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  1. I wonder if balancing loosely around something like the sum of a team's hit points weighted per-tank by the average armor use ratio for that tank would help. Or even just raw hit points. It's definitely disheartening when the heavy tank lineup is extremely out of balance. As an example: if my top tiers are a Bat Chat platoon and theirs are a Maus platoon, using the shots w/o damage numbers from VBAddict suggests that, all else being equal, my team has to deal 15,575 more damage. Sure my team is the more mobile and has better burst damage and all that, but in random battles I would still bet on Team Maus.
  2. Presumably because he posted that 7 months or so before the patch that killed cross-team chat and is using "rage" to refer to a speech act.
  3. The improvements this thing got in the Great German Buffening of 2017 made it significantly more comfortable. Those extra two degrees of gun depression are nice to have. I'm glad the buffs came early in my grind.
  4. Not to derail the thread, but how does in-client recovery work? I've always used support tickets and the last time I tried to dig it up the links to support pages for the automated system were all dead.
  5. Who platoons a T7 Car, an M12, and a FV4005?! So of course the E 50 M took it upon himself to kill the tier 1 and then got one-shot by the FV. Fortunately the Type 5 is silly and I got 4300 dealt / 7200 blocked and won the game. Trash teams on both sides (why yes T-54, you should load HEAT when shooting the tracks/shield on a Type 5).
  6. Hey, I haven't played my 183 much. This could be fun! 

    ...and then the allied Defender decided he didn't like the time I scraped his paint for half a second and decided to force me into enemy fire. Ruined my game, but at least I got to OHKO him after he got bored. 

  7. "Wargaming has plans to keep re-balancing other tanks that haven’t been touched for a long time, so they are updated to fight new vehicles introduced in the game."

    inb4 they don't touch French TDs. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. TAdoo87


      how about no

      If the TDs are not shit the gameplay is cancer with 10+ TDs per side.

    3. flare_phoenix


      agreed with @TAdoo87

      better them shit than clipping you out in 6s instead of 10s with insane gun handling while invisible from 400m+

    4. EndlessAgony


      Foch 155 will be back, folks. And it'll be great. We will make Foch 155 great again and we will be farming in it for at least another 8 months. It will be so great you will get tired of it - of the easy farming - but we will still keep on going...

      (Wargaming can't into balance, news at 11...)

  8. Today in remove arty from the game, we have allied arty turning a win into a loss by killing me. Courtesy of LATIN. 

  9. Not a fan of the bright orange light + super dark shadows + smoke aesthetic they used (again) on Hills. But I love that bright sunny look on Cliff. RIP climbing, but there also seems to be better arty cover in many places.
  10. For the last couple days I can't get a win in this thing. It doesn't matter if I deal 4k damage and block 4k damage, the other heavies on my flank will do 0 damage against a Maus and die quickly.
  11. Remove arty from the game...

    Bat arty saving clip for me + already had to use my repair kit from his last volley = game ruined. 

  12. My two light tank games so far were in the WZ and Sheridan. I love the look of the WZ, but I didn't get to see if the HEAT mesh did its job. Instead, arty splashed my paper hull and killed my crew and I couldn't tell at first because the crew stun UI seems to use the same color as the crew death UI. It's such a good looking tank but I don't know if I'll have a reason to play it over and above the other lights. I haven't tested the rest, but one thing I can say is that the WZ seems to have amazing climbing abilities and was pretty nimble in general. As for the Sheridan, I think WG told the truth when they said they gave it the best gun handling on a 152mm. The accuracy and reload are still lousy, but it did seem a lot more comfy than the current T49. Again, I only have one game of experience, but the bloom seemed godly for such a gun. Even if they don't buff anything about it I'll buy it when it goes live for the high caliber giggles. I've almost saved up the exp on the T49 to do so immediately. But yes, I wouldn't turn away any buffs. I'm looking forward to trying out the T-100, but as someone who likes playing big dumb box tanks, I'm not excited about having to fight against one.
  13. Enemy mediums from the south spawn on Cliff tried to rush the north side of the donut. Why yes, I'll gladly deal 1423 sniping damage in one shot while I'm still deploying my Type 5.