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  1. crew skill loadout? i have a 4 skill crew and am thinking to retrain
  2. i think you can calculate it by doing something like this: avg wn8 * total battles battles = (avg wn8 in hellcat * number of battles in hellcat) + (X*(total battles - number of battles in hellcat)) solve for x
  3. dont play autoloaders right now, they require much more thinking to do well in them than regular tanks. the t54e1 is pretty shitty unless you know how to maintain your hp while still doing dmg
  4. how does one enter the tank rankings?


  5. fast tanks are so hard to play after a hiatus

  6. Finally got dank purple solo wr 

  7. I had this problem about a month ago because i unplugged the psu while the computer was still on (dont ask how). I plugged it back in and had the looping powering on problem that you described. What ended up fixing it was putting the psu in the off position and then on position. Obviously your culprit may be different and iim sure you've already tried what I did but if you havent give it a try. Good luck
  8. did they block off most of the easy climbs?


    1. furrystrawberry


      all of the useful climbs*


  10. this is actually cancer. Especially what he types in chat

  11. i saw AirG today!

  12. :/ also i just noticed that the pubby in your sig is the same person.
  13. they should give it the m103 hull. also raising ur gun/ top of the turret after clipping is hilarious. the troll bounces are great. why the fuck would wg nerf the engine deck tho. i just started playing it again but its so good
  14. this tank is better than the skoda for winning
  15. why is wg's tk detection system so shit.