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  1. nabucodonsor

    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    It's going to be OP because the Polish community is big in Wot, meaning lots of cash.
  2. nabucodonsor

    Fjords 1.0

    This happens when they hire sub 50% wr developers and supertesters....
  3. nabucodonsor

    How to balance the 268-4?

    Bring back the 263 to tier X. Also remove Murazor. The entire line is practically a second line td support aside from the 263 that is penneable (altough OP for tier 9) and flankable, and the retarded v4 which is the only one that can yolo. So nerf the armour and make it a second line tank with good mobility and some armour that gets punished for playing to aggressive, as it should because it doesn't have a turret.
  4. Jesus it has become impossible to win for me. Even if I pull off 5-6k dmg games I still don't win. I mean I cant say I am consistent or doing a great DPG but this is ridicule: look at my stats in my 113 and 5a.

    I dont get what I am doing wrong

    113 wr.PNG


    1. hazzgar


      New maps + probably some poison in the water since people got dumb as fuck. I am pulling DPG in my obj263 which should grant me ca 60%. I'm at 52%... 

  5. nabucodonsor

    Do you EVEN 90?

    Noone is as committed as before Murazor destroyed the game for good. But I am glad you are back.
  6. nabucodonsor

    Do you EVEN 90?

    Wow you are back sempai?
  7. nabucodonsor

    Update 1.0.1 world of tanks

    Da komrade
  8. nabucodonsor

    Winning is now more RNG based than ever?

    Sounds more like D&D than Wot
  9. So recently I was mesmerized by the brilliancy that is Fjords, so I checked on Vbaddict the WR on maps based on spawns. I was surprised when I discovered that if you spawn as team 1 on most maps you get a higher chance to win. Problem is that certain maps like Live Oaks give you a 58% WR chance to win if you spawn as team 1; another example is Cliff is similar with 57%. Other maps like Stepps, Overlord, Sand River and others give you an advantage of about 54%. Instead only on few maps and mostly on Encounter mode (except for Mountain Pass), give a advantage to teams spawning in base 2. Now you may think that 7 or 8% is important but not huge, however according to Vbaddict, if you play on for example Live Oaks and spawn in base 2 you get a 41% chance of winning. So between the 2 possible spawns there is a big 17% difference chance of winning. This proves that WG has done a horrible job at reworking maps. Also very interestingly as unbalanced as Fjords may be, the difference between the 2 spawns is only 6% but probably due to higher drawing chances. Link to Vbaddict:
  10. Prok in my 113 by the time I was on the hill the score was 3-0 for the enemies, at 13:30 6-0 and few seconds later 9-0. At 12.15 the score is 11-1 after I rushed and killed a KV4 from the hill. Game ends 15-1 one and a half minute later. Logical consequence is ALT F4.

    I dont get it.


  11. nabucodonsor

    A Guide to True Botting

    This is brilliant. I'd be normally against cheating but WG can eat a dick considering that their balance department does not do their job and game is getting worse. I am glad that people have found a way to go around Wot's economy
  12. Just use a 268v4 or a Type, a Maus, E3 hell even a 907 or a 430U and you should get it in no time. Plus you get 1,7 million credits a shitload of boosters and some free equiment. Looks like a nice challenge. Oh and a tier 8 premium for free.
  13. Man my t54 lt is jinxed: I keep crushing whenever I play it 

    1. kreigermann


      it has very touchy controls. .. VERY.  When I take out my LTs for fun the one I have the most trouble controlling is the ltwt. Goes fast, it corners extremely fast.. I've lost control of mine on more than one occasion.  It feels almost too responsive to be "comfortable" for me. Still a bucket of fun though.

    2. nabucodonsor


      No I meant either my connection goes or the game itself crushes meaning I have to restart the game. Sorry I wasnt clear enough

    3. kreigermann


      LOL. .. I'm still bad at driving my ltwt.. and it has nothing to do with my connection. :P

  14. QB is an idiot and DPM is overrated otherwise Bat Chat would be trash.
  15. The people who reworked Fjords should be terminated

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    2. hazzgar


      New maps of Fjords and Erlenberg brought to you by the team behind Crystler, Defender and Type5. 

    3. Archaic_One


      After playing a few games on it - I'm not sure a CW team in coms could win a pub match from west spawn.  The only real play is to camp and and make east team leave their OP positions to try and dig you out, which is never going to happen in pubs.  This and Erlenburg were just ruined and Paris is even worse because the new bushes killed one of the only viable LT plays.  GG WG

    4. hazzgar


      @Archaic_One Paris still kinda works for me. 


      As for east team not leaving their sports - strangely enough in most cases I played here they did and lost. but then again my team also lost the op flank on erlenberg assault