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    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    Argentina has never been a good team always overrated (Maradona aside). If I were a betting man i'd bet on Belgium to win the WC followed by France and maybe England. Croatia has very good players but lacks in spirit. Luckly soccer/football or sports in general are never only about strength
  2. Ehm so can anyone remind me why the Leo still has 0.17 dispersion on hull and traverse while this thing has 0.13? Weren't they afraid of creating a OP sniper in this case?
  3. nabucodonsor

    I WANNA GO FAST: The T-100LT Appreciation Thread

    I was going to upvote you but damn you made me feel like shit

    8k (almost 5k direct dmg) combined on Erlemberg in a t49. This game can still be fun.

  5. nabucodonsor

    I WANNA GO FAST: The T-100LT Appreciation Thread

    It doesnt I was just trolling you mate XD. But I do have a higher WR with my t100. That is because I have a whopping 42% with my 5a with 2,8k dmg average.
  6. nabucodonsor

    I WANNA GO FAST: The T-100LT Appreciation Thread

    I have a higher WR in my t100lt than my 5a. At least 10% more.
  7. I totally agree only that they could rework the gun as it is easier and after re-do the armour as it would take more testing and time.
  8. The Type 5 just needs the 14cm gun to be buffed giving it 300-310ap gold pen. There is no need for the derp gun and they should remove all the derps from this line. They are just bad for the game. In this way German superheavies will be on par with this monstruosity. Derp guns are a bad idea in general
  9. nabucodonsor

    Up to date starting points for the maps?

    Paris: k4-5-6-7 is were you win or lose the game. If you dont have armour try playing the mid or go fuck yourself as WG intended Glacier: go mid to spot and take fast shots with fast tanks then either try to shoot the campers or go to the brawling area to the north (A1 to A3, B1 to B3). Or wank in the base like WG wants you to do Mines: rush hill or go fuck yourself if your team doesn't and pray the enemies are even more stupid Province: Rush the other side if you are fast (even with arty) or if you are slow snipe and protect you corridor Murovanka: same as old El Halluf: same as old Lakeville. same as old only now the valley is much better Sand River: same as old Fisherman's Bay: city is dead, either camp mid or 1-2 line Airfield: same as old aka if you push you are killed by campers Hitler's Dorf: same as old Fjords: I have had some better results by either controlling F4-F5 or winning J4-J5. Switch accordingly and be careful after you push as camping TDs can get you Live Oaks: spawn in the correct base. Otherwise same as old Mannarime line: See Arctic region Segfried Line: no idea I always die of claustrophobia (but it hasn't changed) Prokorovka: Now on the hill there is way more cover and winning it allows you to control an entire flank even more with less risks. So either win the hill or support it. With LTs prevent other LTs to spot your retards camping the 1-2 line. Then spot the hill. Malinovka: same as old Karelia: win the hill or the north
  10. nabucodonsor

    WG's EULA Changes NA

    Playing on my t49 account I keep recieving discounts to buy premium tanks. Am i the only one who gets these or they have hit rock bottom?
  11. nabucodonsor

    The End: Object 279

    So tanks on skates? Next we will have Tanks on Ice?
  12. Obj-277 has killed my last willingness to play Wot. I had fun playing with my clan so I got some competive tanks like the 5a, 113 or the E3. Now thanks to WG policy of "only Russian tanks good tanks da" most of what I have left is obsolete or useless. I have no reason to grind anymore as a) am to tired b) whatever i grind could be nerfed c) I have zero interest of grinding only russian tanks. I'd love to myself a Leopard or Stb-1 but what for? They are trash! 

    Luckly if I ever feel like playing I have a friend's account (that he doesn't use) where I have a t49 to derp around and give zero fucks since no premium or effort is needed. Time to semi-retire my OG account hoping that things change (I might play some games on it but just SHs or some CWs for my clan and to not always play alone)

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    2. lavawing


      277 has been nerfed quite a bit to be about on par with the 5A. Not sure if it will see any use in competitve, though, since the 5A and 430U are both better specialists.

    3. leggasiini


      277 is probably a better/more fun pub tank if anything.

      Reminds me from Object 140 vs T62A scenario (before the obj140 got buffed I mean), where the other is better for competitive, but other one is more comfortable, so its arguably more fun in randoms.

      I like how people REEEE that its useless now, kek

    4. nabucodonsor


      Yeah at least now the WZ has some edge on it. We will see how it will work on live server, or if they will sneak some buffs just before the patch comes out

  13. nabucodonsor

    WG's EULA Changes NA

    You bought the right of playing with such tank in wot. You did not buy the tank it is still theirs. Practically it is a sort of one time rent payment WG can go fuck themselves. I am so tired of them treating us as dog shit. We should organize a cross-server strike just to fuck with them and teach these cunts a lesson. And I am not talking about just this new policy, but also for their attempt to silence people and dissent (like Foch and now sites), and for how fucked up this game is. Especially after these last patches of Russian patriotism.
  14. What bothers me the most is that there is no reason to grind any line aside from the russian one. They get the best mediums, the best tds, the best lights and now they will get the best assault heavies (277), only missing a good hulld down heavy (SConq), a broken super heavy (Type5) and the Bat Chat (which they tried to nerf before if you guys remember) If we look at the state of the tech tree now, all the German tanks are useless, the American line only gets the Patton as a competitive tank (but a 140 is just as good so no reason to get one), Chinese tanks are overshadowed by the 430U/277, the Brits only have the arty and the SC, Jap the Gojra tanks, the French only the Bat. Sure the Italian and Czech line are unique but you can live without them. So practically aside for few exceptions grinding anything else than russian tanks is a waste of time as you only get worse tanks than the vodka ones.
  15.  Fuck sake 268v4 is cancer worse than arty. Give me back the old arty with old MM and force me to play all of my games on Pilsen I'd rather be nuked from the sky than having to deal with that shit tank.

    Fuck you Murazor you murdered this game. And CW are so shit the team with most 268v4 wins.

  16. I believe at WG devs have been sniffing so much stuff that their brains are now completely burned. Either that or they just want see how much shit we can put up with. Regardless whatever they do it kills the game. Funny thing is that if they had left the game as it was in patch 9.17/9.18 it would still be playable for some more years They have the reverse King Midas' touch: whatever they touch turns into shit.
  17. The easiest way to pen a 907 (that is not hull down or sidescraping) in its hull is to autoaim as the weakest part of its hull armour is always the closest to you. So even if the 907 wiggles you always pen it because the center of mass will correspond to that weak spot. You can try and see it on tanksgg. So if it has a v shaped hull the same principle may apply.
  18. So can you pen it by just autoaiming it like the 907?
  19. Dont deny your skill you are great dude
  20. Holy fucking shit great video. You litteraly ate the enemy team like cereal.
  21. nabucodonsor

    Murazor is kill

    You were saying? Also he got demoted probably because of his Q&A so probably WG still thinks that what he did was fine
  22. nabucodonsor

    Arty Stun Mitigation Skill

    Yes it would be better than the old Jack of All Trades skill. Frankly the entire skill should be reworked.
  23. nabucodonsor

    Murazor is kill

  24. nabucodonsor

    You're not a real world of tanks player until...

    Done all of that aside from the last one. Do I win something if I complete the list? Also you havent played tanks if you have never got snap shotted by a KV2. Or OKO/ammorack a Tiger tank (of any kind) with a SU-152 (derp gun) yelling: SUKA BLYATT RUSSHAAAAA!!!!!
  25. nabucodonsor

    Tortellini or Ravioli?