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  1. Thanks for the replies. Ha, well, the inherent nature of the game allows the outcome of a battle to be influenced by the player's relative skill - which amounts to "tomatoes to always lose and for unicorns to always win"; but (obviously) when people talk about "rigging" the implication is a conscious desire by WG to screw them over for various reasons- which usually don't include skill. On that basis I'm definitely not a ""MM is rigged" believer. You'll have to forgive me, I don't often post in this circle so I'll be cautious how I interpret your tone As for our forum pubbeh,s I'll give them the hat example and point them at the law of large numbers. As thanks, please accept these memes I did as part of the argument against the likelihood of their being rigging. I pointed out that such a system would be overly complex and expensive - that's assuming you could even design one conceptually...
  2. LOL, I just got a warning for posting a Trump meme on the official forum. Whilst I can understand the rule, and the need for it... seriously. "Rigging Bad. No evidence - Sad! Look at my tanks, I have so much tanks. " [content removed] Political figure; Content removed, User warned.
  3. If you can't find the right present it'll be because the system is rigged against you. And please don't try and deny me by using sources which are more reputable than mine.
  4. Still, it is fun - for the moment. I'm not over-doing it, am I? BTW I asked for a newbie explanation of the math/stats theory that would explain the basics to them, but haven't got a decent reply yet. Given the amount of times this comes up you'd think the place would be littered with such content. Would this work?
  5. Responding to Sir_British has been somewhat enjoyable, but I've spent enough time on it to justify a new timesheet code in our timesheeting system. (Fwarken me).
  6. I'm a math/stats noob, but I need help explaining some math/stats concepts to some pubbehs. Can someone please point me in the direction of a good explanation that would answer the bolded part of the question below? In my own noob way I believe it's just normal random distribution (if that's what it's called?) Given this site is about denying the deniers, and this will have come up a gazillion times before, I imagine there's some good resources already out there. Please note: resources with pictures and a low vocabulary are probably going to be the most effective.
  7. That's what the orange suits are lined with.
  8. My WZ-eleven eleven eleven dash one point four had a good run, but my E50 had a awful time. On Sunday I logged off after 2 games. The game must be rigged. ..and I couldn't quite help myself; Sir British provides a buffet of material to work with, one has to be selective. Don't miss the Tintin bits at the end:
  9. Oh Riiight, the Even 90. I don't even, but maybe I could, wouldn't that be odd. Might make a nice compliment to my ELC AMX - crew-training, etc.
  10. Oh, I'm definitely odd... Sorry, brain engaged in actual work, what's the "are you even" in reference to? Another game-breaking tank that WG are about to release, or is it a euphemism for some existing tank? Sorry to be a 8===
  11. In terms of advent cal or new tanks in general? I confess I can't think of anything that I specifically "need". Dirty pew-pew-pewer
  12. I'm trying to think what I would use it for - apart from missions. Hard to think of any burning reasons. I don't need it as a crew trainer. The T92 looks like fun, but when I compared it to the WZ-132 I'm not entirely sure I can see $38 worth of difference - the mobility stats seemed close enough, and the T92 has poor pen.