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  1. That's not saying much, tier 8 lights are currently in the extremely awkward position of being balanced in reference to tier 8 mediums (most of which are terrible) and simultaneously being shafted by the new MM that feeds them to tier 10s more often than not. Being the best tier 8 light tank is therefore not at all dissimilar from winning the special olympics. As of the new Bull- itself, strike one is simply being worse than the Black- and strike two is the unfortunate combination of new fatties with ebola armor and its code 22 being such an uninspiring HEAT round. And the DPM is very close to being strike three. There are loadouts that can put you at more or less 2.5k but they involve food which is expensive as balls. And even that 2.5k DPM is hilariously bad when you consider that the tier 6 Cromwell can exceed it.
  2. Naturally the premiums are in a very good place right now because they now have normal MM and didn't get nerfed either. The Type 64 and AMX 13-57 even got access to vstabs that they didn't have before, so that's even better. But the kicker is that with new cancer-armor tier 8 heavies running amok in the same corridor meta, playing any mid tier tank that cannot produce at least 230 pen on demand can be a burden. All well and good to scout/support/flank, but all of these tactics depend on the team, which is a lousy gamble to make in the pubs. As for the non-premium light tanks, the winners seem to be few and far between. But I have an especially hard time thinking of any at tiers 6 or 8. In the case of tier 6, the Cromwell and Type 64 have the market cornered. Most of the alternatives are playable but why bother when these two tanks exist. And in the case of tier 8, not so much that the black- is superior as the much larger problem that tiers 9 and 10 are a thing. Yes, light tanks have always had to deal with tier 9-10 games, but in the past the scouting role had relevance that has tragically died since then. In the current meta, tier 8 lights are put into the same boat as tier 8 mediums, which is not a good situation to be in. Their DPM is pathetic and they don't have the pen to deal with cancer-armor either. And I'm not seeing a decisive view range advantage, so I really fail to see the point of tier 8 lights. But if its any consolation, I did keep my Bull- and I don't expect to rage-sell it any time soon. Yes, its current place in the meta is all but redundant, but mostly because I need to splurge on food to get decent performance out of it, which negates the profitability advantage of playing at tier 8 rather than tier 9 or 10. As it is with many things in WoT, if you're willing to make all your credits disappear then you can have nice things.
  3. I know that WG's notion of 'historical accuracy' has always been very loose at best, but their rule has always been that even the most impractical blueprints still need the actual blueprints to end up putting a tank in the game. With this, that line has been crossed. And of course the aesthetics are obnoxious and out of place. I thought the paint schemes for the Liberte and Patriot were pretty bad (and there's much worse than that on the console and blitz versions) but the whole idea of anime tanks is a whole new level of pandering and money-sucking. Just how broke are WG that they have to resort to these desperate measures? But at any rate so long as these abominations stay on the Asia server they won't be my problem. Still, there's the completely separate problem that these tanks are rendering other tier 8 heavies obsolete, and yet another problem that once again that frontal armor has no weakspots and is thick enough to make it utter cancer to fight against unless you have stupidly high pen to work with.
  4. Stacking a directive to enhance your vents, rammer, optics, or vstab is always going to be helpful and relevant. However the rule of thumb is usually whichever gives you the most flexibility or otherwise cures your worst weaknesses. Think how convenient it would be that you could have a crew without any repair skill and simply by using the directive slot suddenly repairs are maxed out. Or perhaps you're seal-clubbing running a mid-tier tank with crappy view range, you could stack super-optics with the optic directive and possibly hit view range cap without needing to sit still for binoculars to kick in. Also, another thought comes to mind. When using tanks.gg to measure dispersion penalties for movement, it only rounds up to the second decimal point. That means that in many situations, these new buffs aren't enough to round to the next value. If the game also only considers the first two decimal points, then that has some serious ramifications to whether or not vstab enhancements will be worth it. Can anyone confirm whether or not the game actually measures dispersion to the third decimal place?
  5. I still maintain that relying on team dynamics in a mode that's supposed to be about individual skill was a mistake from the start. Were it up to me, post-match scoring would be done as a single group containing all 30 players sorted by base EXP without any modification for win/loss. As for the concern that this would encourage redline sniping, that's already the norm. But to encourage aggression, step two ought to be changing the ratio of experience earned via assists. Earning more from spotting/tracking assists and damaging enemies that you can actually spot for yourself, earning much less from hanging in the back and mooching off someone else's eyes. As for code 22, I repeat what the others have said, a necessary evil to counter the ultra-fatties. Rather than prohibit it, I say do the opposite- give everyone an allowance of gold shells. At the end of each match, refund the price of a certain number of premium rounds. Doesn't have to be many, just a handful would do it. Besides, armor is mindless and frankly the more that the meta shifts away from it, the better. The chevron system on the other hand seems really weird to me. Everyone's paranoid their team will lose and so they play ultra passive to hedge their bets. And they can't be blamed for that, precisely why relying on team dynamics was so stupid in the first place. Anyway my real problem with the chevrons themselves is that its blind to the difference between a good match and a bad one. Anyone can be carried on the winning side and earn the same one chevron as the guy who worked his balls off to do the carrying in the first place. Same argument for the losing team, how often is it that the top three are so worthy of reward but the bottom twelve are somehow different? WG is gambling on the notion that in the long run things work out. You'll only be carried so often, and that sooner or later the system will filter the good players from the bad. But we don't have all day, we only get so many hours to grind in ranked so it baffles me that they think their filter will do its job. The answer is to differentiate the really amazing matches from the mediocrities. Set up some rules where victory might be worth one chevron or two, dealing your own hit points would add another, various other tasks/awards may yield yet more, so on and so forth so that the difference isn't the simple gain one or lose one, but more like potentially gaining a dozen chevrons for a solid ace, or losing a couple for AFK/Botting/TKing. If they need to increase the number of chevrons between ranks, or increase the number of ranks, then so be it. Improved equipment are only a problem because it takes ages of grinding in this one particular and exclusive mode to get ahold of them. If we could buy them for credits, we wouldn't even be having this conversation. Directives could be such a sweet solution to multiple problems if they just did one simple thing- make the 'sixth sense' directive free of charge to use. Yes, you know what that means, that's basically giving every crew sixth sense for free. And no one could then complain that the directives slot is this thing that only a few ranked weirdos have access to. Win-freakin'-win.
  6. MFW they think 1.7k DPM is such a massive balancing factor compared to the typical tier 8 medium. Check this out: http://tanks.gg/list/stats/dpm?ti=8&ty=medium&sh=standard With only very few exceptions, tier 8 mediums have laughably flaccid firepower overall. One of those exceptions is the 416, but it pays for that by having nonexistent gun depression and limited turret traverse, as if they expected it to fall much more into the TD niche. And the 416 is expensive to run even if you aren't using the P2W HEAT round. So along comes this new STG that has literally twice the gun depression of the 416 and is premium so therefore doesn't bleed credits. It has that 390 alpha, better pen than the ravioli, and fantastic accuracy. And some have one look and say "don't worry it has bad DPM so therefore it'll be balanced...." but that terrible 1.7k DPM is still more or less what I'd expect from the tier and class. And its mounted on an agile chassis with a low silhouette and armor no worse in practice than any other tier 8 medium. Much balance. Thinking about it a little more, its not that this tank is really good, its just that most of its peers are hilariously bad. "Oh here comes the Panther 88 and its amazing 2.1k base DPM, I'm so frightened!" -said no tier 9 or 10 tank ever.
  7. I usually only play tier 10 as a formality, but I'll approach ranked with cautious optimism just to see how it goes. I'm not looking forward to bleeding credits just to gain bonds, but if I can gain some super-equipment for E25 trolling that could be a fun meme. Nothing personal, just pursuing cheap thrills where I can find them. But in seriousness the meta thing to do will be to buff tier 9s. As for the ranked mode itself, maybe this is stating the obvious but I fail to see how its going to be any more individualistic or skill-based than the randoms. Seems way too team-dependent considering that 12 from the winning side and only 3 from the losing side advance. Why even rank the teams separately? I'd gather all 30 players into one group, sort them by base EXP (which is not to be given a victory/loss modifier) and just advance the top 10 and penalize the bottom 10. And as for the super equipment and directives as rewards, not the brightest idea but it could be worse. My question is why does it take sooooo long to actually accumulate your bonds? Is that just a gimmick to get the ranked mode running? If so, lame. They could have had such an easy time motivating participation by simply throwing enough credits at us so that spamming tier 10 games with tons of food and code 22 wouldn't be such an economic burden.
  8. There's two problems with tanks like the 252/defender and this new Chrysler abomination. One is that they render their tech-tree counterparts obsolete. And I don't just mean they're roughly as good or that there's a tradeoff, I mean that tanks like the IS-3 and T32 are now completely inferior to these new premiums. Normally that wouldn't be the end of the world, they'd just get nerfed in the next patch. But no, these are premiums and therefore un-nerf-able. Genius. The second problem is the inherent cancer that's found in the armor meta. When a tank's front armor is strong and has no weakspot, then the thing becomes mindless to use and mindless to fight against. You run code 22 and either you pen it or you don't. Ends up being pure cancer for the lower tiers, and a nasty credit drain for everyone else. The more that tier 8 gets saturated with these premium fatty tanks, the less it makes sense to play in the mid tiers. Who knows, maybe WG's real plan is to use these cancerous tumors to encourage players to run their tier 9s and 10s more often. So that brings us to Foch. Honestly, I'd say that if anything, he wasn't harsh enough with WG. His points couldn't be more valid or justified. Yes, it is WG's goal to make money. But there's lots of ways to do it without being complete potatoes. Of course they were going to react to him, but in doing so they've only shot themselves in the foot. Serves them right.
  9. In complete seriousness, imagine the potential if they opened up ranked to multiple tiers. They wouldn't need to tease us with a stupid gimmick reward if the mode itself had the appeal of guaranteed same tier MM every single match. That alone would make it worthwhile to basically anyone. And thus WG would have an outlet to introduce a new format that they could balance any way they wanted. If they say that the ranked mode is always same-tier, has less RNG, no arta allowed, or other such rules, they basically get a shot at making WoT 2.0 without launching a new game at all. Of course WG isn't going to do that because they only see this as a method to get the pubbies to burn money to play at tier 10 more often than before. Which is sad. And simultaneously they're playing around with the frontline mode which is more of the same. At this rate the tier 10 population is going to be so badly split that none of the modes may even get off the ground. It might even slow down the random queues to a standstill. These modes desperately need to be open to more than just one tier. And as for the enhanced equipment and directives themselves, I don't mind that they exist (and I do even think the bonuses from Rubicon could have worked in theory) but only so if the default 'empty' setting also comes with its own buff. You aren't getting a buff that wasn't already there, you just swap the default buff to a new and more exotic custom buff. For instance, the stock slot gives you something boring but useful like ammo rack durability or improved crew hit points. You get your bond points to swap that for one of the more fun buffs. And that's how I think the Rubicon fiasco could have been handled as well.
  10. Can I buff the camo net? My E25 only has 23% camo when firing. I want moar! ......Also STB with super-vstabs would be kek
  11. Let's just add another freakin' IS-3 clone because there just aren't enough of those around. Also lets make this one even more OP than usual because no one plays the other commie heavies. They're just so difficult, complicated, and underpowered, how would we ever expect the players to appreciate them? No seriously, what the hell is this shit? I don't even care that this is a premium, that any tier 8 is this blatantly OP just makes no sense at all. And did you see that thing WG did there? The new 100.01's alpha gets nerfed from 490 to 440, and this sneaky bastard shows up right on its heels. No bias here, comrades. They had better nerf the balls off of this mental abortion. Come to think of it, it would be pretty kek if it only had 200 view range.
  12. The T-54 can hypothetically produce 444.6 meters of view range if you're stacking vents, BIA, SA, recon, and food. So if you do in fact have all of those things then you can get away with not using optics. Even better if you have paint and camo skill too. Otherwise, I'd say just use the classic rammer/vstab/optics combo. BIA and vents are both perfectly good on their own, there's no magic reason that they have to be combined to be useful. The logic of combining BIA and vents is basically to do the above- replace an equipment slot with crew skill. For example, vents' 5%, + BIA's 5% + food's 10% adds up to 20% total crew skill improvement, which translates to roughly 10% (a little less, to be truthful) actual performance improvement. So in weird cases of certain tanks that can't mount meta equipment, you can use this formula to fill in the gaps. For example, autoloaders wanting a rammer. But for normal tanks like the T-54 that can mount all the normal stuff, this tactic is a little goofy. But truth be told, if you avoid sniping and brawl a lot then it probably won't even matter if you have 410 view range or 444 instead.
  13. That may well be, but I'm not looking forward to being forced to snipe at the fatties and watching every shell ricochet right off. Just not a fun situation to be in. At least with the fastbois you can perform the circle of lulz when desperate enough. And if anything, tanks like the IS-3 and the thousand clones of it are OP AF as it is. If they could be 22'ed by tier 6s frontally I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
  14. If all light tanks get regular MM and then become directly comparable to mediums of the same tier, then WG will have to take a serious look at the meta and decide what balance means. Its been assumed that existing light tanks will be also up-tiered to fill the gap at tier 9, but that's not certain. If such a thing was done, then there might be less balancing work than trying to balance light tanks to their current tiers, but either way WG can't just sweep this one under the rug with their typical "working as intended" BS. Light tanks will need to be heavily modified either way.
  15. There is an interesting implication to this- if tier 10 light tanks exist, then they'll probably bump up current light tanks with scout MM up one tier and then give them all normal MM so that the gap at tier 9 is filled. If the new norm is that all light tanks get regular MM, then now we can finally sit down and discuss the issue of how light tanks are balanced next to mediums of the same tier. That'll be some serious soul-searching for WG and the current meta, curious to see how they handle it.