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  1. My only beef with Dimitri is the turning radius. Trying to turn at the wrong time can really hurt you.
  2. Is it stuff you earn in solo play for the clan or actual clan battles?
  3. If I remember correctly, the Gearing can get down to 5.9 concealment, which is the same as the shim.
  4. Yamato: 25 Montana: 18Großer Kurfürst : 18 +3 = 21 because brawlerZao: 23Des Moines: 20 Hindenburg: 25 Moskva:18Minotaur: 22 Shimakaze: 21 Gearing: 17Z-52: 15 -1 = 14 Almost never see one be useful to a team for an entire matchGrozovoi: 14Khabarovsk: 22Hakuryu: 17 0 Quote
  5. and AR is vital to play German BB's well. Your accuracy at anything 15+ is shit anyways so you're going to get it.
  6. and because of you making me die, even though you weren't on, I went out and did 139k in my Nikki just to say hai the next game
  7. hey @How_Terrible I saw @Jarkorsis in battle. He's supposed to remind you that you're shit. And it's your fault I did in out battle
  8. I pull my Niki out when I feel like making people want to quit the game. It's not uncommon to just delete cruisers in a salvo. It's even viable against DD's because of its guns. And because you're forced to angle and low tier players are generally bad, you can still finish a game with more than half your health...
  9. That was a hell of a nerf to some, Zao for instance.
  10. Clan wars wouldn't be hard to do. The entire mechanic is there with ranked and team battles. Just make them 10v10. Then you have a reason for people to grind and spend money to get to tier 10, and you'll make a good size portion of the playerbase happy
  11. Played in my Anshan today, 8 battles and got to 10 with 1 star. All wins, 47k average. It's not a bad little DD. I honestly don't think I've played it before today. 6.3 conceal is workable, and a decent reload on the guns. But they hit for shit. And the torps are deceiving. 14400 supposed damage. I hit a Cleveland with 2, did 10k total to him.....I've had a few other hits like that. Hit a 10k Shira and didn't kill him. 3 hits on a point blank Fuso, 20k total.
  12. Flooding also slows you down. Repair that shit ASAP
  13. I lik emy Hindy...but damn am I snake bitten in her. At one point i was at 100k average and 48% W/R in it. Moskova seems to play like a BB. Bow on they're a pain to deal with