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  1. Just had a game on Overlord where my entire team retreated to K4 for several minutes in the middle of the game. 


  2. I played hundreds of games in the JT88, most of them before any of its last 2-3 buffs happened. I found it fun at the time. These days it collects dust in my garage. It's not unplayable or anything, armor creep + pen creep have left it behind. It's not very mobile, but when you park it in a corridor it's still not very good because you have trouble penetrating heavies you face and they don't have much trouble penetrating your armor anymore. The Skorpion is a better German TD while the Löwe is a better German crew trainer if you're not set on having a TD.
  3. On the one hand, I get to grind out the KV-4 while it's On Track and unlock the beautiful STone. On the other hand, I have to grind out the KV-4 with a matchmaker that likes to toy with tier 8s. 

    1. Tarski


      Fun story: the STone can circle the KV-4. :cri:

    2. DirtyACE7


      My prayers will be with you. KV-4 is one of the greatest sins in WoT. I'm only 9k xp from the ST-I and know full well the waste-deep shit filled journey the awaits you.

    3. Tarski


      I have 60k left. But I have more than enough credits to get the ST-I on sale, and then pretty soon the sale will end and I can sell the KV-4 and get it out of my garage KV-4ever. 

  4. Yeah, the shades of orange are unclear to me as well. The frontal armor profile will have a lot to say about how much I love it.
  5. But...but...but why would 10 of you all want to camp at C1 on Cliff? 

  6. http://wotlabs.net/na/player/1023bet That guy drives the VK 100.01 P just so he can shove other heavies around the brawling zones like a shitty snowplow.
  7. You're a monster.
  8. Oh cool, the entire Chinese TD line has the same crew layout. 

    1. Zepherex


      Well, when literally every tank on that line is a piece off wg fiction to the point it wasn't even a napkin drawing irl why not make the crew layouts the same?

  9. I'm one of those people who tends to settle on a small number of games to play over quite a few years. WoT has kept its place on that list for a few years and is one of the most fun games I've played—except when it isn't. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I just have fun driving a tank and shooting other tanks and being kinda bad. One percent of the time, I get too caught up in whether I'm winning or losing or performing well, and then I get frustrated when I or my teammates or RNG let me down. When that happens, I just stop playing and do other things. Later when I come back to the game it's always fun and relaxing again.* *Except when grinding French TDs. That's not so much fun as a Freudian exploration of suffering.
  10. 1,049 damage and 4 critical hits from a G.W. Tiger, in a light tank on the move. Yep, arty has been fixed. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ZXrage


      getting hit for 500 every time arty hits you is the best.

    3. furrystrawberry


      i just saw it happen 3 times in a row...

    4. Android25


      It depends on how far the arty is away from you as well. I only have the 261, so I have accuracy but not a ton of HE power like some other arties. At least in the 261, getting a hit for more than 500 is a rare and exciting event.

  11. Mäuschen is get. Now I only have 40,000,000 credits of other tanks waiting for purchase. 

  12. Those games where 6 allies die in the first minute are frustrating, especially when they come in pairs. 

  13. I wonder if balancing loosely around something like the sum of a team's hit points weighted per-tank by the average armor use ratio for that tank would help. Or even just raw hit points. It's definitely disheartening when the heavy tank lineup is extremely out of balance. As an example: if my top tiers are a Bat Chat platoon and theirs are a Maus platoon, using the shots w/o damage numbers from VBAddict suggests that, all else being equal, my team has to deal 15,575 more damage. Sure my team is the more mobile and has better burst damage and all that, but in random battles I would still bet on Team Maus.
  14. Presumably because he posted that 7 months or so before the patch that killed cross-team chat and is using "rage" to refer to a speech act.
  15. The improvements this thing got in the Great German Buffening of 2017 made it significantly more comfortable. Those extra two degrees of gun depression are nice to have. I'm glad the buffs came early in my grind.