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  1. When it's time to carry we will carry hard
  2. About the only benefit to using HE against a DD is fucking all his modules up when you hit. And if jhe's turning and you only have a broadside on him, you won't do 1k damage because all your shells go straight thru him.
  3. Don't be afraid of DD's early, especially IJN ones. You'll learn the basics of stealth play, learning to abuse detection ranges and such
  4. General rule of thumb, under 12k is good, over is bad. I'm by no mean Uni, but I've noticed I impact gameplay most within 12-15k.
  5. Most of us RUST fellas are willing to help out new guys. And we're not terrible. Unless you're @How_Terrible
  6. Yup. Lots of old tanks players too. stop by our discord and division up
  7. And we won't force you to play with me!
  8. I believe I read somewhere that the goes off the caliber of gun, so a German BB in smoke just firing secondaries would classify as a cruiser. I think. Or not
  9. He's been a whipping boy for years, as any good member of rel_3 knows
  10. It felt soft for a BB. Doing 10k and setting 3 fires is pretty good burst damage to me, especially when your next salvo can set fires again
  11. FYI, I was one of the corgi's and tested the Conq out.....66% fire chance on it
  12. WE removing @How_Terrible to make room?
  13. Overall dispersion seems as bad(with no evidence to support this) as German BB's. As for fire chance, I'm one of the corgi's, so I set up a Conqueror to be a burninator. 66% of fire................
  14. Any recommendations on who to watch for CV help? I'm straight atrocious in them but would like to get better
  15. My only beef with Dimitri is the turning radius. Trying to turn at the wrong time can really hurt you.