. You don't need them. You never did. And the third is that laughing at your own problems does actually help. The moment that any idea is deemed too serious, too important, too delicate, or too painful to be mocked is the moment that you deliberately go out of your way to give that idea the power to constantly hurt you. But if you can mock it, make fun of it, and laugh at it, then the haters will have no way to bother you.
  13. Your first guess was more accurate than you know. I did sincerely attempt light banter for precisely that purpose, with no ill-will at all. I honestly thought we were making progress just now, and that we could make light of our troubles without the need to be so guarded. The moment that topics like these are treated so delicately is the moment that they become utterly unapproachable. If you want to foster some human interaction you'll need a sense of humor once in a while. What's the exchange rate between burritos and waffles these days?
  14. The traps are multiplying... and coming to my state... reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (scratch that, instead substitute a Hank Hill-esque 'bwaaaaaaaaaah') In seriousness, no harm meant. Making fun of others' differences should be done to everyone as a mark of respect. All things considered, the trannies aren't that bad. They can't possibly be any less ladylike than the actual women these days. But are traps gay tho? That was a serious question. No one seems to know, might as well go to the source.