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  1. My second tier 10 Kolobanov's medal:


  2. I figured out why do we have the 268v4 in the game. WG wants everyone to spend their free-xp on it before the introduction of the new tech-trees. Mark my words it will be only nerfed right before the introduction of the Italian tech-tree. Possibly in the same patch.

  3. Are MoE's bugged on the EU server?:kappa: I played for 2 hrs and the percentage didn't change.


  4. The Return of Camo Meta?

    On the contrary. The bushes were placed strategically. It's just I don't like the agenda, what they are pushing.
  5. HD maps are effectively reverting to the old physics engine. You can't cross dirt piles, due to invisible walls. There are no short-cuts anymore. You can't slide down from elevated positions. I can do better than that. I designed the perfect map: WG please hire me.
  6. Does anyone know how to win Fjords north spawn? I don't seem to remember to lose a battle from south or win one from the north in tier 10. South just can cross fire 2/3 of the map, and I just don't see any open attack point.

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    2. Sapros


      They just take the old "dip" or climb up the new ramp.

    3. king_spaniel


      A8, B7 gets absolutely wrecked from E4 and E5, which is already favored towards East/South base.  And little to nothing can be done because the whole middle area has been stripped of any hardcover.  Committing into A9 means you're charging past your own bottleneck, and that corner is completely isolated from anywhere else on the map.  I feel like West/North base is severely gimped.  Yet again another lazy map reincarnation from WG

    4. Assassin7


      Oh, they changed it! Fuck

  7. One of the clicker bot in my team, called everyone noob from the first second until the last. That is solid indicator of being a retard, so I checked out his profile after battle. I did't even expect to find such a treasure:


    I have to tip my hat off. This is remarkable in it's own category.

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    2. NightmareMk9


      Master of Cancer, Air and Land!

    3. king_spaniel


      clearly not his fault, after losing thousands upon thousands of games while contributing little to nothing, it's definitely the shitty teams that he always gets, duh

    4. lavawing


      it's the teams maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan their working against him

  8. The Return of Camo Meta?

    Would be nice to know. It would fit in WGs agenda to simplify the game.
  9. I also would have started the balancing iteration with the combination of BC and 50M stats. I don't understand why are they investing time and money in a new line, and then they make sure they won't get "any" revenue out of it.
  10. I think you misunderstod something. They are being super-tested, they will come in the patch after 1.0
  11. Does anyone know a place where I can download a massive amount of replays. Something like the wot-replays but without clicking the download icon one by one.

  12. MFW I parked my tank in the wrong bush a bit off relative to my usual position because of my clumsiness just to realize I should have used this bush the whole time.


  13. I think they will do something like this: 1. Annuance a buff for them combined with standardized MM. Those changes will look nice on paper with some big precentages. "KV5 radioman health increased by 200%" They won't make them on pair with the new age prems. 2. Ok, here are the changes for the prefmm prems coming next patch. You have 2 weeks to decide if you want compensation or you want to keep the tank. Their aim is to make them standard mm tanks without refunding too many people, and without making the tanks actually good. That way the people who kept the tank will have to buy a new prem. I also think they will make one tank very good/OP so they can point on that tank, when people calling this a fraud. For some reason I think that will be a russian tank. Probably the KV5, since there are still too many IS6s.
  14. I wish every single player were a damage whore. It is strange to say it out loud, but most of the toxicity of the game comes from players how "play for the win" with 47% WR. Most of these players have a specific mindset they are not trying to win, but they want to prevent the enemy from winning.

    1. "I gotta shoot this bottom tier purple if I want to win. QB told me to focus good players."

    2. "I must TK this bush camping light. We are losing, because he is not spotting."

    3. "I have to defend the base because if they over run our base they are going to win."

    4. "I will pre-aim this flanking position with my top tier auto-loader. If they flank us we will lose."

    It's not a rant. I am genuinely trying to better understand pubbie logic, because my predictions suck.

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    2. orzel286


      This needs a wows edition:

      "Enemy boats spotted, I need to run, fast!"

      "Enemy is capping our base, need to run FASTER!"

      "My german bb has 20km range, I'll stay 20km away from red boats!"

      "What are A and D keys for?"

      "Ooooooh look, a torpedoboat, I need to get as close as possible!"

      "I'm top tier bb, so obviously bottom tier cruisers have to tank for me!"


    3. monjardin


      5 hours ago, kariverson said:

      One of the most infuriating situations is to have tanks camping behind you but never even try to shoot tanks that are peaking at you or pushing at you.

      Be careful what you wish for. They’re more likely to shoot you in the back of the turret than to actually pen a shot on the red tanks. 

    4. kreigermann


      pubbie is as pubbie does.
      There is no understanding.
      Like trying to count the grains of sand on the beach there are way more reasons for "I PLAY 4 FUN, you cheaterhack statpader"

      At least with players that are trying to get better of all levels there is a unifying theory: get better, win more, have more fun winning more.  You know... I play for fun too. Sometimes I fail at that miserably, and question my sanity for continuing on playing. 

  15. It doesn't matter. The entire platform is cancer from top to bottom. The premium HE is just the cherry on the top. Also the karma system would only make sense even the slightest if you would need at least 50% WR to give karma. Below that the players has absolutely no understanding about the game, so they are not in a position to tell if someone did something well or not.