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  1. Oh hey: http://thunderskill.com/en/stat/OOPMan Even though I'm banned I'm still in the system. Seems I was pretty good in AB. Ignore the RB stats, that was from @Deus__Ex__Machina playing on my account (Which is how I got banned :-/ Gaijin don't fuck around with account sharing) Oh hey: http://thunderskill.com/en/stat/OOPMan Even though I'm banned I'm still in the system. Seems I was pretty good in AB. Ignore the RB stats, that was from @Deus__Ex__Machina playing on my account (Which is how I got banned :-/ Gaijin don't fuck around with account sharing)
  2. OOPMan

    Another T8 French Premium

    Remember when this was supposed to be a tech tree tank?
  3. OOPMan

    SU-101 Wow!

    Apparently, it's really bad now
  4. So, this thread will hopefully become the official Object 416 fan club thread. Do you love the O416? Tell us about it! I'll start off: My name is OOPMan and I'm a hopeless O416 devotee. I think the 416 is the next coming of RNGesus and should be worshiped as such.
  5. OOPMan

    Highlight and Lowlight of WOT 2017?

    High point: I basically didn't play WoT. Maybe 20 to 30 games over the whole year? Low point: Somehow I still bought one or two premiums for games I'm not playing (WoT AND WoWP. FML!!!)
  6. Yeah, PCGamer said the same is expected with Windows. It seems this issue mostly relates to systems run multiple OSes at once, such as cloud compute hardware nodes.
  7. Oh, you'll probably notice it since this has to do with memory addressing
  8. OOPMan

    (SPOILERS) The Last Jedi discussion

    Meh, this whole locking blades thing is nonsensical anyway with weapons which are basically focused plasma streams.
  9. OOPMan

    (SPOILERS) The Last Jedi discussion

    I'm just to copy-paste my thoughts from an answer I posted on Quora: https://www.quora.com/Which-part-of-The-Last-Jedi-did-you-feel-ruined-the-movie-for-you/answer/Adam-Jorgensen-2?__filter__=all&__nsrc__=1&__snid3__=1850886029 Er...come again? How exactly does a weapon whose blade basically consists of energy benefit from male strength? A lightsaber is not a Zweihänder...
  10. OOPMan

    WoT Encore results!

    I guess my extra 4gb of RAM and Windows 10 Pro beats you out by 125 points. Hehehehe.
  11. OOPMan

    Steam Winter Sale 2017

    I bought Hellblade before the sale because hur-dur :-/ I would recommend considering: Oxygen Not Included (40% off, superb colony management/survival sim) Killer Instinct (50% off, the best fighting game on the market right now, suitable for both newbies AND vets) Injustice 2 (30% off, really good, wait for next year unless you're a fighting addict like me) Redout (60% off, awesome racing game) GRIP (25% off, still super cheap regardless, awesome upcoming racing game) Endless Space 2 (50% off, great 4X) Stellaris (60% off, great grand strategy/4X hybrid) Ruiner (33% off, still cheap regardless, great twin-stick shooter) ECHO (25% off, interesting well-lit stealth game with a great SciFi feel) Sorry, I love this trailer and its awesome soundtrack :-) Factorio (Not on sale, but cheap anyway) Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (75% off, if you haven't played this yet you should, great third-person action adventure with a superb plot) Grim Dawn (70% off, great ARPG) Battlefleet Gothic: Armada (70% off, great small-scale micro-managey RTS (I usually hate everything about those last 5 words but this game won me over. Great single-player mode) Blood Bowl 2 (50% off, fun turn-based sports-based violence. Weak single-player tho) And probably a whole lot more.
  12. Kinda hard to talk shit with friendly-only chat :-/
  13. OOPMan

    (SPOILERS) The Last Jedi discussion

    Overall, I was disappointed. There were some good bits and they were really good. But unfortunately, there were many more bad or mediocre bits that drowned the good bits. Hehehe, obviously someone hasn't been keeping tabs on his epic role as The Joker in the Batman animated show... Yeah, that code-cracker dude...that was bad. It's one thing to have a MacGuffin device, but having a whole MacGuffin character...very poor writing.
  14. OOPMan

    WT tank thread general chatter

    Not really, although at Rank 1/Reserve the armour on most vehicles is so thin that .50 can be pretty dangerous
  15. OOPMan

    WT tank thread general chatter

    Which ones?
  16. Yeah, I had the same problem recently. Went looking for LGA1155 and 1150 and nothing. It was 1151 or bust.
  17. Lol, at least Ryzen processors are cheaper in your part of the world. Here in South Africa they're more expensive than Intel parts!
  18. OOPMan

    Visiting for the nostalgia

    I remember you! Vaguely! Damn this dementia...
  19. OOPMan

    "The Feast"

    Not to nitpick, but...well...no. These are digital goods that you can't resell. They're not worth X amount of money. They're worth 0 amount of money. Once you've paid money for them you might as well as have paid for a small stone or a grain of sand for all the value it has. These aren't items were 50% off means its actually a good deal, they're just digital constructs were paying anything for them at all is a dubious proposition.
  20. OOPMan

    "The Feast"

    Wow. Just wow EDIT: And they don't even throw in the Pz 3J or anything else like that. Triple-wow.
  21. OOPMan

    WoWp 2.0 - worth a gander?

    Woops, man interrupted :-) I was probably going to say something like the weaponry is powerful enough to make short work of most of the fighters you face.
  22. OOPMan

    WoWp 2.0 - worth a gander?

    Neat Oh, yeah, the BSh2? It also works decently enough as a fighter hunter, although the lack of a tail-gunner is annoying. Still, the weapony is
  23. OOPMan

    WoWp 2.0 - worth a gander?

    You don't really need it Just fine actually. I play with M&K. IIRC there are actually some aiming tricks that you can only pull off with M&K. @Haswell Correct or am I misremembering?
  24. And then, to top it off, War Thunder did a modern tanks mode as an April Fools joke and it was superior to AW in every way. No, I'm not joking, go check the videos on YouTube.