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  1. Where are the stats for this thing? I hear it has custom voices. But I'm leery about stuff like this cause WG takes shit away after patches like the dog barking on the Rudy when 6th is activated. Other than the Bromwell I have no other British meds. But was looking at this just for the fun factor.
  2. OMG this tank is a piece of shit. Forget about camo. It's pointless on this tank. I'm better off with BIA for that extra range and firepower.
  3. How is this tank compared to the LTG? Camo rating any better? Cause I'm loving the LTG right now. From the stats it sure looks like this thing can haul ass compared to the LTG
  4. I've only seen effective goating on 3 maps, Mines, Sacred Valley and Cliff. And they were abused by Swede TD's and E25's.
  5. Well it has no gun depression so I'm guessing it's tier 3?
  6. Jesus Christ why don't they just go full retard and create an E100 with an autoloader.
  7. You have any replays of the LTG on small maps like Ensk and Abbey?
  8. So just to be a super dick my crew has camo skill, exterior camo and camo net. lol I've only got a few games under my belt but if you're top tier, and you can get in the right spot quick enough, you are seriously in stealth mode! You can even get away with shooting and not be seen on occasion. My only gripe is this tank is slow on acceleration. Might give governor removed a try and see if it helps. Edit: Camo net was only effective on certain maps but still invisible without it. Now running rammer, optics and vents for that little boost in view range which comes out to a little over 400m.
  9. How does an MT-25 fit 5?
  10. Never play tanks after working out. Your fine motor skills go full retard. 0 and 241 damage. lol

  11. Just bought this tank. If the camo value of this tank is better than the MT-25 I'm going to have a fucking field day with this tank! And my crew has 94% camo skill. Still working on 6th for the commander. Plus my wife gots me a WoT gift card for fathers day so just to be an extra dick I might paint this tank with camo.
  12. This is my first go with lights and this tank is a riot to play. It would be even better if I had 6th but I'm working on that. Other than the tier 5 gun on a tier 6 tank the only thing I don't like about this tank is when I'm top tier and I have rejects on my team below me that have no clue how to use and abuse my scouting. Especially on maps like Prok. I park my ass up front on the West flank only to watch almost the entire team lemming it's ass on the East hill. That and this tank has crap gun depression which makes sniping on top of the hill at the lighthouse on Cliff dangerous.
  13. I think I made a mistake. Is it quicker to get to 100% with repairs or camo? Gave my MT-25 camo first. Or it doesn't matter? 40 games and I'm only at 70% Need to get 6th real quick in this tank.

    1. WhatTheSkara


      Doesn't matter, it takes 42.012 exp to get the first skill, regardless of what you choose 

    2. crapcannon


      Is there a source as to how the experience is given out for all the skills/perks? Thanks

    3. WhatTheSkara


      Not that I'm aware of.. I guess you get the same amount of combat and crew exp..

      One thing I know for sure is that your dead crew members only get 90% of the total exp 

  14. Finally got into the light tanks and this MT-25 is a riot! Too bad it's only got a gun that goes pew-pew.

  15. The Chryslers on my team always seem to be either the first one's dead or low on the damage list by the end of the game. I think I regret not buying the 252 more as time goes on.