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  1. RIP the Mutz it has become a joke.....

  2. And Lowe's ability to hold a flank when hulldown or sidescraping while the KT is just a supporting tank that can bully only lower tier that dont have 122mm guns. I mean comparing the 2 never really convinced me. They are different tanks
  3. It's not that bad but it does flip a lot. Alpha is bad even if you shoot a lot you seem do no dmg.
  4. Link? I kinda forgot it.
  5. The tier X would be a monster with 320 gold on the 560 alpha gun.
  6. Funny how the entire line gets cupola weakspots but the FV217 does not.
  7. I dont get why people say the IS2 (chinese) is bad. To me it seems very good. maybe I got a good MM but it seems pretty solid. It can be derpy sure but I think people are exaggerating 

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    2. kukis12345


      It rly doesnt have any armor to speak of, IS actually has better armor because it has autobounce angles, which IS2 lacks.

    3. BlackAdder


      They say it’s bad until they try 110 crapwagon :kappa: 

    4. MagicalFlyingFox


      If you are relying on the IS(-2)'s armour, you've screwed up. Its a simple poke, shoot for 390 and hide for 10s tank. Its a pretty easy playstyle. 


      The IS-2 however gets a better ufp which you can sort of angle and is a fair bit more effective against lower tiers because of the lack of flat bits right in the middle. Against same tier and higher, it really doesn't matter, you should be trying to not get shot. 

  8. You mean the O-oooooooooo AAAAE-A-A-I-A-U- JO-oooooooooooo AAE-O-A-A-U-U-A- E-eee-ee-eee AAAAE-A-E-I-E-A- JO-ooo-oo-oo-oo EEEEO-A-AAA-AAAA tank?
  9. No I'd get the -3 coz lol alpha is lol. In my opinion if they would sell it they would overprice it. If the price would be reasonable then maybe. 175 pen on the -3 is good enough for a medium that does not see tier Xs. 390 alpha means you can trade with anything and 390 bombs from a medium must be very very FUN.
  10. Base t100lt gets 19,84% and with 100% camo it goes up to 35.80 which is almost double. Now imagine almost double of 29% you would get something close to 60 without considering the crew's boost. So no a tank with ~60% camo would be so broken that a Defender with tier 6 preferential MM would look balanced in comparison. You are right this is WG afterall but I dont think they are this stupid...... I mean I hope so
  11. Take those stats for not real until we have real proof. 29% base camo is impossible. Probably those stats are with equiment and 100% crew.
  12. DAT CAMO!!!!!! PS: it must be with crew trained with 100% camo no way that is the base values of the tank.
  13. So I have uploaded this game

    where i got 3,6k dmg with the t3485m. How do you compete to try to get on best replays of the week?

    I had to click BRW button my bad

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  14. @CraBeatOff so I watched the first five replays (got my computer back) and for what I saw the Strv worked fine with the t100lt but both these tanks generally have left the IS7 alone. I know i need to watch more replays and will, but would it not be better to switch to a med? A med like the 50m or 140 could easily work with both the IS7 to push a flank or take advantage of the t100lt spotting. In this way all the tanks could switch gears between support and active dominance depending on the map.
  15. Is it just me or american tanks are becoming useless? The entire heavy line is garbage bar the t29. The Badger is going to replace the E3, LTs are bad/meh with just the Chode One being unique. T57 works only in city maps and the french autoloaders are better. So what remains are the m46/48, skypigs and maybe the t30/e4 because of the turret? Compared to the russian tech tree the entire tree feels underwhelming.

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    2. Strigonx


      E3 will always be better than the Badger in competitive due to the fuckyourarmor value and also psychologial effect when locking down a flank, becaus no one wants to take a 700-900  bitchslap that can potentially delete your modules.

    3. hazzgar


      Also E3 is a great counter to badger itself since its prem pens the badget, badgers prem won't pen e3. 

    4. Strigonx


      375 fuckyoulol pen :serb:

  16. The only reason you could say tier 8 LTs are outgunned is because the Blackdog gets 102 pen HEP. Otherwise both the WZ and HWK are more or less equal. It's a LT that gets outspotted by all the LTs except the m41 (rip) I believe (cant remember the exact camo values). Oh and scouting is not dead at all. Scouts are the only tank class that can give 4k HP advatange on maps like Lakeville. And they have the capability of breaking Erlenberg camps. And the list of "non scouting" maps where they can be very useful can still go on like Live Oaks, Redshire, Fishermans Bay ecc. This is just my opinion but scouts as they are now are far way more dangerous than before 9.18. Their area denial capabilities is almost OP.
  17. Dont use vstab put rammer vents and optics. I'm telling you guys this tank is much better than it looks.
  18. Pz7 and vk72 have side boobs if that is what you are looking for. I get it is not a r2d2 but it is the closest thing we have to it
  19. I have used this joke before but..... Murazor: now determining the best gun for the AFK panther "Headless chicken dances and falls on the derp gun option" Devs: the best gun seems like a derp like on the Type 5 Murazor: derp gun it is. God I am so good at my job.
  20. @CraBeatOff You had to post it while I am getting my laptop fixed and I cant see the replays right?
  21. "Looking at Japanese Heavy tanks, and in particular, at the statistics, we don’t think they are crazy or overpowered, but we do know that they hurt skilled players the most, as they are easy to play for more inexperienced players. There is certainly an emotional weight to it, and we’re looking at it very carefully. We’re currently thinking that we need to tackle the question of shell types globally, better understand how they are used."

    Lol guys we have a new "tvp vtu is a good defender counter".

    WG you should learn how to remain silent and not give proof of your stupidity.

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    2. leggasiini


      They are OP for baddies because of how noobfriendly they are, but many of them become less good for good players because they have so low skill ceiling (with possibly only exception of the O-Ho, which has way higher skill gap but also skill ceiling than other jap HTs for variety of reasons). Only truly all-around OP one is the Type 5.

      Derp + thicc armor is cancerous, no matter how fun it is to drive. Giving the tier 9/10 derps was a huge mistake tbh, especially when they left the 14 cm gun (which is a good contender for the worst non-LT gun at tier 10) unbuffed, rendering them unviable and forcing everyone to use derp and spam premium HE. I feel like all of that is intentional to force more peeps to buy prem account.

      The derp should be removed on the tier 9/10, tho given that WG will never do that, more realistic option is just to remove gold HE, drop alpha to 950, give it a low-pen 750 alpha AP shell as an option and buff RoF. Also, they need proper weakspots.

    3. nabucodonsor


      They should rework the entire armour then, make it more like the IS4 but with stronger shoulder plates.

    4. leggasiini


      Or just remove the hull cheeks from the entire armor model. Make the front shaped like Tiger I. Then make that plate like +300mm thick. However, LFP should be weaker than now.

  22. Just play a triple platoon with similar tanks, like all mediums or a mix of 5as and 907s. Dominate a flank and murder the shit out of it. A good one would be for example a IS7/5a+907+50m where tanks are all similar but the small differences (like accuracy, armour ecc) will allow you to be perfectly fine in any situation and map and rotate players between support and attack role. If you want to use a t100lt i'd suggest you not using the strvb since is kinda bad on (sh)city maps so maybe bring a 50b or even a 263 that can play very well on all kinds of maps and still be very dangerous snipers. Or just simply bring 3 907s and yolo a flank.
  23. The only bad things about it are the pen and alpha (but you get the best dpm since you can use a rammer). You can play around these things. The rest is amazing. So all in all seems very solid. Does anyone know what is the camo difference compared to the HWK?
  24. I am starting to think one of the real problems about wot is not only arty and ect, but slow tanks. They are boring to play, many people camp because they are slow (both players and the tank) and force us to have small maps

    1. TAdoo87


      Actually shitters camp because they like to camp and "snipe". This is why super-heavy buffs aren't really working - half of the team still consist TDs and arty -, and they will never work fully. No matter how OP a heavy is even if you would give 1000mm uniform armor to the Maus 35% of the player base would still camp in it.

    2. Marty


      There's also the fact that pubbies remember they got obliterated when going to position X many times, and instead of trying maybe a different position they rather camp in the base. Examples are Erlenberg, Swamp and others. Pubbies went to a flank, got obliterated over and over, now they just sit in the base because that way they'll survive the longest (not necessarily be more positionally useful or even do more damage though).

  25. The problem is also the platform which is bad and big. Pew pew guns are good but on small tanks like the french LTs or on more armored one that can take some hits. Ok it might work as a sort of medium like a huge t34 but does not look very good. Anyway we still have to see the soft stats and gold pen to be sure. It still could get the job done.