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  1. Yo, @Ezz @StormCrowReaperManyHats - why is our clan logo pink?
  2. The new T8 Jagd Kanonenenoo looks "ok" - but current meta is fucked so - Nerrrrrrrrrrgh! I'll be keeping my $$$ I think WG.

  3. Yep, having lots of fun. Is it next to the Thai place, across the road from the Korean and Japanese restaurants?
  4. of course, it's only an issue... If you actually use the official forum.
  5. is it possible that it's not hidden stats but merely the way the physics engine interprets and applies the stats? I really have no idea, but just pointing out that your assumption is that the rest of the system is flawless, always 100% consistent, and behaves exactly as we expect.
  6. As we all know, when you play VIII's you continually face X's. Then, when you do get a game as top tier the result is sadly predictable... **surprise** 4 / 11 today (36.36%) - oh to be a 46%'er. How do people get that gud?
  7. Why the fuck are we sitting around the camp fire listening to spg stories? Great to hear your thoughts on the GW @neokai, but personally I'd be more interested in your thoughts on:
  8. Is it just me, or does this thread feel dirty somehow?
  9. And don't forget to clear your browser cache.
  10. Ah, there's one bug I have known about for ages but still need to fix: The only property the form forgets to save is the custom background image for the static image. Sorry 'bout that. The code I need for that is AFK.
  11. Remembering that thus is all done on the cheap... From memory: #1 update your stats on the scrubometer page. #2 go to the sig generator and regenerate your sig. I'm pretty sure it does both static and gif at once (I forget, been ages since I bothered). let me check (am on my ph). Yes can confirm it does both, and that it works. Chances are your browser cache the old one. Also, does your forum signature reference the sig-image file on mmrngluck, or, did you put it somewhere like imgur and reference that copy? If so your need to take the appropriate steps. I did look at auto-refreshing sigs whenever your stats change, but I'm afraid the amount of processing would quickly exceed the free allowance my account has. So unfortunately its manual. I guess I could look to auto update the sigs of prestigious scrubs, such as yourself, @Ezz