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  1. Shouldn't be proud of this, but am anyways: http://<a href="https://ibb.co/howiCR"><img src="https://preview.ibb.co/eqSZK6/shot_026.jpg" alt="shot 026" border="0" /></a>
  2. Shouldn't be proud of this, but am anyways: http://<a href="https://ibb.co/howiCR"><img src="https://preview.ibb.co/eqSZK6/shot_026.jpg" alt="shot 026" border="0" /></a>
  3. I don't think any of the current non-premium tier 8 lights give me a warm fuzzy feeling. Not in the current meta anyway. Where's the carry potential? I don't see it. Best case scenario is being a decent scout in the current meta in which all high tiers have enough view range to spot for themselves. And the worst case scenario is being an even more undergunned tier 8 medium than the existing tier 8 mediums. So RIP. Might not even be feasible to recommend any one of these over the others, my honest advice is to either free EXP to tier 9 or stay at tier 7. Either that or sell your soul and buy a
  4. Seems like WG could accomplish everything they wanted with the medium branch by simply giving the 430 an alternate gun- which could be the 122mm that they proposed for the 430u. Rename the current 430 as 430u if need be. Thank the almighty that they're leaving the 416 alone though. I don't want to re-buy it as a premium. Then again, if a code 22 whore like that tank was profitable, that would be a kek-factory. Probably for the best that it doesn't happen. As of the heavy changes, I see no particular reason to mess with the T-10 branch and I'm annoyed with the idea of another 252/defender being in-game. If WG really needed to split the T-10 from the IS-7, shouldn't they be a little more enthusiastic about the new tier 10 that's supposed to follow it? Why haven't they announced which tank that'll be? And as of the new rear-turret heavies, not much to say. Generic side-scrapers and code 22 magnets, nothing to see here. And the earlier TD proposal still going through. All of my REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! That line could have been so easily fixed with a few more degrees of gun depression and maybe wider gun sweeps. But no, why not just take everything interesting about this line and chuck it out the window instead.
  5. The problem with the Sandbox was that its potential was squandered on irrelevant nonsense. For example, WG totally pussed out when their grand vision for arta was to basically keep letting it do all the same crap as before. They could have pitched changes that were completely different, the sort of changes that they'd normally be terrified to even consider, and still test them at zero risk. But sadly they missed that opportunity. So once more they have the chance to take any measure necessary to set things right. The question isn't "can they do that?" but instead "will they have the balls to do it?". Then again, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that they actually understand what's going on and what needs to be done.
  6. And yet with this 'version 1.0' they have a golden opportunity to make drastic changes and build a lot of hype all at once. Never again will they have the chance to turn everything inside out and upside down and then say "Ok guys, beta test is over. This is the real version". They could do all the things that normally they'd be afraid to do- change MM, RNG, code 22, arta, you name it, but only just this once. So if they do waste their time with this 263 line nonsense rather than doing something more productive (which would be literally anything else), that would speak volumes. We'll just have to see how it turns out, because the next few patches are going to either make or break this game.
  7. The funny thing is that you're absolutely right, but that just goes to show how retarded these fundamental game mechanics have been all along. However, to accept that we need either cancerous sigma or cancerous armor presumes a complete unwillingness (or inability) on WG's part to think outside the box. For one, they could have emphasized 'durability' through hit points rather than armor. That would have been the simplest win-win, the heavy tank gets to shrug off numerous hits while his opponent gets more opportunity to farm. Another option would have been to make certain frontal weakspots extremely thin but come with a damage penalty, just like the other game did with MBT cupolas. Or they could rework code 22 and let it be just as cheap as regular ammo but have less alpha. Or they might even try a completely new mechanic that grants high pen/damage/crit rolls whenever you're hitting proper flanking shots, so that front-to-front engagements are simply less rewarding by comparison (and code 22 is less of a crutch). That WG has somehow found a way to avoid considering even a single one of these options (or a hundred other viable alternatives) is nothing short of an unholy miracle.
  8. Those stupid, inbred, downie motherfuckers... this makes zero sense. I even took the time to compile a list of all the reasons why on the WG forums. Incoming lazy copypasta: 1- The 263 was already unique, interesting, and fun. Changing it does not solve anyone's problems. 2- The 268v4 is generic and boring. We're already up to our necks in armored assault guns with 750 alpha at tier 10. 3- Heavy armor is obnoxious. It forces code 22. If code 22 works, the armor is useless. If code 22 doesn't work, the armor is game-breaking. 4- Problems with the line could instead be solved much more easily and effectively with simple buffs to the tiers 7-9. What is gun depression? 5- Even supposing the swap hypothetically could have been an improvement, moving things around causes a lot of headaches. 6- Consistency in a tank line (aesthetic or otherwise) is a counterproductive goal to pursue. Spend your energy elsewhere, WG. If they were so worried that the potatoes just couldn't handle the idea of one tank being different from the next, for heaven's sake actually teach them how to read stats and learn how the tank is supposed to be played.
  9. "We think that the Types don’t break the game, because they’re hard to play." My sides. That whole interview made my sides RIP. Every important topic worth mentioning was answered either by autism or down syndrome. They cannot possibly be this stupid. Are they trolling us?
  10. This one made me happy: Its like saying, "Screw you, desert! Kiss the greenest part of my ass!"
  11. Now the fun question is whether or not WG has learned anything and give these napkin abominations some frontal weakspots. Probably not...
  12. Whether or not the E25 is OP is heavily dependent on its opposition and the map in play. If the enemy team doesn't have any armor and you get an open map, then GG. But if you get a tight urban map that's full of patriots and defenders, then that's just as skewed the other way, limited MM be damned. I'll even put on the tinfoil and say that all those premium heavies were deliberately released so close together as a not-so-obvious hard counter to the E25.
  13. -General buffs for light tanks, view range if nothing else. -Premium ammo rework. -Complete cessation of tank replacement/removal proposals. (Leave the obj 263 and 416 alone, damn it!) -Remove overhead view modes from arta, re-balance them to fight from first person. (KV-2 is true arta) -Tell RNG to screw itself.
  14. Here's the comparison worth making: https://tanks.gg/tank/t92/stats?cs=m41-bulldog Basically its a premium Bull that has a much lower profile, better camo ratings, and less dispersion on the move. But this comes at the cost of alpha and overall mobility (and real money). Not to mention that its HEAT shell has the same pen, less damage, but costs EVEN MOAR. Let's not kid ourselves, paying 4400 for 170 alpha and 210 pen is a blatant ripoff. Paying 5600 for 150 alpha must be 's idea of a sick joke. And then there's the module vulnerabilities. My appraisal is that just considering the camo, the low profile, and the gun handling, the T92 would be decent at the scouting role. There's really just two unfortunate problems with that- one is that the scouting role itself is seldom relevant in the current meta. The other is that tiers 9 and 10 are a thing, and that outplaying them in a 1v1 scenario isn't going to end well. Your only hope is the team, and good luck with that. As of the general state of balance with tier 8 lights, I say that the 41-90 is the golden standard and therefore just about every other tier 8 light is under-gunned. Forget the pen, just give them some DPM and then they can at least be a noteworthy threat when flanking.
  15. The view range doesn't bother me nearly as much as the idea of having a boring Jageru clone with a boring 750 alpha gun. The 263 is fine right where it is, the whole idea of rearranging the line was counterproductive in the first place. Making the whole line look and act the same way is a retarded goal to pursue, and rearranging tanks is going to cause lots of headaches in any case. In what universe would this proposal have been worth all the trouble? Just give the SU-100m1 and SU-101 better depression and they won't have the reputation of being complete garbage. And if that were the case, the line would have been popular.