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  1. Much less enjoyable over time. Because OP premiums and tank balance gone to hell. Also no end-game content is pretty unrewarding after a while.
  2. Dicker Max.. what a turd at tier 6.

    1. TohtoriP


      Really the only way to play this is go full camp. Totally stupid.

    2. SchnitzelTruck


      I 3 marked it by fail tooning into tier 10 and passive scouting since it 400vr. Lol

    3. Enroh


      Nope. Thing is dank. 300 alpha at tier 6 with a god like view range. Camp like bush wookie of course. 

  3. Grind done and this pitiful machine immediately sold. If I wanna just drive I´ll go play slicks´n´slide. Played about half the games with 57mm but that alpha and so many times just not penetrating targets got frustrating. Switched to 76mm and won at least one game because of it´s HE potential. Wrecking tier5-tier7 paper swedish TDs with full HE pens and setting one on fire was pretty fun in that particular game. Tier6 lights seem to see quite a many higher tier games and this tank has nothing going for it in them, view range is poor and gun is practically useless. Also if fighting same tier lights like the very common AMX 12t or Type64 is very difficult because autoloader and Type64 sheer dpm. I wouldn´t recommend this tank to anyone in it´s current state nor with current game meta or MM.
  4. I am really struggling with MT-25 and decided to use the 76mm gun because its HE might actually be useful against type64 and AMx 12t that are very common (OP) adversaries as tier6 lights. I am concerned about aiming against such fast targets though and would like to look at different guns HE shell speeds especially (other special ammo speeds would be nice to know too). Is there such a resource anywhere? Tanks.GG seems to list only guns regular ammo speeds. EDIT -- found it on the tanks.GG. Just switch the ammo type.
  5. Yea all you can do with this tank is drive. Firepower and depression is pathetic. View range is average at best. Gun hadling is OK with the 57mm but the pitiful alpha really kicks in in those tier8 games.
  6. Game has had many improvements over two years but I think that tank balance was much better two years ago as a whole. Few years back game had some OP tanks but now they have gone totally overboard with armor buffs and new premiums and it is hurting the game if not their profits. Some tier8 premiums should be made tier9 premiums and that would already make the game better balance-wise. Nerf most jap heavies as they are completely stupid yet dominate their tiers. Rework gold ammo to make it more regular i.e. lessen the damage for more pen. Arty is fine now, annoying but fine. Go back to more historical tanks and armor schemes and tweak their stats / tiers to give game more content. Nerf some autoloaders so that they can´t yolo people down at their will. Nerf russian hovermed mobility to make high tier lights have some niche.
  7. T-34/85 just became obsolete as everybody and their mother have the much stronger T-34/85M now from those missions. Also funny how WG now wants to make all the premiums better than their comparable tech tree tanks. Soon they will probably release some tier9 premium.. wait we have one already.
  8. Yea I just got torped from behind by my own Fubuki. Better go play something else. This sure isn´t getting me anywhere.
  9. Ok fuck this gamemode. Just got shot 2,8 million potential damage in my Fuso, tanked 96k and team just sit behind one island, half of them incapable to shoot anything and then proceed to lose the game.This is so fuking frustrating shit.
  10. After 55 games I think that saving your star if you are top XP is bad for the game meta. I think that a lot of people just sit back (BB players I am looking at you) if they see / feel that the game is lost just to survive long enough to do the most damage. It makes gamemode pretty stale after a while and throws the team aspect of the game out of the window. Maybe I feel bad about this because I always try to impact the game by going to caps or being in the middle of the fight and if I lose the game I always end up dead. Also taking a lot of potential damage or tanking generally doesn´t seem very rewarding as many of big boys just look the next island to hide behind while you get killed and focused down.
  11. I am constantly performing bad in Cleveland and getting focused like no tomorrow. Hiding behind islands and taking a million of potential damage is really fun and engaging gameplay, In the meanwhile team either wins or loses but me in a cleveland have no carry potential whatsoever.
  12. Either I suck at ships or this +200% XP weekend already makes ranked games gringeworthy shit.

  13. Is there any point of playing tier6 premiums after these massive tier8 buffs all around?
  14. Skip learning that and learn something useful and fun instead.
  15. Bayern seem really strong at cap denial. It can soak so much punishment or depending on RNG, deal it with those 380mm guns. Just got a ranked game where the potential damage against my cap sitting Bayern was 2,9 million but I used up all my five heals and survived. Also Fuso deals a ton of damage, especially as carriers are a rarity. I haven´t tried DDs and Cleveland seemed kinda meh as it gets spotted and takes a ton of damage so easily (as so many cruisers do nowadays in this game). Battleships seem OP to me.