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  1. Ha - I thought the same thing. It was a little poetic that the first kill was the enemy ELC.
  2. Mwhahahahaaa - played my first ever game in the ELC today - 1800+ dmg, 5 kills including TWO kamikaze's ...yes it was a defeat. **surprise**
  3. I had a string of games a while back where every time I was in a team with one extra Tier X we always lost. #MMGoFuckYourself
  4. FWIW, QuickyBaby has a vid on the frontlines game mode, that will answer most of your questions.
  5. that makes sense, it's just always... Funny? ...when all of a sudden there's a fucktard swarm on a specific vehicle. I remember when the Nippon HTs were a constant source of retardness.
  6. Is the Emil I the new IS3? I had a few games last night where they were consistently played by utter fucktards; one of whom had played 16k games. I had some games with ||Pain|| last night, he was having a bad run, thought I'd try and help break him out of it... Nope. He said he'd seen a bunch of retard Emil I players as well. Oh, and I see the T10 lights are getting nerfed.
  7. Hey - do you think my wife would let me spend ~$90NZ on a Mutant? And if she did would that be a good idea (i.e. better that the Skorp-G or E25)?
  8. Ahhh. Already researched it (Freedom XP), but haven't done anything more than that.
  9. assuming this is true, would I be better off getting the E25 or SkorpG? not that I really believe the e25 will ever be sold again. Also, I have no idea what to do with my new girl crew members, I've never played the ELC so was thinking of putting them in that.
  10. At least you got there, I only managed the fuck me part. and yes dear auto-correct, I do know I am writing the word fuck, and yes its ok to say it. I'd rather be seen as slightly coarse than slightly stupid. "all I managed was the duck part".
  11. LT15.3 - 4000 direct/assisted damage against players from the clan LANCR/ADA/KELLY
  12. As someone on a LT mission to spot and damage two arty, I can assure arty levels are currently as low as Poli's alcohol hopey's criticism intolerance.