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  1. Chinese bias since it will most likely be a Chinese-Server-exclusive line. Nothing you should care about I guess unless you are one of the 3 people in wotlabs who actually play on that sorry excuse of a server.
  2. Just and educated guess based on the basepen vs goldpen. I take the ability to hide from AP-shells/peek ridgelines effectivly over the ability to bounce HE-shells tbh.
  3. Noone bothered posting these stats yet so here ya go: The gun is pretty damn good for a turreted tier 8 (pretty much the IS-4 gun with APCR gold, better HE and better DPM (yes, I know its a 130mm and not a 122mm...)) Also it gets more viewrange than the 268 for some reason. Not to sure how to feel about it tbh, its an insane gun on a god-awful platform.
  4. Nerfing and removing are two completly different things and EULAs dont stand above the law.
  5. Also, please post threads about unreleased tanks in the upcoming cahnges section...
  6. One thing to note, this thing will be BIG, as in almost as big as a Maus since it pretty much is just a SU-100Y with a turret.
  7. Weekendteams in a nutshell:

    When you and your platoonmate decide to fuck around and spam full HE and still end up doing more damage than the rest of your team combined...


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    2. Fabunil


      ^Pleb not knowing how to do damage with HE

    3. TAdoo87


      This is some next level shit, in terms of bad teams. Was this a vision map, or what happened with your "team-mates"?

    4. Fabunil


      It was Pilsen and I have no idea what my team did.

  8. I love how the new Maus-meta completly breaks the EXP-reward you get at the end of the battle.



    1. SchnitzelTruck


      Now we just need exp for tanking

  9. For those wondering about what changed about the 907-model during the micropatch: It actually got a small buff: First off the turretarmor: Basically the area covered by the 228mm zone got a bit bigger (turret got slightly more resistant to goldshells from the front and from standardrounds when slightly angled, most of the time this wont be noticable though) As for the sidearmor when the tank is not using any gundepression and angled at 34° versus 264mm of APCR-pen: Basically the 100mm zone of the sidearmor got a buff (in 9.17.1 it actually got nerfed because the sloping became worse on the upper most part of the sidearmor, this angle now got changed back to pretty much what it was before in 9.17 but with the added benefit of being 100mm instead of 85mm thick (this wont matter too much against tier 10s though as most tier 10s will penetrate 100mm nominal thickness anyway unless it is at a riccochet angle, though lower tiers will have a much harder time penetrating that zone))
  10. Litterally me in the last 2 days:


    Seriously, fuck the Noro-Virus, I had salmonella in the past but that wasn´t nearly as shitty as what I experienced in the last few days, atleast it is over already...

    1. TAdoo87


      I had something similar a few years ago, but luckily it only lasted for a day. I guess you need some recovery time after this. Get better soon.

      PS: It was for sure because of the arty 3 marks, you know what you need to do to prevent this happening again... :doge:

  11. M53/M55 is the best tier 10 artillery in the game.


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    2. MacusFlash


      Dark Side of Shift key?

    3. 1m9j9s3


      Disgusting. :eww:

    4. Fulcrous


      Had some disgusting games as well during skirmishes :serb:

  12. All that theoretical DPM of the 88 is nice in theory, in practice you won´t really be able to (ab)use it all that well because your targets will simply drive back into cover unless he is either braindead and sits in the open or tracked which is the 2nd problem of the gun: It can´t destroy the tracks of tier 10 or even tier 9 tanks in a single shot when you hit the frontal or rear sprocket unless the track was already damaged before (I believe it also struggles to oneshot-track tier 8 heavies but I´m not sure)
  13. The true reason why artillery is called "skycancer" kappa.



    1. HemanathanRX7


      wtf looks like you are sizable part of the reason why FAME wins so much in clan wars

      Arty physics hax  1v2 ez carry Kappa :tanfiesta:


    This post will trigger the average Wotlabs-user.





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    2. Medjed


      @XXCaptainUnicorn There's no enough RNG for CGC....even if it misses by a mile it still splashes 5 tanks for at least 500 dmg

    3. Fulcrous


      How much of this came from Maus and Type 5 HP polls? :serb:

    4. Fabunil


      Not that much actually, the plan was to farm all those Type 5s and Mauses but surprisingly I didn´t see them that often.

      Maybe it takes a few days for all the plebs to realize that those 2 tanks are op now.