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  1. FROM SUPERTEST THE TIER VIII, IX AND X MODEL AND STATS. The same Basic model is being used for all 3 tiers just with different stats. Later on WoT Express released screen shots with the in garage stats.Thank’s to DoM1N for tabulating in a langauge I could read. TIER VIII Initial statistics: Tier: VIII, MT Hit Points: 1.400 Engine power: 630 hp Weight: 39.5 t Power to weight ratio: 15.95 V-max: + 55 / -20 km / h Hull traverse: 39.63 ° / s Turret traverse: 31.29 ° / s Hull armor: 70/35/25 mm Turret armor: 80/45/40 mm View range: 380 m Radio range: 750 m Number of crew: 4 Gun: 90 mm MT8 Prototype Damage: 240/240/320 Penetration: 203/237/45 mm DPM: ~ 1.502 * RoF: 7.5 Reload time (magazine / Shell / number of Shells): 17.2 / 2.0 / 2 Full reload time: 8/10 Shells in the Drum: 2 items Accuracy: 0.37 Aim time: 2.5 s Gun Depression / Elevation: -10 / + 20 ° Cannon: 90 mm MT9 Prototype Damage: 240/240/320 Penetration: 212/259/45 mm RoF: 7.5 Full reload time: 8/10/12 Shell reload time: 2.5 s Shells in the magazine: 3 items Accuracy: 0.37 Aim time: 2.3 sec Gun Depression / Elevation: -8 / + 20 ° TIER IX Initial statistics: Tier: IX, MT Hit Points: 1,700 Engine power: 830 hp Weight: 39.54 t Power to weight ratio: 20.99 V-max: + 65 / -23 km / h Hull traverse: 43.81 ° / s Turret traverse: 31.29 ° / s Hull armor: 70/35/25 mm Turret armor: 100/50/45 mm View range: 390 m Radio range: 750 m Number of crew: 4 Cannon: 90 mm MT9 Prototype Damage: 240/240/320 Penetration: 212/259/45 mm DPM: ~ 1.365 * RoF: 7.5 Reload time (magazine / Shell / number of Shells): 26.85 / 2.0 / 3 Full reload time: 8/9/11 Shells in the magazine: 3 items Accuracy: 0.35 Aim time: 2 sec Gun Depression / Elevation: -8 / + 20 ° Cannon: 105 mm MT9 Prototype Damage: 350/350/420 Penetration: 268/330/53 mm RoF: 5.0 Full reload time: 12/14/16 s Bullet reload time: 3.5s Bullets in the magazine: 3 items Accuracy: 0.38 Aiming time: 2.5 s Gun Depression / Elevation: -8 / + 20 ° Tier X Initial statistics: Tier: X, MT Hit Points: 1,900 Engine power: 830 hp Weight: 40 t Power to weight ratio: 20.75 V-max: + 65 / -23 km / h Hull traverse: 56.32 ° / s Turret traverse: 34.42 ° / s Hull armor: 70/35/25 mm Turret armor: 120/80/80 mm View range: 400 m Radio range: 750 m Number of crew: 4 Cannon: 105 mm MT10 Prototype Damage: 350/350/420 Penetration: 268/330/53 mm DPM: ~ 1.095 * RoF: 5.45 Time of reloading (magazine / Shell / number of Shells): 60,4 / 3,0 / 4 Full reload time: 11/14/18/20 s Shells in the magazine: 4 items Ammo storage capacity: 60 rounds Accuracy: 0.35 Aim time: 2.21 seconds Gun Depression / Elevation: -9 / + 20 ° 1:1 copy from https://ritastatusreport.live/2018/02/12/italian-tanks-in-supertest/ ♡
  2. I can already see WGs point there - lower the DPM of every T10 vehicle to Tier 1 levels, so battles last their full 15 min, because there are not enough draws in this game - and who doesn't know that problem: "Shit, I need to go in 15 min, let's play another one! *battle over after 9 min* Still 6 min to go, start another game or just sit there doing nothing for 6 minutes?" Problem would be solved with more low DPM tanks
  3. The more tanks of this kind get introduced by WG, the bigger the smile of my good old Brunhild gets ♡
  4. Wow I really hate the Object 705 - Im just too dumb to make it work for me, the armor feels worse than IS-Ms when in sidescrape and both guns keep trolling me so hard, it isnt even funny... Might need to skip this one :c
  5. Wow thank u - didn't expect a so fast answer... I don't know, but this forum feels kinda dead because the massive activity I experienced like 2 years ago is completely gone :c
  6. Wow Im too bad to find this tool on the internet - so how is it called?
  7. Wrong, they need them for the release of moar premium tenks!
  8. Oh well, I realised that a Fort Knox isn't enough Gold to skip the Type 4, because 2x 64k XP needed for two guns is always fun v.v
  9. After reading every single comment about the Japanese top tier heavies I feel my wallet bleeding hard, because I really wanna buy a couple of Fort Knox and research the Type 5 skipping the Type 4 with free XP.
  10. They really uptiered it? Now it's a slightly worse Bulldog one Tier higher... WG is funny... Slightly bad tank -> uptier it with only small buffs -> tank gets complete garbage... Right?
  11. It's absolutely okay that WG takes away my T-22... But 2 weeks ban over Christmas? Meh now I have to waste my time for my family :I And I can't understand why WG doesn't ban Jeff for rigging missions... WG knows he rigged them but they close their eyes because he is a CCT... Utter bullsh...
  12. So they finally decided to give the SU-101 its IS-4 gun back? Must be a very interesting tank again
  13. You NEED Ghost Town map for this mission... I tried it two times yesterday... I was able to deal 13k DMG but then the battle ended... So retarded with this 200 points battles... If you kill one, you can't deal 15k DMG because you will get too many points... And in the 700 points battles, they yolospawnkill you with their Bat Platoons... So you need very much luck and Ghost Town Map for this mission... And an autoloader... This mission makes me cry
  14. I finished 20 so far... But now missions start to make me very very very mad... It is so frustrating to grind the harder missions... Looks like I should start to rig the shit out of missions - but Domination seems to be nearly unriggable (or however you call it)... Maybe 30 guys clicking in battle at the same time at 3 am? Would be very interesting
  15. Not to mention that some of the translations are fucked up... Seems that only inner modules count for the "Do 15 times DMG to modules blablabla bs" mission... And there's a German translation mistake in the Domination mission, where you have to kill 2 TDs and 2 Heavies... They translated the "and" to an "or"... so retarded
  16. First look on this tank... I will update this post as soon as its stats are available http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.nl/2015/06/o-i-120-japanese-tier-8-heavy.html?m=1 (Sadly its boobies are not as big as on the other Japanese heavies...) Description: This 120 ton vehicle was further development stage of a superheavy tank with improved armor. The project was cancelled when the war ended. This vehicle was never built and never participated in combat. Tier: 8 HT Hitpoints: 1700 Engine: 1200 hp Weight: 121,218 tonnes Power-to-Weight: 9,9 hp/t Max speed: 25/10 km/h Hull traverse: 19 degrees per second Turret traverse: 20,9 degrees per second Terrain resistance: 1,055/1,151/1,918 Viewrange: 380 m Radio range: 782,1 m Hull: 200/105 mm Turret: 200/200 mm Damage: 330 Penetration: 190/215/53 mm ROF: 5,688 rounds per minute DPM: 1877,1 Reload time: 10,548 seconds Accuracy: 0,403 Aim time: 2,97 seconds Depression: -10/+20 degrees Alternative gun: 15cm derp (121/150/75 penetration, 700/700/910 damage) And its armor: http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.de/2015/06/tier-8-japanese-ht-o-i-120.html
  17. Let's grind it together in platoon tier by tier
  18. Finally its stats and armor model appeared :3 http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.nl/2015/07/type-5-heavy-japanese-tier-10.html?m=1 Description:Type 5, also known as Type 2605, is one of the superheavy O-I tank variants, developed during WW2. It was mainly designed to break through fortified enemy areas and for coastal defense.Tier: 10 HTHitpoints: 2800Engine: 1200 hpWeight: 150 tonsPower-to-weight: 8 hp/tMaximum speed: 25/10 km/hHull traverse: 22 deg/sTurret traverse: 18,8 deg/sTerrain resistance: 1,055/1,151/1,918Viewrange: 400Radio range: 782,1Hull armor: 260/140/?Turret armor: 260/210/?Gun: 140mmDamage: 600/600/770Penetration: 249/282/70ROF: 3,911DPM: 2346,4Reload: 13,342Accuracy: 0,384Aimtime: 2,4sDepression: -10/+20
  19. *edited*
  20. IT IS OVER, MÄUSCHEN WILL NOT BE IMPLEMENTED, BECAUSE "IT SUCKS"... http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.nl/2015/06/no-penetration-nerf-happening-mauschen.html?m=1
  21. I personally dont like it... Armor carries over from T7 tank and the minni turrets are not symmetrical... Sad
  22. I seriously get the feeling that all Japanese heavies are cursed women... Just kiss em and they will change back to nice girls... Would explain the 2 tits
  23. At least we know that the E100 size comparison is a fake
  24. Saw this too... but hell this reload times and they made the armor weaker :/