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  1. Yesterday every single time I played a heavy tank I got clicked, but I am sure the solution is to buff the frontal weak-spot of the heavy tanks.

    I am this close to a chemotherapy session.

  2. The gold ammo has three two main role in this game: 1. It allows you to potentially pen stuff you could not pen with standard ammo. 2. It guaranties pen, where the standard ammo would bounce sometimes. 3. It farms salt. You have difficulties to use gold ammo in the second case. In the garage the cost are considered in credits, but in the battle the currency is your hp. For example if you are a pub star rock star you can get stuff for free, aka you don't spend hp, but still farm damage. You don't want to throw it away, or give it away for free, but you want to spend it wisely. Basically if you shoot gold when you need to, you save your hp. The rule of thumb would be: If you put yourself in a disadvantageous situation just shoot gold when the pen is not guarantied with standard ammo. Some examples for those situations: - Dead gunner/gun or otherwise crippled damage potential - HP disadvantage, or DPM/alpha deficit. - Positional/armor disadvantage etc. I think you already realized this on your own. You just need a confirmation.
  3. A little help for you guys: Don't forget, you have to agree about measuring method too.
  4. That isn't even bad. This was today: The enemy team capped it, while there was still like 10 mins from the game.
  5. "Look, I am three positions above you, that means you suck at the game."
  6. Seems good. Now make it so, that platoons can't be top tiers if the tier spread of the battle is more than one. Would be perfect
  7. I play high tiers, because the player base is more consistent. (relative to the low tiers) In tier 10 specifically I am always top tier, and I can have a bigger relative influence => I don't feel like I am fucked by my team so often. Pick targets for yourself in tier 10. It doesn't matter what it is (1,2,3 Mark/dpg/WR), but grind towards that.
  8. I got low pen roll with my maus 2 times on a type 5, and I almost got murdered by an auto-aiming shitter.
  9. You can check it in game now with the tank comparison tool. The ruski camo is slightly worse.
  10. Fuck arty, and everybody who plays it, and if you play triple arty platoon just get ebola.


  11. It depends on your play style. I would say you can choose between an A-44 and a Comet. Yesterday I played it with the 100mm, because I was in my yolo mood. 75mm to camp bush, 100mm if you want to insert your gun in someones ass.
  12. I already knew most of these, but this one was new for me: It definitely explains some of my failures. Thanks for the info.
  13. How horrific is the 113 grind? I would start at the IS2.

    The top gun on the 110 is like 60k xp ffs, that is like a tier 9 top gun price.


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TAdoo87


      Thanks guys. I think I will go for it. Not many playable line left for me anyways.

    3. Nekommando


      well at least it has 250pen 122mm heat...

    4. Whole_Nutmeg


      The 110 is fine for grinding with the stock gun as long as you don't mind using a bit of heat (or a lot). However, make sure you have 90k free exp banked for the 111-14. That way, you can put on the suspension equipment and then free exp the turret and top gun, which makes the tank very playable. Playing the tank with the 100mm is a bad, bad, BAD idea (coming from someone who did that for ~30 games).  The top engine only gives 20 more HP, so I didn't see a problem with grinding that out with the middle engine.

      but to answer your question, it's a very pleasant grind if you don't have to experience too much of the stock tanks. The IS-2 is playable, the 110 is enjoyable (if inferior to the IS-3), and the 111-14 is a fucking great tank despite how much the gun will troll you.

  14. I have all normal german tier 10 in my garage. It would be nice to get the new one for free, but I still find it hard to believe. I guess we will see, when the patch hits the live server.
  15. Are you sure about that? That doesn't seems to be okay. Why would they give away a free tier 10?