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  1. Understandable, hope he pulls through.
  2. Car is mostly fixed, bills are paid but I'm low on food money, I don't need much, just a little bit. Situation fixed.
  3. Appreciate, in other news they want me to get a specific SSA-appointed doctor to look at me, so more prodding for fun.
  4. Thank you, but right now the original car stuff is now covered, now I'm working on making the thing not a piece of shit anymore.
  5. I don't know how to thank you enough for what you gave, words cannot express my gratitude. BJ sends his thanks as well.
  6. And there goes the car, need $147 to replace the plugs and ignition coils since nobody I know can or will do it.
  7. Thanks again all who gave, it's really hard for me to ask I know it can be tiring but that is how life is for me right now.
  8. Sick as a dog, so I can't go anywhere and need some spare food money as a result, thanks to you guys who gave again.
  9. Had to fill out another 8 pages of paperwork they requested and mail it back, that was fun.
  10. Immediate need has been resolved, thank you very much to all those who gave.
  11. A pretty good summary.
  12. Due to my deteriorating mental condition, I am stepping away as Lead Admin, I'm not leaving just taking more of a consulting role (I will continue to have the title but Enroh will be tasking up the full-time duties) while I undergo my various therapies to improve my condition.
  13. Had phone interview with SSA, said it could take 4-5 months, RIP me,
  14. Moved into public due to a sudden, urgent problem that has arisen.
  15. Reapplied today, we'll see how it goes.