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  1. mati_14

    re: Arty Focus in Hulldown Tanks

    you have 2 options, play to farm dmg, or play to win, if you wanna hold a crucial spot to help your team in exchange to get shit on by arty, you MIGHT win more, if you play more selfish, you are gonna farm more dmg but your WR will move between 55-62%
  2. mati_14

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    I pretty much agree with all you've said here except with the example, which I consider pretty extreme. What if you compare M48 with S.Conquer? Top DPGs are 5356/78% vs 5042/73% respectively. I don't know the overall WR of both. But I wouldn't even think about M48 being better than S. Conquer. M48 can stomp tier 9/8 as well if not better than S. Conqueror but will it perform as well vs some other tier 10s?. I know there's a difference between pubs and competitive, but do we take into consideration coordinated gameplay?. I don't know if you guys play MOBAs but I do and there's a big difference between solo queue meta and competitive meta. Certain things only work because of the strategy behind it, meanwhile other things work due to the lack of coordinated gameplay. As one last example, the ranked meta differs a lot from pubs in WoT. In my personal experience, I'd put IS-7 between the top just because it's the only tank that can poke hull down and bounce 99% of the shots. But I wouldn't say it's between the best for dmg farm/WR.
  3. mati_14

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    Well, when it comes to this a friend of mine managed to 76%/4.9k with tortoise and almost 5k with E-100 and it's not like those tanks were hidden gems or shit like that. Idk how he managed to do it. All I know, he's crazy in this game. And we wouldn't define those 2 as top tanks tier for tier in the meta. It's like Carbon coming and telling 260 is still top because he can still output 5k with it. There are clearly better tanks overall. About the votes, why you wanna instantly go for the best tank rn. If that's the case just delete every tank from the list but T-54/Conquer/WZ 111 and T-10, because the winner will be there for sure. I thought voting for one tank would mean it has certain potential. I'm more interested to see where tanks like the ST-I or Conway are gonna end placed. We all already know which tanks are gonna be in top.
  4. mati_14

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    too lazy to copypaste xd, at least if it doesn't count it will be just my opinion: AMX 13 90: +1 By FAR the best light tank when it comes to performance, maybe not as fun as the T49, but boi this nibba can carry games like no other light tank in the entire game. VK 4502(B): -3 I really enjoyed this tank, but I'd say it's only out all the tier 9s that can't pass 3500 dpg.
  5. mati_14

    So are none of you people actually playing Polish tanks?

    Personally, I'm always lazy af to grind tanks, the only one I got during its first week was 5A cuz already had 113 and needed it for WGLNA quals. Also the fact that my main account is poor af
  6. mati_14

    Am I the only one that likes 3/5/7?

    Another thing to mention, I think I talk here for most purples and people who mark tanks. It's not just winning or losing a game, I care about my personal results(not talking about WN8 btw), and the taste that every game leaves. 1k dmg wins over 5k dmg losses? Not for me at least, I don't wanna win games while feeling completely irrelevant. If i have 3 1k-2k dmg games in 3/5/7 in a row while being +90% in any tier 8, I'm gonna tilt, no matter if we won or lost and probably stop playing that tank or even the game itself. New mm gives me that feeling WAY MORE OFTEN than old mm used to. Another thing to mention is how fucking annoying is to be trying hard tier 10 marks and a 3/5/7 match with 3 artys makes hard as fuck to pass 5k dmg with only one more competent tank in your team, due to the low HP pool and the retarty raining over you. After you reach certain levels in games, if you don't have fun, you simply stop playing.
  7. mati_14

    Am I the only one that likes 3/5/7?

    Bro, Maus/E3/Type5 are basically unstoppable on himmels/ensk/ruinberg, tier 8s can't do shit against them, some tier 9 can, but it won't be enough, I'd never try to go 1v1 with maus with a tier 9 in a city map , 430U/907/IS-7 are basically the same thing in maps like Live Oaks/Prok/Malinovka/Mountain Pass, SC/5A/277 bully tier 8s no matter which map you play. When you have a tier 8, no matter how good you are, there's no counterplay by yourself, you need to wait for the top tiers to do it for you, and try to help them. As I said before a bluenicum will stomp 8 or maybe 9 out 10 3/5/7 games in meta tier 10 tanks, the only reason why you won't see +65% WR very often, it's because 5/10 and one tier games aren't completely decided by the top tiers. Another thing to mention, for those who ask for +1/-1 mm, this is not a good idea either, full tier 10 games are not fun at all, at least in pubs. It might solve things for lower tiers, but tier 9 will be completely broken. Most of players will stay there because you have the closest gap between the higher tier, and decent one with the lower tier. Old mm was ok, not great, but much better, the only things that needed to be adjusted, were: 1) Artys per side 2) Lights per side 3) Superheavies per side (tier 8+) and 4) Equal amount of tanks with same tier per side.
  8. mati_14

    Am I the only one that likes 3/5/7?

    Dude I really don't wanna be mean, but I need to insist on this. What do you consider a good game? Because I'm completely sure that my standards are not the same as yours. To put an example, I managed to 3 mark the Patriot 72 games only playing it during the 2 rentals I had it, first, when it came out, during old mm, and finished the mark a couple of months ago when I had it for 20 games rental or so. When I played it during old mm, I had almost 3k DPG during the first 50 games, which 3 of them had 0 dmg games due to disconnections, when the 1st rental ended mark was around 81% with 2900 dpg. When I had the chance to play it again. I lost 400 dpg... In 15 games or so. After all that long time, I wouldn't say I play worse than I used to play, it's just I can't feel I'm doing ANYTHING to prevent a loss unless I'm top tier. And believe me I don't have any issue dealing with tier 10s with tier 8s, but I don't wanna have to be forced into that, which means using premium rounds 8/10 games. Back then I could keep +2.5k session with premium tanks and farm credits and have fun while doing it. Marked Mutz during rental, having to deal with old E5 back then. And I wouldn't get mad for having to deal with it. You could base your gameplan based on the line ups. More meds? Push X side, more TD's? Try to spot for them to get the assistance. Bottom tier games were as common as mid/top tier games, at least in my opinion. But now? It gets even more frustrating that this game already is. And besides powercreep, which is another factor, but much smaller. I can't find any answer but new MM, you have mirror-ish role lineups which are utter trash due to WG poor class balancing and your are bottom tier most of the time playing tier 8 and below, add powercreep to that and you have the perfect storm. You know what's one of the few things to know win conditions right now? XVM, yup the most cancerous mod in this game is the best thing you could use to know what's your better chance to win. Stick to the players who are better, it doesn't matter if your tank doesn't fit the role, you won't do shit if your X top tier sucks. bluenicum 430U/268V4/IS-7/Maus/S. Conquer/5A and some other tier 10s are instawin I'd say 80 to 90% of the time with 3/5/7, because right now if your top tier can't influence the game enough, you have minimal chance to win a game. No matter how good you are.
  9. mati_14

    Am I the only one that likes 3/5/7?

    I don't wanna be mean while saying this, you have this idea probably because you are not good enough to understand everything going on in one game. In theory yes, you should be able to deal with half of their team and then harass the top tiers. But this rarely happens. Why? Because when being bottom tier most players will play defensively and wait for the top tiers to start the tactic moves. In the end the ones who have the power to decide what's gonna happen in a certain battle are top tiers. 3/5/7 is bad because 3 tanks and maybe some of second 5 are the ones who will decide the pace of the game. It doesn't matter if I know what needs to be done being 2 tier behind, if my top tiers don't decide to help me. Old mm didn't had this issue, because: 1) You'll rarely have those games with 13 tier10 1t9 1t8. And even if you were the tier 8 you can play around much better knowing that there are 13 tanks capable of having some influence. 2) You'll get top tier in a fairly consistent rate no matter which tier were you playing. I remember having fun marking tier 8s during grinds because you wouldn't feel useless in 19/20 games?. The only issue back then was arty... not like that has changed to much. If you want proof about how much new mm has fucked up low tiers, you could just check DPG whores right now. I remember back then. Top DPGs in basically every tier 10 was around 4500-4600. With certain exceptions.(Old IS-7, BC, old 155, etc). And it's not like the players became even better than they use to be, right now farming dmg in high tiers couldn't be easier due to the new mm. The problem is, most of the players would enjoy playing through lines between tiers 5-8 because it feels there's something to be done in the game. Only unicum tryhards like me care about getting marks and stuff like that. I never enjoyed grinds, but I'll never hate it more than right now, mostly for 3/5/7 mm.
  10. mati_14

    Wheeled Light Tanks/ AFVs

    What's the big deal? I can get you dislike when he talks about ''how to improve'' but he's IMO probably the most informative WoT YT
  11. mati_14

    Tier X Polsky - the Levandowsky

    314? how long ago was that?
  12. uQxYa3I.jpg

    This tank is so fucking weak in this meta, WG should buff it just like the CW rewards. Expected 5 - 5.1k

    1. Haswell


      It may be weak, but it's relatively balanced compared to everything else.

    2. Archaic_One


      Fear not, it is Russian - 'balance' will be along shortly

    3. leggasiini


      They’ll make it into a turreted Bobject, LUL

  13. RNG is awesome for the fucking game, E100 1st hit 938 next  860, game before that, a fucking STRV highrolls me for 450 right before I can shoot him. Pure fucking skill they say.

  14. mati_14

    Why arent the stats updating on WOTLABS?

    AFAIK, Wotzilla still working and honestly it's much better.