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  1. A few million credits for free don't sound too bad tbh.
  2. That's what interests me the most. Is there any point in grinding XP on the current T8 lights?
  3. I'm barely able to get 3 MoE on a couple of T10s and now WG decides to downtier of them? Fuck.
  4. Game's clearly past its heyday but it's far from dead, on EU at least.
  6. You're not a lesser player or person because the expected values of a couple of tanks went up. Also, there's good metrics like WR and MoE % to track your "journey", so why would you give the slightest fuck about wn8?
  7. It's the best thing you can do to improve your game.
  8. First time I hear about it, sounds interesting.
  9. 52% w/r after 150 battles with 2.3k dpg, 2.2 spots/game, and 900 assisted. MoE >98%. This tank's basically telling me to go fuck myself.
  11. making WoTLabs great again
  12. At least I bother playing a tank before shitposting in relation to it.
  13. Object 140 HD
  14. I never have issues penning it as long as I'm close enough not to get fucked over by my gun's dispersion. So I don't see why anyone would. Oh, it's not an autopen once you 2-2 and fire in its general direction? How terrible.