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  1. Ranked Battles Discussion

    WG thought of ppl like you I hope they massively change things about this ranked- and most importantly about this bondage system. The way it is now I'd actually have to pay other ppl to grind bonds for me since I can't reschedule my entire day to fit in a couple of hours every evening for weeks on end. This is me as a rather above avg player, don't even want to think about all them dads that want to min-max. I played 5/5 battles during the first evening and everything was pretty ez, altho ppl don't seem to know how to win and prefer farming windows applications starting off with 6 all the way up to 8.1. From what Ive read in here and saw on streams NA seems to be terrible but that's mostly because NA is just NA, can't suddenly make ppl less retarded. EU feels about the same while I know a bunch of ppl like me that quit ranked saying it simply isn't worth it. I appreciate WG finally adding some MMR (MMR≠ranked bs, ik) oriented stuff, at least they keep trying, right. Punishment for sucking major dick needs to be higher in a way one can't fail his way up to rank 5, imo. There are a few more things I would like to add yet I guess they have already been mentioned in this thread.
  2. Id be all up for BRUH, bruh
  3. still playing the cdc, that's a '4-watt'
  4. Isn't that the same ? Screw France/ hail Brexit
  5. sounds like what the EU tried to do with Greece
  6. While watching over the hordes of degenerated stoopids on the official forums the mods might have lost their sanity, if they had any to begin with - I mean they became mods, but this is dumb. While irl u have to rephrase everything close to primary or secondary 'reproductive organs' and whatnot u get punished for doing so simply cuz mods want to, they want it bad. Whether it is 'for the lulz' or to kill any spring of 'resistance' and cause of disturbance. #freeshishx #fuckmobilewotlabs #3
  7. Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence

    Your pc is worth more than my entire flat inc furniture and myself
  8. Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence

    1st M60 NA ? That'd make 3 on EU/NA then. Kolmiopaavo, Orzanel and U. (can't check the marks spreadsheet atm)
  9. Had to make a new twitter acc and got automatically recommended to follow a few peeps... only Tag I added was Fgt ...
  10. The People of Tinder

    Gambling is a game in my book
  11. > ppl qq'ing about LT-15 for 260
    > lets roll the dice
    > ez prok 1st try 9k spot + 1,3k dmg


    Too bad dis dude's acc is at t28  :trump:


    1. BlackAdder


      Wait for 15.4.

      > lets roll the dice

      > lets roll some more

      .... 300 games later oh nice open spotting map


  12. one hundred million credits

    60+ Was playing some t8 prems for the lulz and had no time playing other shit to get rid of my profits
  13. All ya'll unicums get exposededed

    Is there an equivalent for EU? Gib pls, wanna see if I'd have made it on the llist with all dem hax n aimbots I seem to use NA getting all the nice stuff, once again