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  1. Mostly this. These Bismarck missions have 40+ BB's in que, with single digits of everything else. And I like having fewer DD's when I'm playing my DD's. That said, I think there is some merit to theories about DD's declining. More flavor than just having the Shim and Gearing to aim for at 10, 11k Russian radar, hydro on BB's have both contributed to declining torp boats. Longer lasting smoke on Brit CL's has to some extent replaced friendly US DD's dropping a pile of smoke for friendlies to sit in.
  2. He was on my a Lex. I never saw him launch anything but dbs. While their Lex got 6 kills....and was was the last one alive
  3. for your enjoyment. I'm making you click and just wnat to kill someone
  4. have a ball
  5. I hate the Mahan solo...
  6. ^ what he said. And its back to really odd breakdowns of recents. I see biggies as 1-90-159-459-total edit-mines at 2-242-385-570-total
  7. I've dragged it out a few times, its much more comfortable now. At least turning doesn't make your current aiming shit
  8. Except that GodEmperor Nikolai can put 3 turrets forward and be insanely angled doing so.
  9. I forget which war it was, but _3rd vs BADGR was some of the most fun I ever had in tanks. Fuck Highway
  10. I'll refrain from picking on you for a year if you gift me one
  11. It's still most effective at counter-smoke and cap contesting. But the fact that the Gearing can get the same concealment means the Shim is still situational.
  12. What do you expect, he learned from you
  13. paging @stugger
  14. Friday night around 8-9pm EST it would just lock up on me. I'd search for a player, and nothing. Just spinning progress and it wouldn't move off the home page. Edit-off topic, just saw that my sig updated with yesterdays stats....looks like I need to play with you more @Mesrith