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  1. I've had this tank unlocked for...2 years maybe? Since not long after this TD line came out. I finally bought it after the buffs. So far it is definitely tolerable. The platform is still a bad medium platform, but with 10 degrees of gun depression and a good gun, I still have fun.
  2. Screencaps of the 9.21 HD armor models are out now, for example here. 

    It looks like they've made fewer substantive changes to armor values than in some previous patches. The Chinese mediums don't seem to be getting any meaningful love. 

    VKB is getting a haircut on its cupola, which will now be sloped. Its forehead is getting a little bigger as seen from the front. The turret face now extends pretty much right down to the engine deck and it appears to have lost its turret ring weakspot frontally. 

    The T-34-2 turret is getting its bottom narrowed, seemingly making more flat area to shoot at. It loses some weird weak spots on the back of the turret. 

    The 110 is having the best armor value on the front of its turret extended to cover a greater surface area and is getting a haircut on its cupolas, which also fade into the shape of the turret a wee bit better. The turret is getting squished a little flatter resulting in some sharper rounding at the front. I can't tell what's happening with the pike geometry. The engine deck goes 20mm -> 30mm. 

    WZ-120 seems almost unchanged. Maybe slightly more rounding on the turret? 

    T25/2 is losing some of the rear turret armor and is also losing the iconic not-actually-part-of-the-hitbox cap that it currently wears. 

    ST-I gets tougher under the gun and to its sides. The forehead might be getting a little shorter, and the driver's hatch appears to be getting slightly worse angles. 

  3. The penalty for a broken module in this game is way too heavy. That's one of the things I liked about AW before it died. 

    Turret rings and ammo racks and engines can all pretty much entirely disable your vehicle. 

    1. saru_richard


      isn't that what usually happens when you knock out a tanks engine/ammo rack/turret ring in real life?

    2. snowdude21325


      But is this real life? 

    3. Tarski


      @saru_richard I've never crewed a tank, but I'm pretty sure the behavior of tanks in this game are only loosely inspired by real life. "Based on a true story," if you will. 

      In real life a damaged ammo rack doesn't make the loader exactly half as fast until a magic button gets pressed within about 90 seconds. In real life broken turret rings don't have a fixed, exact time window before they get unstuck, but without the motor or stabilization -- until that magic button gets pressed within maybe 90 seconds. 

      In real life you don't go from knowing the exact location of a tank on the other side of a building at 50m to having no ability to track its location at 51m. Damaged radios don't have an exactly halved (?) broadcast range. Shells don't vanish into thin air at a distance of less than 1km. Tanks don't have a fixed number of "hit points" and shells don't whittle that down arithmetically with +/- 25% random variation. When a shell knocks into a tank's engine, is the result really to apply a fixed multiplier to the engine's horsepower? And what about the way track repair works? 

      Since the game isn't an exact simulation of real life, the parameters are up for grabs. I think the game would be more fun if the stacking debuffs in this game involved smaller numbers. 

  4. Are MOE on NA fixed or "fixed"? I've been getting them suddenly even after shit games. Something to do with the backlog from when they were down? 

    1. CraBeatOff


      There's a backlog...sorta. The function only needs to store your historical average(seen in the service record) and your last game. So even if marks aren't moving your still moving your average and once they're reactivated and you play a game...it has enough to compute.

  5. Some of these just got really annoying to fight. And all the low pen tanks in the game just got worse again. Creep creep creep.
  6. They're finally touching the T-34-2!

    ...not enough, but it might get some armor finally. Patch 9.21 is bringing us some HD models for Christmas, and they include the T-34-2, WZ-120, 110, VKB, ST-I, T28, and Type 61. 

    1. MagicalFlyingFox


      WZ-120 HD model! Will we see the T-34-3's up pointing machine gun? *swoon*

    2. Tarski


      Yes, it's in the photos.

  7. This can only be good. Kharkov is one of the dullest maps in the game.
  8. The M48A5 is a great tank. 

  9. Ditto. The armor was "meh but probably good at max gun depression" last time I saw armor models, and then the supertest notes said the armor got buffed, but it probably still has a weak lower plate that you need to hide.
  10. Wow, Grand Battles do exist!

    ...now to figure out the map. 

    1. Tarski


      Good heavens, grand battles are so crowded. Everyone was ramming everyone else, then getting mad, then shooting allies. 

    2. Fulcrous


      And camping positions near spawn everywhere!

    3. Assassin7


      I've only ever had one battle. lol

  11. Wargaming gave me an anniversary coupon for 20% off anything in the store that is (a) a bundle, (b) doesn't contain any gold. That leaves 1 or 2 things it applies to. 

  12. http://wotlabs.net/na/player/fabinho666 ^ this guy shares a corner with me but gets himself down to 6hp, then decides he wants to ram my tank up onto a wall so that I die with him.
  13. Is the new Halloween mode even possible to win? My pubbies all die in the first couple minutes. 

    1. Fulcrous


      It's absurdly easy to complete.

  14. Installed today and played my first game after spending 10 minutes searching for a "tutorial" button. It seems that the tutorial is just a series of missions, so resorted to looking at the settings menu to figure out how to move my plane. I kinda get most of the controls, I think. Seems like it could be a fun game.
  15. I just had a delightful game where I spotted and fired on an enemy AMX 13 90 and was not spotted in return. The new light tank view ranges mean you can out-scout the scouts in a tier 8 heavium. Kinda fun to do.