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  1. Yeah, for a while GA were pretty fun to fight other planes with due to their derpguns but iirc WG "fixed" that and made them do much less damage to other planes.
  2. Or you got banned from WT for account sharing like me ;-)
  3. Not actually. If WG were so inclined they could license the patent from Activision.
  4. Er....I guess this explains why I suddenly couldn't respawn anymore. The mechanic behind this doesn't seem very clear though? How do I see where the squall line is? Does it move? Is there stormy weather near it?
  5. What now?
  6. I finally watched Jingles's video. It was hilarious listening to him crow about doing well without realising most of the opponents were bots :-)
  7. Played a few more matches then uninstalled. Not worth 45gb, or even 25gb.
  8. This is true. Dead game is still pretty dead.
  9. Hmmmmmmmmmm, what about hacks? I'm guessing they must have some server-side still?
  10. That doesn't mesh with the way WG games tend to work. It would be hilarious though There is a reason War Blinder has different modes. Grognards can go play SB or RB while casuals like me can tool around in AB without needing to worry about leading targets when you have variable ping. This seems to be the best explanation.
  11. Who knows. I played a few games yesterday and I'm pretty sure I was hitting at 500m or so without having to lead shots at all. Maybe they improved client-side prediction to god-like levels?
  12. Huh, really? I guess I was just close enough that the 200ms ping didn't matter. In that case I have even less reason to play. A lead indicator is kinda essential when you're playing at high ping. Nice to see WG don't give a shit about people like me :-)
  13. I installed it and had a few battles. It's...okay? I seems like you no longer need to aim at all? As long as your crosshair is on the enemy plane your ping doesn't matter, there is no lead indicator and your shots just seem to hit regardless of ping (Which is 200+ for me). Obviously this is great for high-ping players like me, but it seems to be a negative for any kind of skill-based gameplay. Conquest mode is okay I guess. Takes a page from War Blunder but feels a bit limp. Overall, 6/10 maybe 7/10. Not particularly interesting in coming back this tho. Player count is so low most players in most matches on NA are bots.
  14. Fuck cheap cthulhu worshipping vikings :-) That sounds....terrifying.