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  1. So recently I was mesmerized by the brilliancy that is Fjords, so I checked on Vbaddict the WR on maps based on spawns. I was surprised when I discovered that if you spawn as team 1 on most maps you get a higher chance to win. Problem is that certain maps like Live Oaks give you a 58% WR chance to win if you spawn as team 1; another example is Cliff is similar with 57%. Other maps like Stepps, Overlord, Sand River and others give you an advantage of about 54%. Instead only on few maps and mostly on Encounter mode (except for Mountain Pass), give a advantage to teams spawning in base 2. Now you may think that 7 or 8% is important but not huge, however according to Vbaddict, if you play on for example Live Oaks and spawn in base 2 you get a 41% chance of winning. So between the 2 possible spawns there is a big 17% difference chance of winning. This proves that WG has done a horrible job at reworking maps. Also very interestingly as unbalanced as Fjords may be, the difference between the 2 spawns is only 6% but probably due to higher drawing chances. Link to Vbaddict:
  2. Do you EVEN 90?

    Noone is as committed as before Murazor destroyed the game for good. But I am glad you are back.
  3. Do you EVEN 90?

    Wow you are back sempai?
  4. Update 1.0.1 world of tanks

    Da komrade
  5. Winning is now more RNG based than ever?

    Sounds more like D&D than Wot
  6. Prok in my 113 by the time I was on the hill the score was 3-0 for the enemies, at 13:30 6-0 and few seconds later 9-0. At 12.15 the score is 11-1 after I rushed and killed a KV4 from the hill. Game ends 15-1 one and a half minute later. Logical consequence is ALT F4.

    I dont get it.


  7. A Guide to True Botting

    This is brilliant. I'd be normally against cheating but WG can eat a dick considering that their balance department does not do their job and game is getting worse. I am glad that people have found a way to go around Wot's economy
  8. Just use a 268v4 or a Type, a Maus, E3 hell even a 907 or a 430U and you should get it in no time. Plus you get 1,7 million credits a shitload of boosters and some free equiment. Looks like a nice challenge. Oh and a tier 8 premium for free.
  9. Man my t54 lt is jinxed: I keep crushing whenever I play it 

    1. kreigermann


      it has very touchy controls. .. VERY.  When I take out my LTs for fun the one I have the most trouble controlling is the ltwt. Goes fast, it corners extremely fast.. I've lost control of mine on more than one occasion.  It feels almost too responsive to be "comfortable" for me. Still a bucket of fun though.

    2. nabucodonsor


      No I meant either my connection goes or the game itself crushes meaning I have to restart the game. Sorry I wasnt clear enough

    3. kreigermann


      LOL. .. I'm still bad at driving my ltwt.. and it has nothing to do with my connection. :P

  10. QB is an idiot and DPM is overrated otherwise Bat Chat would be trash.
  11. The people who reworked Fjords should be terminated

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    2. hazzgar


      New maps of Fjords and Erlenberg brought to you by the team behind Crystler, Defender and Type5. 

    3. Archaic_One


      After playing a few games on it - I'm not sure a CW team in coms could win a pub match from west spawn.  The only real play is to camp and and make east team leave their OP positions to try and dig you out, which is never going to happen in pubs.  This and Erlenburg were just ruined and Paris is even worse because the new bushes killed one of the only viable LT plays.  GG WG

    4. hazzgar


      @Archaic_One Paris still kinda works for me. 


      As for east team not leaving their sports - strangely enough in most cases I played here they did and lost. but then again my team also lost the op flank on erlenberg assault

  12. According to our lord and saviour QB the 268v4 is OP. No shit sherlock.

    On a side note the t110e5 has a worse WR than the Leo1 just above the M103 and Panther 8.8 which are the worst tanks in tiers 8 to 10.

    Is it a coincidence that the top 2 American heavies are third to and second to last tanks for WR? I dont think so

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    2. hazzgar


      @nabucodonsor they will take his word as gospel and WG will do nothing about it. Also his followers already knew that. QB only names a tank OP if he thinks it will please his followers. 

    3. tajj7


      E5 should have never had it's cupola nerfed, they should have nerfed the lower plate back to the old levels (where is was about 180 effective over most of it) and got rid of the BS 250 armour around the drive wheels.

      Hull down heavy with a giant tumour never works, it was below average before the buff and clearly was going to be weak after nerfing the cupola again. Either it should be buffed back or the tumour should get the Fatton treatment and be made like 200 effective but much much smaller, as the Fatton is now a better hull down tank than the E5. 

    4. nabucodonsor


      @Deus__Ex__Machina When have ever the Leo or the 30b shined? The only reason the E5 was buffed was a last attempt from WG to get back players from the US server. They nerfed it so russian players can feel better about murdering filthy capitalist.

  13. What have they done to Prok middle? You cant surf anymore! And the hill is fucking retarded they destroyed one of the best maps. Fuck you WG

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    2. hazzgar


      @SaintLaurentius man don't get offended. We are having a friendly chat here and you are being agressive. Also it's nice that you went after my stats despite the fact that wotlabs displays them for some old long banned account. If you really want to compare e-peen I have similar recent wn8 as you with higher average tier but lower win rate so we are pretty similar in skill. 


      Also don't claim I put words in your mouth after you put some in mine and basically claimed I think the mid next to tracks heavy camp is a good spot (even though sometimes it makes sense). 

      Finally saying something is "borderline" useless is just leaving yourself a door to backpedal while saying something useless. If it really was players better than both of us would not use it (Zeven or recently there is a 20k spoted replay by a Kazna guy) 


      So are we going to have a polite and on topic discussion about the mid surfing or are you going to be a dick to me here and in other topics only because I politely disagreed with you and you decided I must be a moron not because of what I say but because wotlabs displays stats from an account banned 3 years ago under my  acc? 

      @nabucodonsor watch a few replays. I've seen some people still get decent results from mid surf but you have to be a bit more cautious. Though the bush shown in Illia Red video seems like a good alternative when mid doesn't work for you. 

    3. nabucodonsor


      I'll look into it thx Hazzgar

    4. hazzgar


      Watch Illia since he is back. He will find new spots soon. Well that or bug Brumbarr for replay packs if he is playing lights since he managed to pul #1 spot on EU recently with a big advantage. 

  14. In what order shall I unlock t54lt's modules? Engine>Gun>Suspesions?

    1. Errants


      Gun last, APCR is the same stats.

  15. Tanks for SH tier VI VIII

    Well if you are talking about tier 6 meds then yes because aside from the E8 they cant mount VStab but generally you just need a spotter to prevent the enemy from fast capping. An example of a setup would be all Cromwells plus a LT or, if you prefer t34-85Ms then go with two scouts. Try to play with similar tanks at the begging because strategies will be easier to do. Btw tier 6 SH are all about focus fire and gunning down the isolated target. So mount optics because you can't mount anything better and like this you won't get totally destroyed if you lose your scout early on. If you are talking abut tier 8 meds I'd suggest you not using them because they are too much jack of trades and can't do anything well, but if you use them yes for the same reasons as above as emergency scouts. Just don't use them unless you are confident in your team because they bring nothing to the table (terrible dpm, meh camo and mobility, not enough HP) A team setup example would be 2 scouts 1 td, rest heavies, with maybe one Lorraine instead of a heavy. For CW team setups change because you know on what map you will play so you need to have tanks specific for the map so I cant really answer on that one.
  16. Tanks for SH tier VI VIII

    T6 is mainly based on mediums which are the core of the meta: Meds: Cromwell, Bromwell t34 85 (m) Lts: 59 16 > Type 64 (because it outspots it and has better pw/w). The rest LTs are trash Heavies: terrible unless you want to camp bar the M6. So M6, OI/KV2 and T150 (stronk turret) Arta to break campers on Lakeville/Mountain Pass ect: M44 T8 dont bring mediums if you want to be truly competitive: Heavies: Defenda, ISuka3, Carovan>t32, Patriot if you need a fast t32 with a gun that works. German Lion only to hold the line or sidescape until the end of time (but it is too slow generally and lack of dpm means it needs support) Mediums: Patriot, T44/-100, Lorrain (this one is competitive) Type 59, TVP VTU to counter Defender Kappa LTs: HWK> WZ 132 (132 overmatches strv and has better dpm) ELC even to passive scout. TDs: Skorpion Gay> WZ-120 (turrets and mobility vs armour), Aides/IKEA STD to camp bush
  17. Armored Loot Box Warfare

    I guess you can say you completed the game so it makes sense
  18. Armored Loot Box Warfare

    @Assassin7 Having a good WOT clone would be great. At least you would have some competition and we could either leave Wot or force WG to get their shit togheter. But probably Wot is now broken beyond repair so a Wot clone done by a good company would just be better. I still dont understand why no non-russian companies have tried to venture this market considering how many LOL clones there are; it seems wierd no one has tried.
  19. Glacier

    Cant play atm because my laptop is getting fixed but this is Orzanel opinion
  20. WN8 vs WR correlation

    Someone knows the memes
  21. Guys dont waste bonds on anything else that isn't ivstab or the FF ability (or to get 6th sense while you are traing a new crew). Ivents boost is irrelevant compared to normal vents and same goes for irammer which is just a worse ivents. If you already have your favourite tank with ivstab dont buy another piece of improved equipment for it, but buy another ivstab for another tank you play a lot (example a tier 8 premium or a tier X for CW).

    Also i'd suggest you putting them on tanks with bad/average handling (like a bat/defender/5a ect) rather than on tanks with great handling (russian mediums) because the improvement will be bigger and because they need it more.

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    2. hazzgar


      @nabucodonsor that 10m may seem like a little but it really helps. Remember vision is one of the few areas where rng has a smaller influence plus stacking up vision and camo leads to being able to spot enemy scouts before they spot you or being able to spot tanks you were not previously able to spot from your scout routes. It literally creates new posibilities for you. While I vert for example will only make you hit slightly more in certain situations. With greater view range new playstyles become available for you. I really noticed ioptics on my 13 105. 

    3. simba90


      I have seriously toyed with the idea of running iOptics on my 13 90. But I still think that iVert on the bat is the best use of my bonds.

    4. hazzgar


      @simba90 overal if you have another tank you want to min max that's not ta light than yeah go for it. I wanted to 3 mark the 13 105 and I really love light play since I love having even more reason to be angry at pubbies

  22. Am I only one who thinks there has been a return of russian bias from moment Murazor has been in charge? Russian tanks are stronger than ever (and vbaddict seems to confirm so altough I havent done the math, but the average wr looks higher for russian tanks than germans or USA tanks altogheter (i mean as a nation average wr)) and the new maps are flatter, more usable for chinese and russian tanks?


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    2. Assassin7


      I think I said that lol

    3. EndlessAgony


      It's possible. I'm not sure who was first tho, I've seen multiple people say it...

    4. Assassin7


      I know I've said it xD

  23. The T110E3, because you don't give any fucks.

    Equipment suggestions? I went for toolbox binos and rammer. I think binos are good for more open maps where you want to hulldown and hold the line unitil the rest of you team dies. Toolbox for arty detracking you constantly.
  24. Italian Tier 10: Progetto M40 mod 65

    It's not russian so it isn't OP comrade!