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  1. woe2you

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    Because I could.
  2. woe2you

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    I still bleed too early.
  3. woe2you

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Nothing wrong with lazy, I run med turrets on my Cutter.
  4. woe2you

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Yeah, they do seem keen on full names. Put a bit of a spoke in my usual habit until I decided it must be a callsign.
  5. woe2you

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Feel free to add me too, same nick (that's the reason I use it for every game I play).
  6. woe2you

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Definitely remap those controls, that's a very easy mistake to make. The cunning trick to never overshooting: when you're 7 seconds out, throttle back into the middle of the blue zone. Get a Cobra ASAP. Most versatile small-pad ship in the game, fantastic for smuggling and lightning fast. EDDB is a lifesaver, you can find trade loops, systems selling ships and modules, basically whatever you want. Speaking of which, buy your ships and modules in systems Controlled or Exploited by Li Yong-Rui for an insane 15% discount which also applies to their rebuy value. Remember the golden rule: never fly without rebuy (5% of the total cost of your ship in the bank). Bet your stick is a Thrustmaster HOTAS X. I have one, I can give you a copy of my keybinds when I get home. It's much more immersive even if mouseaim is technically superior. Speaking of immersive, I hear it's balls to the wall insane in VR. I don't have a set myself but I have the next best thing (headtracking) which is pretty good.
  7. woe2you

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    New patch will be dropping soon with enhancements to mining, exploration and other things. If you're intersted in combat I'd honestly say: don't bother. In general TTK is long enough for anyone with half a brain to evade, except plenty of folks can't even manage that because the game's full of carebears and gitting gud is practically unheard of. No NPC is remotely challenging except Thargoids, which are practically invulnerable to anything except a dedicated 'Goid-hunting setup that makes you useless for anything else. HOTAS manages to be inferior to KB&M, and if you thought Wargaming were a bunch of dribbling incompetents who've never heard of balance or fun you'll despair at FDev. If I were to sum up the retardation as briefly as possible it would be this: Powerplay is a mechanic whereby you declare allegiance to one of several completely interchangeable talking heads and complete tasks to boost the galactic influence of your faction and oppose others, and it's possible to do from the safety and comfort of single player.
  8. woe2you

    Show Off Your Rig

    I may be back into this thread soon. I managed to snag a chassis I've been craving for literally 10 years (the TJ07) so I'm working on putting togther all the bits to watercool my antiquated rig instead of just buying newer components. Because that makes perfect sense.
  9. woe2you

    What is your FoV?

    120, because wider FOV gives more situational awareness. Ok, in my case it's more like it gives the potential for more situational awareness, but why gimp myself?
  10. woe2you

    On Allchat

    You can get out of battle any time you like. First you hit Esc, then exit to garage, then you can select another tank. That's why you have more than one. The problem is being a self-absorbed fuckpuppet. You wouldn't like it if someone did that to you, so don't do it to other people. Super simple stuff, as the posters say.
  11. woe2you

    On Allchat

    So lemme get this right - the prevailing opinion is fuck arty who drown themselves and fuck arty who try to stay alive to get another shot in like anyone else? That's official forums level irrational fuckwittery.
  12. woe2you

    On Allchat

    Loved it. Now I only have 14 inbred retards bleating at me and they don't get to give away my position for outliving them.
  13. WG are still putting their own stamp on it by making it primetime-limited and temporary.
  14. woe2you

    RiP 430 ver 2 (Super-Test Changes)

    Da tovarisch. Is for balance, because accurate guns can be penning heavy tanks and making Murazor cry, and DPM is bad for heavy tank hit points.
  15. woe2you

    Spend free xp where?

    I really loved it too. It could fit behind many more bushes because size, the LT was just a medium with the wrong icon. I wasn't majorly impressed with the tier 9, but I'll have to see how the 10 plays when I scrape together the credits. Probably be my next buy since I already have it researched.