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  1. WN8 vs WR correlation

    Someone knows the memes
  2. Guys dont waste bonds on anything else that isn't ivstab or the FF ability (or to get 6th sense while you are traing a new crew). Ivents boost is irrelevant compared to normal vents and same goes for irammer which is just a worse ivents. If you already have your favourite tank with ivstab dont buy another piece of improved equipment for it, but buy another ivstab for another tank you play a lot (example a tier 8 premium or a tier X for CW).

    Also i'd suggest you putting them on tanks with bad/average handling (like a bat/defender/5a ect) rather than on tanks with great handling (russian mediums) because the improvement will be bigger and because they need it more.

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    2. Vindi


      I disagree, mounted Ivents on my 430U and since then gun handling got noticeably different, 2-3 snapshots more, etc. Looking after mounting the rammer and Ivstab.

    3. nabucodonsor


      @Vindi I seriously doubt that unless they change the game  mechanics. It's like when I swapped gld for vents on the 113. Sure it is better but not that better and ivents should not provide a bigger change than applying normal vents instead of gld.

      What I did was simply compare the dpm change between a 113 with ivents and nvents and the increas is about what i said. Unless as I said is wrong but that has to be proven.

    4. Fulcrous


      8 hours ago, Vindi said:

      I disagree, mounted Ivents on my 430U and since then gun handling got noticeably different, 2-3 snapshots more, etc. Looking after mounting the rammer and Ivstab.

      Confirmation bias.

  3. Am I only one who thinks there has been a return of russian bias from moment Murazor has been in charge? Russian tanks are stronger than ever (and vbaddict seems to confirm so altough I havent done the math, but the average wr looks higher for russian tanks than germans or USA tanks altogheter (i mean as a nation average wr)) and the new maps are flatter, more usable for chinese and russian tanks?


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    2. Assassin7


      I think I said that lol

    3. EndlessAgony


      It's possible. I'm not sure who was first tho, I've seen multiple people say it...

    4. Assassin7


      I know I've said it xD

  4. The T110E3, because you don't give any fucks.

    Equipment suggestions? I went for toolbox binos and rammer. I think binos are good for more open maps where you want to hulldown and hold the line unitil the rest of you team dies. Toolbox for arty detracking you constantly.
  5. Italian Tier 10: Progetto M40 mod 65

    It's not russian so it isn't OP comrade!
  6. They wont buff the 121B camo and trust me only russians can have better camo than LTs. Unless it is a russian LT ofc
  7. So I am still testing the Leo1 and aside the games where my connection crushed or I did mentally, I have never played a tank that could farm dmg so easily. The gun is fucking amazing especially compared to the STB1's that I am testing which also has iVstab mounted. Combined with the good mobility the Leo feels very fun to play.

    On the bad side I have to admit that arties, Shitbarns and Types are a disaster for this paper machine. They all can pen you (even the type) and do serious dmg even if they dont.

    If anyone of you enjoys the E50m's gun but with more dpm and mobility I suggest you trying it. I cant  recommend you buying it on the live server but you should try it for free on the test server.

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    2. nabucodonsor


      That one was never good

    3. simba90


      Don't mistake farming red shitlords on the CT for the tank actually being good. It is very easy to get a false impression of how good a tank is when you get multiple high damage games because your enemy is retarded rather than the tank being an excellent damage dealer. (Speaking from experience here.)

    4. nabucodonsor


      @simba90 true but I was pointing out how good the gun was. The russian mediums are way better because can close in the engagement. The Leo must have a different playstyle because otherwise it gets destroyed very quickly, especially on the test server.

      My objective it to prove to WG that a buffed Leo is not OP, as we all know, but it is way better than the trash it is without iVstab. When I played it without the buffed equipment the aim time felt glacial and you could not abuse the gun as you would. So I did not like. As I made it now it is nowhere near as good as the russian mediums but it is playable.

      I doubt they will listen but I can only try.


  8. Guys the Leo1 with iVstab is amazing. Not OP but very fun to play. The gun is very reliable and can sort of snap (you need to aim a little just a few tenths of a second). I know I tested it on the test server but consider that there are many tds, FV4005 and lots of arty so this is kinda of the worst condition possible for a Leo, balancing out the lack of skill.

    1. hall0


      Don´t trick people into buying the Leo. After the buffs to the Leo PTA there is no reason why you should buy the T10. 

    2. nabucodonsor


      Lol the only person I am tricking is myself. But you could try it for free on the test server. It's fun.

      It would be interesting having another opinion. Also my idea was to disprove the obvious lie that if buffed the Leo would be OP.

      PS: bear in mind I still have to play on some maps like Himmels or Ensk where I expect it to be less effective.

  9. I guess they will be trash. We should tell them that Italy had the biggest Communist Party among the NATO countries during the Cold War. So they might buff it to help their comrades da? As they are now I have no reason to grind them aside them being Italian. I wonder why they did not introduce the modified version of the Leo or the Patton that Italy has. I am curious to see if they will allow you to mount a rammer like on the Chi ri or the old 59 16.

    Go to minute 10:44 and watch the Super Pershing in my team called falko60. Team play am I right? 

    Attention: it may give you an aneurysm due to sheer stupidity.

    1. Hellsfog


      That's a tough one to explain.

    2. nabucodonsor


      I know right? I was screaming for help because I could not turn to face the t44, I had to focus on the t30 and the VK. I feel bad that in chat I said horrible stuff to him, but I was so triggerd. Watching from his pov he completely ignored the t44 and kept looking a the t30 but I do not understand why. Even a bot would have shot the t44 but not a human.

  11. The actual Q&A about the 268v4

    I just reported what they said but I agree. It is all bullshit.
  12. You can watch (i'd recommend you doing so) at 1:02 when the question is asked. They never say it should be buffed but it will not be nerfed for now and that they monitor tanks on daily basis to see how they perform so they know if they are under or over performing (I guess they must not monitor the 34-2 then). So that the reason it is overperfoming is because good players are playing it so they inflate the charts. This is the reason it takes them months to buff or nerf new tanks..... Then the discussion move towards gold ammo. His opinion is to give it a different mechanic and to remove actual gold price from the ammunition (aka payable only trough credits). The gold removal will be the first step towards the rebalance. 1:24:06 they talk about arty (before there they discuss about other balancing topics like CW reward tanks, premium ect but I did not watch it). I'll let you be the judge on this... and please do so
  13. Object 268 version WTF were they thinking?

    I saw a guy camping with this abomination on Muro and not yoloing like Murazor intended. Poor man even if tries to make tanks for retards players will still be retarded and play it in the wrong way.
  14. The E 100 Brick Club

    The E100 is fine it's the rest that is broken. Like the IS4 it is balanced. But the retards at WG are retards and this is the game we get. I hope version 1.0 is a failure and they start losing more and more players when people realize is the same shit just painted differently.
  15. Ranked is just worse than randoms. Just a bunch of retards trying harder than usual. So they just camp more than usual and manage to die anyway. Example: no one goes forest on Murovanka they dont push the other area and I am stuck with a bat camping like a td.

    Oh and the exp system that favors kills is fantastic. I had a game with 1k dmg more than a SConq but got less exp because he had more 2 more kills. So my over 5k game combined meant nothing. 

    Well i got to rank 8 or 9 or whatever and I think I am done for.

    Sorry for the rant

    1. simba90


      My extensive scientific * study into ranked battles has lead me to believe that getting to rank ~8 - 9 is probably the most efficient return of bonds for effort.

      * (May have just been me playing through once to rank 8 and coming up with an excuse not to progress further.)

    2. Marver95


      IIRC there was something about if somebody spends more time near fights, and contributes, he gets more XP than a sniper sitting behind him somewhere (even if the sniping guy does more damage). 

    3. nabucodonsor


      Yeah that is true but I am 100% sure kills> over anything else. So you could get a 600 dmg game but with 3 kills and still get the same exp as a guy with 3k dmg