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  1. Haven't played the Liberty but the mod1 is shit regardless of the MM IMO so that's what happens when you play it. I've been grinding credits in my Defender, Lowe, and Skorpion and have been doing just fine with the new MM. Ground out like 2mill credits on Saturday averaging 3k wn8 and around 60% w/r so it hasn't had an effect on my stats or credit grinding capabilities. Ok so taking the relatively statistics from above of 26.1% and 41.1%. A difference of 15%. Which sounds like its a big difference when you're talking about 15% less of your matches at top tier. But if you think about the opposites, thats 58.9% and 73.9% as not top tier. So if you could which if the following would you choose between: - 58.9% of your matches as NOT top tier, with a random amount 1-2 tiers above you. With the entirely real possibility of facing 8-14 tanks 2 tiers above you. Or - 73.9% of your matches as NOT top tier but a guaranteed maximum of 3 tanks 2 tiers above you, and 5 tanks 1 tier above you. I think two many of you are looking at ONLY the difference between amount of time as top tier. As opposed to the amount if time that you spend actually able to play properly because there's not a heap of tanks above you, only a maximum of 8.
  2. Who cares? Just comparing top tier vs bottom tier is worthless now. Pre-patch bottom tier on a 3 tier match meant there was anywhere between 1-12 tanks 2 tiers above you. You could be the ONLY tier 8 in a T9 and T10 match and be as useful as tits on a bull. Now if you're bottom tier there's only 3 tanks 2 tiers above you, and. That's a massive difference I'd rather be bottom tier 50% of the time with the current MM than bottom tier 20% of the time with the previous MM.
  3. Came in specifically to say this but he beat me to it. But yeah, most shitty scouts are dead within the first 2-3 minutes so chai snipe and get some free damage while they derp and suiscout then go and actually scout if you so choose
  4. That's a good point. Yeah I'd say JOAT is pretty obsolete now unless you want to drop the med kit instead of the fire extinguisher to fun food. But now with the stun mechanics not running a med kit is ill-advised IMO.
  5. Yes yes like I said arty definitely still needs work (aka GTFO and remove that shit already) but its better. Stun distance is FAR too large. If the shell doesn't do anything damage it doesn't need to be stunning. This seems like just a plug to appease arty players and get them more xp via "Oh well at least I stunned them." And the 2D stun cylinder rather than sphere is straight nonsense. How did they possibly think that was a good idea?
  6. Have to side with @tajj7 here. People are making it into WAY bigger of an issue than it really is. I think a lot of it is were all conditioned that when we get a direct hit/near splash from arty to INSTANTLY RAGE. I catch myself doing it almost every time. *Boom* "FFS FUCKING ARTY PISS OFF SHOOT SOMEONE ELS... Oh..he only hit me for 250. Meh whatever, screw off anyway" I've actually had arty completely bounce a few times now. Pre-patch I can only remember of one single instance where I bounced a T92 shooting AP. And that was only because it was an AP round at an extreme angle. I'm not by any means saying I like how arty is now, what I am saying is it is LEAPS AND BOUNDS better to play against than it was. I can actually take risks now because I know I'm not going to get 1 shot nuked by an orbital ion cannon, I'm probably just going to get hit for a couple hundred and stunned for a bit. Hardly as game ruining for me as it was to get hit for 1250+ from some AP slinging cunt.
  7. I've gotten in a decent number of games this weekend so far to really try the patch out more. More I play it the more I like it honestly. I don't rage nearly as much, and when I do its because I bounce off a 430 v2 hull 4 times in a row. Prick game mechanics. But anywho. I *gasp* actually played a few arty matches. The best way to counter something is to know how it operates, and there's only one way to really do that here. They incorporated battle assistant...kinda. typical WG managed to derp it up a bit. I hate how the camera goes up and down. Just please add an option to fix the camera based on trajectory, none of this bouncy feeling shit. It's less frustrating to play, to me it has about the same total damage output as it did before but in a better way. Previously your shells would be like this: 1- miss 2-miss 3-DIRECT HIT 1 SHOT KO! 1850 DAMAGE 4-150 SPLASH Miss miss miss. Whereas now it's more like: 1- 250 splash 2- 300 splash 3-500 direct hit 4- 200 splash ...etc. aka consistent. So IMO now it's both more fun to play, and to play against. New MM: siding with my original opinion in that it's WAY better. Obviously there's still flaws like meds vs heavies, and the teams that go full 15-0 retard but really there's nothing they can do about the second one. Only played by Lekpz two matches as top tier and trolled hard against a bunch of lower tiers. Holy balls is that thing more fun now. Tomorrow I'll probably take more lights out for a drive to really get a feel for it. My 13-57 and Type 64 are itching to get played.
  8. But also ability to heal multiple times so that balanced that out I would think
  9. So far I'm loving it. Ignoring the shafting the T10 LT's got its the best patch in my memory IMO. -Stun is the equivalent of a fly buzzing around your head. Irritating but generally not rage inducing. -Arty only whacking me for a few hundred at a time now instead of 7-8-900+ -MM is now taking its medication (for the most part) and making me much less miserable. Top tier? Get ready to farm damage. Bottom tier? There's at least enough stuff that you're capable of fighting without getting your shit pushed in. It seems like it's better for the average-to-below-average players as well since they're not constantly getting bottom tier against a heap of good players. They're actually able to be somewhat useful when top tier. Rating: 9/10 -1 for curb stomping T10 LT's
  10. WG shitters.
  11. Yeah now that they rolled back that previous change where they made the reload times the same there's now an even more significant reason to use prem consumables. Recharge of almost all standard consumables takes 90 seconds; recharge of Premium consumables takes 60 seconds. The Large First Aid Kit and the Small First Aid Kit have the same recharge time (90 seconds OK so only repair kits (and I'm guessing fire extinguishers) have 60 second recharge times.
  12. erwinrommo (4/17/2017 8:22:33 PM) look pussy save it yo ran in got killed and all the numbers u wanna brag about we all know u just buy those thats why u dont hear any one talking that wn8 shit evreone knows that now so stfu u got u killed not me bitch im in a t5 and held the hill with you u wanted to do that stupid shit sooner u fucking dummy u got you killed wn8 is something u can buy not earn u fucking loud mouth scrub TheSovereign (4/17/2017 8:23:53 PM) You did 400 damage TheSovereign (4/17/2017 8:23:56 PM) GTFO TheSovereign (4/17/2017 8:24:13 PM) Your speaking privileges are revoked until you can manage to not be a worthless drain on your team TheSovereign (4/17/2017 8:25:22 PM) PS everyone knows that anyone with erwin in their name is str8 shat xD TheSovereign (4/17/2017 8:27:08 PM) P.P.S please point me to where you can "Buy wn8" Been trying to hit 3k but its climbing slowly. Since youre poor maybe I can buy you a few so you wont be such utter shit Was mad because I asked for help pushing and got none, then called him out for sitting on the opposite side of the hill the ENTIRE GAME doing nothing. I did 3k damage in a T7 game, he was in a KV1 and did 400, but was also full health and we could have cleared it out easy..
  13. Did you not notice a certain emphasis on either confirm or deny?
  14. I have no idea why anyone would use a MFE ever. I don't know why they exist. I run AFE, LRK, and LMK in pretty much everything already so...Basically just a free buff for me. I think the biggest part of LRK and LMK that people are forgetting is that they reduce repair times/crew damage chance. After their use they no longer provide this bonus, but now once they're reactivated they provide that bonus again so there's an additional hidden buff. Same applies with the AFE's reduced fire chance. Pre-patch If you get tracked/lose a crew member/burn at the start and have to repair/heal you lose that bonus for the remainder of the match. But now after 90 seconds you'll regain those bonuses which IMO is pretty valuable. Post-patch you'll also have to weigh those too. Do you really want to give up reduced fire chance, etc because you're too cheap to spend the extra credits? For me it's a no brainer.
  15. I fucking hate drowning cunts. Wish I could throat punch them. It's just a piss poor move generally performed by the already total shitters that are occasionally referred to as "arty players." "Wahhh I couldn't sky cancer someone so instead of giving someone their mission/top gun/High Caliber/more xp I'm just going to go full cunt and drown"