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  1. Oh right...
  2. What kind of timeframe and hourly rate are you looking at here? I know you're not keen on hourly charging but I want to get an idea of the limits of what you want to be charged :-)
  3. Can you say...magic hovertank ground pressure values?
  4. This thing looks like a turreted SU-100Y...
  5. Yo man. Don't go away totally. Come join us on the WoTLabs discord. It may be called WoTLabs but the amount of WoT/WoWS discussion that happens is surprisingly minimal :-)
  6. I don't know, maybe given that some of the games that perform well are more modern in terms of tech and CPU usage maybe it does bode well for the future? :-)
  7. Mmmmm, I forgot you're not in cape town. It's so dusty here white would be a terrible idea. After a week your case would be brown.
  8. Nice, case is pretty minimal. Although having it in white seems to be asking for dirt...
  9. Wow, sounds bad. Glad I'm playing Tides of Numenara instead.
  10. I did HT-15 in the IS-7...
  11. @Folterknecht Article makes a good point in saying that not everyone is running The Best Gaming CPU Ever Made So Far and hence complaining that AMD didn't defeat the champ in the first round is a little silly. This is why I posted it. Are you running a 7700K? I know I'm not. I'm guessing most other people gaming are not. I'm guessing a 1800X is probably better at gaming than that i5 3570 I'm running right now (and have been running since 2012). The point of the article is that it seems like a lot of people are saying something like "Oh noeeeeeeeeeeeees! It's not faster than a 7700K! It's shit" and that is just a really dumb thing to say or think... As for the Windows scheduler, I can't make much of a comment but I will say that based on some software dev experience I have it is quite possible for the Windows scheduler to work fine but for software to cause a fuck-up with said scheduler. A particular example I once encountered was with a Python application using threading running on a VM with multiple CPUs spread out over multiple physical systems. Python doesn't actually thread properly due to the GIL but when an attempt to context switch is made the GIL blocks it. This lead to interesting behaviour on the system in question whereby the application ended up spending 75% of its CPU time attempting to context switch. Problem didn't happen on a VM without multiple physical CPUs or under any other case actually. Tada, weird software shit creates windows scheduler weirdness.
  12. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2017/03/intel-still-beats-ryzen-at-games-but-how-much-does-it-matter/
  13. I accidentally loaded into a Fort Vaux HC server. It was horrible. Inside the fortress the uniform colours become very similar and without markers team-kills were super regular.