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  1. i knew you were a loli lover
  2. team capped out before i could get the 10th kill
  3. lies AMX 13 57GF is king then T71 then Type 62
  4. for like 2 seconds i thought Yuno came back again gg anyways
  5. i just threw up in my mouth
  6. @ComradeHX i noticed that too. i even had a very small array of hope that it may have been a tease for another spice and wolf season. but then i snapped back into reality.
  7. @Gasai__Yuno 2016's meme just made a 2017 comeback how have you been since our last meeting?
  8. @Folterknecht
  9. is this what we call "Quality Content" nowadays?
  10. top fucking kek get shit on
  11. saw that a few days ago don't really understand why they are doing only films, instead of just doing an official Season 2. but i guess i wont complain, more Tank porn is gud.