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  1. Good thing that I carried you to victory with my full AP 13 90
  2. Just saw Legga get annihilated by enemy arty in his 50B. Yes you heard right... 50B. No nipponese bigtanku and immediately arty punishes oh the irony.
  3. Was driving IS-7 in highway. Enemy tier5 arty (Grille) shoots me, does 700 damage and kills ALL my crew. MUCH BALANCE.

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    2. Kolni


      There aren't any limits to crew damage. It's just a lot of RNG involved on crew HP rolls and AFAIK the shot can't penetrate because then it can't splash every position of a crewmember in a single shot

    3. Archaic_One


      Confirmed that arty IS cancer

      /end topic

    4. Fyreon



      That is not correct. I saw maybe a week sgo on @Fyreons stream that he got shot in leo 1 by some arty and got all of his crewmembers killed. His tanks had maybe 300ish hp left. Maybe theres a vod of that on twitch

  4. The game has introduced some better features in the UI. Otherwise I think the game was balanced much better two years ago and thus was a much better game. If I were you I would stay away.
  5. I have probably fired a total of less than 50 gold rounds in my whole WoT career. It would be nice to check it somewhere but probably not possible. Usually if I can´t pen I go somewhere else or select targets that I can pen.
  6. Logic 101: Arty player complaining about MM that has 5 arty per side. Then blaming WG for stupid MM.

  7. Kolni killed me yesterday but at least he was driving a two tiers higher tank. :)

    1. Monkey


      Kolni stops for no man

  8. Yea AMX 1390 was weirdly fun yesterday. Fun to play your own game at tier10, get flamed for it in chat and yet end up in top XP. I felt like a true troll.
  9. OK correct me if I am wrong but didn´t WG reduce frontal transmission damage from some german tanks a long time ago? Did they put that shit back in the game or what? Just saw SirFoch taking double frontal engine damage in his E50. I don´t remember it taking frontal engine damage when I played it... do I remember wrong?
  10. Actually today I saw this infestation of sealclubbers in tier5 with T67 and Churchill III as I was grinding the pz.Sfl IVc. A lot of horrid teams there as always too.
  11. Today it´s 10 victories and you have to be in top 3 by experience. Quite an RNG fest and can lead to total tilt and raging if gods do not favor you. Realistically it´s 20 games i.e. 2-3 hours of WoT with an possible extra RNG switch for even more suffering. This tank is definitely not worth the grind.
  12. Yea I saw this mission too. Better than to get 20 victories though but still 20 games is already quite many and as you just can´t be top5 dmg in every game it is even more. Probably takes 3 hours of WoT and I think that is quite a lot already at this stage of the marathon. I don´t really care though as I am not doing these missions. I actually enjoy more my pref MM premiums now than being constantly in tier10 mumbojumbo with a tier8 medium.
  13. This tank now branches to four different tanks in the tech tree how funny is that! Maybe need to buy Tiger P back to grind the weirdly beautiful Star Wars tank VK100.01P.
  14. These new OP tier8 premiums are a good example how one can not just buy skill. Played some WZ-111 games yesterday and all 252U and Defender players were just bad. At least their tank compensated a bit.

    1. Spec


      Its idiotic. The don't even listen either and the new tanks are that good that they aren't even punished

  15. According to 105 has 0.08 turret dispersion and 88 L100 has 0.10. 88 L100 has more base accuracy but turret dispersion stats are very important in my opinion, so is alpha damage too. Probably 105 has a tiny bit advantage in the gun handling department still due to slightly better turret dispersion,