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  1. So i got the t28. My god stock is so bad. How do you play this thing? Isn't the armour a bit too bad for being so slow?

    1. HowitzerBlitzer


      I sold mine. Makes no sense how it's lighter than the T28 prototype yet has a lower top speed.

    2. Hellsfog


      The British TD line to the FV 215 183 says hello.

    3. NightmareMk9


      Dude, it's about this ( || ) much better with the top gun.  Combine that with the shit MM and good luck.  It's literally the only line besides SPG I need to grind on the USA and I just F-ing hate it.

  2. Was killed by the Patriot not by the 430 II. The Pershing is still a better hulldown medium tank because of the gun depression, frontal turret and very good handling.
  3. I'd never go near the 430 II 122mm gun, it's too derpy for me. I believe the 430 will get the the 100mm guns and/or maybe get the 430U's 440 gun slightly nerfed. The good thing about getting the 430 II at tier 8 is maybe we will have some mediums competitive for CW. And 330 fuck you Defender shells seems very promising.
  4. After you get the t25at top gun the tank is really good and fun to play. If I had sixth sense would be even better but still I enjoy this thing.

    The 240 alpha guns are shit though.

  5. A) try to spot the 0 line B) play it like a medium and get cheeky shots C) go field and try to spot there A works some times but generally B is better. Switch between A and B. Dont worry this map is dogshit in standard and devs must remove it and keep it only in encounter and assault. But they wont. Just try your best.
  6. I believe it is part of their plan of changing russian mediums and they cant come up with an idea of making the 430 different from the 140/62a.
  7. Ahahahhah it gets better handling than the 121, but that shell velocity....
  8. Am I seeing russian spaced side armour? LOL Ps: fuck the 160 frontal plate if you can sidescrape with 90+20 mm of sidearmour.
  9. Super heavy tanks like the Maus were a bad idea even during WW2, not only because they were slow, hard to move (relocate with trains would be impossible) consumed huge amounts of fuel, but even when in position they would be easily targeted by artillery and even more easily by airplanes. Tanks without sky control are useless anyway.
  10. Bah dpm means nothing, 440 alpha is obscene if this thing gets russian medium handling. Even if it gets 430 handling this thing could still be good. I believe they want to make a more armored russian medium line and correctly the 416 would not fit in this line (but so the a43 wouldn't)
  11. Wait wait wait so you can pen M103s turret with 150 pen????? Ahahahhah that tank is so garbage. Man how dafuck can WG think that tank can play as a tier 9 heavy. Wait wait wait so you can pen M103s turret with 150 pen????? Ahahahhah that tank is so garbage. Man how dafuck can WG think that tank can play as a tier 9 heavy.
  12. I have to admit maps look very good. GJ WG!

  13. Remember that 152 mm HEAT can overmatch a lot like M103s turrets (lol) and the STRV0 (tier ix one). Also if you are above them HE might not pen engine decks depending on the angle but HEAT generally does always because of the overmatch. HEAT is also very useful when you are facing frontally tanks like Leo or Skodas since they can bounce the HE but not the HEAT. If you know you are going to face them preload it.
  14. Dev 1: Uh lets make tanks fight in VOLCANO Dev 2 to 50: DA DA we like it, but lets add some blue stairs that look like pyramids. Great this will make Grand Battles so much better
  15. Oh yeah I still believe the t49 is better tier by tier, I mean just look at the HP difference (Sheridan should get at least 1,8k considering how big it is) and the very few improvents on the derp. My idea comes from my axiom on LTs: if a LT has great camo, mobility (traverse and top speed) and small size it is going to be a good spotter. And the Sheridan has none of those. So what is the point in playing a tank that is outclassed by the t49 tier by tier and outclassed by all the other LTs in the same tier? None. So I was trying to come up with an idea of making the tank unique both from the precessor and equal tier tanks. I was looking more for something unique that can work than simply going for something that is just worse than the rest. At Crab maybe vents is better if you are not a shitter like me XD. But yeah the goal is more towards gaining an advantage when top tier (485 is a lot when facing tier 8s and even some 9s) and still have a better gun to derp tier 10s.
  16. To me you should use the Sheridan only with the derp and play it just like a fast SU152. Instead of using optics aim to max out dpm and handling, by using rammer, vstab and gld/vents (gld would be better probably). You are still able to spot (especially if you run food), due to the high view range,but you get a much bigger bullying potential in those games where you are top tier. In my opinion the Sheridan is bad scout because of the poor camo and huge profile; plus the 105 gun will only make it a worse medium. So my idea is to turn it in a light battle tank based around the derp making you in a faster non armored version of a Type 5. Focus on dealing dmg and forget spotting, just do it only if needed. @CraBeatOff what do you think?
  17. So I have  been thinking and this is my guess on how WG wants to change the 62a: taking in consideration the 2 guns on the t54 they will nerf the dpm but increase both handling and pen on the 62a. In this way the 140 can be played as a brawler (turret buff also hints in this direction) and the 62a will become more of a sniper. 



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    2. nabucodonsor


      Yeah that could make sense, but then WG would have buffed the dmg on the second t54. Mine is just an hypothesis based on what they have said and done with the game ( they wantto "prepare" the player for the other 2 tanks of the line) 

    3. Assassin7


      Neither of the changes they made to the T-54 prepare people for the other tanks.

      One gun has great DPM but shitty ass gun handling. The other haa good gun handling but shitty ass DPM. The tier 10s have DPM and gun handling. 

      If they wanted to prepare people for the tier 10s their best option was leaving it alone...

    4. nabucodonsor


      Hey I did not say they were right! XD

  18. This was my fav tank...... Even i have to say it is not worth it anymore. The handling is there tough but yeah it is not fun anymore. RIP my friend i think i'll sell you and rebuy the t49 hoping i will finally learn the way of the Derp.
  19. I have grinded every single tank i had from stock with no gold or money spent. If i did it so can you. The only time i have skipped some modules is because i had enough free exp or were radios. To make an example i grinded the t54 from stock stock, without the second stock gun that comes frome the t44 because i went trough the 416 line. I understand grinding is shit but luckly WG (and i do PRAISE them for this) give us boosters. Use them for both free exp and tank exp.
  20. How do you remove your stats from WG hall of fame?

    1. TheChang


      Go to the website(log in), click hall of fame, click hide my results.


    2. nabucodonsor


      I swear i did not see it. I must be blind

  21. K had not considered that. Thx
  22. You forgot to mention the MM changes that will now consider subclass paring, like a Maus will be paired with a superheavy (Maus, e100 and Pz7) and so on. This is good news for once. Are you sure? Caer turret is not that great since i can be penned 50% of the time on avg (some areas more some less) by is3's gold, even when hulldown and using all of it's gun depression. I get that 1k more dpm is great but to say the IS-3 is flat out worse is a bit too much. I'd like to hear your opinion.
  23. I regret nothing XD. Frankly the map is shit not because of how it looks (altough i find it stupid to see tanks fighting in a volcano for a tiki tiki island) but for how it would play. They think that if a map looks cool it means it is an enjoyable map which is bullshit, for the same reason I am not excited by the HD maps i have seen up to now. If they think they can just slightly touch stupid maps Mountain Pass or broken like Airfield they are wrong. Cool shiny things are cool for kids, no to me. I want maps that are fun to play.