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  1. Haven't played mine because I hated it before the nerf now I will not touch it except to sell. However I have played against a few and they are easy to kill now. Tier 9 and 10 meds can eat them up. Even the jiggling doesn't seem to help much.
  2. Would the shake up of the lights be a reason to look at the value of historical data?
  3. It was a reference to Russians being in the top 5 gambling nations but yeah kind of cryptic. I still hate them though. Like I hate everyone else.
  4. I am not racist if that is what you mean. I hate everyone equally.
  5. Stupidly OP tank now. Another retarded decision brought to you by Putin.
  6. Why bother getting the Maus when you could get the retardedly OP type 5?
  7. Weird I just had some of the worst days ever and a few streamers I watched aso did. My theory is the super bowl ads brought all the bots back.
  8. WG are obviously more retarded than sticky himself.
  9. The guy has done 550 battles in 24 hours. I kind of feel for WG in this instance. What do you do about someone who is as mentally retarded as this guy? He keeps the same name and bots for 50-60k games gets reset and then just does it again. Even if they banned that name he could just pick another. He obviously keeps spending money because he has an IS6 and t34 again or do Wg leave all his premiums intact when they reset?
  10. If it can't use spotting damage then all you are doing is gimping the lights and quite frankly fuck arty.
  11. I don't think so it is just a guy with more money than sense. If you search for his name it comes up in other game forums and he bots in those also.
  12. assistance damage can now be accessed by API it has been for a while but I think it is only recent or something so no historical values or something like that. Because you know historical values of wn8 are so accurate. Like my tier 9 batchat stats which I have a wn8 of 2445 or something but have never owned or played.
  13. You might like WN9 and wotlabs may need to take a leadership role in trying to roll it out but it won't get used anyway. The guys at XVM aren't interested in it at all and that is because of the glaringly obvious flaw in WN9, almost NO POINT OF DIFFERENCE from WN8. When WN9 contained the platoon padding quotient the buzz around WN9 was almost Amazon cicadas level. As soon as it was removed WN9 died. It is a shame because it could have really made a difference to how WG actually looked at it's own API. We may have even got them to separate out platoon stats from solo stats. but because the powers at be relented to the padding element here at wotlabs no more platoon quotient. Why would xvm go through all this extra coding just to get a slightly different rainbow scale to the one we already have.
  14. I liked AW better than WOT but when I saw the monetization policy of I knew it was time to bail. Pixel hunting got boring quick also. It didn't help I was playing from australia and the ping was always about 250-270 while I can get 150-170 to NAW in WOT.
  15. I guess when someone is this mentally retarded it is better to just keep them using the same name. Just when you think that WOT can't shock you anymore this happens.