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  1. One thing I've learned is that family aren't necessarily the people you're related to. Those are just relatives. Real family are the people that come into your life and stay there that accept you for all your failings, quirks and oddities and help you be a better person. Obviously, it's nice if your relatives can fit this mould but it's not a requirement. For me and my wife, it's not the case. But we have each other and we have various close friends and that's all you really need imho... That said, being completely alone is pretty horrible (And I say this as an introvert that generally finds people tedious to talk to when they're not on the other side of a screen...)
  2. I got permabanned (Account sharing, who would have thought Gaijin were so heavy on this), otherwise I would still be playing. In answer to @Ezz and @zapyoug when I was last playing (About 2 months ago, during the Summer Special event) the game was overall much better than it was at release. P2W in WT is not really such a big problem imho because having multiple spawns allows you to compensate for those times you die to some bugger in a KV-2 (107) or something similar. As mentioned by @TheMostComfortableTanker, there's no real reason to play about BR 6.0 in WT which means the end-game content locked behind the biggest grinds can be happily avoided. For some people, this is an issue but if your aim is just to have fun rekking people then BR 5.3 is a permanent pleasure.
  3. With friends like these, who needs enemies? Seriously, you need to expel everyone toxic from your life. It doesn't matter if they're relatives, "friends" or whatever anyone that's not worth a damn needs to go. Well, at least, that's my approach to things. Aich, wouldn't be so sure of that. Breast mass is generally negatively impacted by weight loss, at least in baseline females (Excuse my terminology, it may be incorrect, I think you know what I mean). I do not know if the same applies in trans women though...
  4. @Alesia Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, sounds pretty horrible. Moving on is probably the right decision.
  5. Superpower 2 House of the Dying Sun Hand of Fate Sheltered Mr Shify Redout DLC Bayonetta Imperium Galactica 2 For the King Party Hard DLC Demonicon Aragami Halcyon 6 Thumper Formula Fusion (Gong to refund this one tho)
  6. Welp, I can't say I ever had anything like you describe happen to me. I have been killed by nearby explosions but only when arty nuked my open-topped vehicle or a 152mm HE round landed under my Hellcat, nothing that doesn't make sense. It can be hard to tell when you're lagging or losing packets in WT tho unless you look at the text indicators on the corner of the screen because the client-side prediction is surprisingly solid.
  7. @Assassin7 Have you checked your replays? Sounds pretty odd, maybe you were lagging and/or suffering packet loss...
  8. What vehicle were you playing? What vehicle killed you?
  9. Yeah, gotta say, that doesn't sound like a healthy relationship :-(
  10. @Alesia Financial stress can have a serious impact on a relationship. Hope you and the SO don't forget to communicate because that solves a lot of problems in life whereas the opposite leads to blow-outs fights in the long run :-/
  11. Ah, kinda like Battle.net?
  12. We're talking about the auto-updater? Or is this something else?