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  1. My god the streamers are getting destroyed. GG

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    2. Assassin7


      Wait what? Elaborate?

    3. DirtyACE7


      Yes, please elaborate.

    4. nabucodonsor


      On Eu they had this competition between the team formed by streamers (Foch, Circon, Orzanel ecc) vs various teams that had won a previous competition. These where all tier 6 games. At the beginning Foch and Co got destroyed then they started playing better but also got worse teams.

      WG offered different prizes which would go either to the players if they defeated the streamers, or to the streamers followers if they won the game.

  2. Am I the only fucking idiot that gets penned in the t62a's cupola or turret ring? Like last night a fucking 430 penned my cupola while i bounced his. Goddamnit it happens too much for my likings
  3. While i would have agreed with you prior to nerfs, while still beeing probably wrong, you have to consider that there is a difference between tier 8 gameplay and tier 10. At tier 8 you had less players meaning more room to manuever, more importance to vision games ect. Not only the hp difference between an IS-3 and a the t54lt was about 400 which is more or less one shot of difference. Now if you look at tier x light you will see a huge gap in hp compared to meta tanks like the Maus ( 100% difference). Furthermore you are crippling your team by bringing a tank with low dpm and pen compared to mediums and some heavies. Plus at tier x you have tanks like the bat chat that have that huge clip potential with similar camo and mobility.
  4. Now i am thinking we should make a dating simulator on Schnitzel and the LTG and another one on Leggasiini and the O-HO
  5. Bah my shitters opinion is that the 113 is not that good because of its gun handling. If this thing is worse and it looks like it already with that 3,2 aim time it will be a shittier 113. The only reason the 113 is used to begin with is because it fits the niche of a heavium fast enough with good raw dpm but that has 2300 over the avg of 1900 hp mediums. If the 113 didn't have that hp advantage it would be just a worse 121 which is a worse 140.
  6. Now i have seen it all. Even FAME cant stop seal clubbers. Bah what a joke. 

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    2. TAdoo87


      You can't be serious. :notlikethis:

      1. The EU-P5 is a troll/reroll clan. No one gives a shit about their WN8.

      2. Higher avg WN8 doesn't mean a clan is better.

    3. DirtyACE7


      I heard that FAME very recently lost a number of their members who supposedly left to create another clan?

    4. nabucodonsor


      @TAdoo87 i am not serious. But i find this to be a sad joke them beeing "better" than FAME.

      They are just some seal clubbers but i dont really understand the purpose of it. I also have the strong feeling that it is run by only one person. 

  7. The thing is that repairs is a huge buff to repair speed while other skills/perk beside camo dont give such a huge advantage. You cut in half your repair time with 100% repairs while lets say snap shot gives you a 7% better bloom only on turret rotation. There is no reason not to train repairs since most of skills are not as influential or are garbage.
  8. I dont get why my wr is dropping so hard even though my dpg is better. I mean sure playing the t49 was fucking ebola for me but i still cant carry. And now that i have stopped playing it, it just keeps getting worse. It feels like if i dont have super  games i loose. Sure i still fuck up like an idiot sometimes, but i dont understand what i do wrong.

  9. Quick question: would a decent clan accept me or i do i have to improve my stats? Because i am getting tired of playing randoms in general and alone. It seems that i cant carry anymore even if my dpg is more or less the same as it was a month ago, but my wr is constantly going down for whatever reason. So I d like to change and play some organized games not random babysitting bullshit. 

  10. Moving to another question: has wargaming done anything under the radar like nerfing/buffing tanks not included in the patchnotes?
  11. Yeah Crabs but look a them. I mean the pw/t difference is huge between the bulldog and the gf, and while the gf gets more alpha and the juicy hep pen, the bulldog seems still good. I think the bulldog might still be the best light tank between the same tier lights
  12. Ah you know i just checked and compared all the lights, and the bulldog does not seem so bad after all (for a lt). It is still the fastest, has highest shell velocity and best gun handling including aiming time. What bothers me is the shit pen, but that is the same for all. The GF looks better though it is the sluggishest of all. So now we get a faster bulldog with the m32 late gun and 10% more hp.
  14. Thanks. Dammit i was hoping of having a decent LT for tier8 SH.
  15. I have t49 bulldog t37 and 59 16. Which go which will stay?