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  1. At least you got there, I only managed the fuck me part. and yes dear auto-correct, I do know I am writing the word fuck, and yes its ok to say it. I'd rather be seen as slightly coarse than slightly stupid. "all I managed was the duck part".
  2. LT15.3 - 4000 direct/assisted damage against players from the clan LANCR/ADA/KELLY
  3. As someone on a LT mission to spot and damage two arty, I can assure arty levels are currently as low as Poli's alcohol hopey's criticism intolerance.
  4. ...or just did away with arty. Did someone say map aware MM? Does that mean arty players will only get city maps? Or maps with large water features?
  5. tell you one thing though, don't expect to ace the Elc Amx anytime soon; remember there's some korean guy who plays nothing else, he's got something like an 8-skills crew. Was featured by some youtoober.
  6. define "a lot". I think the dynamics on our server are fairly well entrenched, so to change them would require either a truly massive kimchi impact, or a fundamental change in the factors that drive the existing dynamics...
  7. oh, right. No idea. Maybe they just rolled it out on my account. Have definitely not been having a good time.
  8. Dear WG, FYI the new accuracy changes are total fucking shyte. ...unless of course you think that missing targets at <200 meters is something we all enjoy.
  9. dunno, but I hear they are very good at running quickly to remote drowning locations.
  10. so just to playback what I think you said was: Every now and then I fuck premium sheep, or, it's a premium event for me when, every now and again, I fuck a sheep. Am I right?
  11. This is just like walking through town on a Sunday morning IRL, you try to focus on the sunny day whilst you scurry past some drunken fuckwit who is rolling around in a stinking doorway that reeks of his vomit while he yells nonsensically at passersby. I guess it depends what you're after: Crew trainer, etc. It's good to see WG *finally* expanding out the Russian tier 8 HT space, there's been a real shortage there for ages.