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  1. Note that it doesn't flash up as under-loaded, so you have to remember to tweak before the first game.
  2. I'd be happy to recruit you - PM me your email.
  3. Always thought that might be a candidate for higher tier Brit lights. They'd probably have to call it FV101 in-game, there are too many S[ck]orpions already.
  4. Survivability is still biased toward better players since the Agent Orange patch. You need to be either good at vision abuse or timing or both. Edit: I'm not arguing for its removal btw. A selection of tanks that are hard but rewarding is essential.
  5. 416 is a bit meta creeped for those of us who don't pull 5k.
  6. It definitely bounces more and I remember the gun handling getting better too. Dunno how it is now.
  7. Picture this: I load into a game on Westfield in my T49, hoping to have some fun, derp some butts and generally have a good time. So I head up north looking for paper TDs as I usually do, but my Zen derp reverie is interrupted by this charming fellow: As soon as the countdown finishes, he decides that the fact that I'm going north instead of south to hold his hand and read him a bedtime story is important enough that he should spend the next few minutes alternating between constantly spamming whatever square I'm currently in and insulting me instead of actually trying to do anything in his top tier medium. Sometime in the middle of all that retardation he managed to squeeze out one whole clip of damage while camping in K5: But of course it's all my fault because I didn't spot for him. If I'd been there spotting in the exact same place my toonie was spotting like he wanted I'd have got 0 assist instead of the 82 I got. Replay here. Not claiming I had a great game but it's not like I got the chance to do much between the pingpingpingpingpingping tilting me and the team folding like paper. Why do people like this even exist? Were they repeatedly dropped on their heads as babies? How do they manage to launch the game at all?
  8. With the way tier 8 is suffering in the current meta your best bet for a crew trainer would probably be the F-30.
  9. Just shy of 6.5k games with that crew, split between the Type and the tech tree med line. Obviously that was mainly before Murazor fucked everything up. I play a lot of FV now too. And the Lowe, but they only have 4 skills because they're my Pz7 crew.
  10. Is it just that param or all API calls for WOWP? I'm pretty sure even WG servers can count to 3.
  11. Get out of here with your scrub crew.
  12. I didn't even think to check CPU usage. I noticed I was losing 0-5FPS compared to the live client, but this rig is pretty old (X5660/R9 280X). Might finally get an OC on. Edit: cheers SlackBladder (woof!), found the Sandbox forum thanks to your screenie. You'd think they'd shove a link in the welcome email or something.
  13. I think that bit's copy-pasted straight from the WW1 map.
  14. I'm working on it, but I'm only up to the Chaffee so far. :/
  15. Top of the class, that man.
  16. vstab > GLD
  17. If I could be arsed I'd throw together a gif of a levitating shiny HD rock in "deal with it" shades. But it wouldn't do for me to put in more effort than WG, so you'll just have to imagine it.
  18. Why change the habit of a lifetime?
  19. Where's Victor been on his holidays recently?
  20. Temples in Sicily tend to be mostly Doric style and local sandstone. I'll give you northern Turkey though.
  21. Ionic columns, Classical/Hellenistic statuary. On balance of probability it's meant to be in Greece itself, their architecture didn't travel much. Temples in Greek territories aroad would be built more in the local style (eg Ptolemaic period Egypt, Graeco-Parthian etc.).
  22. HYPE.
  23. Get a T49. Seriously. It's distilled fun.
  24. The two shots were fun enough, but the 17hp fire afterward just added insult to injury. Your second one reminds me of that classic - I forget whose it was - where the ConqGC is trying to defend himself from a yolo on Fish Bay and deletes something on the other side of the map.