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  1. Dunno about performance, but I think they look pretty sexy. Speaking of which, just heading home from a nice dinner out with Mrs AdrianK - 18 year wed anniversary. Noice.
  2. Pox. Things to check: Have you done a sync of the metadata? Did you give it enough time to complete? It can take a 2-3 minutes the first time you sync the tank list, depending on how many tanks you have. Feel free to post screen shots and I'll see if I can tell what's going on.
  3. A question about Aces, is the bar on CW friendly tanks high because people stack up high scores in organized battles (cw, rb, whatever)? Or is it just that the better players just spend more time playing them?
  4. Cool, let me know how you get on. This is the first time I've publicized it, and although I've been using it a lot for a while, it hasn't had a lot of exposure to others. There's a little bit of setup to get through but hopefully that will be painless.
  5. Speaking of credits, I blew about 800k recently playing X's. Did ok-ish with the 113. Some sucky bits as you'd expect, when you're a scrub. Faking Leo 1, saw I was at 63.5% Moe, after 2 days of awesomeness. now at 59%. I'm very inconsistent.
  6. The HoF seems to provide assisted damage, so potentially yes - it would complicate gathering the data - let me check BUT - in terms of the performance data that Lorp can currently get from the WG API for tank performance, no. I'll check the API again but I'm pretty sure assisted is not provided.
  7. I recently got a request from @Va1heru and @Saffee about something that can be used to compare player performance, and I wanted to open up the discussion here to get more perspectives from the wider community. The idea is to base the comparison on average damage dealt per game, rather than WN8 which many people (rightly or wrongly see as flawed - this thread is not about that). They also pointed out the website as the kind of concept they had in mind. They suggested looking only at tier 8+ tanks, excluding clicker scumbags spgs. Let me lay out the solution I have in mind, and some of the questions I have for you, the community. Context I'd plan to build the feature into Lorp - because it would give people the flexibility to do the analysis they wanted to do, and it would shift the burden of gathering the data to their desktops (which is free) as opposed to a hosted website like MM-RNG-Luck which might cost me money. Using Lorp, users would be able to (on demand) get the per-tank stats for any list of players, allowing you to compare their performance, rather than rely on a website to do it for them. DPG Whores is great - but at the moment it only covers EU and NA (Va1, Saff and I are all on the Asia server). Proposed Solution A screen that lists the best players of a given tank, by avg damage per game (overall - not "recents") Data would include: Players name and account number (so could hyperlink to their WG profile online), region (Asia, EU, RU, NA), Tank (with a link to it's MM-RNG-Luck profile page), overall average damage, WN8, WR, K/D, battle count, date lasted updated (i.e. when their performance was last checked). Also, the HoF avg damage (more on that in a minute). MM-RNG-Luck would provide list(s) of "good" players (via an API call); Lorp would gather performance stats for these players (more on that in a minute). The source of players is a combination of (a) the top 100 HoF players, overall by region (so 400 in total), by avg damage; plus (b) the best 30 players per region for a specific tank (120 in total, per tank), plus (c) any other players the user is tracking in Lorp (such as themselves, alt's, clan mates, etc). Specific Aspects for Community Input You can feedback on anything, but these are the points that I'd most like input on. #1 which players? The biggest issue is sourcing a list of "good" players. WG currently don't offer an official API that third-party developers (such as myself) can call. Without boring you with the detail, I can fetch data from the WG Hall of Fame (HoF). This is a semi-manual process. I can get the best players overall (by avg damage) and the best players of a given tank. Because it's manual I would not do all 227+ tier 8+ tanks, but could do a suite of popular tanks, plus any other tanks on request. As described above I'd get: (a) the top 100 HoF players, overall by region (so 400 in total), by avg damage; plus (b) the best 30 players per region for a specific tank (120 in total, per tank). So for a given tank you could draw on a user population that was potentially as large as 520 players, plus anyone else you were following in the Lorp app. #2 Sync Options As a user you have ~520 players you can get perf data for - but which ones would you want to check? The considerations are: (a) how long it takes to sync, (b) how much data is actually useful, (c) which data is most useful. Grabbling the top 30 (x4) players of a specific tank is obvious if you're interested in that tank, but the way the HoF works means that you have to qualify with a minimum number of games in a certain period, so it will exclude "good" players who haven't played it recently. Grabbling the top 100 (x4) overall players sounds like a good idea, but there's no guarantee that of those 400 players all of them actually play the tank in question. So one of the questions is how flexible to make the sync option. Option could include: Scoping by region: all or any specific combination How many players from the overall list vs how many form the tank list Top X number of players from all regions vs top X from each region evenly?
  8. Hi All, I'm AdrianK from the Asia server. I'm a scrub tanker but a Teal programmer. Or atleast I used to be. I wanted to introduce a couple of projects I have been working on: MM-RNG-Luck - a website that takes a slightly different view on things Lorp Wormhole - a desktop app for Windows 10 that allows you to track performance over time. Click on the link for screen shots and a link to the app in the Windows Store, MM-RNG-Luck includes a WN8 Calculator, and allows you to search/browse for tanks. For tanks you can see their historical WN8 values and directly compare tanks of the same class & tier in terms of things like "What WN8 do you get for clearing your own HP" or "Race to Unicum". The site includes basic gun parameters (avg dmg and reload) so you can compare tanks in an interesting way. Lorp Wormhole lets you track per-tank performance - how often you sync is up to you - after every game, every session or whenever. You can track any number of players, and compare them using a ne heat-map feature. The app also leverages WN8, both the historical WNEfficiency values and the 'new' XVM ones. I'm always happy to take questions and feature requests - feel free to reach out. Cheers, AdrianK
  9. There's number and shyte involved, but to me it's more of a functional thing, so probably not a good fit for the math corner.
  10. Will do, and will do. Where dafuq would I put such a thread?
  11. @Va1heru @Saffee, and anyone else still awake... I have a workable concept for a DPGWhoresque heatmap thing. Let me know if this sounds like it will meet you needs. At a really high level it is: I manually get a list of gud players from the WG HoF, store in on MM-RNG-Luck. Lorp users periodically re-sync the list of players from MM-RNG-Luck. Lorp users periodically sync tank performance data as desired. The Detail The trick is getting a decent list of players. WG don't have a decent API that I can call using code, but they do have the API which drives the Hall of Fame (HoF). The only snag is I have to harvest the data manually. I have contacted the guy who runs GPGWhores but no response - and he only covers EU & NA. My current plan is to periodically grab the 100 top overall players, by average damage dealt, from each region (giving a pool of 400 in total). In addition to this I'd also grab the top 30 players for a given tank from each region (giving a pool of up to 120 in total). As to which tanks I sync - that would be based on suggestions from the community (as suggested here, and maybe a "request a tank" feature). In terms of the user experience (in the Lorp app) you would (assuming you had already synced the player list): Browse to the screen (got a name for it? "Best Players by Damage" or something?) Choose which tank you were interested in seeing The screen would show a heat map / list / chart or whatever showing the best players for the tank. To refresh the data with the latest performance data, just hit the "Sync" button. Getting fresh performance stats This is where I need your input assuming it sounds good so far. there's three variables to work with: Which region(s), i.e. Asia, EU, RU, NA Which players by HoF source, i.e. top players overall (the pool of 400) and/or top players of the tank in question (the pool of 120). How many players. Syncing all 400 + 120 for every tank will quickly get tedious, so a limit by player count would be useful. You could place a limit per-region or in total. Can also have different limits for the "top overall players" and "tank-X players". For example you could configure your sync to grab data for these players: The top 15 player of tank-X from each region (60 players) plus the top 10 players overall from each region (another 40 players; 100 in total). The top 50 players of tank-X, by average damage, regardless of region, plus the top 50 players overall, regardless of region. You'd configure these settings on some config screen / dialog box. Does that all make sense? Or do you need to see a prototype / screenshots / wire-frame sketches?
  12. Dunno, haven't seen/heard that yet. Seeing ally 430 camp with TDs is triggering though. #BoughtAccountBrah?
  13. I know what you mean @monjardin many metas ago, same map, encounter: I raced to the opposite side and hid in a bush, then the enemy (t8) team comes over and camps like a tier 1 game. Think I got 5K spotting that game, had them spotted the whole time too. And go the dad reflexes. Question for you then: In terms of "serious" LT lines, I only have the wz132 and the Luchs, I'll go to X on the wz line but hadn't anticipated going past the Luchs on the other. Is it worth going up the line? FWIW I'm a green scrub, I enjoy LT's but I'm no specialist.
  14. Fucktards that keep giving. This prick seems to have sat in a typical SPG position all game, only got spotted at the end. But it get's better (worse). Next game I'm on his team. He's in a Pz VII tier X, camping valley on lakeville like an SPG. The enemy starts pushing and he falls back. I put a round into him and he shoots be back, goes blue. So I put 3 more rounds into him, but had to turn my attention to the enemy. Hope. fucking. less.
  15. Yeah, I dropped him a line just now. Will let you know what develops.