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  1. Alright. What the actual fuck? Whether I agree with it or not I kind of understand the reasoning behind nerfing pen at distance. Shitters don't understand the spotting system and get upset about getting rekt from draw distance. So somewhere there's some kind of thought process happening. But WHO THE FUCK AT ANY POINT SAID THERES TOO MUCH ACCURACY??? It doesn't fucking matter if you're red, green, or purple NOBODY FUCKING LIKES THEIR FUCKING SHELLS DERPING INTO THE GROUND. Where the actual fuck did they get this idea from? Never have I once heard anyone complain about guns being too accurate. Are you fucking high WG? GTFO.
  2. Theres Counter HE/HEAT Front "Hull", counter HE/HEAT Turret, Camo paint, and Counter HE/HEAT Side "Tracks" That what youre looking for? Edit. nvm dont think that is. Theyre not named very well on the spreadsheet. go WG
  3. Meathead released them all if anyone still needs specifics
  4. Does anyone know how to get the T4 christmas decoration that looks like a T-34-85? Thats ALL I need left but I dont see any recipes to make it.

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    2. Thundercrack


      I thought those recipes were all bullshit?  Seems awfully random to me.

    3. SaintLaurentius


      I found out that the formula 5x tier4 = the same in tier5 is bs. Atleast it didnt work on the snowitzer, i dunno about the christmas tree, since i just spammed combos and got it done that way.

    4. TheSovereign



      Its not that 5 of the tier 4 make a T5 of the same. Its like a handful of specific things give you something else specific. Like a cake recipe.

  5. So when I got back from this deployment I decided to turn over a new leaf, reduce my sperging (WG blocking global chat in game helped a lot) and I even removed everyone from my black list! Figured time for a second chance. I saw a chat pop up after a match and distinctly remembered the name from that list... No idea what hes sperging about because I didnt even have a good game really. I only shot him for like 200 damage, and he shot me once for his only damaging shot the entire game lol
  6. What's the camo values on this thing? Semi-related question, why does tanks.GG rarely have camo values listed?
  7. MerMAN.
  8. Ding ding ding we got a winner. annnnddddd superlike. I think she could bench me. I'm somewhere between turned on and terrified. Wotlabs edjumucate me. Tinder is first and foremost a hookup app, yes dating can occur but I think that's a secondary purpose. That said in a generation of "Netflix and chill" if some chick says she likes nights in watching Netflix is that code for DTF? FurRealz. Because I totally always just assumed Netflix was either A: Code for bumping uglies or B: What people watch when they don't feel like paying for cable.
  9. Given the chance Im going to hit it harder than Hiroshima......Too soon?
  10. Looks like Predator and a human had a baby... You know what? You all bring a tear to my eye. I say Im talking to a possibly insane kink freak and not one single person tried to talk me out of it, infact 5 of you gave me rep for it. I think I finally found a home.
  11. Pretty sure I just got done saying I was trying to hit up a potential future violent crime suspect in an attempt to get my groove on. So... Well. BUT shes not (For my level) unobtainably hott. Anywho the main point to what I said though was: If you give a person a rating from 0-10, ignoring all other factors (On Tinder you're pretty going 98% by looks), a person is only going to get someone within a few points of their rating. A 3 isnt going to get a 9. Obviously any normal human is going to try to get their score or above at least. So I dont fault them what so ever for trying to go up. Im not saying sell yourself short, but if you're a 4, you're just going to be depressed if you remove everyone below a 7 right off the bat. Im on month 9 of a 9 month deployment (and about month 12 of zero sex) and my standards still havent dropped. Pretty sure if I had to choose between no sex for the remainder of my life and everyone listed above, Id just go and chemically castrate myself now. (Minus the crazy one) @PityFool I saw one where the listed age was 19 but in her bio said "Lol 16 not 19" ALL THE MOTHER FUCKING NOPE. Couldnt exit out of that shit any faster. Chris Hanson be creepin on my ass after that shit probably.
  12. Hurrdurr. Woman logic
  13. I'm deployed, I can only imagine the roaming charges for Iraq. That and searching for service rapes my battery. @GunnSm0ke I would but potentially scaring off some of these genuinely foxy ladiez would hurt the chances of getting busy IfYouKnowWutIMean wink wink. My go to opener currently is "You must be Stacy's mom because you definitely got it going on!" Which ATM is 4 for 5 so far, so either A: Im more attractive than I think I am or B: Chicks are less intelligent than I estimate
  14. Bit of a rant here but overall related to the thread: Wtf is wrong with some of these chicks? Alright, I KNOW I'm not the best looking guy out there, I'm not rich, suave, whatever. I know there's limits to the girls I can get, I'm not going to be getting with Megan Fox. But some of these bitches "If you're not over 6' swipe left now" Look bitch, your weigh more than I do and you're 5' 2", don't even have a pretty face, and have 3 cats. Pretty sure you cant afford to be picky.