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  1. So WG is now testing the Polish tanks trying to milk their Polish player base, with a 750 alpha 2,6kHP and 2,4k dpm!!! (which was nerfed from the previous 2,5k same as the if 100dpm matters). Dispersion is not that bad (look at the turret rotation 0,096 on a 152mm gun) and with 8 degrees of gun depression it should comfortable enough. Practically a E100 with a turret that does not seem to be 2-2 pen. The crap part of it is the terrible 317 HEAT pen and bad power to weight, but good news it gets 1,1k HE dmg. Just like the old tds. Which means you can spam it and get 400-500 dmg if you are lucky enough. The armour looks strong but there is maybe a weakspot as it has a central view port, probably to allow Russian player to remind Polish players that Poland is just Russia's garden. Thoughts?
  2. nabucodonsor

    How to Erlenberg?

    Win the city or west island. I want to write something about it but I am not sure about how the northen spawn should play. Altough I have kinda figured out how to play South.
  3. nabucodonsor

    The K-91 thread

    I used the difference between regular Optics and IVents to express those nubers. I dont know but when I create builds or in this case improve tanks, i always try to maximize their strenghs. I have not played it but it does not look like a good tank for those maps regardless of vents. So I'd rather be way stronger where I already have an advantage than patching a weakness that I cant really fix. It's not like it makes it a brawler by improving the armour. You practically just get a better gun. But this is just my opinion so I guess it depens a lot on your playstyle and so there is not a perfect answer. Sorry if I sound a bit pedantic I am just trying to figure out if a) it is worth it and b) the best way to work it
  4. nabucodonsor

    The K-91 thread

    I'd use the view range not to scout but to snipe without getting spotted while spotting for yourself. It would be more situational but when it happens you can destroy the enemy team and potentially change the outcome of a game, if your opponents are stupid enough. It is especially good in late game on open/semiopen maps. And considering the great handling and dpm it already has (with food and bia you get 4,95 sec reload) the advantage you get with Vents/IVents is not huge.
  5. nabucodonsor

    The K-91 thread

    Wouldn't optics>vents be better if you play it as a light? A tank 3,3% better is really better than having 6,7% more view range? Considering that you also mostly snipe with it or spot wouldn't 28 meters of view range help you more?
  6. nabucodonsor

    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    If Iceland wins I'd be almost as happy as if Italy had won. The problem with Argentina is that Messi is generally shit when he plays for it and this year he has not been that good even when playing for Barcelona. Higuain is overrated imo but I see why people like him. Though DiMaria and Aguero are monsters. Belgium has Mertens that has been playing like a beast lately for Napoli plus they have Lukaku who is a literal beast, then Hazard, Courtois, Kompany ect. And they also have gained some good experience form the last WC and EU cup. That is what they were really missing. I am curious to see how Egypt will do now that Salah is back as he will also give a good morale boost to the team. Plus he is a damn lighning bolt. Uruguay is more scary than Argentina imo: between Suarez's bites and Cavani's bruising ability I'd not want to defend against them. Especially Cavani.
  7. nabucodonsor

    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    Argentina has never been a good team always overrated (Maradona aside). If I were a betting man i'd bet on Belgium to win the WC followed by France and maybe England. Croatia has very good players but lacks in spirit. Luckly soccer/football or sports in general are never only about strength
  8. Ehm so can anyone remind me why the Leo still has 0.17 dispersion on hull and traverse while this thing has 0.13? Weren't they afraid of creating a OP sniper in this case?
  9. nabucodonsor

    I WANNA GO FAST: The T-100LT Appreciation Thread

    I was going to upvote you but damn you made me feel like shit

    8k (almost 5k direct dmg) combined on Erlemberg in a t49. This game can still be fun.

  11. nabucodonsor

    I WANNA GO FAST: The T-100LT Appreciation Thread

    It doesnt I was just trolling you mate XD. But I do have a higher WR with my t100. That is because I have a whopping 42% with my 5a with 2,8k dmg average.
  12. nabucodonsor

    I WANNA GO FAST: The T-100LT Appreciation Thread

    I have a higher WR in my t100lt than my 5a. At least 10% more.
  13. I totally agree only that they could rework the gun as it is easier and after re-do the armour as it would take more testing and time.
  14. The Type 5 just needs the 14cm gun to be buffed giving it 300-310ap gold pen. There is no need for the derp gun and they should remove all the derps from this line. They are just bad for the game. In this way German superheavies will be on par with this monstruosity. Derp guns are a bad idea in general
  15. nabucodonsor

    Up to date starting points for the maps?

    Paris: k4-5-6-7 is were you win or lose the game. If you dont have armour try playing the mid or go fuck yourself as WG intended Glacier: go mid to spot and take fast shots with fast tanks then either try to shoot the campers or go to the brawling area to the north (A1 to A3, B1 to B3). Or wank in the base like WG wants you to do Mines: rush hill or go fuck yourself if your team doesn't and pray the enemies are even more stupid Province: Rush the other side if you are fast (even with arty) or if you are slow snipe and protect you corridor Murovanka: same as old El Halluf: same as old Lakeville. same as old only now the valley is much better Sand River: same as old Fisherman's Bay: city is dead, either camp mid or 1-2 line Airfield: same as old aka if you push you are killed by campers Hitler's Dorf: same as old Fjords: I have had some better results by either controlling F4-F5 or winning J4-J5. Switch accordingly and be careful after you push as camping TDs can get you Live Oaks: spawn in the correct base. Otherwise same as old Mannarime line: See Arctic region Segfried Line: no idea I always die of claustrophobia (but it hasn't changed) Prokorovka: Now on the hill there is way more cover and winning it allows you to control an entire flank even more with less risks. So either win the hill or support it. With LTs prevent other LTs to spot your retards camping the 1-2 line. Then spot the hill. Malinovka: same as old Karelia: win the hill or the north