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  1. AMX 13 57F IS Berlin Are two i can think of which are really good for tier 7 (as per title) Rhm Scorpion Liberte Patriot Defender For tier 8 as per post
  2. Noob question here, i have back from a hiatus from the game and i know the answer is here locked in a thread that i just cant seem to find.

    The question is as follows, If i put my light tank crew into a premium medium tank (prem tank has food and vents etc to make some of the disadvantage disappear) does my light tank crew still get the battle XP for training even if it's at a reduction?


    Thanks for your patience and understanding 

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    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      Just not sure the penalty to the crew performance in the first place makes it worth playing the tank, let alone an autoloader. Anyway, the crew i have now on the baby bat is a female crew almost up to their 4th skill discounting SOS and they started from the 13 75 but i ground out both the baby bat and AMX 30 from the 13 90. 

    3. ThomChen114


      it's generally not worth it

      the penalty you'll suffer from decreased performance of the crew in a tank class they aren't trained in would eat away any of the bonus you might have gained otherwise in a premium tank with a crew that was trained for that class.

      you'd be better off training & grinding the crew in their native tank, use +% crew trainer personal reserves

    4. 8_Hussars




      Premium tanks also receive the following benefits that make them very useful for training other tank crews.  For training level the following applies:

      • If a crew member is in a premium vehicle of the same class there is no penalty to his current training level. The regular penalty is 25% to his current training level.
      • If a crew member is in a premium vehicle of a different class there is a 25% penalty to his current training level. The regular penalty is 50% to his current training level.

      For experience gain the following applies:  

      • If a crew member is in a premium vehicle of the same class there is no penalty to EXP earned. The regular penalty is 50% less EXP earned.
      • If a crew member is in a premium vehicle of a different class there is a 50% penalty to EXP earned. The regular penalty is 75% less EXP earned.

      The X2 may be just enough to off set the XP penalty but reality the end XP result equates to playing another match in the 12t without X2 but at 100% crew.  You will need more crews just start a French Medium one...

      The only time I accept the XP penalties are when sharing the odd Radio Operator between crews...

  3. Been in a slump about playing this game for awhile now where i just cant muster the energy or motivation to play. Been playing with my best friend and recruit, been great fun but am nowhere near the ability to carry so winrate been suffering but yesterday had a small streak that gives me hope:)

  4. Guys can anyone help, i am looking for the patch notes of what tanks are affected by the camo reduction after shot from an official web page and not from ftr (E25  doesn't lose camo) as someone in the clan states it does. All Help appreciated:)

    1. Tarski


      But the E 25 does lose camo when firing. All vehicles do.

      You don't need patch notes, you can check this for yourself in game by at least two methods: by reading the camo stats in the garage or by testing the spotting with a friend. 

      TDs formerly lost less camo when firing relative to other tanks, and the E 25 retained that advantage. 

  5. IS-3 and KV 2 seem to snap shot pretty well (atleast when i am on the receiving end)
  6. I has a question that always baffled me, why do you exit sniper view just before/after you shoot? Is there something i am missing because i see other good players replays do the same thing
  7. @Fedaykin89 Beat me to it XD Got this asshole, RaspadSistema , on my list to TK if he in arty he might send me interesting out of game Love letters when i do but dont worry i will share all the love with you all. Right here in Name and Shame
  8. Haven't been able to play properly for more than a month due to heavy internet probs, come back and i can't play at all, maybe it's due to the packetloss every 10 secs... maybe am out of practice... i dont know:(

  9. Greetings from one of the many followers of
  10. BTW anyone knowing what's going on in Munich?

    1. Crossfader


      pretty much whats going on with the rest of Europe

  11. Hey if your willing to platoon with me i'll hit you up when my south African internet doesn't die on me Lemme know if i can add ya Oh god just saw my recent winrate 300ms is a pain
  12. 113 or T-62a ? Getting new female crew members and want to know where i should stick em, I have a crew i could always pull up from the t54 to the t-62a but dont know:( 

    1. TheMarine0341


      Id go 113 if you're looking for a good CW tank which is pretty niche'. If just for pubs, flip a coin

  13. Ht 15.2 done with the T34 heavy on sand river because pubs love shooting the turret and the b-e-a-utiful arty ignores me the whole game whilst I have a whole flank of HP to my self:dealdog: Must've been a unicum on the other flank who he was focusing:QBSeal: