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  1. OOPMan

    SU-130PM Soviet Tank Destroyer

    Wargaming...wargaming never changes ...except for the worse
  2. OOPMan

    What's keeping this forum solvent?

    Patreon is $83, so I guess ads make up for the rest
  3. 8...gb...RAM Why?!?!?! You know that that "new" motherboard you bought is already EOL right? LGA1151 is on its way out iirc...
  4. Goood...goooddd....my plans to convince WG to tank their own game are coming to fruition!
  5. This sounds like............normality when a new technology (E.g. hardware RTX) is released that no one has had a chance to work with yet. Some devs are quicker on the ball than others when it comes to getting comfortable with new stuff. DICE are very much kings of visual fidelity. Eidos Montreal....eh....they're okay but not quite in the same league? The fact that a SOTR demo ran at 30-50fps now tells us pretty much zero about the future of this technology...
  6. Duurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :-(
  7. You seem to be ignoring the fact that RTX in games like BFV is only used to implement specific effects, rather than rendering the entire game in a raytraced fashion. People seem to keep stumbling over this. RTX is not intended for raytracing the entire game in real-time, it's intended as a tool to supplement other rendering methods and improve visual quality.
  8. $200...WAT....market? Wait...hold on....WT lets you re-sell your Prems now? WAT?
  9. OOPMan

    1.1 Update

    Ooooooooooooh, you've piqued my interest. What reasons?
  10. So, did you get it yet?
  11. I never saw that before. Fucking hilarious.
  12. Gotta love the answers :-)
  13. OOPMan

    New Tank Game (Sim level with multi crew)

    I suspect this will be as un-fun as Simulator mode in WT: Pick vehicle Move out Get sniped from 1km by a dot
  14. OOPMan

    I give up... (after 8 years)

    Welcome to the real WoTLabs @GehakteMolen. Everyone here has long since quit WoT :-) Nice to have you join us :-) Lol