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  1. From what I read on the forums there seems to be a bug for the containers
  2. I plan to grind the tiers because I want to try them all out, I also plan to run my favorite BBs for each tier against them so see how they stack up. I also plan to have lots of fun with my Isokaze and Clemson
  3. The search function isn't working for me, started last night. I usually have the site up on my phone so I can check certain players during battle, tried in later on my computer and the search still wasn't working. I can write a name there but when I hit enter or click search nothing happens, rest of the links work fine though
  4. I had a ton of fun in the Nicholas and Farragut, Mahan is harder because everyone has radar and sonar so no more ambushes
  5. Got my first TK in god knows how long, really annoyed by it even though I know its my fault. I was in my Mahan, tried pushing a cap early but was met by a enemy DD and 3 cruisers nearby, I pop smoke and light up the cruisers for a bit before I realized I'm screwed if I stay so I leave the cap dropped a full salvo of torps towards the cruisers when I noticed some dumbass in a friendly cruiser decides to go into the cap (trying to take my smoke I think), with 3 spotted enemy cruisers and a hidden DD. Well sure enough he quickly gets melted but clips one of my torps to secure the kill. Yea yea I know my fault but I didn't think he was stupid enough to actually going to go in the cap.
  6. Was on vacation with my son and wife at Virginia Beach and on our way home we decided to hit up the USS Wisconsin on the way out, unfortunately it started raining right before I got there (on top of that I forgot to pack my good camera so I was stuck with cell phone pictures). That said comparing the USS North Carolina to the USS Wisconsin and their both really different experiences, the NC is pure battleship was the Wisky has a really nice naval museum that is centered around not just the Navy but civilian navy also. The Wisky has less to see, they are still working on the ship apparently and recently opened up the engine area to the public while the NC you can go nearly anywhere. Also the Wisky is sooo much bigger feeling than the NC. This is starting to be a yearly thing for us, last year we visited the NC, this year the Wisky, next year we plan to go to my home state NJ for vacation so might as well stop by and see the NJ in Camden. Heres a couple pictures and the rest out in this album
  7. The only thing I hate more than in my DD than a RN CL is a Atlanta. If I see a Leander or Fiji I know I'm in for a rougher game than if I faced any other cruiser. That said don't sit in smoke pumping shells away, allot of captains are getting wise to that trick and learned how to shoot at where they see your tracers come out of. The line has a high skill floor and a high ceiling, personally on my list to try out eventually
  8. Well they did use a semi armor penatrating shell which is what this so suppose to be....
  9. 80ish for me sometime higher sometimes lower
  10. Done for the weekend, not winning anything and I'm getting some real window lickers, I actually had a game where I was the only one to sink any ships. I'm fine with losing but when my whole team evaporates before the first 5 minutes its just not fun for me, fuck them, fuck me, fuck this
  11. Man this weekend started rough, I had to fight tooth and nail to get anything going, teams haven't been much better. I haven't had a weekend like this in a while
  12. I noticed the Mikasa went back on sail and there was a influx of them yesterday (probably today also), lets just say my Konig Albert ate good yesterday. I tried to get into a secondary battle with one but couldn't get close enough (mixture of their secondaries being short range and people were focus firing them before I could get close)
  13. Yea I know I've been meaning to hop on your discord but I usually don't play more than 3-4 matches on a given night, less if its a weekday
  14. Ran into @ncc81701 @BiggieD61 and @Rodrigopine earlier, gave me my only defeat of the night and my lowest damage game, everything else was 100k+ damage wins, way to ruin it lol. BTW that Saipan captain you all had on your team was scary good our Kaga never had a chance
  15. "Don't worry comrade, we here you want more super containers, so you shall have all you want" Kinda like the old Monkey Fist story