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  1. Battery is in and running fine, thanks to all.
  2. The average wait time from beginning to end of a hearing for SSI is 19 months, as per here.
  3. I give up. No matter what happens more shit just goes wrong, it's just ridiculous at this point so I'm throwing in the towel.
  4. Goal met, thanks again for donating.
  5. Sorry for no updates,. have been super depressed with property taxes being due, and on top of the stress of trying to find a lawyer.
  6. Not this time, mostly to avoid fees since none of them around here will do it pro bono. I'm mostly going to collect written statements from my group of doctors, my medical records and just mail this shit to them myself.
  7. Bad news, it was denied, but I will begin appealing it tomorrow.
  8. Thank you very much. This is deeply appreciated, thank you.
  9. I'm doing the best I can but some days are just hard and some are easy, appreciate it.
  10. Thank you very much. Good news from the doctor is that he was shocked to see me again to get benefits (Same doctor I had the first time I tried), as he thought I was there for renewal, not reapplication, so I think this bodes well for my chances this time.
  11. Understandable, hope he pulls through.
  12. Car is mostly fixed, bills are paid but I'm low on food money, I don't need much, just a little bit. Situation fixed.
  13. Appreciate, in other news they want me to get a specific SSA-appointed doctor to look at me, so more prodding for fun.
  14. Thank you, but right now the original car stuff is now covered, now I'm working on making the thing not a piece of shit anymore.