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  1. This game can go fuck itself. Almost every session these days seems to be dominated by massive losses. Last few sessions (all tanks played): 0 / 8 (today) 2 / 7 4 / 7 2 / 7 5 / 8 (weekend! lol) 3 / 7 4 / 11 Yes, I could play better. Still, WZ-132a - my WR after 237 games: 53%, now (336 games): 47%. That's a massive change. WR for last few sessions in it: 0 / 4 1 / 5 1 / 3 1 / 5 1 / 4
  2. So true; things just become hard-wired: Regular ammo or Sprem? Sprem Push or red line? Red line LT? Yolo HT, Prok? Yolo ADA/KELLY/DETOX? TK Lake? Drown Game or Forum? Pub
  3. Steady on guys, stop crowding; one reply at a time please.
  4. What's a good tier to start the polish line with? Actually: Italian or polish line? Actually actually: Which if the two nations has the best sounding female cmdr?
  5. Yeah but he's like the cops - never around when you need one.
  6. Fuck me, this morning (x3): SU-101 - 0/3 WZ132A - 0/6 Total WR from last 33 battles: 27.27%
  7. You and I must exist on different planets. Oh that's right, I'm on planet Scrub. Oh wait maybe we are on the same planet. Maybe this would explain why spotting 5K for mission is hard. (I did get to 4500 the other day). That made me laugh.
  8. And remembering of course that they are the inventors of +/-25% RNG, and the fabled magic moment. It's only natural to assume they apply it to stuff outside the game, like moderation. Question for you, LT.something.3 enable allies to deal 5000 dmg. Am I best with the t8 or 9? I can't spot crap these days (spot stuff that gets shot). Wonder if I should switch tactics and aim for 5k worth of tracked damage.
  9. Purchased: Module Gun '100 mm 62-100TA' successfully purchased (1 item(s)). Spent credits: 218,000. My, what a... prominent feature. Let's see what lasts longer: my grind to the tier X (100K left to go) or the new Stralyan PM.
  10. Which gun did you use? I've been using the first gun cuz "better" handling. 244,000 XP to the tier X is a fuck of a long way, especially when in takes 10 games to get 1 win.
  11. WARNING - x5 Weekend. SU-101 - 1 from 6 (< which took an hour to get, and only after my boosters had expired). WZ132A - 0 from 6 typical level of support:
  12. Does SOOK have a sister clan, BCAMP, because that seems to be the only way to play. Tier X game on glacier, batchat and prog 65 camping base. I thought they were afk. I get steamrolled and back to garage. Later on, guess who were the top damage dealers on our team - by some margin: The same two based campers.
  13. guess we need to be more subtle?
  14. Man, I have been totally suffering in the TVP 50/51. Started off ok but the game obviously decided I needed balancing so the last sessions in it have been: 1 from 6 (today) 1 from 6 (yesterday) 4 from 8 3 from 7 0 from 6 That's 9 from 33 - 27% WR. WR for the 72 games prior to that were "normal" - wins and losses, 52%. I know I'm no pro but sheeet, I'm not that bad. Missed a couple of wins where I needed to carry - got close but no cigar. Had the usual run of campers - shit like this -, or tossers like Ang_Bida69, a 430 camping behind me with several teammates whilst I'm working the northern corner on Mannerheim, and doing ok but could use some help. Having a spare shell I fire it in his direction tracking him (I may have gone blue at that point). After cursing at him he says he'll TK me if I swear again, so I immediately call his bluff, and the cunt drives over to me and pushes me out in front of friendly fire. He then goes on about the "wins some lose some" school of thought. I ask him how he survives on the internet with such a thin skin - which he doesn't understand. The only damage he deals is when he's got there entire team yolo'ing him 'cuz he's the last left. Whinge complete.
  15. AdrianK

    Improved Equipment Picks

    I'm not far off earning enough fir my first bit of improved equipment. Not sure what to get or even which tank to mount it on: A tier X cuz tier X (Leo, 113, E100, jpe, Tvp) or something that I play more regularly, like a tier 8 money maker (252, wz120ft), or something mission related. In terms of what equip, I'm thinking of my clan commanders general comment RE equipment: Making something that's already good about your tank great, is more advantageous than making something crap less crap. I guess it's around maximizing the strengths which in turn would determine how you play it. Thoughts?
  16. I Know the feeling. That said, this weekend was fairly benign for me.
  17. I didn't get a chance, being interrupted he made directly for the booth and locked himself in - whilst delivering a blistering tirade on the state of the nation, fwarken ... People in this country ... Need a good slap, ... fwarken ... Vietnam (something) ... Too many fwarken long haired (something) fwarken ... Indeed. An acquired taste, perhaps. My wife did wonder if he was drying his clothes (she said, laughing raucously). Not sure why you'd have your trousers down for that though.
  18. A funny thing happened today, I went in to the public toilets at the central library. There's this guy, who looks like he sleeps rough, leaning rights up against the wall, then I realise its the wall where the hand drier is, then I realise his pants are down and he's obviously using the hand drier for pleasure.
  19. [COCKS] Meanwhile in general chat...
  20. Honesty, if anyone in KAC was an arsehat you'd figure it'd be reaps.
  21. __xXx__DOGS_Ezz_AreShAt_HuzzAh__xXx__