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  1. defender worth getting? considering it but not sure if i wanna drop 50$ on it

    1. Luna


      Don't be a WG shill

    2. skyf24


      decided imma buy lego star wars stuff instead. i think its a much better choice

  2. Hmm, Star wars Battlefront Ultimate edition for $20. Yay/nay?

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    2. skyf24


      well, thats on the wishlist.

    3. Assassin7


      haha. its super teamwork based. 

    4. skyf24


      looks like a lot of fun tbh

  3. fucks sake. lost my anaconda twice tonight. feels like the system security is utterly useless unless they're trying to kill you because you started firing half a second before the scan finished.
  4. but, but, but! lol, fair enough. is nice to have the giant buffer though. bought and a rated a viper mk iv, seems like a mini python to me. has 26 tons of cargo, along with full armament, and a 20ly jump range with no engineering. way easier to use if im just running data missions to rank up with some factions.
  5. I just want a way to make money that isn't dependent on good enemy spawns in high RES's. I suppose if I did a CG a week or so i'd make plenty. The crappy spawns in HRS's are screwing over a friend of mine who just started, one run we made 1.5m, the next we couldnt get anything larger than an asp. extremely frustrating.
  6. Getting back into the game. Burned myself out on sothis/ceos runs, with a few of my friends getting into the game I decided to reinstall. Outfit the conda with weapons, and I know lasers are barely worth it but since I still need dirty drives it works fine, and it will let my friends have fun with them when 2.3 hits. I have 2 SRV bays, 2 fighter slots, and still have about 304T of cargo. Jump range is pretty poor, but 24LY unladen is still decent, since i can never find what i need for farseer. What are the current moneymaking methods? At 260~ million or so right now, but wanna be able to get 7A thrusters without losing half my money.
  7. chose going to tilted kilts over english class. responsible? no. worth it? hell to the yes.

    1. Driftin


      Keltic Hooters    What a great idea that was. LOL


    2. skyf24


      it honestly was, foods pretty good

  8. Thanks for the link. very impressed so far with the FDL, was usin it to shepard a friend in a sidewinder. He took an assassination mission, with me flying as an escort. He dropped out of SC too early and left me alone against a Viper IV, Keelback, and i think 2 Eagles. Almost felt bad for them. Definitely felt bad for the AI cobra 3 who decided to interdict an A rated FDL.
  9. the wiki on the ships as well is semi reliable, i use it to plot out where to buy each ship for discounts. bought a fer de lance, seems pretty nice. barely hit the throttle on takeoff and was already at 100m/s or whatever the speed unit is. was a huge surprise after the flying brick anaconda.
  10. Hmm. Either way they started firing at me with my shields down, so i had to get out of mass lock ASAP. Lost 4 million from that place but oh well, couldve lost 8m from having to rebuy. Anyways, deliveries to Pathera or some place like that are going to have to wait a week. Also, how do i go to the engineers? Just bought Horizons cause it was on sale and want to see about modding Conda's jump range.
  11. Well, just being in a Conda has saved my ass at least twice now. Asp wouldn't have survived me trying to dock in a system where I was wanted, even though I was trying to pay off the fine. Got scanned right before touchdown, and so had to boost out as literally everything was firing at me. Escaped with about 44% total health left, as my shields were down (yet again) because of silent running. I swear, I start to feel like I know what i'm doing only to get shat on. having as much health as the conda does is pretty nice though.
  12. Yeah, after NPCs ambushed me twice as I was leaving a station slowly in silent running, i'm rather put off of smuggling. Biowaste runs for days. The fuel rat who saved me showed me that filter, wish i'd found it sooner.
  13. edit: double posted like a muppet.
  14. KGBFOAM, i just hadnt learned of how to filter it. i discovered the rats on youtube, glad i did. the bonus was in the transaction panel, not exactly sure what it was about as i didnt lose any money from the run. got back to ceos and saw no fines as well, so oh well. works for me
  15. Well that could've gone better. Leaving Ceos in the 'Conda, I was 9km away when i disabled silent running, INSTANT scan, the warning didn't even come up on screen. 275k fine in ceos, which hopefully won't show up as a bounty, otherwise rip my Anaconda. I then ran out of fuel. Didn't get any stars I could refuel from on the way back to the bubble, and i ran out about 9 LY away from where i could, without enough for the jump there. fuel rats saved my ass big time there. In trying to deliver my missions, I got fired upon twice leaving stations with my shields down because of silent running. another time as i was landing, but it was an imperial eagle so I just ignored it. After all the missions had been turned in, i made 50M with them, so it all ended up OK. Also, when the mission has don't get scanned or you lose the bonus listed, I assume that means in the station its being delivered at?