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  1. I knocked out the XP portion in 6 battles, all wins and ran every XP booster I had. I figure the damage mission I will do with the Langley in co-op since farming 50-60k each game is pretty easy and fast Special shout out to the recent Colorado buff, just over 2 potential million damage blocked thanks to a Division of 2 KGV with a massive hard on for me. Only 100k damage done by me but resulted in a 5500 XP match thanks to first win, XP camo and flags
  2. My only driving force in the game anymore is certain missions like this. I was excited for the RN BBs but I've found them meh at best, I'm looking forward to the French BBs because they look like they need some semblance of skill. Maybe that's the issue the easier the line the less I want to play it, I have the same issue with the KM BB line. I need a new game I just don't know what I want to play
  3. I figured the Vampire mission would be easy to knock this weekend, boy was I wrong. 9 losses in a row with me being top in XP most of them or at least in the top 3 every match. Jesus this takes the fight out of me I might just finish it in co-op because the stupidity this weekend was hard because between the broadside sailing NCs and HE flinging Bismarcks it just crushed what little love I have left
  4. Heres the thing, just because the ship doesn't work for you doesn't mean its bad. Calling a ship crappy when its highly regarded as a solid if not great ship only means you are struggling with its playstyle
  5. Well I decided to start another account to test out what its like to be a new player. Their is a HUGE change when you get out of the kiddie pool. I got out near the end of the T4 grind, and I only did 1 line, most new players I would would grind 2 or 3 lines at once which means they would be out of the protective match making by T3 I would bet. The point I'm making is I was still seeing players sailing broadside and firing off torps with their allies in the way. Oh and good god the MM needs to change, I was done the Wyoming and got a stock NY and my first T5 match was a heavy T7 game, with a stock NY with a 5 point captain. No wonder most players quit/complain because I can only imagine what its like for a new player coming into that. If I was new and I ran into that I would probably quit too and I'm the guy that used to say "get gud" but not anymore
  6. Opinions are like assholes.....
  7. Belt line works but if I recall the penetration values are pretty lack luster compared to the rest of the T6 ships. Even though I did great in this ship, I can count on 1 hand the amount of 100k+ damage games I had, I always seemed to do around 60-80 regardless of how bad or good the game was, if anything she was very consistent, where as my Fuso and New Mexico could be 40k damage game followed by 130k damage
  8. So I started a new account for shits and giggles and boy I feel sorry for anyone new to the game, there is allot to take in quickly. The videos they provide don't really provide that clear of information like setting up modules or captain skills, they really need to set up a set of missions explaining the importance of ammo choice and leading also. That said I'm curb stomping noobs left and right, even managed a 50k damage game in the Chester and the St. Luise is a completely over powered ship. It won't be much longer once I'm out of the special protected MM, I think level 11 is the cut off
  9. I loved the Bayern, that said her shells are quick but lose speed fast so the change from long range aiming and short range can be somewhat different than what your used to. Are you using the stock hull or B hull? Her gun angles change with the upgrade, that said you don't have to worry about getting citadeled anyways if you show to much broadside. I found aiming at where the deck meets the side of the ship a good aim point giving you the best chance to get hits, may not be citadels but the shells tend to give good penetration damage like this. About 10km seems to be her sweet zone, any further you are at the mercy of RNG
  10. The play style changes, you go from a show ship that has to angle to a ship that is fairly quick and had to go bow on. Plus your pretty much going to be completely in all high tier matches which means that meta. It took me a while to get a handle on it
  11. I hardly ever have had a need to use Hydro, I've been running BBs since OBT and just never really think about it outside a few situations. I just naturally use my WASD hacks all the time
  12. Taking a break it seems, the Russian battleship mission has taken it out of me again because I haven't had much reason to play. I have all the ships I want, none of the other lines make me crave them. The new USN Cruiser line split looks interesting and I think I might dab in that
  13. Looks like USN Cruiser split will finally happen
  14. I have a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, works really well for most games I've used it. I still had my old settings in the game but it felt off and regardless of the changes I just can't get a good feel. WT is spot on and Microsoft flight sim is great to it
  15. I dunno I've been getting daily updates when I check