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  1. Because you have a good ear. It's eerly similar to romanian.
  2. Gotta love the upvotes. The exact same montage from a shitter wouldn't have gotten any. Also, on behalf of many, fuck you.
  3. The padding is real.


  4. As far as I'm concerned this is so wrong, switching them around would actually be an improvement.
  5. 1 top tier game out of 15 in a tank with a stock gun. 

    Great game design.

  6. Now let's hope the rest of the servers don't get fucked over.
  7. 3MoE'ing T9s on the test server is serious business.
  8. There are five categories of the competition (Light Tanks, Medium Tanks, Heavy Tanks, Tank Destroyers, and SPGs) and each category is treated as its own separate contest. While you can participate in all five categories, you can only be awarded in one of them. The highest place you earn over all groups will be the one you are rewarded in. I'll stick to T37 because it's awesome and because I have a feeling there might be a little less competition in the LT category.
  9. That's not saying much.
  10. Anyone going for it?
  11. I don't personally have a problem with the feet, but a whole bunch of people do. Web's full of them. As for the scroll wheel being terrible, it's something a lot of reviewers warn about. Its noise, its feel/texture, and the way it wobbles on fast movements seem to be the main culprits.
  12. Been a g502 user since 2015. Great mouse but the scroll wheel is epically terrible. So are the mouse feet which use cheap glue and tend to peel in conjuction with certain mousepads. Has the rgb version addressed any of these issues?
  13. Won't comment on the SP since I haven't played it lately but as someone who's recently had the 112 at 100% MoE I just can't agree on it requiring full gold spam or it being unprofitable. IS-6/112 are still powerful tanks, they're just not as idiot proof as they used to be.
  14. It's really not that slow. Just slow enough to make the bloom bearable. And on this type of tank I'll take alpha > dpm happily anytime. Not arguing it should be considered a must buy, but I personally find it miles ahead most (if not all) 240 alpha mediums. Frankly, since the rise of the idiot proof heavies like the defender/patriot/liberte, I like it a whole lot more than the IS-6 or 112 even. For those few who don't have a problem with slow(er) tanks it can be pretty damn fun to play as long as they have a good crew.