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  1. Playing Ibuki. Cyclone has hit so spotting range is 8km. My Montana spots G.Kurfust and starts a huge head on full brawl. I flank and look for torpedo shot. Soon I get spotted. IMMEDIATELY enemy G.Kurfurst ignores the Montana in front of him turn his guns and deletes me with one single salvo. Fuck me and fuck Ibuki in this game. Fuck Cruiser citadels. Fuck getting rid of stealth fire too. I am fucking out of luck with this garbage.

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    2. NightmareMk9


      It seems like 2-3 times a week I get deleted by a single volley from a BB 24km away.  If you are 8 km away from a tier 9 BB and broadside, then you screwed yourself

    3. Assassin7


      Also if you had flanked the Kurfurst, wouldnt he have to turn his turrets all the way around to shoot you? Why didnt you notice that and angle?

    4. How_Terrible


      This sounds like a case of user error.

  2. I haven´t tried the other ones but they surely cant´t be worse. I hope that this at least teaches me to be a better player but I really don´t know...
  3. FWIW I got 74 battles in this garbage and guess what, total potential damage shot at me is 55 million!! That is by far the biggest amount in any ship no matter how many battles in those ships. This is so unrewarding to play that I should just yolo every game to get this over with.
  4. Ibuki has only become worse during time. Not even the slight possibility of stealth fire anymore. Shooting means getting insta-spotted and insta-focused. I like BB and DD play, they have a role and traits and equipment to fulfill that role. Cruisers that can´t smoke or aren´t battlecruisers are so useless now.
  5. Thunderbolt front is riddled with weak points for regular tier6 guns so I would try to avoid facehugging and keep it fighting ridges at medium range. On the other hand tier6 is riddled with bad players that just autoaim the front plate anyway so GG.
  6. Pilot has better bloom values and aim time than Pershing and Pershing´s gun feels very good to me. However Pilot´s shell velocity is only 853m/s. That shell velocity is derpy M4A3E8 and IS levels, only 50-70 m/s better. Shell velocity is very important when trying to hit moving targets and weak points. Combine that with power creeped heavies and mediocre pen = no damage done.
  7. If you can get a bit higher than the Type you can shoot its cupola from above because getting higher negates cupola angling. For example E5 wiht -8 gun depression and OK mobility can try to use this kind of tactic in many situations with just regular AP. Type has 90mm of top armor so you have to be a lot above it to be able to penetrate that so cupola is your best chance anyway. But don´t get me wrong these things are a true pain in the ass to deal with and pressing 2 seems the real choice and I don´t feel bad doing it because if you drive that OP stupidity you deserve to be gold spammed to hell. You lose credits but so do they because they need to fix their tank after the battle.
  8. E5 is still very strong and consistent and flexible. It is not E5´s fault that they have introduced just broken stupid tanks like type4 and type5 heavies and Maus. E5 Cupola nerf was a good thing, now you can actually pen it with a tier10 gun if you hit it properly. I am still running double repairs just to mitigate tracking and ammorack issues. Works very well, got twice ammoracked in last game but had no trouble still winning the game and aceing the tank because repair was constantly available.
  9. This boosting needs to stop. It is not good for the game for either you or the enemy team.

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    2. WhatTheSkara


      Try breaking a mountain pass camp without boosting.

      Ye, good luck with that.

      Boosting actually showed wargaming how fucking terrible their map design is, since you have to access previously inaccessible parts of the map to win games.

    3. hazzgar


      @Fulcrous mate I mentioned heavy tanks a few times in relation to tanks which cannot boost and you saay mines is not difficult. Did you boost mines in a kv5? If not then stop changing the subject.


      Also mines is easy to counter if the enemy player is a moron. Had a game where I and my whole team had only relatively blind tanks against a bat chat. You know how easy it was for him to take us 1 vs 4? He could relocate on the boost unseen, fire 2, hide and reload. We hit him a few times but not enough and were raped. Literally the only thing I could do was get better RNG so I hit more

      @WhatTheSkara boosting didn't show anything. Map design for CW vs map design for pubs are 2 different things really. Also wg probably doesn't even look at what happens in CW for the most part.

    4. WhatTheSkara


      Man, please, stop being ridiculous.. map design is shit, either for CW or pubs, boosts make some maps a little more dynamic, opening up opportunities to "flank" and break camps.

      I will be honest (and farm a lot of neg rep), I didn't give a fuck if you get farmed by someone who can actually use his brain to get an advantage over you.

      You died in your superheavy? GOOD.

      You think you can flank a E3 200m away from you? No, you can't. You'll lose 1500 hp at least, if not more. 

      Is boosting illegal? No, it's not. Is it immoral? No, it's not.

      You found a teammate boosting to camp the whole time? It's the players fault, not the mechanic's one.

      Stop being a little crying fuck and get good. And maybe don't play blind tanks if you don't want to get outspotted all the time.

      I can unfollow this cancer status update now.

  10. This tank has serious problems with the current powercreep. I understand that many dislike the Caernarvon but I can make it work much better than this thing. In Tiger 2 I feel that I am having average games all the time. The tank doens´t excel in anything has massive weak lower plate butter turret and is huge in all dimensions. It also takes engine and ammorack damage from the derp guns and is sluggish. The gun is good but the chassis seems indifferent unlike fore example Caernarvon that has a hulldown niche. This tank needs a buff.. VK4502A is much better now imo.
  11. Shouldn´t topics have matching content in this forum? BTW super-dumb competition.
  12. I have no trouble fighting these. Maybe because of the bad players driving them but it sure ain´t no Defender.
  13. So I decided to give IS-6 a go for a long long time. Played one game, got 3,7k combined.. and second MoE. What is this sorcery?! At least it´s proof that one can two mark IS-6 with only AP :P

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    2. TohtoriP


      Whaaaa.. I am at 94,51% MoE after second game??? What in earth is happening here!?

    3. HemanathanRX7


      I am guessing people are playing more terrible in is-6, so when you play your past games are reevaluated for high marks using your game as a trigger. Not sure though.

    4. TohtoriP


      These marks seem sometimes so weird. But yeah, my tryhard 3-mark session hovered around 93-94,5% and ended up 92,11%. I myself ended up as blue because I teamkilled two people on purpose in the last game :). Sometimes I hate wot so much...

  14. But but but... how do you scout with 360 view range? However this is so ugly that I kinda want it.. but I hate MT-25 with a passion. It feels so useless in all games. Maybe I need to L2P.
  15. I think that in a tier10 one shouldn´t think of just doing some damage but to win the game and for winning getting ammoracked all the time is really bad. However with the new recharging consumables ammo rack damages shouldn´t be so crippling anymore. So lets see if there is something else wrong with this tank too...