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  1. WG should really remove tank module grinding and simply give us the tank fully unlocked when purchased. In exchange for that they should increase the exp necessary to get the next tank of the line for the same amount. So in the end we would play the same number of games and even use the same amount of free exp to get to next tank quicker, but without the horror of having to research tracks and the rest of the bs.


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    2. Evelyn


      At the very least they should remove the suspension module upgrade altogether and just give the best one. Because having to grind and research that before you can mount anything else (sometimes the stock load limit is so tight that you can't even mount equipment) adds no fun value to the game.

    3. nabucodonsor


      Yeah @Evelyn this is what bothers me the most, having to get suspensions to allow the grind. I mean it makes no sense whatsoever. I understand they want more money, but this is too much. They are so fucking greedy. 

      Or even just playing a stock tiger and be drag for your team makes zero sense. WG shouls rework the entire system, but having no competition means they never will. 



    4. waga100