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  1. You learn how to play the game. As Assassin and Dual have said it is the most competive. You are not fighting the tanks you drive that much and your opponents now how to aim (sort of). So you dont outplay you opponents because you know the mechanics better, but because you position yourself better. So either you step your game or you suck balls.
  2. If you want one get the T100-lt. The others are kinda a bad from what i have heard and the russian is the best scout hands down. Should also be very fun with its blazing mobility.
  3. Yes for what i know. If i recall properly when lts were tested on Sandbox, i believe, players were worried about unicums camo sniping with these "better medium". So WG nerfed the lts all round, because for them only tds and mediums should snipe. So they went full reverse Maus on them (aka super exaggerated nerf) releasing the tanks we get now live. This is why part of me still believes that the "balancing deparment" does not exist, it is just a meme. When i found out that it actually exist i was shocked and surprised. Cant believe they pay people to "balance" the game and get these results. Funny thing is these things are not that bad. The mobility buff was right (i always felt my lts to be too slow to run away from engagements) so as the camo one. The real problem is how the MM works and their firepower: you see putting 3 of them in a battle is not good, there are just too many, so they are forced to play a non-scounting role (you can scout on most maps, even on Paris; the only map that is totally useless is Hitlersdorf) so they have to become a firesupport class meaning they simply are worst mediums. And i believe when you are one of the top three tier tanks none would waist HP in scouting or time, but you would rather be a dmg dealer. At that point you would rather have a medium with more hp and firepower. So WG should both increase fire and make maps bigger, allowing tanks to spot in different areas. Since they will not the latter they are doing the first one. This explains why they are buffing firepower and not "scoutability".
  4. So they all get a dpm buff except the PZ which gets a handling buff (much needed) and the WZ which gets nothing? I mean sure they all needed bigger ammoracks but come on! We all know what they need! This is one of th things i dont understand from WG: ok you dont want unicums camo sniping with the lts hence you give them great pen drop, but at least give them some accuracy. Not having both is retarded considering all of the other drawbacks lts have.
  5. Oh of course you are right but what i meant was this buff now turns a retarded shit tank to a playable tank, which is a big difference. Personally if i could choose between this or a Skorpion i'd go for the skorp, 490 of alpha is great even in tier x games + turret ect.
  6. 1) food+bia+vents+optics= around 430 view range since you dont need gld and wont use a camo net, fixing the worse dpm too 2) udes dpm works only in seige mode which takes some dpm out of it 3) does not need seige mode meaning it can run from any engagement faster and can shoot even when in "travel mode" and it also means it can flank allowing it to play on maps like Stalingrad 4) 200 more hp is good allowing the tank to survive 3 hits from 400 alpha guns more often 5) 268 of pen is fine same pen a 62a has and i have never had a problem sniping with it 6) if that 330 is heat means it can pen even a Maus compensating the lack of standard pen, and being able to pen strv 103 and tier 8 premium one It's a great buff nothing to sneeze at, in theory looks good but depends if it can really aim in 1,8 seconds depending on the soft stats.
  7. K but that means a looong grind (and 110 is kind of pos a tier cancer)
  8. I think it is just showing that the top engine is heavier than the one before by ten kilos..... to see if you can mount it you should do the preview in the garage.... Looking on tank gg it seems to me that i am right
  9. Damn now that i think about it wg has nerfed directly or indirectly all of my t10s....: bat gets armour nerf (luckly not the gun), t62a is now worse than 140, and E5 was nerfed while back and now it's useless compared to a Patton and/or the chinese heavies. By the time i get back from my holidays i will get all of these bad changes. This follows a looong bad luck streak in RL...... damn it never ends......


    1. Sovereign_M


      what are you talking about? My Foch 155 is getting buffed and that tank is kinda shit. :doge:

  10. Maybe? More hull armour and hp? E5's turret can still bounce heat even on the cupola and the lfp can be trollish. If both are hidden it is almost impossoble to pen for anything that is not a td with gold. Still it loses in the gun and mobility departement (bar final accuracy) and view range. Not sure. What i am sure is that the Fattons line now is way better than E5s (bar t29) so i believe many should grind the medium line. E5 suffers even more competition from the chinese heavies and the future super conqueror. I belive it would need a buff in mobility (less terrain resistance 17-20 km/h of reverse speed, better tank traverse) and gun ( at least 0.02 in dispersion and/or maybe dpm).
  11. It's a very very good buff. Even before it would allow troll bounces especially from afar and with poorly accurate guns, now it should be even harder to pen. Luckly the mantlet is not too big so it will not absorb that easily heat shells. It will be very good at bulling lower tiers.
  12. Cant recall anything about x2 overmatch but i can tell you HE does not overmatch so it does not work on ikea tanks.
  13. Mmmmm how good is the m48's turret against HEAT? Does the hole still have zero armour behind the mantlet?
  14. You cant have both in my book and if has not had it before it does not mean now it should be so high. My problem is not with the Caer only but with how WG balanced the whole tier 8 meta. You have tanks with 240 alpha having similar dpm than an is3 like the panther 2 or indien pz, but not having the same hp and armour. It's stupid. 240 is nothing compared to 390, considering 400 is still competitive at tier x. Then again the tank might be balanced due to how slow it will be and being just another one trick pony with better dpm (t32), with poor alpha......