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  1. mati_14

    Tier X Polsky - the Levandowsky

    314? how long ago was that?
  2. uQxYa3I.jpg

    This tank is so fucking weak in this meta, WG should buff it just like the CW rewards. Expected 5 - 5.1k

    1. Haswell


      It may be weak, but it's relatively balanced compared to everything else.

    2. Archaic_One


      Fear not, it is Russian - 'balance' will be along shortly

    3. leggasiini


      They’ll make it into a turreted Bobject, LUL

  3. RNG is awesome for the fucking game, E100 1st hit 938 next  860, game before that, a fucking STRV highrolls me for 450 right before I can shoot him. Pure fucking skill they say.

  4. mati_14

    Why arent the stats updating on WOTLABS?

    AFAIK, Wotzilla still working and honestly it's much better.
  5. 155 can do that, Foch B can do that, even BC might be able, but once again, everyone is putting themselves in that ideal situation for the WT it's obvious whose gonna win. I totally agree with Carbon, this would be far from OP or even broken, WT gets spotted, gets deleted, I feel Foch B > WT > 155. I just want it for the pleasure of destroying some other broken tanks with it.
  6. Finally updated to 9.22 Test server and when I was looking for 430U, also found this ''430B'':

    4500 dpm when full equipped but only 230/270 pen AP/APCR

    1. Fulcrous


      You forgot bia. its 4600

    2. Tman450


      I think it's placeholder stats. When you login to test for the first time it says "removed: 430B, added: 430U, 430"

      It appears they renamed the tier 10 430 to 430B and added one to tier 9.

  7. I 3 marked 155 like 1 week ago, I know what I'm talking about, exactly as you describe it, it's situational and broken as fuck. it's not a good tank, it's not bad either but I'm pretty sure I have more than 10 examples where, I traded 1 hit to deal +2k dmg. Also I feel like all of you are just imagining the worst case scenario while facing a WT, but hell, I imagine how fucked a WT will be in most of the maps where a light tank can insta spot it and boom. DED WT. If everyone puts themselves in that ideal situation for the WT it's pretty obvious who will ended up winning. But as I remember WTs clipping tanks full HP I also remember games with a WT deleted a couple of seconds after getting spotted. For me, tbh, It would be fun, exactly because WT would counter most of the broken tanks but get fucked by them at the same time.
  8. @nabucodonsor I understand your point but I still think it's not that big of a deal as many of you point it out, I'm standing with Val here, you know why? Because even when I remember getting pissed because a WT clipped me, I still think it's even more retarded to get shot in the TURRET by a 4005/183/Type4-5 and get set on fire, and this has happened 3 or 4 times at least while playing Pz7/VK7201/S. Conqueror. I feel WT it might be just like current F155, a 1 trick pony that can destroy anything on its way, but with more drawbacks than benefits.
  9. I don't see the problem then, because we already have tanks that can do that and its still annoying if any autoloader it does, some might not kill you, but fuck you hard enough to ruin the rest of the game for you. Yolos are problem regardless which tank does it and it's more related to XVM or how retarded are some enemies ingame than one specific tank. It reminds me the ''issues'' with old MM and people used to complain how terrible it was to face 12 tier X in with a tier 8, but that used to happen... once every 70-80 games?, how often is a WT be able to yolo and kill you if that's your issue with it? Just like with the old MM example, it's really unlikely, annoying as fuck when it happens but really unlikely.
  10. WT positions are pretty predictable if you ask, and can barely spot by itself. I think I could tell you the spots where the WT plays on every single map, and how easy it's to avoid getting shot while its in those spots. Unlike STRV which can be shooting you at 500 mts, or be in a bush at 250m. Lakeville it's the perfect example. We all know where the TDs play, no matter which TD is, it's pretty likely they will sit in middle road waiting for shots crossing or aiming for tanks pushing the lower side of the city. And it's really simple to avoid getting shot most of the time. Lastly, unlike arty, knowing the spots where TDs are, is the key to avoid getting shot by one, and at least in this forums I don't think many players will struggle dealing with WTs in this meta
  11. EDIT: For some reason my reply appared twice lol, so I deleted one xd
  12. You know what? I was thinking how cancerous it was to bring back the WT, but after a couple of seconds I'd noticed how fun it'd be to clip a S. Conquer/5A/Strv/Type 5 and all the broken trash that WG has put and the latest patches. And also considering the current meta, there a shit-ton of ways to easily counter it. So I'd be fine if they want it to be the next reward for Personal Missions
  13. If the gun wouldn't be so fucking troll, it would be a pretty dank TD mXJvB0A.jpgYTpJPcs.jpg

    1. Fulcrous


      Honestly, it was one of my favourite tanks until my dpgs got trashed by the RNG known as its gun.

    2. mati_14


      TBH, I don't care about DPGs anymore, I can't be that consistent, because I get fukd by arty, or REALLY tilted  for something (permachatbanned btw LUL) I mean, my last 2 session had were around 4k-4.1k, 300 dmg over my avg, I'm happy with the 3 mark, I think still proves that you are really really good with that tank.
      PS: Req is really low, around 4.3k at most, but it's most inconsistent situational PoS in this game

    3. Strigonx


      @mati_14 you're also perma'd?? lul same here.

  14. Craziest account I've ever seen...

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    2. mati_14


      Update after checking his stream, his JP DPG is bullshit, he literally used to 2 friends to meatshield him and only to shoot tanks that were at 100 hp or tk allies for him to get more dmg. Watched 3 games, all 3 over 10k dmg, his platoonmates, under 1k dmg while they were alive most of the game (Maus and IS-4), E3 is probably the same story, but 113 atm seems legit, same 907 but I wouldn't be sure about all the other DPGs

    3. Archaic_One


      Perhaps, but seriously 10 tanks over 5K dpg is insane level even with deliberate planned allies feeding you.

    4. Fulcrous


      i thought it was through playing 'legit' for all tanks. nowhere near as impressive now.