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  1. I did not Ram him, I did not fire a single HE shell that game. The only thing possible would be a fire the splitsecond it dies. But can tanks catch fire without having a damaged module?
  2. No, Sir. No ramming at all. I was wondering if it was a "microfire" a splitsecond before it died. But then again I did not deal any module damages.
  3. So, I had this match in ma jpze100 a couple of hours ago. Fired AP, no fires whatsoever. Sadly no replay. Display bug or is the game just using its own numbers and the wg dev just play with the players by telling the numbers are +/-25%
  4. Still I am not convinced that the Leo will be any more pleasant than the A-44. In addition to that, btw, the armor is penned by 40mm HE pen :/
  5. What you get from the turret you lose from hull and moving.
  6. I don't know. Played it, felt like the A-44, which is shit imho. Just check the dispersion values. Worse than the A-44. The front turret helps alot but if you go fast you still sit like 4 hours still fo have a usable reticle ...
  7. From the perspective of someone who already played it: The tank has the same weaknesses the japanese heavies have. The front shoulders. If i recall correctly, they are (when angled) something around 180 - 200 mm. And the ammorack sits behind them. This leaves you only the choice of not angling your hull. This works fairly well, since the armor then is around 250mm everywhere, but at the cupola of course. I personally found it hard to stand straight at the enemy, because often you fight at corners etc. Another thing i remember: I think the UFP is weaker than the LFP (due to the angles), but i have to recheck that. All in all its an OK tank, but i wouldnt say its super strong. /edit: I checked something. Beware angling )))))
  8. A quick question: do some valid RAM II codes for EU still exist? I'd like to have that tank. /edit: For regular accounts.
  9. Easy. A friend of mine sold is account aprox. 2 years ago. The new user started botting and resold the account on Ebay or somewhere else. Those accounts get frequently resold as "all T10 tanks, super awesome game account"...
  10. Well, I did lt15.4 with my ru on Ensk. Loaded shit tons of HE and followed the heavies and kept enemy heavies tracked. Tracking damage piles up insanely fast. I'm playing on the russian server though.
  11. That was the only reason I was using XVM.
  12. The new sounds a ALOT better than the old ones. Everyon who worked with tanks before can agree. Regarding the sound differences: in real life the sound of a 100mm and 122mm is nearly identical. The way wargaming handled the new sounds is very good imho. You still can distinguish them well enough. It will just take some time. And ffs: if you play the game and you get hit by a tank you see for how much damage you were hit, If your brain is remotely working you should know the caliber of the firing gun. Even ricochet sounds are different for every caliber.
  13. Final Object 777 stats - DPM was buffed from 1995 to 2238,3 - reload was buffed from 13,233 to 11,795 - ROF buffed from 4,534 to 5,087 - accuracy buffed from 0,374 to 0,345 - aimtime buffed from 2,88 to 2,59 - significant buff to accuracy on the move - gun depression buffed from -3 to -5 - hull traverse buffed from 27 to 28 - ground resistance buffed from 1,247/1,534/2,685 to 1,151/1,342/2,493 Now im kinda looking forward to it
  14. I have to disagree. Medium tank penetration values are sometimes higher than the heavy tank ones. And medium tanks have the mobility that heavies do not have. All in all I think it is a good change. wait until they touch the IS-7 >
  15. It is only the "first round" of nerfs, if I'm not mistaken. They will do it one by one, that's what has been said in the russian forums some time back.