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  1. we have been using the 430U's in CW today by having them run with 5A's and they work well, they cant really keep up with 907/140's though. i could easily see the 777 replacing the 430U, its already faster (at least on paper) and if they buff its armor it will just be a more meaty 430U in terms of HP and armor with better mobility but a shitter gun (providing they don't buff they gun further)
  2. 30B
  3. i agree with @Kolni on this, its not that OP IMO. like the super conq and 5a its very good in the hands of a knowledgeable player, but in the hands of your typical pubbies its just another xp pinata. TBH the 268 ver 4 is more of an issue regarding balance than the 430U right now.
  4. its pretty much just that, a T95 that goes 55kph and faces tier 7 and the 268 ver 4 is a E3 that goes 50 kph
  5. This Tank isn't even fair anymore you hit 50kp/h almost instantly and maintain it across all terrain (stronk Russian hover med technology) and the gun handling is now on par with most tier 10 mediums
  6. here ya go
  7. -STB-1 gets adjustable suspension like Strv i was kinda surprised this wasn't a thing much earlier on. the feature was almost useless in war thunder, but in WoT i could see it being fun
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    2. Errants


      Normal purge for Y0L0. OP has consistency in his gameplay... Not always in his leadership style.

    3. Deus__Ex__Machina


      apparently one of the officers was account sharing, lead to a troll getting on the acc and mass kicking people. 

      that's what im hearing in TS anyway.

    4. Hellsfog


      WG needs to put some of the old VD, that's what we called STD's back when, films from WW2 in the tutorial or some such. Those films which said if you diddled a streetwalker your pecker would fall off.  This is one

  8. @CraBeatOff after watching that replay that @sr360 posted (the moment at 5:31) i have to ask..... How many times have you flipped, or come close to flipping in the even 90
  9. T92 has the better combat capacity over the even 90 IMO but as a scout the even 90 definitely wins hands down
  10. This^ it will very interesting to see how this comes out on the live server. im also interested to see how people will use this in practice, i can already tell these tanks will be the types that will only be good in the hands of a skilled player who thinks ahead.
  11. @CraBeatOff nice flip at the end there
  12. they never really gave a date as to when the new premium would be released, but a lot of people are saying it could be the special tank in February. though i think that's unlikely considering the mechanic is still unfinished.
  13. perhaps its something i need to try out for myself to fully understand, but from verbal explanations alone it doesn't make sense
  14. not sure this would perform very well in-game, it would be like playing a tank that cant make up its mind on whether its an auto loader or not. like the video stated. if you use it as a traditional auto-loader, it will be worse than actually playing a normal auto-loader as both the intra-clip reload and the full clip reload will be worse compared to its counter parts. and if you use it as a "normal" tank, then once again it will be worse in comparison to just playing a normal tank. so where this fits in terms of its role on the field is very confusing imo.