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  1. Sundays has to be the worst fucking day ever to play. Crew grinding in the Lowe and all 6 games, all tier X, 6 losses, 390 WN8. Fuck this shit. Done for the day.

  2. I bought it for 30% off! I need a crew trainer! It's taking me too damn long to get that 6th sense on my Tiger II. But then again it doesn't help if I'm only playing it once or twice a day....
  3. OMG the Lowe is on sale! 

  4. Love when some faggot & his shit clan named I_shot_JR[5LINE] tells the team how much they suck & you're a shitter. Meanwhile after 72,000 games they still suck. Love the irony. PS: I_shot_JR, enjoy your ban after the team kill and shit spamming. :)

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    2. Fulcrous


      it's okay. I think he's shit.

    3. crapcannon


      Probably pissed he didn't get a kill.

    4. DirtyACE7


      He was pissed way before that, this was just the breaking point. I haven't watched the replay but he shouldn't have done what he did obviously.

  5. I'm convinced. Every time I break out a heavy MM's like, "Three arty for you!"
  6. Keep the -10
  7. wotlabs 2 points higher than wotstats. Guessing cause of the update. Can't wait for the SConq to be added. 

  8. You purples gots replays? Need to play better in this, deal moar damage without over extending. Runnng vert/rammer/vents/food every game. Gives me a 445 view range. And spall liner eh?
  9. Was hoping it was a little faster but I guess it would be OP if that happened.
  10. Lowe or Tiger 131 for German heavy trainer/credit maker?

    Edit: Tiger 131 comes with BIA crew so this might make sense.

    1. kunjuro


      Easy question - Lowe - arguably one of the best T8 Premium Tanks after the buffs. Great turret armor which allows you to hull down, good gun characteristics means you don't need to use prem (thus giving you more credits per match). Only thing bad about it is the speed which isn't much of a problem now especially with the corridor meta.

      The Tiger 131, which is similiar to the Japanese Ht No. VI, is a mediocre Tier VI. Average penetration, crappy armor, sluggish speed. Not bad but not terribly good either.



    2. TAdoo87


      The plus 1 skill doesnt matter too much on a heavy. Löwe is one of the best tier 8 tank in the game. 

    3. CandyVanMan
  11. This tank is going on sale next month. Was thinking about getting this for the Chinese heavy line. Does it still only see tier 9?
  12. So when we get this new tank all the stats will be reset correct? Never really liked the 215B even though it was my first tier X.
  13. Is it wrong to fire 2 heat rounds in some camping asshat in an E5 who only has a WN8 of 400? (I didn't do it but wanted too!)

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    2. crapcannon


      You're right. Checked his stats.I was wrong so I edited it.

      Here's the replay. I didn't play that great myself. Just got fed up towards the end and suicided. But to camp like that in a really good tank? That just ruined the game for me right there.

    3. Hellsfog


      I wonder if that player is enjoying the game. I think they would have to be with that many battles but still, except for singing, I really don't enjoy things I'm terrible at. 

    4. Fulcrous


      2 hours ago, Hellsfog said:

      I wonder if that player is enjoying the game. I think they would have to be with that many battles but still, except for singing, I really don't enjoy things I'm terrible at. 

      singing is great until you record and hear your own voice :singkitty: :feelsbad:

  14. Using food kinda defeats the purpose of premium credit whoring though. Especially if you're a green shitlord like myself that relies on credits for grinding.
  15. Can't earn MOE's with the HT No. VI?! WTF is this shit?

    1. CraBeatOff


      Gotta work on your information intake bro. Marks have been turned off on NA since the last patch (because WG broke them)

    2. crapcannon


      Appreciate the info. I haven't been reading up on the forums in a while.