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  1. Lol, not even close mate. I can log at any time of the day and there's about 50k players online. It's not insane but it seems to be pretty stable, I haven't noticed any serious decline. It's certainly not WoWP or AW NA heat-death levels
  2. Well, given that WG seem to be cloning shit left, right and centre out of War Thunder these days (The Personal Reserves they added existed in War Thunder for about 6 months before they added it, as did the Mission system they implemented as well) here's my guess. Right now in War Thunder you have a "Battle Tasks" system. Complete a task (E.g. Kill X tanks in a Heavy Tank, Kill Y Medium Tanks with a Light or Medium Tank, etc, etc) you earn some Warbonds. The Warbonds are valid for a month or so and can be used in the "Warbond Store" where you can buy shit like decals, low-rank premium vehicles and boosters (The WT equivalent of personal reserves). So yeah, if WG are talking about a new currency I'm guessing they're going to grab another idea from WT and stick it in WoT.
  3. Hmmmm, I sold the FV 183 and the IS-4 (twice)
  4. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/04/game-patches-boost-performance-on-ryzen-showing-just-what-can-and-cant-be-done/ TL;DR: Patches can make a difference... but it's not huge... DDR4 3200 helps too
  5. Whatever you do, DO NOT get a Logitech G700S. I have this mouse and although the sensitivity, etc are fine it has the following super annoying issues: Extra buttons just don't work in most games, even with the Logitech software supposedly making them work Extra buttons are horribly shaped and don't press nicely Wireless dongle is shit and misbehaves Wired connection is also shit and misbehaves sometimes AVOID
  6. It is quick. Bit of a cash grab imho. I didn't find it shit. I didn't play it much though. At the time I was playing Battlefleet Gothic: Armada and I just found that to be a vastly better game.
  7. @MetGreDKo forgot to mention that while he was crashed out the enemy team tried and failed at dealing any real damage to his Defender. :-)
  8. No worries. Get well and we can talk :-)
  9. That's all good advice but ignores the question :-) Help the lad pad!
  10. I have no self-respect. I had hardly play anymore. I bought it. It's wonderful.
  11. We can only hope they do a good job...
  12. Only problem I see with Mordhau on a closer look is that the creators are modders rather than an established team...
  13. Mordhau looks awesome. Backing now :-)