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  1. Indeed. Padding w/r isn't easy anymore since the MM decided platoons should hadly ever be top tier.
  2. Sounds like you're XVM focusing and getting punished for it. Really though, the most reliable way to beat a skilled player you meet in random battle is to kill his team faster than he kills yours. Just don't engage him unless you're very likely to come out on top. Fair fights suck.
  3. Ignorance is bliss.
  4. You don't need a >60Hz monitor to enjoy the decrease in input lag you get by running at 120fps compared to 60. High refresh rate is a nice perk, but low input lag is crucial.
  5. This update will finally convince me to drop advanced graphics for standard. Something I should have done ages ago. Fuck all the clutter and the fps drops. I never played this game for its looks anyway. Framerate is life (tm). Playing shooters and dipping below 100fps makes me sad. I don't get how people can cap them at 60 and be happy.
  6. There's still the exact same amount of red line failing, The difference is people do it to avoid losing a chevron rather than getting one. Also, losing streaks in this shitty game mode are unavoidable. The difference is in S2 they're far, far more annoying than they were in S1.
  7. I got the 3rd mark recently, and I'm pretty sure it's was well over 3k combined. Honestly though, fuck the Skorpion. Playing aggressively is rarely possible because you're big, armorless, and can't snapshot. Sniping sucks balls because of the terrible shell velocity and it's not a good way to win consistently anyhow. I'm finding the Revalorise similar but more flexible and infinitely more comfy/enjoyable to play.
  8. Wouldn't hurt but you don't, when the patch hits you now have enough hodors to get your 260.
  9. I no longer feel bad for missing out on the S2 Gold badge since now it will be just as widespread as the first one. Nice.
  10. Having completed the Tiger 2 grind in the current setting I can confirm it is as enjoyable as masturbating with a cheese grater.
  11. Exclusive test server footage.


    1. Vindi



  12. Is the Lowe really that good?
  13. It is the best MM we ever had.
  14. Has WG in any way acknowledged the fact that a lot of T8s are virtually unplayable since the MM changes?

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    2. Epic


      You complain about balance issues, not the MM. It is the best MM we ever had.

    3. Sapros
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      Some guy did some reasoning as to why things are the way they are and it sounds probable