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  1. I was wondering the same, since I know I will never get a lot of imp. equipment, which piece would bring "best value" ?
  2. So I never owned the Type-59 before I managed to get it in the X-mas boxes. I had heard stories about it, when it was OP, but that it was now nerfed. So I was not really expecting much from it, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised. But in my mind, its not the tank that makes the Type-59, its the matchmaking that it gets. In the current days where MM in tier 8 prems is so bad and not fun, its soooo refreshing and helps keeping your sanity to play some games in the Type-59, and heaven forbid actually having fun and making credits.
  3. I know the rep the M48 have, which is why I have to ask again, since this tank is trolling me hard. It feels like a Hevium driving it, the gun just wont hit anything reliably, which is super weird since its rep is so good. It's probably just me having a bad session, but its annoying as f***. I have a good crew etc...
  4. Strange, its my favorite tier 10 medium atm, but maybe I have just been lucky and have a good streak.
  5. The video shows multiple trade-ins of old premiums, for 1 new premium, but i can only select 1 tank when i want to do a trade-in. So is it just a 1 to 1 trade? no N to 1 ? Edit: Nevermind read the patch note which state, 1 for 1
  6. It might just be RNG but I have had zero big hitters with new gun. Regardless if its side on a light tank or heavy tank, they have all been 500 ish hits. Has any even seen any 1600 dmg hits? loosing fate here, not that I care that much, its horrible to drive.
  7. At the moment the MM is just horrible at matching heavies on both sides, and generally matching tank classes. Also I didn't like the part where they said they would start the match making by adding arties, then TD's I would have hoped they came last in the mm logic, as in filling the gaps.
  8. I bet them statues aren't destructible
  9. Unless your purple, your point of view and opinions are irrelevant and disregarded and mocked. Sad but true.
  10. So what do people think about this one? Personally i am very surprised how accurate the gun is. Was hitting liberte cupola 4/4 without problems, even pixel sniping a panther 2.
  11. Obj260 is faster then mediums, so nothing new there
  12. Sounds great, but do you have a source for that ? very interested in it.
  13. I hope i can use my I80 cooler with some new fittings on this baby
  14. Thanks for the reply. What i was wondering was this statement. Do i get the Pz kpfw VII unlocked if i have the Maus researched ?