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  1. South Park episodes 24/7 on youtube

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  2. Only for the weekend I'll drop yours or anyone's stats down for free!!!! Are you an unicum tired of getting sniped or yolo'd just because of your purple stats? Would you like to feel like a normal pubbie and not tked because you are hacking so hard? Remove arty focus? I am the man for you! Just give me your account details for a couple of days and no more unwanted attention for being a cheater, I mean a hacker, I mean a great player. What are you waiting for?! Get you XVM camo now and join the bliss of being ignored. First 10 request get special ingame messages for free like " Noob team" "Unicum cheater" or "Fu win8 padder" to use with your friends in this toxic free game. Don't waste your time! Red is the new purple! Just do it! #purplelivesmatter
  3. Yesterday i witnessed something i thought impossible: i was on malinovka and after 3 minutes in the game we where down 8 tanks. It took me more to climb the hill with my batchat than my team to die and loose the game. Time to quit for a while

  4. Eh is3 is a better td than this apart from the pen....
  5. Does anyone know about good driving games for pc? I really need to take some time from Wot

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    2. Assassin7


      <3 Project CARS. Its a great game. You can get some seriously good racing out of it, and you can set the AI to be at your own level of ability to make it so that its never too easy or too hard for you. 

      However, it is a proper sim. Cars behave very realistically and you cant expect to just floor it and make the car go (you'll end up spinning out in most cars) it takes a bit of finesse and getting used to, oh, and you need to set up the controller for it because the default settings are aids. 

    3. orzel286


      Euro truck simulator. Because driving =/= racing. :doge2:

    4. Assassin7



      first ~15 mins are pCARS before a friend joined and I switched to tanks, but you can see some pretty intense racing. 

  6. While i agree it would be more boring you know that this is the best solution to have a balanced game knowing how bad they are at doing so. And if they keep this policy they have you know the game will die anyway. While I personally do not like my own solution that much I think this is more simple to obtain balance. WG is stupid and lazy therefore I think this is the best way to go around WG incompetence. Plus pubbies will stop whining about being always bottom tier even with the new mm. I am a person that likes to cut the crap and this shit has gone on for far too long. I am just stating a fact (aka WG incapacity) and giving the easiest solution to the problem.
  7. I am starting to think they should change the mm to plus/minus 0. In that way you have only same tier tanks and you balance them accordingly. Much easier for those retards at WG. You can then take away all the gold shells since standard should be balanced and enough for one tier. Buff and nerf the premiums at tier 8. Fix alpha and dpm depending on the tier (bye bye isu's 750 at tier 8 bring to 500 or less). And finally rework maps based on tiers, no more mines past 7, no malinovka until 7. Add new maps for higher and lower tiers Done, game fixed gg. And if they fuck up even the easiest solution possible then the game shall die and they should all rethink their idea of having children.
  8. I actually dont have many problems with my mutz at tier 8 using 90% of the time ap and not apcr. I feel the biggest problems are due to maps than the actual tanks. Sure they are op and so annoying but thanks to a shit playerbase their strengh gets mitigated quite a lot.
  9. Plz WG patch sacred valley that climb is so bad 

  10. That was not my point. My point is how, in which direction and to what extent. How would/does this influence in micro and macro, and up to which point people are influenced by other people. The fact that people are sheep is no news, but how much power you have on them is another story.
  11. This proves my theory about youtubers being opinion leaders and the power they have on their followers. Imagine what QB could do with his legion of followers. People should really study this phenomenon
  12. Has anyone noticed that SirFoch is the ONLY one who has not said a thing up to now? I wonder what he will do next, but i bet he will just quit the game and take a break from gaming for a while. 

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    2. DHP


      @nabucodonsor But he is not silent. He made multiple post on reddit, created one of his own explaining the entire truth with proof and made two videos after the one of the Chrysler K. So unless you want him to go all berserk they're is nothing more to be done really. 

    3. sohojacques


      Had plenty to say on his stream the other night.

    4. nabucodonsor


      Oh ok i did not know that. I thought he had stopped talking after the second video on the Chrysler. My bad I stand corrected. Thx guys

  13. Say what you want but Foch has brought so much entertainment to the table 

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    2. KruggWulf


      Which foch, 9 or 10?

    3. nabucodonsor


      SirFoch not the td XD

    4. KruggWulf


      Muh bad, misread the post.

  14. It amazes me how low WG is sinking to take down one person. This is disgusting. Truly fuck WG.
  15. U must not believe in Stalin enough if you aim in a russian tank. Shame on you
  16. Isnt the defender just better?
  17. Russians that protect homosexual's rights?!!! Ahahahhahahhahahhahhahahhhah Never heard of that before. Putin will be so happy.
  18. Does the GF in the new premium stand for Get Foched?

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    2. RollerCoaster47


      Very well, I stand corrected. But what about bear fuckers?


    3. Hellsfog


      I don't associate with bear fuckers any more. Bears are so 2014 and they use too much teeth. 

    4. Assassin7


      Frankly, the big GF emblem on the front of it is beyond cringeworthy and tacky as all hell

  19. It is happening Now if QB joins the "crusade" aswell WG would be pushed against a wall. If all the streamers unite and say clearly how things are going people will follow and this change will be forced on them. I just hope that they understand it is not just this tank. We should make it sure that things change for good. Funny how all this started because of WG's reaction
  20. This. Dont care how it was and how it is. How to make it better is what matters now and now is the time while many people are jumping on the HelpFoch train. Thoughts?
  21. The problem about the Defender is that it has incredible armor, good mobility and insane alpha, too high for the tank. And that makes it op. What bothers me the most is that 440 dmg per shot is too much at tier 8. My problem with the armor is that if you angle the tank you increase your chances of survivability being immune at least 40% of the time to 250 pen, which is the gold pen on most tanks at tier 8, so de facto you are immune to all ap from non tds. This is retarded because most pubbies will not even do it on purpose, but simply because they are bad they get aworded. Try that in a is3 or a 110 and see the results. Another OP tank is the Patriot that is a fusion of a t32 and a pershing, being better than both, having armor, pen and a fantastic effective dpm, higher than most mediums at that tier. A heavy that goes as fast as medium and has even more dpm with still great armor is not op in your book? Now this Crysler thing is retarded because it forces you to spam gold at it. That is Foch's problem and he is right about it. No frontal weakspot is stupid and you even risk to not pen it with gold. I also believe that Foch was not only angry for this tank in particular, but he has been getting worse because of all the bullshit that has been going on for a while. In that review i also see a complain abou the Maus and where the game is going rather than the tank itself.
  22. How do u play the bc when u have no openings on maps like siegfried line? 

    1. SkittlesOfSteeI


      You make one yourself 

    2. nabucodonsor


      How? I tought if going to the field and from there go behind the town (from south), but it would have been so dangerous and i would have lost so much hp

  23. Why they should? Tier 8 is bullshit anyway and t32 has other problems besides accuracy. Dont you think they should rework the entire game at this point? And what about meds? Maps hello? This tanks makes me feel good about selling the t32 a one trick pony that is worse than the tier 7 version of it. About Foch WG has maybe made a huge pr mistake by doing that depending on how the rest of the community will react (implying they have a brain or will to do so). This might also make Foch's youtube channel bigger since many will subscribe to his channel to support him. Now what i would really like to see is the youtubers saying that what wg did was wrong and that they support Foch. They should start saying how things really are and tell people to stop buying these tanks since it is just a fucking cash grab. When these youtubers will realize that they are opinion leaders and people will follow what they say (see QB's fans/sheep) WG will start shitting their pants and either kill this game completely or try to really fix it. I know now you will say "but QB and the others are in WG pocket" yes it is true, but even QB knows that this game is dying and it will not last for much longer, so for sure he has some other form or income in the future. And sure they can fucking sue all of them, but that will simply backfire for WG: WG will force them to shut down their wot related channels (not the rest) and followers will know what kind of shitheads they are and quit the game thus killing it. So bringing back what Garbad i believe said a while ago, this game like all games belongs to the gamers. If we say to them jump they have to jump. They are our employees not the other way around and these youtubers like it or not, are the opinion leaders that people follow. Beyond the gaming stuff, my blood is boiling because these shitheads think they can prevent people from expressing their opinion with no consequence. Sure Foch might have crossed a bit the line (i dont think so but just my imo) with his "insults" but they are toying with freedom of speech, and that should not be allowed, it must not be allowed. I am fucking pissed by what they have done they really deserved to be punished for it.
  24. my recent is turning yellow hurray....