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  1. Finished the Aoba tonight, got her done in 26 games, pretty quick but I was power grinding Free XP when I first got her so running all the XP flags and camos while using Premium time really sped things up. What can I say about her other than she is a good all around ship with frustrating gun range. This ship could really use just 1 more kilometer in range. Torpedo angles suck because is guaranteed death if someone sees you, coming from the USN cruiser line the AA is trash on her, BUT she feels comfortable. Not hard to play but hard to excel in
  2. It's got 50mm belt armor and is the size of a cruiser, I'm fine with full pen damage on them considering how broken it is otherwise
  3. I read somewhere in the next patch or so this is getting fixed, you will have to be on 75% or less HP to trigger the detonate RNG and looks like their taking away HE citadels which I'm sure will piss off all the brain dead RN captains which fire only their 'No skill required' shells
  4. Free captain respec weekend this weekend
  5. Yep and my stats are pretty good in it except I can't get a win. I have no issue with any of my other ships but my luck in this ship is plain sad
  6. I like the Nelson, I like her allot but I just can't get her into a workable position like I can with USN Standards (she plays allot like them to me) which means I can't get those guns singing. I will say this is the first ship in a long time that I have enjoyed playing, I will easily rank her up there with the Colorado or Clemson as my new Go-To fun ship I think That said I utterly hate my Guilio Caesar, its not that it is a bad ship but I can't get nothing but bad teams. Its gotten so bad to the point I just want it gone but WG won't refund my gold back at this point. I'll just tuck her away till the Italian BB line comes around because she just disgusts me
  7. Well it took me a little less than a month to grind 350k Free XP to reach 375k and finally buy the Nelson. The first 200k I did with the free 7 days Premium time WG gave out and stacking all my special flags. After that I did the last 150k on regular account and stacking regular flags, camo, and first day win bonuses. It's pretty amazing how much of a effect premium time and stacking XP flags with Free XP flags really made a huge difference
  8. Finally got around to seriously grinding the RN BB line again and firing 99% AP (HE for DDs is good). I stopped on the Iron Duke because she was meh, heck all of them have been Meh in my opinion. Their AA if overpower compared to the rest of the BB lines, their AP is perfectly usable, near impossible to citadel, German secondary range, ect seriously WG went out of their way to make these so strong their boring. The only weak area is their turret traverse, oh and the Iron Dukes range is pretty shit at 16.8km like the Konig's 16.5km (cause you know 70% tier 7 matches makes that range sooooo much fun). Got the Queen Elizabeth and finally a RN BB I like, these guns hit like freight trains and I just like her she feel very comfy
  9. Finished the Nagato grind finally, after like a year and a half lol. I rage sold it a while back, the original A hull was that frustrating. Took 57 matches all and all but only managed a 50.8% WR and only averaged 56843 DPG. I did pretty poorly in her to begin with, iirc I was only at 38% WR when I picked her back up and damage was allot lower. That said half the matches I ran BFT and AFT skills along with the AA mod (the guns are accurate enough) and she was surprisingly ok against same tier and lower CVs, during the skill reset though I changed over BFT and AFT to BoS and CE because I planned to take this captain to the Amagi. The change in AA was pretty bad, even had 1 match where a T6 CV had its way with me like no joke. Mix that with her wide turn radius and slowish rudder made for a painful experience at times Guns were good, better than the Shiney Horse sisters but about on par with Colorado which is odd because technically the Nagato has better guns but the Colorado seems to hit harder. Armor wise she is pretty soft, I have citadelled and been citadelled bow on to 14" guns which shouldn't be possible. I found her to take full penetration damage fairly easily where as the Colorado feels like she always eats over-pens and the Sisters seem to bounce allot more shells. Remember when 25 knots at T7 was fast? God she felt sluggish to me, at least the Colorado is agile for being slow and the Sisters feel allot faster and feel more agile than the Nagato This is just some random thoughts, I'm putting together a review for her soon. Good ship and I see why people like her but I never really enjoyed my time with her, it always felt like I was fighting her more than the enemy to get the performance I wanted out of her. I loved the Fuso and I played the Amagi on the PTS every time it comes up and I love her also
  10. It's not a very good brawler though, I fought one yesterday in my Amagi and if they show a hint of their side at close range they'll eat citadels, I managed 4 on him. First 2 is when he gave me the flat side of his bow so I was able to punch through his forward bulk head. I would say it appears to be a weaker brawler than even the NC and more akin to the pre-citadel buff Iowa's
  11. Psycodiver

    The WoWS carry and carry Fail Thread

    I managed to get a new YouTuber to feature my recent 7 kill NC game He seems pretty new to WOWS and it looks like he is having the same glitching issues I had when I tried to convert the file to video, I thought it was my computer being a potatoe but a couple patches back I noticed the replays haven't been running that well so its good to know it may not be my computer
  12. Psycodiver

    What Changed?

    It's the mission, people are don't whatever they can to compete each mission
  13. Psycodiver

    Goodbye Nagato, don't call me, I'll call you

    They have 25mm bows so that should bounce 14" shells but the Nagato takes the odd citadel. Its pretty rare but damn annoying when it does happen
  14. The bonuses are nice also 10k fxp and 24hrs premium time is pretty helpful
  15. Decided to try operations since I'm kinda burned out of the game thanks to the DoY campaign, it's pretty fun I wished I tried them sooner. It's easy to do well and the current one is really easy with the Scharnhorst
  16. I got 50 50% captain XP and 50 300%fxp flags They just fixed the 75000 XP mission in the doy mission this morning but no compensation for the lost day and with the current suicide torpedo meta everyone is adopting I'm done with this shit storm and taking a break
  17. Psycodiver

    The WoWS carry and carry Fail Thread

    I just had a 7 kill 120k damage game in my New Mexico while bottom tier, to say I carried this team would be a understatement lol. I don't get to take the ol' girl out very often anymore but when I do she sure puts the smile on my face. I especially needed this match because this weekend has been pure bad for me. I played my area, didn't over extend, I picked the easiest targets I could hit and with RNG on my side for once I was able to exploit enemy mistakes. While the damage wasn't crazy good I was able to put shots where they were needed. Heres the replay for anyone interested along with the screen shots
  18. I'm going after the Nelson actually, more my style honestly
  19. I've been having a good time this week with the game, I found out stacking XP flags will also help with your Free XP gains since its calculated after XP modifiers are in place, I grinded over 100k Free XP in 3-4 days, sitting at around 215k right now and will hopefully be around 250k by the time my premium time ends in 3 days, problem is all my special XP bonus flags are used up except my 50% XP and 300% FXP flags. I've been averaging 2000-2500 FXP every win right now, when I had all my special flags I was earning 4-5k per win lol
  20. Psycodiver

    The WoWS carry and carry Fail Thread

    That said here are to really good matches I've had, this first one was a great fight in my New Orleans where I ended up in less than 5km brawl with a Monarch where I was able to use my speed to stay out of his gun arc, BUT a friendly DD decided to "help" and sent a wave a skill my way, completely missing the Monarch but managed to hit me This battle was from tonight, I haven't been able to run the Colorado in a while so I have used her a couple times this week for my FXP grind, most games have been normal games except this one, the enemy team loved giving me their broadside, they did have a good Cleveland captain that kept me and my side harassed
  21. I'm not really looking for one, I just don't care enough to play with others since my time in the game is pretty random. It's just funny cause I feel objectified because I stats are decent, they want me cause of my stats not me lmao, damn I feel like some of the women I've dated
  22. I dunno why but the last couple days I'm getting allot of people asking me to join their clans, kinda annoying. A couple mentioned my stats which makes me feel like that's all their interested in lol
  23. Not this year, they changed it so if you win the same ship it just changes to a different premium you don't already own. I'm probably going to sell it after the event is over is what I meant, I might keep it also because I don't really need the credits either
  24. I bought 5 medium and 6 small boxes and was pretty let down: 50 - 50% XP Commander flags 50 - 333% free XP flags 50 - 50% XP glad 40 - Frosty Fir Tree camo 2000 Gold 10,000 Free XP Okhotnik w/ 10 point captain (which I'll probably sell later cause I can't see me using it)