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  1. DoW I: Capture strategic point, upgrade point with guns, enemy dies if tries to capture. DoW II: Run up to strategic point, push button, run away, enemy does the same, rinse, repeat. DoW II = boring. The only good thing about DoW II was the graphics and the fact that they had Tyranids. That's about it.
  2. Since this patch most of my battles in my T-44 have been vs tier 9 and 10. I've dropped my WN8 by 200 since this patch. My win rate has stayed the same but with the higher tiers it's been difficult to score over 1000 damage due to being out armored and out maneuvered. And I've been surviving most of the battles. I've given up on getting that 3rd MOE.
  3. Needs to pay attention to what tier the new lights are so I don't get smoked when taking on 2 lights in my T-44.....

  4. Trying to 3 mark a T-44 is just as dumb as trying to 3 mark a T-43. Time to buy the T-54 and 3 mark that!

    1. Sidus_Preclarum


      I loved the T-44 (and liked the T-43) , I really should get around to try and 3 mark it someday (fat chance, considering I only have 2 tier VIII 3 marked)

    2. crapcannon


      I've got 2 marks on both the T-43 and T-44 and both are stuck at 85%. I could go for 3 on the T-44 but I would have to run food and spam more APCR but I'm stingy as fuck.

  5. Arty is fucking much worse in this update! Can't even drive a fucking heavy more than 20 meters without 3 arty shitting on you!

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    2. Greatspank


      months of sandboxing and years of tweaking the broken mechanic, this is the end result.:nanodoge::MingLee::PogChamp::trump:

    3. ArrogantWorms


      Heavies have been parked. Which is a shame, the Type5 and pZ7 are a lot of fun. Literally just playing fast, paper tanks with good camo.


      And the French prem arty

    4. SaintLaurentius


      I dunno man, I'm gonna miss the drunk triple T92 AP platoons. Or just triple shoot superheavies with HE for the sake of balance...

      I might have think of another activity to do when I'm drunk at home....

  6. Is it normal for vbaddict and wotstats to confuse wins as losses after an update? Won 4 and it recorded 2 as losses.

    Update: wins and losses are all over the place. Haven't used these in previous updates so I guess it's a temporary thing.

  7. Seems like a med kit is going to be a necessity now to 'un-stun' at least the driver. Cause I'm not liking the noticeable speed reduction on the mediums.
  8. I like the new consumable rules for 9.18

    Reusable Consumables:

    • All (standard and Premium) consumables that need to be activated (First Aid Kit, Repair Kits, Fire Extinguishers) became reusable.
    • After using a consumable, it becomes available again after recharging.
    • Recharge of almost all standard consumables takes 90 seconds; recharge of Premium consumables takes 60 seconds.
    • The Large First Aid Kit and the Small First Aid Kit have the same recharge time (90 seconds).
    • Recharge times are individual for each consumable and do not depend on other equipped consumables.
    • If a consumable is used at least once in a battle, a new one will have to be purchased, just as before.
    • If a consumable is used several times in a battle, the cost remains unchanged.



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    2. crapcannon


      The small kit will fix the 1 crew then after 90 seconds be able to fix another. This might make large kits obsolete and more likely to run food and even fuel on some tanks instead of carrying 2 repair kits.

      Since I have JOT on my T-44 I might drop the large repair kit and run small repair/food/oil. Although JOT doesn't seem to help when my driver dies....

    3. crapcannon


      I stand corrected. It's almost mandatory with the new arty stun rules you need a med kit, small or large!

    4. SaintLaurentius


      Yup, I dont think anything changed regarding the need for a med kit. Joat does seem pointless though, shorter stun or whats the effect nowadays? Isnt the whole stun RNG dependent anyways, so why bother...

  9. IMO, top tier, this tank is awesome. And I'm just a greenhorn. When you're low tier you really got to work on getting damage. I'm sure purples don't have that problem though. Got a MOE after 50 games and in this game I got Ace. A sloppy Ace but an Ace nonetheless.
  10. Why does this tank need a buff? This tank is badass! I'd do better in it but I yolo and go full retard sometimes due to it's speed. This tank even makes me credits! But I also have a seriously jacked crew. This is how my T-44 is equipped:
  11. Doing much better off the bat with this T-44 than I did with the T-43. I started off with a WN8 of 2600. Then Tier X came along and fucked that up. Stuck at a little over 2000 WN8 and close to a MOE after 50 games. Using the 100mm of course. With optics/BIA/recon/SA my view range exceeds 445. I don't think food is worth it with this tank but that's just my opinion. Even using apcr I'm making credits. I like this tank but need to learn certain maps better for meds. Like Fjords, Abbey and Serene Coast. Been playing heavies for too long. I can't find good spots.
  12. Retiring the T-43 finally.  I just couldn't end a tank with a 42% win rate. So I finished strong with 2 MOE's, 52% win and a decent WN8.

    T-43 U.S.S.R. MT 7 176 51.7% 1103 206.56 1.55 1.05 73% 798 140438 Ace Tanker 2030
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    2. DirtyACE7


      Like @EndlessAgony, this tank clicked with me as well and I had something like a 65% WR and over 3k WN8.

    3. EndlessAgony


      To be honest though, the T-43 is kinda niche tank and doesn't work well for many people. I've seen players with way higher overalls than you, crapcannon, perform worse in it. The reason I did so well in it is that it just suits me and I can work it well. It was my highest WN8 and WR tank in regular WoT and the first one I ever hit superunica numbers in.

    4. DirtyACE7


      I completely agree with @EndlessAgony. It's a bit of a niche tank and it seemed to have suited me. However, right now I'm going up the British medium line and am currently on the Comet and I'm having a lot of struggles with it. I know a lot of people who did really well with it but it just doesn't quite work for me.

  13. Love how everyone still goes beach on Overlord then act surprised when a 252U drives straight up the East flank and rapes everyone.

  14. Optics or vents? Or do you run vents + food?
  15. WG said: