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  1. I just skipped it with orders. Someday when I am severely depressed and want to kill myself maybe I will actually attempt it.
  2. Pretty much this, the times I have completed the x15 missions have always been when I wasn't even trying, let them just happen, they will eventually.
  3. pretty much this, the only non-pref 8 I play reliably now is the skorpion still do ok in it and make money.
  4. Ok so a few days ago I got a popup in game that said I have a 30% discount on prem vehicles or something, now where the heck do I find this discount? I looked under 'My Coupons' and it says there's nothing there. Sorry for being dumb if there is some easy thing I'm missing here.

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    2. DHP


      yes they do.

    3. NightmareMk9


      They are shit.  Only good on a couple items in the store.  I couldn't find a use for mine and it expired.

    4. RealBattousai


      ok thanks guys, guess that's what happened then it must have expired, I was logged in alright.

  5. Generally cracking is done offline, yes different for web apps, but domain passwords etc you get the hashes, you crack offline and viola you have the passwords. In his case more likely it was the same password used on Yahoo, so they tried it on other services.
  6. Yeah these days that's trivial to crack, processing power has grown greatly and a password like that can be obtained within a relatively short time. Also did you use the same password on your Yahoo email as you did for WoT, then they could have just tried that too. Pass phrase is the secure way to go, that is length of password is what stumps cracking now, but use a phrase so you can actually remember it. Even the guy who wrote the original NIST requirements for complex passwords, Bill Burr tells us he was wrong, XKCD shows us why
  7. My first game in the Super Conq was nice (by my crap standards); a victory with 4K dmg and 4 kills, but the best of all...clicker tears after game: So apparently being almost right next to him when he gets spotted and then HESHing him = warpacks look at all the warpacks pre-aiming I am doing
  8. So is there a way to tell if someone gifted you gold? I suddenly have 900 more gold than yesterday and I wasn't paying attention to message log in game so not sure where it came from, or was there some event going on oO?

    1. HowitzerBlitzer


      If someone gifts you anything, you have to accept it on WG's website. So unless you did that, it's not a gift and rather from an event or something.

    2. RealBattousai


      Well in that case that's cool, though no idea what event, I did win 200 gold from the tank rewards thing, but that was counted already. Anyway all good I was feeling bad that someone gifted it and I didn't know who to thank :) 

    3. Assassin7


      from an event. tankrewards or something, or clan wars gold payout if you're in a clan that does that

  9. Totally meant to do that :)

    1. simba90


      The ole tank trap cartwheel. Good times.

  10. Thanks, this a really good review, and explains why its doing poorly in theaters to some extent, seems to story is too complex for some or maybe those who are not as familiar with the original. Still got to go watch it myself.
  11. Apparently Health and Safety were a pain in the ass for Pacific Islanders back then as much as they are to the world today
  12. Well take a look at this video with the changes in sandbox currently being tested, maybe we can discuss these as a starting point.
  13. Someone explain this... wtf is this, I'm afraid to click:



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    2. BadLuckCharm


      what in 5 hells.... i would be afraid to click as well.

    3. Folterknecht


      It boils down to a clash of cultures - europe (and that incl. ukraine/russia as opposed to turkey) is different from the US when it comes to sex, nudity and in some areas sense of humor. Problem is nobody told WG about that and avg Joe is blissfully unaware of most things that go on outside of US cable networks.

      For those of us with a little bit of a wider horizon it sure produces some comedy value. Though I think Trumps reaction to that and the reaction to his reaction  would be the most entertaining thing about "Stiffedra". :serb:


      We all had a good laugh here in europe watching you guys go bananas over "nippelgate". Never in recorded human history has a saggy boob created so much entertainment value.


    4. RealBattousai


      I'm all for sex, just don't want to see my grandpa and grandma going at it is all...

  14. I'll just leave this here... I think it fits the thread quite nicely...
  15. Yeah, froze when trying to look at research tree, etc. but works in game, so if you can live with restarting the game once in a while can do this while we wait for Sela I guess