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  1. You might want to look at SHIRE. This is basically ROHAN, with most of the same members and different leadership. Real life happened to the ROHAN commander and co-commander. We're mainly a tier 8 SH clan that can usually run a team every night, looking for enough active players to have multiple teams. We still find ourselves short sometimes, so we run tier 6 SH too. We're interested in moving into tier 10 competition. Not everybody has tier 10s, yet, but we're doing advances and will be doing something with clan wars this season. We have 80 or 90 members, but we'll make room for active members. One important thing. No raging assholes. Mistakes, by callers and the rank and file, are discussed. But nobody in this clan is going to puff up their own self esteem by shitting on others.
  2. The battery of my 3 year old ASUS G750 went bad a year and a half after I bought it. Fortunately it was user replaceable. I'd be pissed if I had to send it off to have a new one installed. I don't know if any laptops still have user replaceable batteries, but it's a checkbox item when I look for a replacement.
  3. Thanks, a bunch of my graphics settings had been changed before this issue started. I hadn't noticed Window - Borderles had been changed to Full Screen.
  4. Hi Folks: A day or two ago, before the 9.20.1 patch, WoT started minimizing, disappearing except for the icon on the task bar, as soon as I selected another window. For example, clicking on the TeamSpeak window on my first, smaller, monitor. It pops back up when I click on the WoT icon, but it's annoying. This continues to happen with today's patch. Anybody else getting this? Anything I'm doing that's causing it to happen? Thanks
  5. I wondering about gun selection on a T-54. A lot of people seem to prefer the D-10T2S. Saving 1.1 seconds is important, but the D-54's better dispersion and aim time make it look pretty good. What are others thinking?
  6. Thanks everybody for your responses. I also suspect the GTX 880M wasn't being used. Reinstall WoT, no change. Uninstall everything from NVIDIA and reinstall. Next game started out at 105 FPS and I didn't see it drop below 90 until I looked after the last kill. Not bad for maxed out graphics, with the exceptions noted above, on a 3 year old laptop.
  7. Hi Folks: I'm playing on a 3 year old gaming laptop, a maxed out ASUS G750 with a GTX 880M. My frame rate's dropped from 60 to 80 FPS to 15 to 25 with release 9.20. I haven't used mods for several releases. I like pretty graphics so they're maxed out in 1080P except for anti aliasing and Motion Blur Effect. Items that obstruct my view, Extra Effects in Sniper Mode, Flora Density and Grass in Sniper mode are all turned off. The play looks and feels choppy and mouse control of the gun is imprecise with this release. The laptop's 3 year extended warranty expired last month so I'm wondering if anybody else noticed this slowdown or if it's a perfectly timed system failure.
  8. Thanks again: That's great. I'm working my way through an OpenGL library tutorial and I should be getting into the model lessons by this weekend. This could be fun.
  9. Thanks OOPman and Assassian7: Yea OOPman, I'm assuming they're in the package WoT installs and updates on our computers. But I've wondered through the WoT directories and don't see anything with an obvious name, or a directory with 300 individual tank model files. They're probably kept in a database, in a single file. That's how I'd do it. Either Tanks.gg and similar tools know the name of that file, and how to access it's contents, or there is some other resource that has these models. I'm curious to know the details of how they access the models.
  10. Hi Folks: Title says it all. There seems to be 3D models of more or less every tank in WoT. Can I get my hands on these? Thanks
  11. Thanks Spinee: Wow! That's quite a garage. It's interesting to see the tricks WG uses to make a very simple garage look so elaborate. I was wondering how they made the transition from the near to the distant landscape, it looks smooth. Garages usually have some obstruction to hide the change to a 2D painting of distant objects like mountains. This garage is truly vast. There are a few tricks, like 2D trees at very far distances, but this appears to be as complex as a full map we might see for a battlefield.
  12. Hi Folks: I'd like to take a flight over the Christmas garage before it disappears, but I haven't found a free cam mod that works with 0.9.17, for garage or replay. Anybody know where I can find one? Thanks
  13. None of my 5 Swedish girls look like them. I was expecting to get the Swedish bikini team to crew my Ikea tank. Is either line likely to provide a meta tier 6 or 8 stronghold or clan war tank? They seem formidable in pubs, but I suck. Now that I have the last tank girl from the 11th tier, do those Christmas tree decorations I keep getting do anything?
  14. I remember buying my CDC and M4A1 for gold, which saved me $5 USD or so. Hovering over the picture of the T26E5 in its research screen shows that this has a 9700 gold purchase price. As my recent WN8 and Win rate plummet from the dark green they were a couple of months ago I think using some of the 12,000 gold I've accumulated makes more sense than putting real money into a game I'm playing more because I'm addicted to than actually getting much joy from. Is there a way pay gold for this thing?
  15. I'm a terrible player who's skyrocketed into mediocre recent stats. My IS-3 is my best tank with a disappointing 1383 WN8 as I post this. I have no problem dropping skills and reassigning them with gold, if you see something. Ditto for equipment. Anyway, my IS-3 crew is ready for it's 6th skill, and my AMX 50 100 for it's 4th. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Both tanks have purchased camo for all three seasons. IS-3: Commander BIA Sixth Sense Repairs Situational Awareness Recon Gunner BIA Deadeye Repairs Snap Shot Designated Target Driver BIA Clutch Breaking Repairs Off-Road Driving Smooth Ride Loader BIA Safe Storage Repairs Concealment Intuition Equipment Rammer Vertical Stabilizer Vents I run the IS-3 in it's traditional roll, not particularly well. AMX 50 100 Commander Sixth BIA Recon Gunner Repairs BIA Snap Shot Driver Repairs BIA Smooth Ride Radio Operator Repairs BIA Situational Awareness Equipment Vertical Stabilizer Vents Gun Laying Drive I've started hiding the 50 100 back with the destroyers in early phases of a match, or sometimes rolling with the mediums. Concealment sounds interesting for both tanks, but there are position specific skills that are also important. I'd prioritize team play, like strongholds, over pubs when selecting skills and equipment. Thanks