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  1. If it has the same turret traverse as the warspite, no.
  2. He was on the other team. It was ocean at tier 10, he was in a Tirpitz. It's down to like 6v6, and he TK's a Kutzov and Udaloi, tries to TK a monty and dies. Dafuq?
  3. I wonder what would fix the tier 10 standoff meta. Being aggressive is so much harder because teams are literally just sailing around their spawns
  4. Meant Kurfurst. The dangers of typing while talking to your 4 year old
  5. The shim is still viable. Just don't take the 20k torp trap. You've still got great concealment to take caps and spot and still have a wall o torps. As for me, I'm most comfortable in my BB's. I play ships the same way as tanks....too aggressive most of the time. 200 secondary hits in my Bis or Grobe is fun.
  6. BB HE is a viable shot when shooting bow on targets
  7. Ran into a Colorado running secondary build....7k range on it. I gotta get used to the smoke battle meta. It can work well, but it can also lead to really boring sections of games
  8. fuck roller, did you just leave your finger down on the mouse in that game?
  9. The Atago is better because of the heal. Makes life easier. However, pla ythe Mogami like a softer Atago. Still has good torps to use at closer ranges, the HE is lolfun, and the arcs are good for AP on other cruisers under 12k.
  10. ^ what he said. Holy fuck does the dispersion blow. The torps are nice with amazing arcs. Other than that, it screams 'meh' to me. Then i finish with 70k+ damage and wonder how.
  11. Also sounds like a must have on secondary builds
  12. In general I try and run about 1/2 or 3/4 until I'm engaged, jsut to throw aim off a bit I'll vary as well. Either that or I end up on an island......
  13. There's no other way to play 8-10 of the German BBs. The dispersion is just awful past 12k