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  1. I finally got 3 moe on the VK1602, but the marks are too small to see. sigh...
  2. I bought this today because tier 6 is my sweet spot and love the Cromwell B and Rudy. This is a great tank. You can bully people with its armor and it mobility isn't too bad. Already had a 3k damage game in it.
  3. Yep, I sold my FV304 as it is now useless for doing personal missions.
  4. Now it becomes a worse T-34. No thanks. I guess I'll be moving my Crusader crew over to a Sherman III or something now. So much for ever having a British scout tank line.
  5. My god this tank is horrible. It's basically a slow centurion 1 with worse dpm. It's completely useless if you can't find a perfect spot on a hill to peak over. It can't even effectively hull down on level ground behind cover. Is there any reason why I shouldn't dump this entire fucking useless line and retire my heavy crew to the Tog?
  6. On Track is coming up next month and I'm only about 100k xp away.
  7. Every team today has been retarded. This is going to be a real struggle.
  8. I just got this tank and I am in love. I was able to free xp the turret and engine and I find the (ridiculously) long 88 to be very workable. With it, this tank is like a fast JT88 with a turret and is a tracking machine.
  9. just saw this- Garbad Reviews the T-25 Pilot
  10. I'm shocked that I can't find a thread on this bit of news-
  11. Wow, that sounds just like how I am to platoon with.
  12. I finished grinding this the other day. It's a fun tank with the 75mm but it gets screwed by being tier 7. I think half of my games were tier 9. With its excellent speed and tiny gun, it feels and plays like a scout with bad camo. It's not as good as the Comet though. All of the Swede tanks I've played so far could use a buff. I hope the heavys are worth the effort I've put into this.
  13. I turn it on when I get bored with the other modes and play it for about a month before I get pissed off and turn it off again. Assault requires a lot more team work and for people to actually have a clue at how to win than random teams can usually provide. That said, if you are grinding things like tank destroyers or arty - turn it on. Assault is great for both.
  14. I enjoyed playing the Comet and this feels pretty much the same. It's fast and goes pew pew. The tier 6 is probably the keeper though.
  15. It is fairly meh. I rate it about the same as the tier 5 French medium except you don't get a derp option. Its only good feature is the great gun depression, but that is pretty much ruined by a really slow aim time. You want to poke and shoot quickly but you end up exposed too long waiting to aim in and get shot. The armor doesn't deflect anything. The tier 6 fixes all this and is a much better tank.