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  1. Circ also took down his KV-122 video. They thought people wouldn't notice, but they did. I feel like Foch may have had it coming because the video didn't seem like much of a review, but at the same time it does feel like WG is going down the drain
  2. Just sold it. Still have my 59 for crew training, and it can at least usually hit things. 112 is just better in every way as well. If this was to recieve a slightly toned down WZ-120 122mm (think raviolli levels of pen) and maybe full mm, it'd be a lot better to play.
  3. and they also said no tier 10 meds/lights. lol. we'll probably see it, gotta release a cash grab per patch
  4. any idea if the chinese tds will be china server only? the tier 8 one looks pretty good.
  5. still annoys me about the chinese lights. didnt get camo refunded, and i have to grind out the entire tier 9. the gun on the tier 9 really pisses me off, its only just barely different enough from the gun of the same name on the med/heavy line. cmon wg. rip tier 10 lights as well. i see very little reason to get any of the tier 10s atm.
  6. Turret can be skipped, i'm pretty sure a lot of the chinese line including the 110 and 111 1-4 use the IS-2s top engine so may as well get it while you can.
  7. defender worth getting? considering it but not sure if i wanna drop 50$ on it

    1. Luna


      Don't be a WG shill

    2. skyf24


      decided imma buy lego star wars stuff instead. i think its a much better choice

  8. Hmm, Star wars Battlefront Ultimate edition for $20. Yay/nay?

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    2. skyf24


      well, thats on the wishlist.

    3. Assassin7


      haha. its super teamwork based. 

    4. skyf24


      looks like a lot of fun tbh

  9. fucks sake. lost my anaconda twice tonight. feels like the system security is utterly useless unless they're trying to kill you because you started firing half a second before the scan finished.
  10. but, but, but! lol, fair enough. is nice to have the giant buffer though. bought and a rated a viper mk iv, seems like a mini python to me. has 26 tons of cargo, along with full armament, and a 20ly jump range with no engineering. way easier to use if im just running data missions to rank up with some factions.
  11. I just want a way to make money that isn't dependent on good enemy spawns in high RES's. I suppose if I did a CG a week or so i'd make plenty. The crappy spawns in HRS's are screwing over a friend of mine who just started, one run we made 1.5m, the next we couldnt get anything larger than an asp. extremely frustrating.
  12. Getting back into the game. Burned myself out on sothis/ceos runs, with a few of my friends getting into the game I decided to reinstall. Outfit the conda with weapons, and I know lasers are barely worth it but since I still need dirty drives it works fine, and it will let my friends have fun with them when 2.3 hits. I have 2 SRV bays, 2 fighter slots, and still have about 304T of cargo. Jump range is pretty poor, but 24LY unladen is still decent, since i can never find what i need for farseer. What are the current moneymaking methods? At 260~ million or so right now, but wanna be able to get 7A thrusters without losing half my money.
  13. chose going to tilted kilts over english class. responsible? no. worth it? hell to the yes.

    1. Driftin


      Keltic Hooters    What a great idea that was. LOL


    2. skyf24


      it honestly was, foods pretty good

  14. Thanks for the link. very impressed so far with the FDL, was usin it to shepard a friend in a sidewinder. He took an assassination mission, with me flying as an escort. He dropped out of SC too early and left me alone against a Viper IV, Keelback, and i think 2 Eagles. Almost felt bad for them. Definitely felt bad for the AI cobra 3 who decided to interdict an A rated FDL.