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  1. Fabunil

    WoTlabs still the thing?

    Everything game mechanic-wise has already been discussed to death already and the only new mechanics introduced in the last couple of years were the swedish siege mode (basically forces your to bush wank), the arty stun (a different kind of annoying as fuck compared to the previous version) and the Italian autoreloader (or whatever it is called)(just a more flexible autoloader). Discussions about maps boil down to "Here are your 3 corridors! Pick this one if you got armor, pick this one if your are a bush wanker or pick this one if you want to die quickly!". Discussions about new tanks usually boil either down to "Tank X basically is Tank Y but with 10mm more frontal armor and .1 seconds better aiming time!" or "Press W, left click red tanks, win".
  2. Fabunil

    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    Shouldn't a requirement of football be... i don't know... to handle the ball with your feet? Any reasonable person would have just called it "American Rugby", atleast this name would make sense.
  3. Fabunil

    Fallout 76, Online Survival RPG ?

    I'm just waiting for a Bethesda-version of this to happen:
  4. Fabunil

    WG's EULA Changes NA

    You can't just "revoke" access to an IP this way as the usage of it in this case falls under fair use. Them writing the opposite in their EULA doesn't mean doesn't mean jack in this case.
  5. Fabunil

    WG's EULA Changes NA

    Just another dickmove by WG but luckily that EULA doesn't have that much of real power and it certainly wouldn't allow WG to shutdown any website on the basis of some shitty EULA as it isn't the same as a written contract.
  6. Do not worry, this thing will be balanced by having the fuel tanks and ammorack being behind the Upper/Lower plate, so that the Jagdpanzers 420 HEAT can blow it assuming it shoots down on it. What is even more amusing is the fact that on top of that retarded armor layout and bylat mobility it for some reason also gets a retarded gun that outDPMs the Super Conquerer/FV215B...
  7. Why do all british tanks except for the Centurions and Conquerers have to be butt ugly... Basically a Skorpion that gets armor to shit on low tiers but has to spam gold when bottom tier. If you want to make a stupid tank give it a 150-200 pen HESH round as the only type of ammunition available, atleast this would be hilarious...
  8. Because the T-44 is one of the most comfortable T8 mediums to play? The idea behind these rental tanks is to give new players/low tier wankers an idea on how higher tier tanks play without them having to grind, not to give hightier players some random whacky premium tank.
  9. Fabunil

    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    So unless the armor somehow turns to be complete garbage this thing is just a straight up better Defender? Better Gunhandeling than IS-3, same mobility, same reload while having 50 more alpha for some stupid reason and probably better frontal armor than the IS-3. Ahhh but do not worry comrade, is balnced by having below average penetration.
  10. Atleast with those stats I wouldn't consider the Leopard 1 to be the shittiest tier 10 medium anymore assuming it doesn't have some retarded armor layout, not that it would ever get released in this state.
  11. Waiting for the armor layout before judging it. Gun-wise it is better than the WZ trading a small amount of DPM for better gunhandeling plus dank penetration values. Mobility-wise it is probably worse than the WZ due to the terrainstats, it will turn like a boat compared to the WZ because to that. If the armor is similar to the WZ and I actually played this game I would pick the WZ over it just because it gets 7 degrees of gundepression.
  12. Fabunil

    Obj705A - No one really plays this?

    Atleast it doesn't get penetrated through the gunmantlet by tier 8 tanks
  13. Fabunil

    Ranked Battles Tank Choices

    Currentlyranked battles 60% of the time result in both teams forming a lemming train that rushes one, the result being either than boith teams meet on the same flank (in which case they will spam gold at each others faces for 10 minutes) or they will go on different flanks resulting in a massive campfest for the next 12 minutes. In 25% Only one team forms a train and either wins if they are smart enough to push their flank hard or loseif they are a bunch of wankers (and due to the chevron system noone wants to be the one at the frontline...) in 15% of the battles everything is basically like randoms but with massive goldspam. Basically you want something mobile with a turret that is somewhat resistant against gold and maybe also a decent upper plate. In any case, this would be my personal list for tanks to play in ranked in order: Object-907 (if you want to play a medium, broken tank is broken) WZ-111 model 5a (mobile, alpha + dpm, armor when hulldown) Super Conquerer (armor, DPM, just use your gundepression to hide the cupola from the heatspam) Object 430U/113 (armor, mobility and alpha) Centurion AX/Patton (if you are a depressed medium player) Object 140 (if you don't have any of the other listed mediums) Superheavies don't work as they are too slow to move with the lemmings and they will get heatspammed to death as soon as they show their turretfaces. TDs are shit because they generally have no turret and are only good for sniping or are slow as fuck. 268 V4 can do some work but it is more effective at ruining the days of tier 8 players than it is against a bucnh of tier 10 gold spamers. Lights suck in general and unless the map is lakeville your spotting is mostly useless. Arty: Basically a cointoss wether you win or lose and due to the shitty XP-gain of artillery you will end up losing more chevrons than you gain.
  14. Fabunil

    Obj 430U

    The 260 became kinda obsolete when they buffed the 113 and especially after they introduced the tier 10 WZ-1111!1. Those 2 tanks now became obsolete after the introduction of the 430U. If anything, you can expect the 430U to become obsolete after they are going to introduce the buffed Object 777 or whatever else Murazas mad mind can come up with that is going to come after the T-10.
  15. Fabunil

    Object 268 version WTF were they thinking?

    Once upon a time a man named Murazar once saw a high damage replay on youtube where a retard yolorushes a bunch of imbeciles in a 263. The following night he had a wet dream, a brilliant idea for a new great addition to the game that is called World of Tanks. He was he went to work on it soon after and turned his wet dream into reality but alas, as zealously as he was he wasn't a very smart man.