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  1. regardless of how stupid this is. somebody somewhere, will buy this.
  2. you still live?
  3. @BlackAdder
  4. Dat Ass Armor Buff
  5. it has HEATFS in WT, i think its like 280pen. but this is WG, so you have to shoot shitty gold rounds in ur prems to "make money"
  6. your Post's remind me of those Cancerous YouTube videos where they use all caps to gain attention.
  7. You guys are better than this
  8. this is cause for celebration
  9. #When A Joke Is Taken Seriously
  10. Same, I'm in Detroit right now and won't be back home until fucking late Sunday. And this shit happens
  11. @GehakteMolen while we may not consider the doubles to be different, WG dose and sells them as such. There is literally no difference between the T34 and the T34B yet Wargaming sells them as if they were different.And the same goes for all the other "Reskin" tanks. So therefore I count them because WG most definitely sell them as different and uniqe. Oh and the WZ-111 has been resold, just on rare occasions in some cash grab bundle. Also tanks like the Fury which I actually thought they wouldn't sell ever again is now going to be available in June. The "special" reagion specific tanks I can agree on the like 59G and that anime tank (nameless). But even then the ratio of premiums to regulars is becoming dangerously close.
  12. If you look on you will realize that there are now more tier 8 premiums than there are regular tier 8"s