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  1. Whoever designed this tank deserves to get fired.







    1. leggasiini


      If you thought Type 4 is disgusting, wait until you get the Type 5

  2. Pretty sure that every tank is the game can get up there one way or another.
  3. Klimbing iz phun In all seriousness, there are only a few climbs that are actually useful/broken in randoms, useful to know when you can use them but most of the time you will never be in a situation where you can use them effectivly. As for WG fixing the climbs: How long did it take them to fix something as simple as the E5-cupola? It is clear that at this point WG doesn't give too much of a fuck anymore.
  4. Why do people keep claiming it has a better turret than the 113. It doesnt, its the opposite: the WZ has slightly bigger cupolas and the HEAT-able area in the turretfront is slightly bigger because there is a giant hole behind the 300mm thick gunmantlet.
  5. The new upcoming tier 8 premium is looking great.
  6. I honestly can´t be bothered to care anymore at this point tbh.
  7. Same bloomvalues as the 113 with worse accuracy but better aimingtime
  8. Testserver is up, the WZ on the ct currently has 2650 baseDPM (with food and vents you can get your reload below 9 seconds) and it gets 7 degrees of gundepression for some reason. Armor is mediocre at best for a tier 10 heavy, 330+ heat can easily go through the upper plate when not using your gundepression and i have been penned in the gunmantlet several times by heat, so basically play it like a beefier Russian med.
  9. "To compensate for the buffs to the Foch-line we decided to nerf the the Bat Chat 25 t to shit so that French tanks on average do not outperform Russian tanks. In other news we decided to buff the IS-7 ground resistance to Russian hover-med-level to make it more historically accurate as well as buff the DPM to 3000 base so it can effectivly engage the Maus before we are gonna nerf that one to shit"
  10. Basically the 30B goes from being a Leotard-clone to being a STB-1-clone. Also, you posted 3 pics of the Tier 9 Foch... Anyway: The tier 8 gets 3 shells in the magazine with a clipreload of 2.7 seconds The tier 9 gets 4 shells in the magazine with a clipreload of 2.4 seconds The tier 10 gets 6 shells in the magazine with a clipreload of 2 seconds All of them get the same (50B) gun with 257 penetration. Verdict: Meh, I really don´t see the point in driving a turretless autoloading tank tbh... With an autoloader you want to be able to play aggressivly which won´t really work with the lack of a turret and the giant tumors on top of the tanks (so you can peek ridgelines effectivly at all) and for sniping autoloaders are supoptimal unless you catch some idiot out in the open or permatrack someone without a repairkit.
  11. I love how ranked is just one giant shitty grindfest that you are forced to play if you want to stay competetive.


  12. WG´s idea of a "weakspot" is interesting, all it will change is that it is easier to penetrate the angled UFP with gold...
  13. Atleast that cancer won´t be sold on the other servers (On the EU-client the tankmodel is even missing)
  14. Funfact: With the Rheimetall Panzerwagen/HWK 12 being the only exceptions, all tier 10 lights have worse accuracy than the tier 8 in the same techtree (HWK and the Panzerwagen have the same accuracy, though the panzerwagen has shittier softstats for the gun). Why? Because fuck you. In the ass. Infact, abysmal accuracy on light tanks is almost exclusivly a problem at tier 10, this isn´t helped by the fact that you actually have to aim for weakspots at higher tiers. Ontopic: The T92 is decent for a tier 8 light, personally I would never buy it though, after the light tank changes it is nothing special anymore now that it got uptiered.
  15. He knows...:QBSeal:






    1. Assassin7


      you're disgusting. but its also the best thing I've ever seen