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  1. Fuck off WG it even gets AP as standard you will force people to spam premium fuck off fuck off And even the armor got nerfed And it is even taller so that could mean even camo nerf fuck off really
  2. Problem is they are increasing the bats overall exposure by changing it to 12 seconds to do 1,8k dmg instead of 10,8 for 1,95k. This means you are making harder for the tank to get the same damage without getting shot in return. Now while the aim time is marginally better the gun gets the same horrible handling meaning they could leave the same soft stats. So overall you are nerfing alpha, meaning it will be much harder to clean up end game or trade, survivability, and raw/effective dpm due to the pen nerf, in exchange for a more flexibile clip. GJ
  3. Plz Wg remove seigfried line from standard it is so claustrophobic 

  4. Guys this is not autistic this is retardation. Then again i am wondering when they are going to buff the Defender since in their opinion it gets counterd so hard by Tvp vtu. @GehakteMolen i get what you mean but the tank as it is is fine and i see no reason to nerf it or to rebalance it. Sure it may be annoying to get cliped end game by a yolo rush tard in a bc but that hardly ever happens since most of the time they die early on or make stupid mistakes making them easy to counter. Also the Bat while it is a good it is very hard to use at full potential and still it loses in so many situations like any 1vs1 with an autoloader. I do not understand the reason to fix a tank like this when Mauses are a thing, but i guess they just want to sell more tier X lts since even walls know they are trash.
  5. Why is the is4 considered bad?

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    2. ThomChen114


      because many of its "strong points" were not enough to offset the IS-7s role and ability to be so forgiving of mistakes. it doesn't have the raw alpha of the 130mm on the IS-7, nor can it compare to the DPM of the 113 that allows the Chinese to bully medium tanks. 

      the ST-I (with some changes) would make more sense as the tier 10

    3. Fulcrous


      because it can't do anything exceptionally well. sidescraping gets cucked by turret/engine deck overmatches. better gun than the is7 but still relatively shit. its slow. lacks HP for it to truly be a heavy. etc etc etc

    4. nabucodonsor
  6. Make it smaller like the E100 police bar, just a bit bigger than jadgzilla . Make the side hull cheeks strong against 330 heat even when flat to let it angle, remove the derp shit, buff a bit the older gun, remove shit side antiheat skirts. Just like the is4 it would have a weakspot on the turret and one on the front hull.Tank balanced, done. PS: sorry for being a bit aggressive but i had a really bad day after months of bad days so yeah.
  7. Because making the lfp and the cupola 220 was a bad idea right? They have a tank called is4 which works by overangling the armor. Make this tank work in the same way. Also this is not a weakspot at all 270-80 mm still requires gold since most non td tanks have lower standard pen than that and not many tds have much more pen. Guns like the BL-10 have 286. Only some tier X tds have more pen than that on standard.
  8. Well you can do some scouting close to the hill spotting tanks from F/D/E-7 and from south you can even spot heavies going to the valley on the 1-2 line and put shots in them. South it is way better than north, but from north you can climb the hill with much more ease or even use that spot to shoot at some tanks below you.
  9. But the tvp vtu is the best counter for defenders according to WG
  10. The Defender&Co tanks were released not long ago and I really can not remember of a OP premium since the type59 or the e25 in between. Remember WG policy about not making premium tanks on par with same tanks? And when the Defender came out the same QB said "this is not op since tier tens shit on it". Then the chrysler k came out and QB said "this might be considered OP by someone". Now QB see this tanks and says "this tank is more OP than Defender&Co". For him to say this considering how much he has been on WG side must mean a lot. You maybe do not understand how important youtubers are, and QB has a huge fanbase ready to follow what he says. Do you think this is good advertisement to say tank X is pay to win, especially after what has happend with Foch? Do you understand in what position WG has put themselfs in after censoring Foch? They have to be careful because people will not tolerate as much bullshit as before. Instead they sell a tank which is called by now the number one CC streamer, an OP pay to win tank. This is huge, big enough to bring the game down to a point of never return. If the game is still agonizing atm this will be finishing blow for it. I do not understand how they could come up with such a stupid idea. It makes no sense at all
  11. What I dont get is why. Sure they want money and that is fine but they always got it even by selling non op premiums. Now I would understand they expected their cash grab from the liberte onward would be sort of "undetected", but after the Foch incident? That huge PR disaster has already painted WG as a greedy cash grab company and they still want to continue in this direction? This does not feel like a good marketing maneuver, unless they saw despite the Chrysler K bad advertisement it still gave them a big profit or they saw a huge drop in the player base and now they want to milk the cow until it is dead. To make QB declare this tank is OP and PAY TO WIN is huge. I have never heard such from him before and they should be afraid of the consequences.
  12. Cant wait to see Foch's reaction
  13. My wn8 goes up and my wr goes down.... Nabuco you pad the wrong stats gj

  14. It could have 5k but the inability to move and bad armor makes it useless. Raw dpm means nothing only effective counts. This is why the Stb1 will become a monster with iEquipment since it lacks only the handling and the better vstab and vents will fix that.
  15. We can all say the Maus is the best super heavy. To me the E100 is way more badass, so E100>>>Maus in my book. Man I wished i had one...

    1. Kolni


      well there's a reason nobody has 4k dpg on e100 but several people have 5k on maus :doge: