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  1. I understand that people are bad a this game and that they make stupid plays ect. It's a game so if people just want to play casual it is fine by me. But at least dont camp base. How fun can it be to sit in a corner just waiting for someone to show up to blast him with your mega alpha. 

    At least drive around and shoot tanks for god sake. Drive a Maus soak up some dmg and play the game. Are you scared of getting your pixel tank hit? Trust me it does not hurt.


    1. RC_Tank


      "stfu im a TD bitch"

      is what they always say when I point out that we're losing because they refuse to move

    2. crapcannon


      I always find that younglings are at the drivers seat of these camping tanks. And I mean 6-7 year olds.

    3. nabucodonsor


      Yeah you are right probably kids are the ones who are super passive.