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  1. @MEGUSTAPOW You might want to update the clan description, which says you're not looking for any members: On a side note, as you can see in the above link, BRVE has a level 10 stronghold. Join us so we can start doing them!
  2. I'm interested. We platooned together last summer. I just came back last week so I'm still shaking my rust off, but I'd love to do some strongholds. Need creditssss.
  3. What language are you going to be doing this in? I'd be happy to help if you're doing it in python.
  4. They only additional change I want is to try and also balance heavies at least within a range of +/- 2. Having 7 mediums on one team and 7 heavies on the other is stupid. There were clearly enough tanks for this match to have a relatively even split. I don't think it would make matches take any longer to fire, it would just result in a better balance of tanks between teams.
  5. They confirmed that AutoAim+ is illegal everywhere now.
  6. New patch out along with a new XVM release corresponding to that patch. Not sure if you feel like updating your mod pack for this or not, but I thought I'd flag the fact that XVM has updated to accommodate the patch.
  7. I installed the updated XVM and your config worked fine with it, as did my old carousel settings from 9.15. The rest of your mod package seems to work just fine too. Looks like we're good to go.
  8. Is its camo good enough in your experience to shoot from those early spotting positions without getting lit or are you generally just passively scouting there? Or does it just depend on the spot and map? What are you usually doing in the mid game (besides conserving HP)? Looking to set up crossfire for side shots? As you can see, I'm relatively new to light tanks, but want to play them more since I'm good in my mediums.
  9. New micro patch incoming tomorrow that will mess with the file structure, likely breaking current mods: Looks like we might have to wait a while longer before an updated pack can be released.
  10. The only bug I've noticed is that the 'Player' and 'Platoon' labels on the damage counter are switched around, but that's an easy fix. Everything else has been working great.
  11. I'm thinking about rebuying this since it connects to the M41 and I don't have any american arty yet, but I haven't played it since it was rebalanced. Since you seem to have mastered the tank in its current state, can you say a bit about your playstyle in the Chaffee? Like what is your progression in a normal game where you're not top tier? Are you camo sniping a lot? Doing active scouting? Mostly waiting for cleanup on isolated tanks? Maybe post some replays?
  12. I'm also grinding 8s in multiple lines and play 7-10 regularly, I'll add you both.
  13. It is true for all cars, but there is a big difference in the price of the same part for, say, a Japanese car and a German car. That's the point I was getting at. The rest absolutely applies to all cars.
  14. The price of parts and repairs is a big reason why most German made cars drop in price after they get over 100k miles since that is seen as the tipping point where the need for major repairs becomes much more likely.
  15. I'll add you. I could use someone to yell at me when playing my high tier mediums. I've been alright in my T-54, but I have been under performing in my new Obj 140.