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    So what's planned for the game?

    AW is like a zombie dodo.
  2. OOPMan

    The End: Object 279

    Introduce it as the one and only T10 Premium vehicles as a last gasp cashgrab, then close the game down when people stop buying it. The Final Solution
  3. OOPMan

    Regarding RNG in Games, in general

    You should definitely check out DTR. It's interesting in this regard due to the way poker draws are often required to activate certain powerful effects. The game is extremely draw-heavy which is actually nice for a card-game because you are able to cycle through your deck relatively quickly and reshuffle which goes a good way towards mitigating the effects of poor draws and shuffles.
  4. OOPMan

    Regarding RNG in Games, in general

    @Haswell I think it's possible to balance the role of RNG and skill in a game. If you consider the awesome LCG DoomTown: Reloaded you'll see a game that has RNG (because it's a card game and thus the cards you draw are random (to some extent, within the limits of the size of the deck (DTR uses 52-card decks), card limits (4 of each unique card) and shuffling limits (without a mechanical shuffling device)) but which is very much not just about RNG. If you play DTR badly then you will very much be at the mercy of RNG on your shootout-draws and so forth but playing well and building a strong deck allows you to control the RNG and focus on the important movement and area-control mechanics of the game. That doesn't mean the RNG goes away completely, but a well constructed deck is not nearly so much concerned with that (While at the same time retaining that RNG thrill you mention due to the way the game mechanics involve playing poker hands to resolve situations)
  5. OOPMan

    Regarding RNG in Games, in general

    Right....but without randomly generated maps how exactly are maps going to be unpredictable? A static map will have static positions that can be ranked as either strong or weak with regards to play options. Sure, a good map be less predictable but it's never going to be unpredictable. Look at Q3A maps. You can pretty much predict that people will be in certain parts of the map more likely than others simply on the basis of what weapons and power-ups are located near that part of a map. I think calling Frontline chaotic is rather overstating it. If I start on the left lane it's pretty clear where players will be going (The high road close to the the middle-lane is important, the central village is important to attack but dangerous to move into, the outer edge of the map seems less popular and useful than the high road)...that's not unpredictable at all.
  6. OOPMan

    Regarding RNG in Games, in general

    Some really damn good games are literally all about RNG, managing it and bluffing around it (in competitive games). Examples: Poker Magic: The Gathering Literally almost every board-game ever Also, I want to point out the mild cognitive dissonance. You state: Perhaps you can give an example of something that doesn't involve randomness (or rather pseudo-randomness) to make things unpredictable? However, I will agree that WoT's randomness is pretty poor because one is not really given enough means to manage that randomess.
  7. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2018/06/01/chimera-nerf/ No shit sherlock. What did they expect would happen?
  8. OOPMan

    WG's EULA Changes NA

    The legal enforcability of EULAs has been disputed before...
  9. Ugh, don't remind me. Mutant6 is fun but at that price....
  10. OOPMan

    Murazor is kill

    Now you've done it. Queue the entrance of someone worse....
  11. OOPMan

    Murazor is kill

    Now, they just need to make Frontline the only game mode...
  12. OOPMan

    We Need More Russian Premiums (T-34/E)

    That's happening? This century?
  13. Oh hey: http://thunderskill.com/en/stat/OOPMan Even though I'm banned I'm still in the system. Seems I was pretty good in AB. Ignore the RB stats, that was from @Deus__Ex__Machina playing on my account (Which is how I got banned :-/ Gaijin don't fuck around with account sharing) Oh hey: http://thunderskill.com/en/stat/OOPMan Even though I'm banned I'm still in the system. Seems I was pretty good in AB. Ignore the RB stats, that was from @Deus__Ex__Machina playing on my account (Which is how I got banned :-/ Gaijin don't fuck around with account sharing)
  14. OOPMan

    Another T8 French Premium

    Remember when this was supposed to be a tech tree tank?
  15. OOPMan

    SU-101 Wow!

    Apparently, it's really bad now
  16. So, this thread will hopefully become the official Object 416 fan club thread. Do you love the O416? Tell us about it! I'll start off: My name is OOPMan and I'm a hopeless O416 devotee. I think the 416 is the next coming of RNGesus and should be worshiped as such.
  17. OOPMan

    Highlight and Lowlight of WOT 2017?

    High point: I basically didn't play WoT. Maybe 20 to 30 games over the whole year? Low point: Somehow I still bought one or two premiums for games I'm not playing (WoT AND WoWP. FML!!!)
  18. Yeah, PCGamer said the same is expected with Windows. It seems this issue mostly relates to systems run multiple OSes at once, such as cloud compute hardware nodes.
  19. Oh, you'll probably notice it since this has to do with memory addressing
  20. OOPMan

    (SPOILERS) The Last Jedi discussion

    Meh, this whole locking blades thing is nonsensical anyway with weapons which are basically focused plasma streams.
  21. OOPMan

    (SPOILERS) The Last Jedi discussion

    I'm just to copy-paste my thoughts from an answer I posted on Quora: https://www.quora.com/Which-part-of-The-Last-Jedi-did-you-feel-ruined-the-movie-for-you/answer/Adam-Jorgensen-2?__filter__=all&__nsrc__=1&__snid3__=1850886029 Er...come again? How exactly does a weapon whose blade basically consists of energy benefit from male strength? A lightsaber is not a Zweihänder...
  22. OOPMan

    WoT Encore results!

    I guess my extra 4gb of RAM and Windows 10 Pro beats you out by 125 points. Hehehehe.
  23. OOPMan

    Steam Winter Sale 2017

    I bought Hellblade before the sale because hur-dur :-/ I would recommend considering: Oxygen Not Included (40% off, superb colony management/survival sim) Killer Instinct (50% off, the best fighting game on the market right now, suitable for both newbies AND vets) Injustice 2 (30% off, really good, wait for next year unless you're a fighting addict like me) Redout (60% off, awesome racing game) GRIP (25% off, still super cheap regardless, awesome upcoming racing game) Endless Space 2 (50% off, great 4X) Stellaris (60% off, great grand strategy/4X hybrid) Ruiner (33% off, still cheap regardless, great twin-stick shooter) ECHO (25% off, interesting well-lit stealth game with a great SciFi feel) Sorry, I love this trailer and its awesome soundtrack :-) Factorio (Not on sale, but cheap anyway) Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (75% off, if you haven't played this yet you should, great third-person action adventure with a superb plot) Grim Dawn (70% off, great ARPG) Battlefleet Gothic: Armada (70% off, great small-scale micro-managey RTS (I usually hate everything about those last 5 words but this game won me over. Great single-player mode) Blood Bowl 2 (50% off, fun turn-based sports-based violence. Weak single-player tho) And probably a whole lot more.