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  1. 110 is not that bad. Sure before today I had 60% wr and now I lost 4% but I have to blame myself/teams/stock grind for not having a higher one. Ok it does need a engine buff but otherwise is pretty solid.

    I'm not saying the IS3 is not better but this tank is not so bad and for sure it is not the trash you people say it is. 


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    2. nabucodonsor


      I have almost finished the grind.... so it is a bit late to find out.

      Look the turret is good, the gun is good (could be better but the dpm is great), the hull is strong enough to bully tier 7s and 6s and get some bounces form higher tier (i have ended many games with 1-2k blocked). The worst thing is the inability of going uphill but that is due to WG retardeness.

      Is the IS3 better? Yes. Does it need a buff? Yes (mobility and turret dispersion). Is it that bad? No. This tank tier per tier is way better than the type58 which is the dogshit of the line.

    3. hazzgar


      @nabucodonsor how is the hull enough to bully when the LFP is big and anything can pen it?

      Turret is also crap since the top is weak and the front can be penned by high pen guns (happened to me more often than it should). The 110 turret is comparable to OLD pre buff is3 turret from 4 years ago but still worse because worse front.

    4. nabucodonsor


      Wiggle and keep moving. Also lower tier tanks dont have great accuracy so shots might go on ufp. And they need to hit that weakspot to pen you meaning that if you are quick enough they might mess up their shot. 

      I said the turret is good meaning you a) need to aim to pen it b) you need high pen guns. Which means you are relatively safe when hull down. Kinda like a 140. You poke shoot disappear. If you bounce good if not it happens. 

  2. So make Russia great again?
  3. Agreed but you could say that about most tanks. Example IS3/Caer make most tanks useless at tier 8 ect. This is why WG sucks at their job. All tanks should be equal in terms of balancing and be relevant according to playstyle.
  4. DPM is overrated in general and on LTs is mostly useless. But this is just my opinion.
  5. Does anyone know where to find soul silver/heart gold emulators/roms? Nintendo kinda went order 66 on all emulators sites and I'd like nuzlocke them.

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    2. Fulcrous


      He wants to nuzlocke randomizer them.

      Basically every pokemon encounter is randomized.
      He can only capture the first pokemon he encounters in each route.
      If a pokemon faints, it must be placed in the PC and considered "dead".

      Other "fun" rules: nicknaming a Pokemon is a must to form strong emotional bonds when it survives or is pronounced "dead".

    3. Errants


      I knew the Nuzlocke rules, debated doing it myself on a replay. I did not realize that the ROMs had been fan-modded enough to mandate the rules.

      Just beat US last night (first E4 defeat), first playthrough I've ever done where I didn't nickname anything. Was odd and different.

    4. nabucodonsor


      They are not modded to have nuzlocke rules in it. Only my morality will enforce them. It's just a challenge. 

      @Fulcrous I have found a randomizer that allows to evolve without trading and does not randomize every encounter

  6. Passive scouting is kinda dead so yeah at this point you could run it with nothing. While the tank might be bad you are doing everything to make it worse and not better. Mount Vstab vents and optics, switch to active and see how it goes. That equipment will come in handy when you get to the HWK. I mean you have lots of premium tanks and you are afraid to spend some credits for equipment yo can reuse on other tanks? Sounds a bit incoherent to me. Also as good as your skill might be 6th sense is a must on all tanks especially on LTs. Trust me on this. Go for 6th, camo and bia.
  7. Never played it but it does look bad from the stats (though the camo is not as bad as you say and it has some nice view range). Post some replays and share your crew/equipment layout. Many players dont know how to proper equip it.
  8. Getting angry at you is waste of my time and it will only make my life worse; it is toxicity I do not need. However you joined a community of people who have certain rules. Like in any community if you want to be a part of it you should follow them. If said rules annoy you or are not good for you then leave. No one forces you to stay. Disrespecting these rules means not respecting the people in who are part of this group. Mistakes can happen, we are human, but you were told how to behave and how not to make said mistakes. You are either stubborn or as I have come to understand, you don't give a crap. Therefore you do not give a crap about us. Don't try to play the victim here you are not one.
  9. I never put vents on tanks that have >2,7 aim time. That 0,3 of better aim time increases more your effective dpm than vents would do. It also helps when you snap since you can close the aiming circle a bit more (and faster) to increase the chances of hitting even at close range. But you could also try it with vents and see how it goes. It would be good for the subpar accuracy. Or play it like Serb wants it and pray Stalin to guide the shot. Trust me that works even better.
  10. @kaneaaa careful you are starting to trigger @CraBeatOff and you are starting to annoy other people too. You are not the only non native speaker and clearly your English is not that bad to understand how to do things right. To be clear here you can necro any tread you want people prefer that than opening new sections. I dont want to be mean but you have to realize that even moderators have a life and it takes time to close/shift treads. I'm sorry if I have offended you it is not my intention.
  11. Does anyone want to work for WG balance department? I guess if you want free drugs you can get some and something good too.

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    2. woe2you


      Isn't Murazor purple?

      Reading between the lines they've clearly decided to hire from within and the ad is a formality. There's a vanishingly small chance that an external hire can satisfy those criteria better as written.

    3. Meirzin


      I'll apply and just ask you guys for advice ;)

    4. nabucodonsor


      Go for it! wink wink

  12. But can I have creepy anime pillows?
  13. It snaps better than the HWK and it has a frontal mounted turret meaning you can peak-a-boom much better. Also it gets good turning speed which means it surfs pretty well. BTW I iust noticed the poll I had put is missing. I'll add it. My personal WR with them is higher than with most tanks I play (not the bulldog because i played it way before 9.18). I'm not saying I am good (I'm not) but if I can carry you can too.