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  1. Not really, although at Rank 1/Reserve the armour on most vehicles is so thin that .50 can be pretty dangerous
  2. Which ones?
  3. Yeah, I had the same problem recently. Went looking for LGA1155 and 1150 and nothing. It was 1151 or bust.
  4. Lol, at least Ryzen processors are cheaper in your part of the world. Here in South Africa they're more expensive than Intel parts!
  5. I remember you! Vaguely! Damn this dementia...
  6. Not to nitpick, but...well...no. These are digital goods that you can't resell. They're not worth X amount of money. They're worth 0 amount of money. Once you've paid money for them you might as well as have paid for a small stone or a grain of sand for all the value it has. These aren't items were 50% off means its actually a good deal, they're just digital constructs were paying anything for them at all is a dubious proposition.
  7. Wow. Just wow EDIT: And they don't even throw in the Pz 3J or anything else like that. Triple-wow.
  8. Woops, man interrupted :-) I was probably going to say something like the weaponry is powerful enough to make short work of most of the fighters you face.
  9. Neat Oh, yeah, the BSh2? It also works decently enough as a fighter hunter, although the lack of a tail-gunner is annoying. Still, the weapony is
  10. You don't really need it Just fine actually. I play with M&K. IIRC there are actually some aiming tricks that you can only pull off with M&K. @Haswell Correct or am I misremembering?
  11. And then, to top it off, War Thunder did a modern tanks mode as an April Fools joke and it was superior to AW in every way. No, I'm not joking, go check the videos on YouTube.
  12. Grind is pretty standard WG except that thanks to the new respawn system it's easy to farm XP even in bad matches. Getting less than 1k XP is pretty hard and a good win can easily net you 5k. I guess this explains why the seem to have bumped up to XP reqs for tiers 9 and 10 tho.
  13. Avoid playing Ground Attack, they're useless except for a few specific cases (The Premium LBSh is greating for hunting fighters). Me410 line has always been strong, Spitfires are pretty fun. La-5 line is good, as is MiG line. Avoid the Yak line.
  14. I reinstalled and have been playing a bit more. The game is actually pretty fun now