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  1. Superheavies got buffed. French TDs got buffed. Skorpion G got introduced as OP premium TD. Death Star is going to get removed so everybody is grinding that line too. That is why there are so many superheavies and TDs now.
  2. Armor is probably now strongest it has ever been in the game and being well-armored suits most the maps very well. Also armor helps against arty somewhat. Very strong turrets are getting very strong gun depression. Arty has too large splash area and does too much critical damage. Dodging arty is very difficult even with fast tanks because splash and improved accuracy and RoF. Light tanks are meh especially because armor is king in maps and arty splash fucks lights up so badly because splash and crits. Also personal missions changes are making people play A LOT of arty to get their orders to unlock rewards easier.
  3. Everybody who cries about Tiger P should play this tank today in the current meta. This is SO bad. Also to make things even better you can´t mount top engine or top gun without tracks and you can´t mount suspension module either. Like WTF?
  4. I think today there is a lot worse teams than last weekend for that matter.
  5. All in all WG has made these "reward" vehicles, except the objekt 260 dubious in many ways. T28HTC for example, besides other shortcomings of the entire platform (even arty really shits on you because most of top is only 25mm), T28HTC ammo is 1000 credits a piece too.. for 181 pen and 320 alpha. One positive fact is that you can trade these in if you wish however you have to spend again more gold to get a proper premium tank so WG wins anyways.
  6. SirFoch has a video of him running out of ammo in T-55A and losing the game due to that little problem.
  7. It eats your credits due to its expensive ammo / dmg output and tier9 repair costs.
  8. Just had a full tier 8 game in Murovanka. Total loss in many ways. Got 10 shots out with FV4202, 5 hit, ONE penetrated. ONE and only full tier 8 game. And this tank should have 226 AP pen. It was all miss this, critical hit that. So frustrating. And this was not the first time of just not being able to penetrate things eventhough you have good pen on paper. I remember a game a while back with 25 shots, 17 hits and 5 pens. Must be something to do with this total derpiness of the gun. The turret and mobility buffs are OK and you can feel them but the gun just makes u wanna throw your keyboard out of the window.
  9. After 3/5/7 fun to see winrate dropping like a stone but now WN8 massive increase. Nice job XVM you really showed wotlabs-stetpedders how it is done right!

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    2. TohtoriP


      Just the point being that when all my other stats are relatively the same in noobmeter curves or dropping like win rate, the WN8 curve just yesterday made a noticeable jump of 80points probably because XVM taking over WN8 and making "corrections" to it. It looks very funny to me considering all aspects and the discussion how wotlabs handled the code "wrongly". I have become accustomed when WN8 goes up WR goes up and vice versa. Now for me it just doesn´t seem to correlate anymore. :)

      There are probably other reasons than just the MM change in my declining win rate too like not playing lower tiers anymore and not platooning almost at all for the last thousand games.

    3. Epic


      So what you are saying is that the damage you do is not useful for winning the game... That seems like an issue indeed.

    4. TohtoriP


      Epic have you visited to check your stats and curves in noobmeter lately? Do they all still correlate or is there lately mysterious WN8 increases that you seem have nothing to do with?

  10. I think arty changes slowed down games already. Not to mention the stupid Victory-screen in the end that takes at least 10 seconds to sit through every game.
  11. My WR has suffered as well but I think it has more to do with me mostly grinding tanks and playing tier8 more thus increasing my average tier / bad tanks quite a lot. I have almost completely quit playing tier6 mediums that were fun go to tanks when failing elsewhere because they have crap pen and everybody has a T-34/85M or O-I that are completely OP for the tier. However I feel that a lot of people are clueless still in tier9 and tier10 vehicles.. that may be confirmation bias because top tiers are so much more important in the 3/5/7 MM than before. Perhaps this WR drop is partly due to the game having more and more idiot proof tanks that you really don´t want own yourself because they feel stupid. Also arty has changed massively during this time period... maybe there is something to that too? No more one-shots and immediate new games where you have a new chance to play better but more protracted hiding from accurate, high-rof, massive spalsh arty that stuns you anyway thus making doing damage and moving to get to shooting positions slower overall and increasing average game lenght?
  12. "along with better benches outside of gaming" Really a 2,8ghz baseclock 6 core beats a 4ghz overclocked 6 core 12 thread Ryzen outside gaming... where / what application?
  13. Look at DrJ_Zoidbergs last post. I completely agree with him on this subject. Play Jagdtiger like that and you are golden even for your team.
  14. I have found out that I have mostly horrible teams if playing in EU in morning from 9 am to 11 am. I know I am not a morning person myself but seems to me that the teams just mostly suck at that time of the day. May be confirmation bias or maybe that I play like shit myself. Anyways I feel good when starting the game like lets go for a few rounds until I quit in disgust 2 hours later and feel like shit. Perfect way to ruin your mornings.
  15. I have 90% crew and not even the best engine. Still the tank is solid to say the least. 280 alpha is mile better than the pitiful in many ways 230. DPM is outrageous and gun handling is excellent even with ghetto crew. Now only if you would give this gun to FV4202... Get this tank before it gets nerfed.