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  1. When you win your first 2 games of the day, just walk away from the computer. Walk away. PS: fuck arty. It was the only way those fuckers could take me out.

  2. Progetto M35 mod 46 Premium

    Damn. My bad. Trash this plz. Edit: Actually nevermind. Keep this here for people that have actually played the tank. That whole thread is 6 pages full of missions & theory.
  3. Gonna throw this here for people that have actually played the tank. 0.32 Dispersion, a bit quicker than a Mutz, decent gun depression, squishy turret, in fact almost no armor at all, & fancy autoreloading system. On sale here: Thoughts?
  4. Spaghetti with meat sauce for the Progresso tank!! LOOOL Sorry. I just found that to be funny as fuck.

    1. Action


      exactly my thought. A little bit too cliché :D but pizza would have been a little too unrealistic for the prosecco mario tank :S

    2. nabucodonsor


      Also because most Italians don't eat  spaghetti with meatballs

  5. Object 430 Appreciation and Boasting Thread

    Do NOT ram anyone with this tank! Thought for sure I could finish off a Sheridan. Turns out I was the one that got finish off.
  6. SU-152 Fan Club

    This 152 is nothing but an exact clone of the premium 122S. I think I made a mistake going down this line...
  7. Obj 430U

    So after reading all this, get to the 430U as fast as possible. Got it.
  8. When platooning, is it better to all stay the same tank type? Or do you mix it up?

    1. Folterknecht


      Sure - tripple arti, scout or TD platoon (especially without turret) is they way to glory.






      For the enemy team

    2. Assassin7


      I play whatever when in a platoon. 

    3. Darvek


      If you're looking to platoon to boost your win rate, you should probably drive tanks that can play together. Scouts go with snipers, meds, or arty, but not so good with tanks that need to be in the heavy brawl. Some meds can play with the heavies, some heavies can play with the meds, but Leo 1 and Type 5 is probably not a combo that can play in the same part of the map. If you're platooning to just have some fun games with friends, then just don't pick particularly stupid combinations like Folterknecht said.

  9. Where can I find the updated WN8 values for the 430/430U? Thanks.

    1. Gr1nch_1


      I can tell you. Do alot of dmg for purple and less for other colors.

      In other news looking at colors to evaluate your per tank performance is meaningless.

    2. crapcannon


      lol thanks

  10. IS-4 failed carry cause, reasons. I think I made two mistakes I made at the end, 1. Lost sight of the Lorraine 2. Should have used APCR Thoughts?
  11. Glacier

    The middle is OP as fuck for tanks with excellent gun depression. But don't go alone with 2-3 arty.
  12. Once I hit 1600 I stopped. Although Personal Rating can get weird too.
  13. Only a few credits away from the Object 430. Vert/Vents/rammer? At 0.39 dispersion I don't see any reason to go optics.

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. TheMarine0341



    3. crapcannon


      lol got it.

      Also, I just realized that Situational Awareness skill that my loader has is greyed out in my T-44/430 but if I put him my Rudy it is not. Bummer cause now I have to train the commander extra hard for recon/SA.

    4. kreigermann


      I've noticed that about a few of the premiums.. the skills aren't always 100% the same, so if you choose a skill while in that prem there's a slight chance it won't match up with the tank they actually belong in.

      You just have to put them in the vehicle you want them in, and reset the skills. I would rather have the skill active in my tier 10 but not in the tier 6 trainer than the other way around..

  14. Steppes 1.0

    Yeah definitely more open space. But on certain maps like Fjords & Steppes I felt like I had more hull down spots than usual.
  15. Best tank to play IMO while learning these new maps, Lowe. Noticing most of these maps favor tanks with good gun depression. Might as well play a tank that shits credits while learning.