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  1. Welcome to wotlabs. It is just a reflection of the WOT in general. Toxic game toxic community. It all comes from WG being toxic to start with. WG is like that hard bit at the bottom of a pimple that makes all the puss. Thank fuck I have finally kicked this shitty addiction. Thanks you PUBG thank you!
  2. This is the first game that has kept me away from tanks for a long period of time. I love t but holy hell I suck at it. The whole gear collection aspect is fun, the dying as soon I run into someone is not
  3. Only tier 9 tank I 3 marked and this was before buff. I love this thing now it is even better. Only thing is I have quit this game for a while. But that PTA could get me back! As an aside PUBG is awesome!
  4. I came back to play some of this patch to see what it was like and I am finding tier 9 even more sweet than before. With MM ramming a big piece of splintery wood up tier 8 asses and MM having a hardon for all tier 10 games I am finding my tier 9's are top tier a lot and when they are not they have lots of tier 8's to farm anyway. Anyone else finding this?
  5. Oh man and I just removed WOT from computer again. I should re-install just for this competition Yo. Just in case I will leave this here
  6. Ack I guess tier 9/10 are the place to be these days.
  7. I read a post on reddit about wn8 averaging across all the same type in a tier. Ie all tier 9 light tanks will have the 1 value. Is this true and can it be applied to WN9 instead? I think the opportunity to pad is going to go through the roof. I do get why they are doing it though, the changing values on tanks with all the tank reshuffling going on must be a lot of work for very little joy.
  8. you are right tier 8 is in a bad a place with this new MM. I got only 17% tier 8 games in my tier 8's over 70 games. So bad. I am staying away from them.
  9. As someone who has had to use RNG a lot in professional life I think you are spot on with this. Very rarely will any programmer on the fly (during the game). It would cause unnecessary load. But whether the numbers are generated at the start of a game even when the server boots or they are generated on the fly they are still randomish...
  10. Are you platooning? Isn't there something in MM now that says platoons are always bottom tier or something? I could be wrong I just read it in passing somewhere.
  11. I have played for the first time in 2 months because I wanted to see what the patch was like. I agree with Marine on everything. I am having a ball in my RU251, T54LT not so much. I really like the new MM although it does go full retard occasionally but it is definitely better than before. What I really like as a solo only player is that Platoons don't seem to have as much of a dominating role as they used to. Most platoons are bottom tier and that suits me just fine. So nyeh to you platoon WR paddererers nyeh . The map rotation seems to be better than before but I have had some himmelsdorf/winter himels/karkov/stalingrad rotations which haven't been fun in my little RU. Overall this patch seems good and I don't really care about the tier 10 lights as I doubt I will play enough to grind them out anyway. I did have a circle duel with the german tier 10 light in my RU and easily deleted him. but I can already feel my interest waning. This patch hasn't been enough to make me start playing obsessively again. Which is a shame as I was hoping it would. I guess that directly relates to how bad the tier 10 lights seem. If they were good I know I would try to grind out 1 or 2. Oh well.
  12. Wow that is the definition of cancer right there
  13. Really? wow RIP WN8 err and WN9
  14. expected values must be all over the place with this latest patch?
  15. As someone who has never platooned the platoon MM changes almost made me reinstall the game again but alas it wasn't enough.