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  1. So they all get a dpm buff except the PZ which gets a handling buff (much needed) and the WZ which gets nothing? I mean sure they all needed bigger ammoracks but come on! We all know what they need! This is one of th things i dont understand from WG: ok you dont want unicums camo sniping with the lts hence you give them great pen drop, but at least give them some accuracy. Not having both is retarded considering all of the other drawbacks lts have.
  2. Oh of course you are right but what i meant was this buff now turns a retarded shit tank to a playable tank, which is a big difference. Personally if i could choose between this or a Skorpion i'd go for the skorp, 490 of alpha is great even in tier x games + turret ect.
  3. 1) food+bia+vents+optics= around 430 view range since you dont need gld and wont use a camo net, fixing the worse dpm too 2) udes dpm works only in seige mode which takes some dpm out of it 3) does not need seige mode meaning it can run from any engagement faster and can shoot even when in "travel mode" and it also means it can flank allowing it to play on maps like Stalingrad 4) 200 more hp is good allowing the tank to survive 3 hits from 400 alpha guns more often 5) 268 of pen is fine same pen a 62a has and i have never had a problem sniping with it 6) if that 330 is heat means it can pen even a Maus compensating the lack of standard pen, and being able to pen strv 103 and tier 8 premium one It's a great buff nothing to sneeze at, in theory looks good but depends if it can really aim in 1,8 seconds depending on the soft stats.
  4. K but that means a looong grind (and 110 is kind of pos a tier cancer)
  5. I think it is just showing that the top engine is heavier than the one before by ten kilos..... to see if you can mount it you should do the preview in the garage.... Looking on tank gg it seems to me that i am right
  6. Damn now that i think about it wg has nerfed directly or indirectly all of my t10s....: bat gets armour nerf (luckly not the gun), t62a is now worse than 140, and E5 was nerfed while back and now it's useless compared to a Patton and/or the chinese heavies. By the time i get back from my holidays i will get all of these bad changes. This follows a looong bad luck streak in RL...... damn it never ends......


    1. Sovereign_M


      what are you talking about? My Foch 155 is getting buffed and that tank is kinda shit. :doge:

  7. Maybe? More hull armour and hp? E5's turret can still bounce heat even on the cupola and the lfp can be trollish. If both are hidden it is almost impossoble to pen for anything that is not a td with gold. Still it loses in the gun and mobility departement (bar final accuracy) and view range. Not sure. What i am sure is that the Fattons line now is way better than E5s (bar t29) so i believe many should grind the medium line. E5 suffers even more competition from the chinese heavies and the future super conqueror. I belive it would need a buff in mobility (less terrain resistance 17-20 km/h of reverse speed, better tank traverse) and gun ( at least 0.02 in dispersion and/or maybe dpm).
  8. It's a very very good buff. Even before it would allow troll bounces especially from afar and with poorly accurate guns, now it should be even harder to pen. Luckly the mantlet is not too big so it will not absorb that easily heat shells. It will be very good at bulling lower tiers.
  9. Cant recall anything about x2 overmatch but i can tell you HE does not overmatch so it does not work on ikea tanks.
  10. Mmmmm how good is the m48's turret against HEAT? Does the hole still have zero armour behind the mantlet?
  11. You cant have both in my book and if has not had it before it does not mean now it should be so high. My problem is not with the Caer only but with how WG balanced the whole tier 8 meta. You have tanks with 240 alpha having similar dpm than an is3 like the panther 2 or indien pz, but not having the same hp and armour. It's stupid. 240 is nothing compared to 390, considering 400 is still competitive at tier x. Then again the tank might be balanced due to how slow it will be and being just another one trick pony with better dpm (t32), with poor alpha......
  12. Is3 still is a better platform with better armor (and turret dispersion) plus Caer turret should be pennable for all >200 mm pen guns. Plus you have a Defender that hits for 440. While it looks good it should not replace these 2 tanks due to the shit mobility and poor alpha which still means poor poking potential and low HE dmg. Also less mobility means it will be more prone to be it by arty strikes. Anyway i find it retarded that it gets more alpha and dpm than any lt or medium (bar -3 and ravioli) .
  13. Espagnol?
  14. 1) show replays: you are doing something wrong and like this people can see it and understand why. 2) tier ten is a bitch: too much alpha and not enough hp ( you have 1,8k and you need it to trade with the tvp) 3) to be honest your damage x game is low. Tvp wins games by damaging. You have zero armour on a big tank. You rely on mobility and you speed especially your clip speed (1,2k in 3,5 seconds), so you clip and run. Remember though that you dont need to use all of your clip all of the time. You have to save hp as much as you can so early on do smart trades and dont throw it away for no reason even if it means to use 1 or 2 shots instead of 3 or 4. Endgame the tvp is a monster so focus on that. When you have learned that you can focus on maximizing dmg early in the game. If you will he able to do all of this you will become a great player. 4) your kill per game is low. It means you have poor target selection. This is the second way for autoloaders to win, turning a game from 2-2 to 4-2 in seconds and creating a local superiority to win a flank and then to win a game. Focus on low hp people to clear out guns to help your allies to move on (and shield you better xd) and free portions of the map where you can run around. 5) snap snap snap. You have great handling use it to minimize exposure even at cost of a bit of efficiency (but find a correct balance otherwise you will run out of ammo) 6) focus on targets you can pen and that you can cripple or kill for sure. You have poor pen so i'd rather take out a tier 8 medium than try to clip a e100 who might even bounce some shots. If you do so your enemy now will have one less gun in support. 7) work on your trades. Learn when you can trade some of your hp to gain something and when to keep it. Learn what works and what doesnt. This will require some time.
  15. Never played these tanks but by looking at the Conway it feels like HESH will be main ammo due to HE dmg (i believe at least 300 dmg should come out due the high pen) and when flanking, ap for when you know you can pen other tanks. 200 pen is still great if you manage to flank effectively
  16. I get most of the time tier x and ix games with my mutz. Rarely i see the rest of mm possibilities. Playing tier 6s post patch i saw only 3 tier iv games which had made me think tier 4s had got special mm. Altough comparing the game to how it was with the old mm i feel i can do more now when bottom tier than before because i can play a better role at supporting than just a meat shield. The real problem in my opinion is the huge gap between tier tens/nines and tier eights. Too much alpha not enough dpm ect. If you compare a tier 8 with a tier 9 medium the difference is huge if you just look at both alpha and dpm. And this explains why tier 9s still manage to compete with tier tens, because while they are inferior they are not that inferior ( example: jt with jpe100 altough some might say jt is better you get my point. Another example would be t54 vs obj140/62a). Same goes between tier 6s and 8s but a tier 6 medium can still be dangerous due to the strong rof, mobility and dpm. If instead you compare a tier 7 to a tier 9 while you do see a big difference, a t29 or a tiger 1 can still pull their weight in a bottom tier game. And while this is true for those tanks such can not be said for a t43 or an a44, for example, because they are terrible. So to conclude and if you find this TL;DR the real problem is how poorly tanks are balanced and how bad are some compared to other of the same tier. So they either give us a +/- 1 mm or they learn how to balance this game.
  17. Do you guys think the e5 now needs a buff? Considering the 5a and 113 have more armour/alpha/dpm/hp/speed with similar depression with just a bit worse aim time and the is7 will get buffed do you think it is going to be overshadowed? Maybe in the handling departement?

    1. cavman276


      I think the 5A needs a nerf

    2. Assassin7


      E5 still has more armour than 113. But I do think the tumor should not have been nerfed. 

  18. Are we sure they aren't the best trollers in the world? I cant believe they can all be so stupid to the point of never getting anything right. If monkeys can rewrite Shakespear they must be able to get a patch right once in a while.
  19. I call bullshit arty has always prevented camping!
  20. Never said it was not broken but arty now has way more possibilities to hit it and almost as hard. And the shorter reload will make things even easier. Hugging builds is a solution sure but can you on all maps? And even so splash damage will still be a huge problem due to the increase of the radius and humongous size of the tank plus the lack of armour. It is a tank that should not be in the game like the foch b or the type 5.
  21. New arty will kill this tank in few seconds due to more accuracy and arty's low pen would still be enough for full dmg. Plus the stun and crew dmg will cripple the tank even if arty misses the kill, meaning that other tanks can kill it without getting punished by the waffle. Still they should not bring it back the ability of doing 560x5 is broken and we already have to worry about the new foch b
  22. So when IS7 with double KV2 gun and 4k dpm?
  23. Another huge problem is their fear of rebalancing premiums. You cant remove gold or monsters like the Krysler or Defender will be unstoppable. So then they have to buff the rest of the tanks. But this increases chances of fucking up the entire balance system. But why they cant touch prems? Because tanks cost alot so refunds we be a huge money lost for the company. Well they deserve it being so greedy and lazy you get these results.