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  1. Nope stil cant make it work my teams either die to early or i cant turn the tables fast enough. I am pulling a whopping 38% session so i think i will just give up, use it for some sh and use the exp to get the e1 and the sheridan.
  2. Lol no prem account just a mutz and oculate management. Yeah but i tought about taking away the rammer. Thank you for the reply.
  3. That is what i try to do but running gld makes the spotting hard, getting those penning shots is hard aswell (altough when i get them it is so much fun). The problem is that i feel i cant leverage the weaknesses and make the strenghs come out. And i have figured out that my problem is the damage x game that is too low. My games are all solo so either i carry or noone does. I guess i sould study some of you guys replays and figure out the mistakes that i dont see. But i feel i have the same problems that i have with the 13 90, with a lack of consistency from the gun. I mean i have way better tier x games in my bulldog or 13 75, or even tier 9 in the mt25 and 59 16. I just dont get the tank by my mistakes ofc.
  4. How do you get so much vr? Optics food bia amd sa? I cant afford to run food on any of my tanks. Also the dpm is lower because of the shit aim time and handling. I mean i know i am a shitter compared to you especially with not snapping tanks, but i still struggle a lot more than i should. Sure the heat is nice but requires a much more prediction (that i dont have), and the 910 dmg happens only on penneable/ flanked tanks. This means that most of the time is 240-400 dmg for 19,45 sec reaload. Meanwhile my team is either dead or the flank is lost. Sure i have many faults to sometimes yolo too much (more than i normaly do) but i get frustrated that i cant do shit most of the times. So i try to compensate by closing the fighting range and getting in bad positions to do some damage, getting then outraded. Dont know if i run the tank woth the wrong equipment/crew but i have: rammer stab gld ( should i remove rammer or gld for optics?), sixth sense, camo, snap shot, bia ecc. No food ofc.
  5. How do you carry with this thing since you cant spot and the dpm is so low?
  6. Bah I am worried about all those tanks that will be able to camp freely with no repercussion. I mean arty has always been good to prevent camping and it has always helped making the game more dynamic. I am worried that we will see more tanks camping base if arty gets removed.
  7. Sing with me, if it's just today, maybe the good SerB will take arty away..... Dream on, dream on, dream on
  8. Now i have not seen how much they have been nerfed but as i mentioned they could be important on certain maps. For example at taking the centre donut in Karelia or the hill on Prok and as i said, it also depends on how their armor works and how good they are going to hold a hull down position. If the wz turret is a good as a t62a's then yes they can be useful by taking such position. Now i think that with the nerfs that chance they had is gone, altough saying that tanks like the strvb are important and good only on certain maps does not deny what i am saying. They may have a niche role for sure but if they are good at it, really good, they can change how you play those maps. If i recall correctly even Anfield has admitted in his video that the strvb is a good counter to the maus (the strvb video).
  9. Not much as i should but i play on standard account and i dont want to sink my credits. But i believe that i could get more wr and dmg out of it. I do it only as a last resort.
  10. Goodbye at the end of the day this is just a game and if it becomes a job or just something annoying to do the best thing is to leave. I hope you figure out yourself and your life. This will be the hardest game/challange of your life and i am not sure if anyone can win at it. Hope all goes for the best. Goodluck!
  11. We can always redo it in a month or two so i see no problem.
  12. Depends the good thing is that some lines share some tanks and modules so that will make you skip some of the grind. Example are the t62a/obj140 shares the line with the is7 trough the kv13. The is7 line is pretty solid overall so you cant wrong with that and the rusky mediums beside the t43 are all good at least so that is a good line. Altough you will not have good gun depression to which you will have get used to, but stalin always helps the comrades. Oh just remember that the T-54 has a horrible grind and relies abit too much on heat, so take that in consideration if you like not to speend much. The germans seems pretty solid too condering you can unlock the e100 and e50m line trough the panther 1. Now considering the buff these tanks have recieved with the german mediums beeing good now (you get the same hp of same tier heavies with high pen guns, nice handling and dpm) you can easly go this line. What are you looking though specifically CW tanks or just a fun grind?
  13. Which lines have you grinded though? Example is7 or is4? Leo or 50m?