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    This happened a couple days ago. These two consecutive games just about sent me through the roof when it happened. I had at least 4 or 5 consecutively damaged ammo racks across the time frame of 2 consecutive games. I don't know a lot about math but I'm pretty sure thats not supposed to happen if the coding, and RNG is correct especially when you have safe stowage already 100% on your crew skills. I know that i may be a bit biased since it happened to me but I wanted to get an unbiased outsider opinion. Preferably someone who has more knowledge than I do on this matter (Probably the whole community).  Thanks for your input in advance


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    2. MrWickwire


      Random my ass ... nothing random about what you see in that video

    3. StranaMechty


      When I was in high school my statistics teacher had the entire class stand up and distribute ourselves randomly about the room. Once we'd all stopped moving he pointed out that we had, consciously or otherwise, distributed ourselves fairly evenly spaced from one another. He then said that is not a random distribution, that's an even distribution, our mental concept of random was flawed.

      Random number generators, by definition, have streaks of identical numbers. If they were set up to always have a different result than they did the previous roll they are not random.

      In a game governed by RNG you occasionally see things like this. It is completely normal.

    4. MrWickwire


      Interesting point ..... well if that's random then here's to the next 15 ammo racks in a row. Kinda makes me wonder why they bother with incorporating safe stowage and wet rack in the game. Maybe so I have that warm fuzzy feeling in my mind that i'm safer than the next guy while I spend more credits. Cha Ching $$$


      Edit: I realize you say there is no mechanic to prevent this so can you please explain what safe stowage and wet rack are supposed to do then? I know they don't stop it from happening but I was under the impression that they were supposed to at least keep this from happening so frequently. So maybe instead of having a 80% chance of an ammo rack I would have a new percentage, something like 60% or 50%.




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