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  1. Well, in all fairness I was thinking about doing some quick Daisy Duke meme - but I very quickly shelved that idea. The need to shelve it increased when the relatively new indian woman I am mentoring turned up at my desk needing advice. "Are you busy?" (she looks at my screen - buy this stage I had moved on to Gilfy, looking for "hope no one saw that" memes) "Ah, no, I was just looking for something funny for something non-work related, but I can't find what I am looking for" "something funny?" "yeah..."
  2. Me: To self: "Daisy Duke, WTF does Ezz mean"? Types "Dasiy Duke" into search engine... "Ah, that Daisy Duke", automatically and without conscious thought flips to Image search... on work computer in open plan office.
  3. So Mr Fox, what can you now tell us about robotics? How's the course going?
  4. This is absolutely classic... I know we like our meme's here, but this takes it to a whole new level.
  5. Heavy metal. try not to laugh. That said, according to WG website's tank compare it's better than all the MT 8's I currently have.
  6. Bugger. Like Spacey said in principle - the stars were bound to align at some point.
  7. Heh, no - I was just throwing some good natured shit at Siggy - didn't he lose to KELLY in stronks once? That said, for some that would be a good game... especially on Sundays.
  8. I feel u bro. Had a E100 today that hung back at cap all match (Cliff, he was one of only 3 per side), and when the enemy were finally close enough to justify shooting, he seemed to have zero concept of what aiming is. Then there was the IS3 on Lakeville who kept the TD's company on the redline, and when he did move into town he got sniped from the central road; his idea of poking out to return fire involved simply reversing the whole tank (side on to the snipers) arse first back through the gap between buildings that he'd just been shot through twice already.
  9. The concept of "alternative facts" triggers me so much. Critical thinking and basic philosophy should be compulsory subjects in school. Maybe after that we could move on to basic tanking - use of WASD, etc...
  10. It's funny right up until you remember that this is how public opinion is influenced, and how on the back of that people like trump can get in office. A particularly insidious technique is to claim that there is a valid scientific debate on some issue - like vaccination or climate change; research has shown that introducing such doubt, even if it is false, is a powerful way to influence people. It's covered fairly well in this (below) piece on climate change which suffers from exactly the same issue.
  11. Poor Otto, he was probably out in the back paddock and so didn't see it come in the first time.
  12. Oh, and there's also Albatross's, penguins, seal lions and sheep shagging.
  13. Nice, it'll give us some extra depth in the notable creatures dept - what with Kiwi's being flightless, a magical flying fox will do nicely. If they ask what part of NZ you're from, say Fox Glacier.
  14. Next we'll find out Pauline Hanson is Zimbabwean. And finally Aced the JPE100. Shout out to the STI who managed to kill the 704 even though he only had 1-hp left.