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  1. Speak for yourself; I am a stream of bat's-piss: a golden shaft of light, whilst all-else around is dark.
  2. WoT is up for a 3rd golden joystick award - vote for WoT and we might get some freebie:
  3. yeah, well, we're sometimes a bit slow getting news out here in the colonies. But it was noice watching your games while I had my fush n chupps.
  4. I had a T8 game today with a T-34-3; the player's PR was about 1000, WR of low 40's, game count very low. Damage dealt 0. My WR for the session 2 from 10. And did you guys know about @Va1heru getting featured by Anfield - TVP 3 mark session? Awesome
  5. Heh, no. Had a 3/5/7 game today on Fishermans Bay with a top tier Rhm Pzwgn. He spent 90% of the game camped in the northwest corner with 5 TD's. After I had eventually died I checked him out - he was on low HP (the kind of low hp that would make most people hide). Post game stats - he did 25K dmg - 2nd highest for the team. His excuse post-game was that when he spotted no one did any damage. I mentioned that as a top tier LT, spending 90% of the battle where he was was hard to justify. He had no response to that. In other news, my 113 seems a little cursed (cursed by a noob scrub owner). Arty has had such a hard-on for me way too much for me to be enjoying myself or help my team, which doesn't help.
  6. Easy: Drive to nearest red-line. Wait. Bonus points for being in a tier X LT.
  7. The limit is 1000 players - which as I have discovered is very easy to hit. Perhaps I should suggest the limit is increased / removed. RE the Emblems - I guess you can only do one or the other? Kiwi or Kanga... hmmmm, choices....
  8. I have always admired your optimism, Joc.
  9. Do you reckon the AU server pop would grow - i.e. attract past AU/NZ players back to the game? And not just the racist ones. So from 8pm-2am NZ time. I bet the kiwi's playing at 1-2am are 5600WN8 playa's
  10. Yeah that's bizarre. Player population? Aren't the numbers low enough as it is - from a MM point of view? I FML, I watched Anfields 113 3rd mark vid yesterday which got me all inspired... so you can probably guess how my morning went. Check these pricks out...