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  1. same tho preferably by a non-Russian developer
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    [Supertest] Excalibur, Tier 6 British TD

    @leggasiini your wife is here
  3. original source: The gameplay on this one will differ even more from the Patton in the tech tree. We plan to make the M60 faster and more suitable for long distance support fire and terrain-based play. To achieve this, we’ll improve its mobility and firepower parameters (stabilization, dispersion, and armour penetration with HEAT rounds) Basically a slightly faster M48 (coupled with that 420 base VR ) with even more god like gun handling and accuracy along with a high pen HEAT round, but still (for now) retains the Shitty armor profile and tumor. This medium tank will undergo lots of changes: it will be transformed into a fast-shooting support vehicle, well suited for short distance combat. Its rate of fire, stabilization, and engine power will all get a boost, but its efficiency at long range will be slightly decreased with lowered accuracy and penetration with standard ammunition. We expect the updated T95E6 to fare well in close combat on any terrain with its good gun depression. High Alpha and DPM will allow it to oppose enemy heavies (with some manoeuvring). Its efficiency will have limitations imposed by relatively low accuracy and penetration with standard rounds, and by weak hull armour combined with large scale. So the T95E6 main role will be providing support for the main strike group at close range. Ummm....wat? isn't this one of, if not the worst tier 10 CW tank right now? and they pretty much Nerf it? ok WG The “Failöwe” will gain hit points (upped to 2,850) and firepower. Stabilization, aiming time, and penetration with HEAT rounds will improve. High durability and good protection will let the VK 72.01 survive long, even while facing an overwhelming opposing force. Great Alpha and high armour penetration with Premium rounds will make any thick-skinned opponent extra careful while approaching it. The designated role of the VK 72.01 is holding positions and trading damage with the enemy. Ok I've personally never played the VK, but from what I've seen its one of the better CW tanks behind the 907 right?...especially with the armor changes. and now it gets more HP, slightly better accuracy and aim time, along with a 350 HEAT round? this trend of super heavy tanks with High armor/HP/and stupid gold rounds is getting out of hand. The 121B will become an agile and manoeuvrable medium tank with an outstanding spotting range (upped to 420 m) and very low detectability. Its DPM, aiming, and armour penetration with Premium rounds will get better. The gun will allow for enjoyable long range play. Yet the 121B will be weaker than the opponents of the same tier and class at close range because of relatively weak protection. Its main role will be reconnaissance plus support from the 2nd line. whats the point of tier 10 light tanks again? 420 Base VR now with supposedly better camo rating, again with the 350 HEAT round, and better RoF.....not really the buffs that the 121b needed IMO but ok. Now remember kids, this is super-test and all of these changes are subject to change.
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    Object 268 V4 Supertest Nerfs

    long story short they made the already penetrable weak points a bit weaker than before and made the aim-time, the reverse speed, and the Horsepower (acceleration?) a bit worse. what yall think? will this be enough? or dose it need to be hit harder by the nerf bat.
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    You're not a real world of tanks player until...

    not a real world of tanks player until you've sold your account
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    Object 268 V4 Supertest Nerfs

    Aim time changed from 1.92 s to 2.4 s (2.21 s in the first ST iteration) Changed the engine power from 1500 to 1350 HP Power-to-weight ratio changed from 20 to 18 hp/t Reduced reverse speed from 22 km/h to 20 km/h Increased the bloom from moving and turning from 0.115 to 0.153 (0.144 in the first ST iteration) Increased the bloom from moving and turning at maximum speed from 6.33 to 7.67 (7.91 in the first ST iteration) Increased the bloom when turning the hull at max speed from 2.65 to 3.38 (3.31 in the first ST iteration) Additionally: Increased the gun moving bloom from 0.096 to 0.115 Reduced the HP from 2100 to 2000 Reduced the traverse speed from 23 °/s to 22 °/s Decreased the maximum speed from 55 km/h to 50 km/h Reduced the gun laying speed from 31.3 °/s to 29.2 °/s
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    if you already have an M60 then ur choices would be between this or the 121b in which case why the fuck would you chose the 121b over the T95?
  8. Source: T-34/E. Proposed parameters Tier: MT-5, USSR, premium HP: 500 Engine: 500 hp Mass: 31,9 t Maximum load: 34 t Power-to-weight: 15,67 hp / t Max speed/Min speed: 56 / -20 km / h Hull turning speed: 36 °/s Turret turning speed: 36 °/s Terrain resistance values: 1,055 / 1,247 / 2,205 View range: 340 m Radio range: 547,5 m Hull armor: 45 / 40 (+16) / 40 mm Turret armor: 45 / 45 (+16) / 45 (+16) mm Gun: 76 mm F-34 (1943) Alpha Damage: 110 / 110 / 156 Penetration: 120 / 150 / 38 mm Rate of fire: 15,643 rounds/minute Damage per minute: 1 720,7 Reload time: 3,836 s Accuracy at 100 m: 0,43 Aiming time: 2,3 s Depression: -8 Crew: 4 people – Commander, Radio Operator, Driver, Loader. so basically a T-34 with spaced armor? armor comparison: T-34/E Hull armor: 45 / 40 (+16) / 40 mm Turret armor: 45 / 45 (+16) / 45 (+16) mm T-34 Hull armor: 45 / 45 / 40 mm Turret armor: 52 / 52 / 45 mm
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    figured i would make an update on this tank in its newly buffed state. its a monster now. same DPM as the 30B but with 400 alpha and good pen with decent gun handling. and even tho its hull armor is trash and the tumor is huge, i still find that i am able to troll people on ridge lines by wiggling the turret causing people to either miss or just shoot at the turret face thinking that its weak (pro tip: its not) the speed and acceleration is much better, you reach 50-55+ pretty quickly and are able to maintain it fairly well across most terrain. the tank defiantly still needs to be played passively or within a group, if you try to fight several tanks alone or hold a flank you will melt, but it at least now isn't a pile of shit anymore.
  10. Deus__Ex__Machina

    Streaming and how to start streaming?

    i hope you have big tits
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    Chinese Reassurance for Tier 9 needed :)

    of all the tier 9's the Wz111111111114 is the best by far, and both tier 10's that come after it are very worth it. One of the best tier 9 heavy tanks by far, think T-10 but with a bigger gun that hits harder. as for the rest they are pretty Meh/10, ive heard the tier 9 TD is better than the tier 10 tier for tier, because its armor works. but i have zero experience with them. as for premiums the only one that's currently available and worth it would be the WZFaggot TD premium, its pretty much the tier 8 version of the SU-122-44 but with good pen and kinda OP. the type 64 is pretty OP for a light like mentioned above. the type 62 is good but not regularly available. the 112 since the armor buffs is pretty good, but its gun is potato as fuck and requires a healthy amount of heat. so not a good credit maker. WZ111 is similar and not regularly available the 59 Patton is not worth at all and utter garbage, the T-34-3 is decent but was recently removed from the tech tree for gold purchase. overall i would go down the heavy tank line for sure, its the best the Chinese tech tree has to offer really in terms of tier 10's
  12. Deus__Ex__Machina

    Object 268 V4 Supertest Nerfs

    whenever i look at the 268 V4, i imagine WG looking at the T110E3 and saying "what if it was Russian and could go 55kp/h?" and thats how the V4 was born
  13. The new Cent RAAC is Weak, here is proof.


    1. Jesse_the_Scout


      that moment you realize you should have played frontline

    2. Wanderjar


      Deus OP, plz nerf

  14. made 3rd prestige already im playing WoT way to much again
  15. and it wasn't made by WG, thats the funny thing.
  16. @Archaic_Onei actually liked the "new" SU-101 with the 122 in this mode, had fun racing around auto penning people for 440 and even bouncing. i dont even wanna imagine having to have played it in pubs
  17. ive never seen them ask for logs? is this on the official forums?
  18. @TheMarine0341 progetto 46 for the majority, lorr 40t when i died like 14min in, followed by defender at the end in the city parts i wanna try the WZ TD to see what that can do with its broken DPM also muh highest xp so far
  19. The game mode is honestly fun, and my only gripe is that it isnt here to stay. the rewards are amazing as well. especially since personal reserves work Note: if you prestige a fourth time you get 1000 bonds Camo rewards for each prestige stage:
  20. All i can Say is Why Just Why Like i understand they want to make the tech tree play style consistent going from the 416 to the upcoming K-91, but man this thing looks like it will be hot garbage now. The main change is the Armor followed by some HP loss, which is what made the 430 ver 2 so good IMO. they seemed to have made the gun more accurate and aim faster, but i'm unsure of which of the two gun choices these stats represent (comparison)
  21. Deus__Ex__Machina

    SU-101 Wow!

    boosters dont work in frontline but if ur not trash you can essentially earn a booster for that match in the game mode. there is an in-game ranking system that levels up based on in-game performance, the more you rank up the more of an XP bonus you get Rank system Players will receive ranks for effective performance in battle. The higher the rank owned at the end of the battle, the higher the final bonus to experience. There are 6 ranks in total: Private: all player start battle in this rank. Sergeant: +10% to experience. Lieutenant: +25% to experience. Captain: +50% to experience. Major: +100% to experience. General: +200% to experience.
  22. Deus__Ex__Machina

    SU-101 Wow!

    im saving myself the trouble and waiting for front-line to be available before i touch it, at least then i can bush wank on a wide open map with tons of flanking opportunities, and ill only be facing tier 8 so i wont need gold. and the cherry on top is that ill make like 10-15k xp a game to help with that near 300k EXP grind to the 263
  23. Deus__Ex__Machina

    CW tanks are getting some attention (for better or worse)

    the armor on the M60 is irrelevant and you cant rely on it like in the M48 you will almost never bounce considering they can just shoot the giant cupola, or even the mantle directly to the left or right of the gun. also several parts of the turret front on the out side on the mantle drop to 220-230 effective. that being said i played the M60 and the 121b on diff accounts today. and personally the 121b is better than before but not my cup of tea, that gun depression is a pain and the armor really doesn't hold up that well unless fighting tier 8's the M60 on the other hand is near god tier in terms of a pub stomping tank, that mobility is insane coupled with the amazing gun handling and fuck you HEAT pen. also 420 VR memes.
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    RiP 430 ver 2 (Super-Test Changes)

    @rindorbrot IMO id say grind out the XP now with the current 430 ver 4 for sure. it seems they want to make the tier 9 a sniper like the tier 8 and upcoming tier 10 will be, a sniper with a bad RoF and the choice of mediocre 219 pen or slow velocity 330 heat...........