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  1. $200...WAT....market? Wait...hold on....WT lets you re-sell your Prems now? WAT?
  2. OOPMan

    1.1 Update

    Ooooooooooooh, you've piqued my interest. What reasons?
  3. So, did you get it yet?
  4. I never saw that before. Fucking hilarious.
  5. Gotta love the answers :-)
  6. OOPMan

    New Tank Game (Sim level with multi crew)

    I suspect this will be as un-fun as Simulator mode in WT: Pick vehicle Move out Get sniped from 1km by a dot
  7. OOPMan

    I give up... (after 8 years)

    Welcome to the real WoTLabs @GehakteMolen. Everyone here has long since quit WoT :-) Nice to have you join us :-) Lol
  8. Hey! Welcome back!
  9. Your thread is broken, but nice to see you're still alive

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. OOPMan


      @cvshaft How did you manage to read it? 

    3. cvshaft


      When I clicked on it, it would take me to the broken link. When I hit the back button it would open it on his update thread. I could screenshot it real quick before it collapsed again lol

    4. OOPMan
  10. Wow, the site still exists. Must be legit, right? :-) Either than or there's a fool born every minute and at this point some of the ones born in 2011 are old enough to play WoT and steal daddy's credit card... Wow, they still respond to messages... Kek
  11. OOPMan

    WoTlabs still the thing?

    I think @Fabunil basically won the thread.
  12. OOPMan

    So what's planned for the game?

    AW is like a zombie dodo.
  13. OOPMan

    The End: Object 279

    Introduce it as the one and only T10 Premium vehicles as a last gasp cashgrab, then close the game down when people stop buying it. The Final Solution
  14. OOPMan

    Regarding RNG in Games, in general

    You should definitely check out DTR. It's interesting in this regard due to the way poker draws are often required to activate certain powerful effects. The game is extremely draw-heavy which is actually nice for a card-game because you are able to cycle through your deck relatively quickly and reshuffle which goes a good way towards mitigating the effects of poor draws and shuffles.