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  1. if i remember correctly it had a worse camo rating than the JP100
  2. jesus, up to nearly 400 on the 76i....
  3. congrats on the marks, tho there is a thread for showing off MoE's.
  4. But muh waifus......can you give me a estimate on what Cancerous purple text+E25 ego would cost me?
  5. wtf is up with all these triple+ posts lately? at this point clearly something has to be wrong.
  6. alot of people forget how many different settings they will be able to turn down/off when this client releases tho, seeing ppl QQ all over Reddit and the official forums about how they wont be able to play WoT anymore b/c of this. TBH WoT could have, and should have looked like this years ago.
  7. this is probably the first steam winter sale in which there is absolutely nothing i want.
  8. both of the "New tanks" will probably be shit or overpriced, just buy the loot boxes if anything else.
  9. RiP the wallets of idiots everywhere
  10. you have a serious problem with playing shit tonks
  11. regardless of how stupid this is. somebody somewhere, will buy this.
  12. Well Update 9.10 is here! and with it the infamous Japanese Gojira Tanks. I want to start off with the fact that i am using the 105mm and not the Derp (i May try it to see how it performs) . Equipment: Gun-Rammer/Vents/SuperHeavy Spall Liner <You Will Need this one. with these tanks being released on the live server there armor is much much more reliable and can now show their true potential, lower tiers will curse you and run in fear and tanks such as the IS-6 are a laughing stock to this mighty Beast. A lot of people complained that this tank would be terrible due to the absence of a gold round on the 105mm meaning that the O-Ho would be forced to use a shitty 150mm howitzer, but that's not the i do still hope that WG will give it a Gold AP round with at least 230mm pen or something like that for the tougher tier 10's, but the 215 pen isn't the end of the world. Something people don't take into account is that this tank is really Tall, therefore you will be shooting down on most tanks you are fighting (Wonder if WG Knew this), this means you can easily pen the upper plate and Roof of tanks such as IS-6's IS-3's Tiger 2's T-54 ect. as well as many others.You can also over match the roof's of tanks such as E-75's and VK.45.02.B's which is so troll. My interpretation of the Tank. Pros Great Armor Good Gun (Decent ROF and Penetration) Tank Boob's are Stronk (People Don't Know Where to Shoot) High HP Pool Spaced Side Armor (fck u HEAT) Cons Slow Speed Only 5 Degrees of Gun depression Frontally (Makes it Hard to fight Short Tanks up Close Frontally) High Chance of Fire (20%) Arty Magnet "Hull Cheeks" Make Side Scraping Difficult Currently No Gold Round on the 105mm (You can make credits because of this though) Overall i Love the Tank and i think it can really do well in the right hands. Some Replays I've Accumulated. (Disregard the Name Bug, Its from my Mod's) Overlord: Mines: ( first shot ammo-racked a Type 59 lol!) HimmelsDorf: Tier 10 Match ^^^Here is where that Spaced Side armor really Shines, i run into a Platoon of T-54's Spamming HEAT and Several of them Are Absorbed by my Spaced Armor. I Haven't Gotten Mastery Quite Yet but ill post it when i do, Until then Here is my Stats so Far. (all Solo )
  13. @BlackAdder
  14. it has HEATFS in WT, i think its like 280pen. but this is WG, so you have to shoot shitty gold rounds in ur prems to "make money"
  15. your Post's remind me of those Cancerous YouTube videos where they use all caps to gain attention.
  16. You guys are better than this
  17. this is cause for celebration
  18. #When A Joke Is Taken Seriously