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  1. All these dead people coming back maybe the rare and elusive nas will show up
  2. inbox has space <3

  3. @CraBeatOff Please tidy your inbox so I can PM you about how afk we've been
  4. Top 10 saddest anime deaths
  5. Half the padders on this server who saw their recent/overall drop from 4k to 3k
  6. I'll be either quitting or taking a super long break from tanks very soon (got some irl stuff I'd like to take care of). But here's a neat little progression that I've waited for a long time to post. All it takes is a ton of battles apparently. And inspiration from our holy idol. I'll never hit 70% overall but this is close enough I guess. [RELIC] just realized this was glitched ; p
  7. Vintage reference but still valid.
  8. Can confirm. I played these 136 games over Thanksgiving break when I was able to go back home. ~66% half solopub and respectable stats output. I felt pretty rusty and the first 5 games were pretty weird-feeling but once you get a good playing model ingrained, it's hard to forget. Also probably why it's hard to improve for anyone that hasn't bothered to, they need to relearn some basic models that they've gotten used to. 5 more points to dark purple!
  9. I'm getting a similar problem on NA right now. @TheMarine0341 Do you have this on your end? Never mind.
  10. You can still focus on what's in front of you, it doesn't really affect your aiming that much. It may look weird at first but once you get used to it, anything less than 120 is just gimping yourself imo.