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  1. Amx 40 and DW2 are a gazillion times better than this fucking abomination of nature called t28.

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    2. Fabunil


      The AMX 40 and DW2 are a hundred times better simply because they are cheaper to free exp than the T28 :minidoge:

    3. Errants


      Eh, haven't played DW2 yet, but T28 worked much better than AMX 40 did.

    4. nabucodonsor


      Amx 40 has armour and even the DW2 has some, it is pretty decent at sidescraping and when angled bounces quite a bit. 

      @Hellsfog I did not know it got pref, I simply yoloed around the map, but yeah it would not survive tier 6 meta. 

  2. MM is not unfair, it is not great for sure, you may say bad but not unfair. What is unfair is same tier tank balance.
  3. So i got the t28. My god stock is so bad. How do you play this thing? Isn't the armour a bit too bad for being so slow?

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    2. ThomChen114


      5 hours ago, Hellsfog said:

      The British TD line to the FV 215 183 says hello.

      as i'm finding out in the AT8 

    3. TAdoo87


      Check out sirfoch's video on the T28. 

      Also elited version is not so bad imo. 

    4. nabucodonsor


      I watched Sirfoch's video and oh boy i guess i'll try to anyway to turn it in a "second line brawler" to not die from boredom. Altough it triggers getting in battle so late.

  4. Was killed by the Patriot not by the 430 II. The Pershing is still a better hulldown medium tank because of the gun depression, frontal turret and very good handling.
  5. I'd never go near the 430 II 122mm gun, it's too derpy for me. I believe the 430 will get the the 100mm guns and/or maybe get the 430U's 440 gun slightly nerfed. The good thing about getting the 430 II at tier 8 is maybe we will have some mediums competitive for CW. And 330 fuck you Defender shells seems very promising.
  6. After you get the t25at top gun the tank is really good and fun to play. If I had sixth sense would be even better but still I enjoy this thing.

    The 240 alpha guns are shit though.

  7. A) try to spot the 0 line B) play it like a medium and get cheeky shots C) go field and try to spot there A works some times but generally B is better. Switch between A and B. Dont worry this map is dogshit in standard and devs must remove it and keep it only in encounter and assault. But they wont. Just try your best.
  8. I believe it is part of their plan of changing russian mediums and they cant come up with an idea of making the 430 different from the 140/62a.
  9. Ahahahhah it gets better handling than the 121, but that shell velocity....
  10. Am I seeing russian spaced side armour? LOL Ps: fuck the 160 frontal plate if you can sidescrape with 90+20 mm of sidearmour.
  11. Super heavy tanks like the Maus were a bad idea even during WW2, not only because they were slow, hard to move (relocate with trains would be impossible) consumed huge amounts of fuel, but even when in position they would be easily targeted by artillery and even more easily by airplanes. Tanks without sky control are useless anyway.
  12. Bah dpm means nothing, 440 alpha is obscene if this thing gets russian medium handling. Even if it gets 430 handling this thing could still be good. I believe they want to make a more armored russian medium line and correctly the 416 would not fit in this line (but so the a43 wouldn't)
  13. Wait wait wait so you can pen M103s turret with 150 pen????? Ahahahhah that tank is so garbage. Man how dafuck can WG think that tank can play as a tier 9 heavy. Wait wait wait so you can pen M103s turret with 150 pen????? Ahahahhah that tank is so garbage. Man how dafuck can WG think that tank can play as a tier 9 heavy.