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  1. Yeah WG really don't give a fuck and judging by thechieftains response about tantantankdickhead on Reddit. Don't expect much from support. Sometimes in my more retarded moments I think to myself us players should form a Union where we boycott the game until they implement some fix for the situation and then I remind myself, this is WOT.
  2. I had a 6k+ damage first game in my skoda t50 with the autoloader. I was like whooo hooo how awesome was that. Straight away watched the replay and went holy shit you played bad. I just got lucky that the enemy team were bad and distracted so I ended up with a 6K that looks like a carry.
  3. Yeah it is a weird situation at the moment. WG will find it hard to find a solution I think. For example a guy in one of my teams bounced 11k damage in his tier 10 freaking crazy but eventually got cut down by an is3 who was sniping from a distance. The leo's, 140's etc couldn't touch him.
  4. The problem with this is that it overbuffs them. It is basically god mode. Have you tried killing a Strv 103 or 103b from the front with a 105? You never can penetrate it. They have to find some balance somewhere. Smaller calibre guns need to have some chance of doing some damage other having to spam HE at the things.
  5. Let me first say I have never had a platoon game and didn't even know you could hit the r key to go forward for 3-4k battles and I am only average player for this forum. My brother in law was playing Asia server ( I live in Australia). He let me play his account so from the get go I had access to things like the Leo 1 and batchat. Wow was I shit in them. He didn't really care about stats which was lucky because I think I destroyed his. I played about 1k battles at Asia before deciding to make my own account. When I went to make it I had heard there was a NA server so started there instead. I kind of regret it because Asia server has much better server population than NAW. From Australia you have to play NAW . In the beginning the thing that hit me hardest was credits. I never understood the economy of the game because I was playing a mature account that had lots of gold and credits. So if I wanted something or died a lot, I would always have credits to resupply. Thinking back my brother in law was angel to let me fuck up his shit the way I did. Anyway I got my account going, by about tier 6 or so I started to realise credits didn't just appear. I had to earn it and doing it on free account (I was determined not buy premium) was getting harder. At this point I discovered a little tank I had never played on that asia account. THE T67!!!!!! (was the t49 at the time) I played the shit out of that tank (900+ battles). Not for stat padding although nearly anyone who looks at my account and sees the t67 games will message me and say I am dirty low tier tier stat padder. I played that tank so much because a) it was fun but b) because it was making me credits. It is amazing how many credits you can make when you take out the whole enemy team and they never spot you to shoot at you. At this stage I never even new about stats but I think I was about greenish blue already in that tank and even to this day the t67 stats are only blue, proper stet pedders are deep purple in that thing. I haven't played in a long time as I ended up buying prem time and prem tanks. The T67 defined my whole early learning curve. I ended going down the lights and leo lines because I wanted to play that way at high tiers. To this day it makes me a monkey in a heavy tank. As an example look at these stats. Although I have to say my E5 is cursed with the worst teams ever. Anyway I started lurking around the official forums and I saw mention of this player named Garbad. I searched for him and found the Rocktbrainsurgeon articles. They were awesome. I discovered these forums and lurked here and I learned a lot. but the thing that changed my WOT life forever was twitch. When I discovered Barks, Sela, Junkers etc (and even quicky in the early days) my world changed. You can read about micro positioning all you want and think you have an idea but when Barks the mountain goat he was climbs a spot you never thought possible and reks the whole enemy team and does 9k damage you go HOLY SHIT! It was twitch more than anything that helped me get to this point.
  6. Not sure if it has been posted before but this video has some interesting spots.
  7. This is the main reason xvm needs to be removed. Even arty focus isn't as cancerous as this. If the shitlords are unaware of how bad the teams are they will happily move forward and not give up before the game has started.
  8. Wish I had read this earlier. I only solopub and this has been easily the worst tier 8 tank I have played. I am nearly at the tier 9 so am not going to unlock the big gun now but I wish I had. I would rather be in a t67 at this tier than this tank. It is that shit.
  9. Stickygreen01 has had 4k+ games in the last 30 days and 400 in the last 24hours yet WG doesn't think he is a bot? I have seen him with 1k+ games in 24hours. WG NA are just a bunch of shitlords and I think meathead is the head shitlord.
  10. I am just here to say this tank is as the OP has said "MEH". No Speed, No Armor, No Gun Depression but the gun is kind of good. If it could install VS it might have been half decent. As it is I can't wait to get out of the thing.
  11. On a serious note I have sent in 3 bot replays and weirdly I have received different/personalized repliessaying that they will do something. As far as I can see he has received a 24 hour ban everytime. You would think he would have hit the 5 strikes and your out by now.
  12. Are the Swedish WN9 expect values coming soon? I better put a at the end of this just in case.
  13. The Easy 8 is just awesome. 3 marked it in exactly 100 games
  14. Nothing will happen. I reported stickygreen and support said they will do something. He is still playing. 830 bot games in the last 24 hours The sad thing is if you have to play NAW which I do because I live in Australia you will run into him 10 times or more a night. He runs the bot mostly over your night time, which is my prime play time. He is almost always on the losing team. NAW is worse than SEA for bots at the moment. I didn't think it was possible but apparently it is. WG NA are literally cancer.