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  1. Good point. I hate playing the hill from that side but in that situation it would have been a far more sensible play. Another gem. I was tired and tilted so I didn't even try to get anything out of this game. But what can you do in such games anyway other than use your teammates as meatshields and snipe from the redline?
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    2. simba90


      Ok, Do you find that you avoid taking enough fire damage to make it worthwhile? I was running rations/auto FE and repair pack with JOAT before the arty rebalance, This isn't really that satisfactory now with the increase splash/rof on all of the arties I find that I loose crewmembers too often now. I've been tossing up dropping the FE and running a large health kit but the frontal fuel tanks still get me BBQ'd from drivewheel shots often enough that I am not sure if its going to be any better.

      On topic: Fuck that guy. 

    3. How_Terrible


      1,200+ battles in the last 30 days. Jesus Fucking Christ. Every time I think that I have no life I just remind myself the people life that autistic fuck exist in this world.

    4. Sapros


      @simba90 honestly I've been running without AFE and without FF on some tanks that burn frontally and haven't had that many issues. First of all I don't play that aggressively and secondly I just repair fuel tanks if they get damaged. Even if you have FF burning repeatedly because you didn't fix those fuel tanks is just as terrible not having FF at all. FF's just a backup.

  2. So yesterday I ranked all the way to 5 in less than 2h. Now I've played for 3h and I haven't ranked once. 10 defeats in a row. 3 arties each and every game. There's just no point playing.
  3. I don't get the hate. It's got workable mobility, acceptable view range, amazing depression and a nearly impenetrable turret. With a good crew and optics there's games you can win for your team without even having to fire your gun. So it should have drawbacks and it should be situational. I don't think that makes it bad. Not particularly enjoyable maybe, but far from terrible imo.
  4. Ranked from 0 to 5 in about 3 hours today. Not playing for the first few days of the past couple of stages worked rather well for me.
  5. In randoms it's easier to farm because players generally suck. Enemies make stupid mistakes all the time and you're one of the few capable of taking advantage of them. But in ranked, because you get matched with much better players, that's no longer the case. Enemies punish you hard for your mistakes while making far less of their own. Your own teammates are much better as well, which can make dealing decent amounts of damage a real challenge. So unlike randoms where you might have 2 players each doing 5k damage in a game, you now have 5 players doing 2k each. Damage is more evenly spread, is what I'm saying. Focusing on early damage/spotting, as well as finishing low hp tanks rather than damaging healthy ones, is something we should all be doing more of in general.
  6. Play more than 4 ranked battles, reach rank 5, then come tell us how great your dpg/efficiency is. There's a grand total of 2 guys in the entire top 100 with more than 2.5k dpg.
  7. In randoms you're mostly up against bads and some low tiers. In ranked there's few/none of that. As long as you have good efficiency (>60% I guess?) I really wouldn't worry about damage done in ranked mode. If it makes you feel any better though, a lot of great players barely average over 2k dpg.
  8. 4202 is a crappy T8 medium. And that's saying something.
  9. I'll regularly post some exceptionally shitty games here in hope someone can give me an idea on how I could have avoided them. So let's go.
  10. Fuck every single one of those idiots who bring artillery in ranked battles. 

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    2. WhatTheSkara


      Famu clickers :notlikethis:

    3. Sapros


      I actually met a Famu clicker. 

      Team won and he finished in the last 3.:MingLee:

    4. SaintLaurentius
  11. Is anyone else experiencing considerably less Assault and Encounter games recently?

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    2. Sergeant_Fgt


      Ive had a lot more standard battles ever since the patch hit. Given that I only played about 500 battles I even encountered a lot more Stalingrad and Kharkov compared to pre rota changes

    3. WhatTheSkara


      I only get a few assault games, no encounter though..

    4. soros_sithlord


      I've had no assault and encounter modes since the patch.  WG stated it was low server population.  I smell BS. 

  12. How? My T8s seem to get repeatedly crapped on by MM.
  13. I'd enjoy it a whole lot more if shitters that failed their way to rank 5 stopped bringing out their artilleries. Speaking of shitters, I'm struggling to hit 2k dpg in most tanks.
  14. It's been like this for most of us. The game's very different when you're always up against good players driving T10s. Swim or sink. Just mind blowing how hard you get punished when fucking up even slightly in this mode. And also a lot of good positions in randoms get countered so hard it's not even worth trying to go for them. Also the blind fire's insane. It feels like I'm always being stream sniped. And I don't even fucking stream.