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  1. Lowe or Tiger 131 for German heavy trainer/credit maker?

    Edit: Tiger 131 comes with BIA crew so this might make sense.

    1. kunjuro


      Easy question - Lowe - arguably one of the best T8 Premium Tanks after the buffs. Great turret armor which allows you to hull down, good gun characteristics means you don't need to use prem (thus giving you more credits per match). Only thing bad about it is the speed which isn't much of a problem now especially with the corridor meta.

      The Tiger 131, which is similiar to the Japanese Ht No. VI, is a mediocre Tier VI. Average penetration, crappy armor, sluggish speed. Not bad but not terribly good either.



    2. TAdoo87


      The plus 1 skill doesnt matter too much on a heavy. Löwe is one of the best tier 8 tank in the game. 

    3. CandyVanMan