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  1. Don't even need that. You calling the shots plus a couple of teals would be enough, since you're working together.
  2. Mine does that. I have to hold a piece of white paper in front of it when I start using it.
  3. Fulcrous has some fucking good points there. The natural progression through the tiers introduces tanks and their weakspots at a rate which you can take on board fairly easily. Grind several lines at once to take advantage of that process, but keep your sessions focused on similar tanks because switching gears all the time isn't good for you.
  4. I think we're long past the point of diminishing returns with player and crew experience, besides the odd lucky competition winner.
  5. You're the one who brought it up in the first place. At time of writing the Type has a WR of 51.2% on VBAddict. I'm making a note of that here to refer back to in future.
  6. It's possible for both to be true, but they'd average out to a net gain or loss that is probably not all that significant.
  7. Ah, but is it 3.6k games of hardcore padding and rage at your low tier team when you die fun? Hilariously he has 1.1k games in the E50. 49%/1396. Edit: he's messaged me in garage today:
  8. Make up your mind, either winrates are increasing with experience or they were better before it was power creeped. You can't have it both ways.
  9. The problem with including assist in anything is it can only be calculated back to when it was first included in the API, which would invalidate anything before that point.
  10. Wouldn't recommend 27" at 1080p, the pixels are huge and chunky. 24" is the max reasonable size for that res.
  11. This is a thing again? Ok, have a Halloween-appropriate pic from a few years ago:
  12. Good call WG. Most exclusive tank in the game and you don't think that maybe people will have already put CW camo on it. The least they could have done is reset any camo already applied to the reward tanks.
  13. Did you give him your right side?
  14. Note that it doesn't flash up as under-loaded, so you have to remember to tweak before the first game.