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  1. I know I was stating the obvious a bit from your perspective, but folks reading a discussion tend to outnumber the folks who speak up 10:1, so it's always worth dropping a bit of extra knowledge in there.
  2. Sides are overmatchable by a sparrow's fart, if you can get past the tracks you can triple it with 100mm.
  3. Poetic justice.
  4. Tell that to anything that gets its pref MM at the expense of a D-25T. The FV4202 buff happened. Why play an FCM now the 4202 can get out of spawn and has a smaller profile and 24mm more pen?
  5. Didn't bother or traded FE for cola like anyone who wants to hit anything.
  6. Just checked again and it's done.
  7. I dunno how objectively good it is, but I like the T23E3 since the pen buff.
  8. When did anyone ever shoot the hull?
  9. Submitted to their new video generator. Seems like a nifty feature for Labbers.
  10. Or heartbreaking.
  11. Shaming this entire team. There's only so much you can do when they're determined to lose.
  12. Agreed. I didn't even bother completing the lights for the 260 because it was easier to get hodors on the other 4, now I'm picking up the occasional mission by accident while grinding the new ones.
  13. Playing T8 during Ranked hours seems to help.
  14. It's been a long-arse time since I did the T-55A missions, but I did TD-15 for the Obj 260 with the Death Star. I got MM which would have classed as ludicrously lucky at the time but is probably a lot more normal now in the days of 3-5-7 along with a game where I could minimize vulnerability during reloads - obviously some of this won't apply as you don't have the 183, but here's my game in case you can get any useful ideas from it. (I was originally planning a whole series of these vids, but the mission requirements have changed so many times that I don't really think they'd be much use any more).