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  1. is this what we call "Quality Content" nowadays?
  2. top fucking kek get shit on
  3. saw that a few days ago don't really understand why they are doing only films, instead of just doing an official Season 2. but i guess i wont complain, more Tank porn is gud.
  4. lol
  5. @ComradeHX wat
  6. but wouldn't you then have the problem of shipping costs? id imagine shipping something from the US EU or CA would cost alot.......
  7. Jesus Christ 747$ for a 1070 wtf. 529$ for an i7. what the fuck is up with pricing in Australia. @Assassin7
  8. @ComradeHX woah there ian
  9. ill watch the movie, but only because i don't like to judge shows/movies without having seen them first. (im not that arrogant) its just that after the monstrosity that was S2, i set my expectations for any future SAO content very very low.
  10. das fucked up lol
  11. @robosapieo its a shame it got put on what i suspect is now a permanent "hold". at this point i wouldn't even care if hey rebooted it, as long as it doesn't get dropped entirely.
  12. my point of showing that video and those pics wasnt' to discourage @Archaic_One or anyone else from buying a switch, but to encourage that people wait to buy one. i personally never pre-order any tech related items, especially consoles because there is to great a risk of bugs and defects. (look at the PS4 Pro video i linked above) hopefully by Christmas Nintendo will have released a "1.5" version of the switch with all the aforementioned issues resolved.