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  1. Tried as a status but didn't work.. T-54.. keep or sell? Always thought it would remain in my garage forever but since the T-55A and other great tier 9 tanks I hardly play it anymore.. What do you guys reckon?
  2. T-54.. keep or sell? Always thought it would remain in my garage forever but since the T-55A and other great tier 9 tanks I hardly play it anymore..

  3. So I'm wondering how you guys go about the ammo selection. I love the GIF's but they never show whether the penning shots were HEAT or HE. Some are easy to guess obviously, others not so much. How do you guys go about loading the right ammo for the right butt?
  4. I think if anything the forum is more lenient. Its just that the hard-core purples that want to go into the most profound analysis of the game to get the absolute best results have either left the game, or aren't quite so active on the forum anymore because most aspects of the game have been discussed, analysed and rehashed to the point where there isn't much new stuff to discuss anymore. And wotlabs has never tried or had a reputation for going easy on people asking silly questions.
  5. For a moment I misread "sprem" and the mental image it conjured was quite disturbing..
  6. So after 32k battles finally had light purple recents, then decide to powergrind the French TD line.. RIP recents and sanity.. :/

  7. I probably suffer from low sample size confirmation bias as well, but platooned tier 10's for a few hours the other night and the teams were absolutely shocking. Like around 4-5 tier 10's doing 0 damage every game and the rest not getting more than 2 shots in. And this for a good few hours!! My solo WR was actually a bit better just before the platoon session..
  8. Is it really gonna be that shit? What are the chances of them buffing it? It is a rather long tedious grind =/
  9. Just wondering about that, considering the F155 is gonna be a special tier 10, a bit like a premium, and won't be available (we all know WG's never one sale again..) after 9.20.. is it worth grinding through the line quickly to get it?
  10. Well.. after years of wotlabs and 10's of thousands of battles I'm still a permablue, but I just managed to 3 mark my first t10!

    E100 you beauty you!! And thanks wotlabs :)

    1. RC_Tank


      it's a hell of a tank :doubleguns2:

    2. Nalok


      Sure as hell is... 750 HEAT in your face is no joke ;)

  11. I suppose I wasn't very clear with my original post - I was talking about ship upgrades that you can buy, like WoT equipment?
  12. Hi guys, I'm new to WoWS having been a tanker for a while now. I went through the stickied thread for some of the basics, and I'm slowly starting to get an idea. I found the Captain skill thread pretty handy as well. Ship upgrades however are still a bit unclear to me. I can read what it says in game obviously, but I was wondering as in WoT if there are your bread and butter upgrades, and some that are just not worth it despite maybe looking good on paper? Is there any guide on the subjet? Or could anyone give me a quick heads up for the basic shiptypes what the "upgrades to have are"? Thanks in advance, -Nalok
  13. So what would you take instead then? For what I gather the HWK is out, B-C has an autoloader so for single shot enjoyment the LTTB? Or the WZ?
  14. I'm glad I got the "kill/spot x tanks of x tier higher" missions out of the way before the new MM, they seem pretty damn impossible. MT15.4 and LT15.4 seem to have gotten a lot tougher as well tho. I got to 3750 dmg to TD's before the patch due to a target rich environment (bounced a RHM...), but now I hardly seem to get close to 6k total enemy TD hps ever. Also, scouting with all the lights competing for spotting dmg combined with arty no longer balancing enemy tanks for 1-2k on open maps makes it tricky!
  15. So... Lowe or Ravioli?