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  1. Semen also contains Cadaverine and Putrescine, which as you can guess by the names, are not the most fun of compounds.
  2. Fucking Haswell
  3. Then you know what to do, chug, motherfucker, chug.
  4. Easier and cheaper, just open and drink.
  5. H1TAIWAN1
  6. That is exactly what they were doing because revealing what they are doing right now would get you fired and worse with the current contracts and NDAs all of them have. Seattle is not worth digging into.
  7. Yep, definitely smelling a "v29 E-50 and M46 values" will be back and made permanent in V30, just a hunch though.
  8. I would have.
  9. You're brain damaged, seek help, either from a professional or from gravity.
  10. Give me one reason why ?I shouldn't when you speak ignorantly.