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  1. EthanDuong

    AMX 50 100 Appreciation Thread

    I only had to do 250 battles without premium account from the BDR to the 50 100. Granted I only do daily double most of the time.
  2. EthanDuong

    leKpz M 41 90 mm (tier 8 light)

    dunno, I'm not really a HEAT spammer at distance. And if you need to HEATspam a HT you wouldn't really need that shell velocity anyway. I'm really leaning toward the M41 just because how much better it is at handling + -8 all around depression. If I had to play like a true scout I'd pick the Ru, but who's gonna carry the potatoes for me? And being able to carry 8 HE in the M41 as opposed to 4 in the Ru is a HUGE deal.
  3. EthanDuong

    AMX 50 120

    You really need the top gun. And BiA. Eagle eye seems handy in theory but I haven't seen mine being very useful because most people have repair kit and med kit. Camo is useless on a 3% base camo tank.
  4. You'd need to get quite close for your gun to be reliable anyway, unlike the 50B for example
  5. It's really fine either way, but for the 113 I'm more inclined toward brawling and out-DPMing the opponent than long range play, so vent.
  6. 45 games yesterday after 1-month hiatus. 2k2 WN8, 45% winrate even as I platoon with a bunch of teals and blue most of the time @ThomChen114 Can't figure out what I did wrong for the life of me.
  7. EthanDuong

    How is the grind to the FV125b?

    BP is by far the worst because it regularly face tier 8 with no real improvement over the Churchill VII. Churchill 1 is okay (for the avg player) to meh (for good players that need to carry the game). CVII - meh to bad respectively - same reason. Caernarvon - meh to good respectively. Conqueror - good to best in line respectively. FV215b - meh to good respectively. So I'd say the Conqueror is better than the FV215b tier for tier.
  8. EthanDuong

    FCM 50t love thread

    Yes, against idiots with its front-mounted turret and ricochet-or-penetrate side armor.
  9. 30% 15% 10%? WG has always treated old customers like crap I'm not even surprised anymore.
  10. It's still 2016 and I'm over 2020 WN8 now, where are you Heman
  11. EthanDuong


    What I mean is that instead of a fool-proof armor layout like the T32 you get an arguably much better gun.
  12. EthanDuong

    How to use the FCM 50t

    It's better to use your 400m viewrange than to rely on your camo
  13. EthanDuong

    DETOX Embassy

    So Detox is still corner/base-camping as usual?
  14. EthanDuong

    Test server update: Swedish HT nerfs

    Still negligible/irrelevant with regard to a 10s clip/14s exposure time.