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  1. AdrianK

    Improved Equipment Picks

    I'm not far off earning enough fir my first bit of improved equipment. Not sure what to get or even which tank to mount it on: A tier X cuz tier X (Leo, 113, E100, jpe, Tvp) or something that I play more regularly, like a tier 8 money maker (252, wz120ft), or something mission related. In terms of what equip, I'm thinking of my clan commanders general comment RE equipment: Making something that's already good about your tank great, is more advantageous than making something crap less crap. I guess it's around maximizing the strengths which in turn would determine how you play it. Thoughts?
  2. I Know the feeling. That said, this weekend was fairly benign for me.
  3. I didn't get a chance, being interrupted he made directly for the booth and locked himself in - whilst delivering a blistering tirade on the state of the nation, fwarken ... People in this country ... Need a good slap, ... fwarken ... Vietnam (something) ... Too many fwarken long haired (something) fwarken ... Indeed. An acquired taste, perhaps. My wife did wonder if he was drying his clothes (she said, laughing raucously). Not sure why you'd have your trousers down for that though.
  4. A funny thing happened today, I went in to the public toilets at the central library. There's this guy, who looks like he sleeps rough, leaning rights up against the wall, then I realise its the wall where the hand drier is, then I realise his pants are down and he's obviously using the hand drier for pleasure.
  5. [COCKS] Meanwhile in general chat...
  6. Honesty, if anyone in KAC was an arsehat you'd figure it'd be reaps.
  7. __xXx__DOGS_Ezz_AreShAt_HuzzAh__xXx__
  8. ____Rommel27548_Whermatch____ Shout out to my team on Ensk yesterday, all (four) of our TDs went and camped north of the town. When the enemy capped some of them eventually headed the massive 300 metres back to our cap. With 12 seconds on the cap to go our Obj268 v4 drives on to cap, spotting the even90, but instead of turning to shoot him (cap now 4sec reminding) he turns 180 degrees away from it to shoot something else on the railway.
  9. Clearly I cheat - just bought the TVP 50/51 on special (dream timing) and have a 71% WR. I'll enjoy that while it lasts as within a few days I'll be at 43% for sure. Anyway, one game - 6 shots fired, all pens - must be hax. __xXx_TVP5051_Reservoir_Hax_DOGS_xXx__
  10. I wonder what logic they apply to real life? It's surprising any of them are still alive. I use the term "logic" here in the broadest possible sense. Should I change my IGN to CheatingDOGS?
  11. Saenhtaeng carried you and got a Radley Walters?
  12. I have no idea, but ask yourself "if I was WG, what would I do..." > i.e. what will most positively affect sales.
  13. That's why we are PBKAC - People's Itteh Bitteh Kamikaze Action Committeh (Dun in Paint, plz help).
  14. Spooky - I was looking at that yesterday as well and wondered what was going on. I found a small defect, which I have fixed just now, so now updating all actually works. Also, got a bonus K in the Skoda T50 yesterday from an Strv 103B - I hadn't even twigged it was the tier X until the results screen came up. Have you tried Lorp Wormhole? You can collect performance data for individual tanks, which includes recents, etc.