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  1. Mikosah

    I give up... (after 8 years)

    Even after all that's happened, I want to like tonks. It would really suck if all the time and energy I invested into it had to be simply thrown away. In the beginning, I had a number of criticisms but at that time I had faith that WG knew what they were doing and were going to fix it soon. Years passed, I have a new list of criticisms, but after having seen recent events not only have I lost my faith in WG's ability to solve problems, I lost my faith in their ability to even remotely understand their own game. The 268v4 situation is a perfect example of this. Anyone would have said that the line just needed some more gun depression and wider gun sweeps to be more popular. WG decides to butcher the line instead and replace a perfectly balanced and interesting tier 10 with an unholy abomination. And we all told them that it was a bad idea when they were still testing it. Not a single voice told them that these changes were good. Not a single voice even said that this was okay, but that didn't stop them from just doing it anyway. And then suddenly its "Oh hey wait where did that 57% global WR come from?" And only just now months later did they even take the time to throw in a few token nerfs. By now they surely realized that the whole line change was a mental abortion but now they can't just undo the changes. Cue 'curb your enthusiasm' theme.
  2. How would you stop this monster? Load gold. And if that don't work, load moar gold.
  3. Mikosah

    Object 268 V4 Supertest Nerfs

    Let's suppose the weakspots were even weaker than this, sure you could punish a v4 if he's sitting still but even the potatoes know better than to do that. Its still going to just roll at you and win. If anything the aim time is the most critical nerf of all of these. Don't get me wrong, I'll take the weakspot nerfs happily, but that alone will only do so much. And just as some others have said, if the armor or the mobility are more comprehensibly nerfed in any meaningful way, the assault shtick goes completely out the window. If it comes to that, then even WG will be wondering why they even touched the 263 in the first place.
  4. Mikosah

    RiP 430 ver 2 (Super-Test Changes)

    I get the idea that they want the 430vII to play like the 416 and K-91, and even though I'm annoyed with the trend of making all the tonks the same, I think it could work at least in theory. The problem is that at the end of the day, if this thing is forced to exclusively play as a sniper its going to be slinging a shitload of HEAT. And if you are going to sling HEAT anyway, why not do it a whole tier lower? Perhaps if the new 430vII had a better AP shell and didn't need to use the HEAT, then we could talk. If its going to be gimped with terribad depression, limited turret traverse, and now without armor either, then perhaps APCR as standard wouldn't be an outrageous demand. Plan B is to simply make it more economical, make the sales pitch that its much less expensive to run than the 416. As of the K-91, more of the same. Any time it has to fall back on HEAT then the same question comes back- why aren't I doing this in the 416 instead? And consider how it compares to its competition- its advantages in accuracy and penetration are negligible yet it still has the odd layout and other drawbacks. Though I guess they could give it a niche by just adding a fuckton of DPM, maybe a quirky autoloader, or something else.
  5. Mikosah

    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    If they just nerf the armor this wouldn't be so bad. Inb4 the B version that's supposed to be lighter and faster has a power/weight ratio above 20 and 70 km/h top speed.
  6. Mikosah

    How to balance the 268-4?

    To be clear, regardless to what may possibly be done with the 268v4 in the future, the rework to the 263 line was a terrible mistake. All they had to do was buff the gun depression, traverse limits, and maybe also the shell velocity of a couple bad tanks in the line and all of this could have been avoided. But what's done is done. In seriousness, the best way to handle this situation is just to make the weakspots into actual weakspots. The topside rangefinder and the bottom strip of the lower plate are small targets to hit, its ridiculous to have to load gold to penetrate these two areas. If the weakspots were fixed, that alone would make a notable difference because it would mean the 268v4 could be punished for just sitting in the line of fire. If that alone wasn't enough, step two would be nerfing the camo and view range. I know everyone else's first impression was to go after overall armor thicknesses and mobility, but if WG actually does that then why again was the 263 replaced in the first case? Though at the same time it would make my day if they mindlessly render their previous work in vain by making such a change.
  7. If I'm going to be spamming those same 100mm HEAT shells in any case, might as well do it two whole tiers lower in the obj 416.
  8. The 277 looks like its trying really hard to be just like the IS-7 and the WZ 5A but has yet to present a significant edge over either. Maybe that's balanced, but doesn't seem all that interesting. Also RIP IS-4 you remain neglected and powercrept even more. The K-91 naturally seems like a bigger 416 just as planned, but it still has the same alpha and DPM two whole tiers higher, and may even be losing out on some camo. And from the description it'll still have a limited traverse turret and bad depression. Unless its a cheaper tank to run (but at tier 10, fat chance) I fail to see the point. Now the question is are they going to suddenly turn tanks like the A-44 and 430 II into snipers to match the line. That could be a good thing, but it could also go horribly wrong. Taking all bets!
  9. I'm a sucker for a nostalgia. That's why I bother keeping WoT installed even if I don't plan on playing it any time soon and why I bother looking at the forums and news blogs. Never tried WT, even if it is simply a better game it would be a long-term investment that would start from scratch and I'm struggling to find the motivation. I miss the chatbox. No idea what happened to Solono in the end, still a shame that no one else got that damn thing working. As of the future, there's always the off chance WG gets their shit together and fixes problems. Real problems, as opposed to graphical fluff. Pissed that they had the nerve to hype up version 1.0 as the much-vaunted end of the beta and doing things for real this time without actually changing any of the broken mechanics. And as of the game itself, its just so unreliable. Any time you try to invest effort, sooner or later you get viciously punished by one thing or another and that sucks. Any time I have a match that's even halfway fun I have to stop and think "wow, that was unusually fortunate, wonder what the odds are that I'll be just as fortunate in the next match...." and I even had a phase where any decent match would end the session right then and there. Just too risky to play another and end up regretting it. That's what WoT does, it puts you into matches that are just so pointless that you actually regret pressing the battle button. That's what's pissing in my cereal right now.
  10. Mikosah

    The Random Thoughts Thread

  11. So in other words, a better Centurion. I even heard its supposed to have less movement dispersion than the mk1. Now does that make a meta-breaker? Hell no. Tier 8 mediums are still laughably under-gunned considering the realities of 3/5/7 MM and this is no exception. So this is getting the worst of both worlds, not only is a premium rendering both the mk1 and the 4202 obsolete, its still going to get shat on by the tier 10s every other match or so.
  12. Supposing there were a tier 8 version of grand battles, it would mean some portion of the current tier 8 population would be diverted out of the normal random queue on an inconsistent basis. for players that have it checked that is. So there is a measure of improvement for the limited MM premiums in not seeing as many tier 9s, but they still end up with a very small number of grand battle maps and still get little if any opportunities to be top with tiers 6 and 7 below. Here's a slightly different idea- tier 8 ranked battles. Which would accomplish all of the above but with a larger pool of maps to work with, a more obvious goal to work towards, and the ability to be selected on demand rather than just popping up randomly. And in reference to the current ranked, doing so at tier 8 has the advantages of not needing nearly as much gold spam, being less of a credit sink, and being available to a larger group of players plus a larger number of tanks. (Incidentally WG could hawk more premiums though that does raise questions of balance) However in any case, the pref MM tanks are still going to need some work. The good news is that you can make them a lot more comfortable without making them overpowered. Soft stats like terrain resistance and movement dispersion do make a huge difference without breaking the meta.
  13. The long term solution to the 3/5/7, tier 8 MM, and code 22 problems is +/-1 MM. Not necessarily destroying +/-2 MM completely, but making it the exception rather than the rule. And perhaps increasing the bonus for lower tiers damaging/killing higher tiers, maybe also putting in some flashy UI element that shows this. And here's the best part, when version 1.0 goes live with all its fanfare, they'll actually have the population to make +/-1 MM more common if they wanted to do that. And with only a very tiny number of exceptions, all of the tanks currently in game would be much better balanced in the 5/10 format than they would be in 3/5/7. Also code 22 wouldn't be as much of a crutch, so there's that. But coming back to the topic at hand, as of getting pref MM premiums to fit into that format would likely mean balancing them in reference to the typical standards of their respective tiers. At that point, both +/-1 and +/-2 MM would be more functional for them.
  14. They could do a number of different things, and WG themselves have acknowledged this. Still, here's my take on the situation: One option is simply to let limited MM tanks stay that way and compensate them with bigger multipliers to credit earnings and crew training. Plus basic quality of life buffs (terrain resistance, movement dispersion, view range, pen, etc) when absolutely necessary. So long as WG stops selling these tanks ( ) then eventually they'll be only a very tiny portion of the queue at any given moment. Option two is to rebalance them for +/-2 MM, which may be much more drastic. But for example, imagine the E25 with full +/-2 MM and only one thing changed- its APCR buffed to 244 pen like the Panther. That alone may be enough. Or in some cases like the KV-5, down-tiering to tier 7, losing a couple hundred hit points, but maintaining the current credit earning multipliers. Option three is VOLUNTARY replacement and/or gold payout. For example, WG offering to swap the KannonenJagdPanzer for the KJP 105. But the moment that these methods become forced is when the deal turns very sour. If for whatever reason someone wants to keep a crappy premium, WG has no reason to force them to get rid of it.
  15. The Defender is obnoxious for high tiers because any shot you throw at it could hit the upper glacis or the turret front and autobounce right off. This is what that armor profile looks like from the reference point of a Jageru's HEAT shell. https://tanks.gg/tank/defender/model?cs=jgpz-e-100&vm=live&cl=000001 The front profile still shows a good deal of red and that triggers me. And the lower plate is still over 200mm effective at least, which is just enough to be utter cancer for tiers 6 and 7. But the thing that's even more ridiculous is that in effect the Defender is what would happen if you asked a 12-year-old which buffs he'd like on his IS-3. "I want moar alpha, but the same DPM and pen!" -and WG says: "Granted!" "I want the turret roof weakspot removed!" -and WG says: "Granted!" "I want better gun depression!" -and WG says: "Granted!" "I want way better front armor, but with the same mobility!" -and WG says: "Granted!"