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  1. I cool interactive resource for those interested in cable sharks:
  2. FYI - you can now show the stats for a tank (one that you have enrolled in the SealClubometer) along with your overall WNEzz in the animated gif. One option you may find confusing: "Panel / Gif Composition". (I'm not very happy with the name of the setting, suggestions will be considered) Let me explain... Obviously when you use a gif you use a number of frames, at a given frame rate. The duration of your resulting gif might be short or long. Think of your overall WNEzz score as a 'panel' and the tank stats as another 'panel'. The sig generator's Panel / Gif Composition setting allows you to control how long each panel is visible - either: Extra Loop - as one gif loop per panel (which doubles the size of the sig), or Half-n-half - splits each panel half-and-half across one loop of the gif. Just be careful if you use the extra loop option as you might end up with a large file. Reminder - a prerequisite for having a tank stats panel in your sig is that you have said tank enrolled in the SealClubometer. FYI @StormCrowReaperManyHats @Ezz @MagicalFlyingFox
  3. BTW, have been starting to experiment with Tank-Kamikaze Sigs...
  4. Shuddup you elitist... Oh sorry, thought you were Saf
  5. Talk vith des sveeeeedish ackscent.
  6. Tossing and turning? or, tossing, then turning?
  7. Toxic Toxic (Clicker) Toxic & Scrub
  8. That rates as toxic? I think you've been spending too much time on the official forums Saf.
  9. Just an FYI that if you are logged in to the Scrubometer, you'll see the date/times in your specified timezone - if you have set it. You can set it on the Update your Profile page.
  10. Good to see such a wealth of IT literacy amongst us. Hi Saffee. I (finally) made the modification so that you can now register and login using EU, NA and RU accounts. I've only been able to test Asia and EU - does anyone have a NA and/or RU account they can use to test those? Cheers.
  11. At a place I once worked one of the (many) running jokes was referring to C++ as "man code", because only real men can code in C++. Re UML, I draw a lot, but none of it would be classified as "formal" uml. I make heavy use of a few common elements, relationship types and diagrams as that's pragmatic, but %80 of what I draw is on a whiteboard. in terms of the role, the amount of drawing, and what you draw, depends greatly on the level of abstraction you're dealing in, but the real substance of the tole is human: Herding cats and providing parental supervision. I actually blogged semi-extensively on WTF architecture is: Http://
  12. Cheers! Yes, I started as a developer in 2000, working mostly with Microsoft technologies. These days I work professionally as an (IT) architect. I started off with Notepad and books from the library, and landed a role in a web development firm not long after - so no formal training per se. As you can probably tell, I still love to code in my spare time, its very much like adult Lego.
  13. Foxeh, upload your current "scrub" sig to mm-rng-luck as your custom gif image, and use it as the background. Not perfect but could be interesting.
  14. Is that MM-RNG-Luck telling you that? I don't have any error data relating to that so not 100% sure what you mean. Happy to look into it in more detail - feel free to post info here or PM me.