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  1. I swear to god lol, barely got it, 1621xp lol. Anyways I blew through the 500 ribbon mission in 3 battles thanks to my Clemson and Phoenix and got the 3 win mission done in 3 games. Whats hilarious is after I got the 1600xp mission, I nailed it all 3 times in my 3 win game mission. Seriously I think WG was trolling me. I won't lie this has been the hardest free ship mission I've done yet even though it should have been easy for me
  2. Fuck it I give up, put up a couple great games and its a loss, play some ok games and easy win. I got a couple 1500ish games tonight but thats it. I either play great but my team fails around me or my team completely dominates the enemy and I struggle to get anything in
  3. I tried running my Scharnhorst, Bismarck and NC with just completely crap games, my Scharnhorst got into a match with a GZ test CV sporting 3 torpedo squads and 2 dive bombers, even with t6 planes it ate everyone up including myself and our CV did nothing. NC was shaping up well but the game crashed. Just not my night last night
  4. I was booted twice last night, I haven't had this issue since the game first started. I have some games running at 60-70ms and others around 600ms
  5. Can't get a 1600 base XP match to save my life, just can't seem to get my crap together and a 1600xp match is usually not that hard for me
  6. That replay if going to have to be posted up here lol
  7. I dunno if it's the same a before but once you hit t5 boom and zoom and keeping energy up becomes pretty important in dog fights
  8. Downloaded last night, I'll have to dust off my joy stick and give her a whirl
  9. I tested it and it actually does work, I was able to see ships to my full 32.4km range and beyond. That said using a bot CV and I was able to reliably citadel a Bismark at 32.2km. Useless for ingame but fun none the less
  10. Interesting so I can fire at that far but I can't render the ship I'm trying to hit, might have to hit the official forum
  11. Not that I'm aware of Neet thing about this set up though, I was able to wreck a enemy carrier mid game. He got spotted from 28-29km away so I launched spotter, fired and about 27 seconds later lol I was rewarded with 3 penetrating hits and 1 over pen. Well not absolutely wreck but funny to say the least.
  12. Anyone want to test plunging fire? I got to thinking with my NC with updated FCS, Plotting Room and Spotter Plane. I should be able to reach out to 32.4km and with her slow shell velocity the shells technically should be falling at 40 degrees and able to penetrate 230ish mm of deck armor. Of course this is if the guns are actually modeled real life Edit- I just did a check using a bot CV and I can't render a ship past 31ish km
  13. After a pretty crap day of playing I finally did a little seal clubbing with my Wyoming (well I'm grinding the meh Orion currently also). This ship puts such a smile on my face
  14. It's pretty much the same, the citadel usually runs from under the first turret all the way back to under the last turret
  15. Best not to feed them, instead send the replay into WG customer service, their actually way more serious about TKing than WoT ever was
  16. I bought back the NC since it's on discount but now I'm broke, doing these reviews ended up using a good chunk of my silver reserve. I used to run around 25-30 million silver but I'm at less than 600k, I can't even fully upgrade her again for a while lol, I can't remember when the last time I was broke in this game
  17. If you are being spotted with 9.1 km detection, then pop your radar. If that isn't the case then your way to close to the enemy. I play mine like a usn dd, fire a couple salvos, when Priority Target tells me more than 2 ships are targeting me I disappear
  18. Yea but 9.1 km detection and 9 km radar cause lulz. 'Ambush' and 'fire and fade away' are a way of life in the New Orleans
  19. Tier 6 Battleship Fuso Review is up
  20. You could get the T3 for free if you did the missions along with the T5 Dreadnought will most likely be a T3 premium money grab later down the road
  21. I'm taking a break, the HE spam is bad and I just can't do it with this load of crap with the RN BBs. I'll come back in a couple weeks maybe I dunno but WG really needs to stop with this "national flavor" stuff, they don't even do this in WoT to the degree WoWS does
  22. My new review of the New Mexico is up
  23. While I don't particularly like iChase he is probably one of the best CV players out there and has produced some really good how-to videos
  24. Konig Albert is going the way of the Nikolai and will be permanently banned from sale lol
  25. I played my Colorado for a little bit last night, the HE spam is real from them and I just let myself but because AR lulz. They appear soft in the way Colorado is, easy to citadel bow on or broadside but angled is a different story. Thanks to the HE spam though I found them easy to deal with but I could see myself really liking it when I get one