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  1. Wait, we've done more than 30,000 posts? In other news - Progetto M35 Mod 46 expected:
  2. Speaking of going strong, how retarded is this threat by the US to hit targets due to that chemical attack? The attack is so expected the likely targets will have had days to prepare (relocate, etc). 5 things to know about the strikes And I especially love how he tweeted about using 'smart' bombs, gee what does that mean I wonder. Friggin imbecile.
  3. I believe the punishment system includes some out-of-game dimensions too, I think the official term for it is "forum, english speaking community". Of course what qualifies as a crime worthy of punishment is another thing. Your BO, for example...
  4. Here's something a little off-topic for ya, I finally completed a cool side-line project that dabbles in crypto. Basically it's a totally new software based Enigma, but without the real world constraints. I did a write up (link below) which also includes links to the help doc and app acquisition via the Microsoft store (Windows 10 only). In other news, my son got me a TTTTogggg for me birthday; still trying to work out if it's a legit pressy "have fun dad, stomp those pubbehs" or a subtle "you suck, here play this huge slow turd" ha ha ha.
  5. Did you feel the POWER? The English language ones kinda made me cringe, although otherwise they are cool ads. I'd rather listen to it in Russian though.
  6. @Saffee I can give you some tips if you like. For example I find that now in 1.0 HE is much more effective, I think it's because they change the tracer to look more firery.
  7. Mate, you are *the* Magical Fox that Flies, no way can they steal your soul. Just be moar Foxeh. #BeMoarFoxeh
  8. Holy Christorama @Va1heru, I just looked at your recents...