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  1. Nice one, your fix reminded me of #FakeNews, where as for Hope I think #FakeLogic is quite apt.
  2. Aww. It's funny, you remind me of Tsar Nicholas telling his ministers to tell the press to stop printing stories about Rasputin... Except you're a lot more assertive than him, and have better hats.
  3. Google search for anime knight. You can, but @JOC469 has done you a lovely one already. Although I can offer... Scale it down and the pixelation won't be as bad.
  4. Pubbeh's playing tanks. Sorry, "playing" tanks. I'm surprised some know where the monitor is.
  5. I watched it last night - my first reaction in the gameplay was "town is for noobs".
  6. His recents, sex life, beer supply...
  7. Maybe he just gave up trying to converse with you? Often silence means you've won, but not always...
  8. Actually Paint 3D, it has some cool features, but still getting the hang of it...
  9. Oh, if only I had Photoshop! [sigh].
  10. Oh BTW @Saffee & @bolagnaise, I fixed your avatars...
  11. Whilst the network quality isn't always ideal, it's not bad enough to stop me playing. I managed to 2 mark the Ikea 65 the other day (am such a scrub). And I noticed my Leo 1 MOE was at 60, so had a crack at that, got to 62 but now under 58 :(. One game last night I fired 13, hit 8, penned 4. Dunno, I guess I'm such a victim, this stuff continually happens to me. Still, Managed to compensate by 1 marking the Elc amx on it's 63rd game.
  12. Because his post (the one above mine) actually made sense.