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  1. I thought I will give the Churchill VII a chance. 10 battles I was top tier only in my first battle. No, just no. Fucking cash grab.

    1. ThomChen114


      The Black Prince is IMO the definitive version of what a Churchill tank should be (frontal armor with actual turret armor to match, decent 17-pdr gun) alongside the Churchill III for its tier. Unfortunately the BP at its tier was already reaching its service limit compared to its competitors (IS, T29, Tiger etc)

    2. TAdoo87


      The Churchill 1 was actually quit interesting. It has an unusual play style in the current meta, but it was not a bad tank for its tier. I am kinda tempted to free xp until the Caernavorn. It would be too expensive past that.

  2. I gave it another go. My opinion didn't change this is shit. My performace in terms of WR is roughly the same(a bit better actually) as my recent (I know sample size and stuff...), so the point is I could make it work on the live server, but I just simply don't want to play this crap. If the teams are not equally matched in terms of armor, then the games are as short as they are on the live server. If the teams are equally matched, then the game time is longer and arty does 4-6k damage. btw I think the avg skill on the SB is higher than on live server. It's nothing to do with the changes, I can tell based on the movement of the players and situational awareness. Maybe it is due to the small sample size, but I heard others saying the same. PS: for a long time there was more arty in the queue than every other class combined. Great success.
  3. Does anyone know a way to make the heavies leave the base?

    What I tried so far:

    -in game commands, like "follow me" "attack"

    -pinging on the minimap.

    -going forward with my paper tank so maybe they man up.

    -insulting them in the chat

    -trying to push them away

    -shooting them

    I am not even joking here.

    1. BPX


      Pinging, using their name and emoting them to follow & help you works best.  If that doesn't work they are probably a bot.

    2. TAdoo87


      Actually I didn't try to use their name so far. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Thanks for the good stuff. I personally like the twitch playback more, because I can just jump to the interesting parts. For me it is interesting to see, that most of your good games I can identify one or two key moment, where I would have made the wrong tactical decision. PS: could you tell sleepzoo to deal more dmg, he is wrecking my fantasy team.
  5. I played like 10-15 games. I really really tried to like it, beacues I know WG want to push this out. Tomorrow I will give it a try again. After these games, I don't even have a mood to play the live server anymore. It not just terrible, it also boring and annoying too at the same time. @Whole_Nutmeg Currently there is like 3 arty and 5-7 TD per game on avarage. People can't pen eachother therefor they play arty and TDs, because in those tanks at least they can deal some damage. Who would have thought. But at least the RNG is annoying. How is the ships?
  6. That is not the problem. That would mean they acknowledge their failure to solve the issue. That is the worst scenario for them. It took them like 4 years to admit the arty problem.
  7. PVE is easier said than be done. It would be really expensive for WG. There are multiple problem with the separate queue: 1. It would not work/finish off the NA server. 2. Soon no one would play the arty mode, and it would only highlight the problem, so even the masses of sub 47%-ers would "understand" the arty is a problem. In the end WG would be forced to do drastic changes (removal of arty), and they obviously want to avoid that. I think (in my dreams) they should just nerf the arties every patch until they reach 0.3 arty per game per side, and after that just nerf them when the number goes above. I have so many ideas, how to introduce retarded game mechanics, that would make playing arty unbearably shit even for the biggest arty fans.
  8. Those aren't the droids stats you are looking for. Try this: http://wotlabs.net/na/player/nightmare_luna (The purple rank below the profile picture is a giveaway) CarbonWard and some others also has fake stat under their name, so I would be careful.
  9. I played it similarly, and it worked for me. After 90 games (all solo) 67% 2.4k dmg and 3.4k blocked. The sample size is still not big enough, but I agree, that the play style works, and Maus can win a lot. It is hilarious to see the enemy panic when they realize I am not going to stop. I just put almost 6.5k effective hp in their face to chew on. The thing is the maus can't flex. It has one main job: It has to go one of the flanks, and win it as fast as possible, and soak up as much dmg in the process as possible. This way the tanks which actually able to flex will leave my flank on almost full hp, and if they are not complete imbeciles, then it is gg for us. I played it for the memes (thanks to @zapyoug for the inspiration). It was rather relaxing tbh, but in one of the last games I was two shoot by a T92 platoon (we still won because the faggots held the shell for me). Even if it wins a lot, I won't play it for a while, because I really hate the clickers. PS: blocked dmg new e-peen metric when? PS2: The is mandatory in every Maus thread.
  10. Maybe an advice on the turret angling. If the enemy is "very" far and shoots heat, you can angle like this, and you can rock the tank back and forth: this way there is a good chance they will actually hit the gun mantlet or the side. If the enemy is very close range aka face-hug, then you can use the 45°-ish version, because they will tend to shoot at the middle of the armor plate, which in this case will increase the angle. Generally you want to make them hard to decide where can they pen you, and if it is obvious, then you want to make it hard to hit that spot. The other thing is against tier 10 TD guns you don't want to test your armor. You can still bait shoots with your turret side if they are bad, but I would never push a JPZ, if I don't have to.
  11. I just won a one vs 3 brawl with the leopard 1 against 3 tier 10, and then capped out the last guy. :awyeah:


  12. Dude, you had like 3.8k recent with 60%- WR. I am more embarrassed, because of my 60% rWR, than I would ever be beacause of 2k recent. If you have that high WN8 and that low WR, you are doing something wrong. The same goes for me too, the difference is I am aware of it, and I am trying to fix it.
  13. Let's be honest here. You don't really sorry.
  14. Y did oyu stole my WIN8 posts are incoming. Enjoy the show.
  15. It is actually one of the best tier 8 prem, and imho the best tier 8 "TD". It is basically the combination of a CDC and the borsig with small gun. You just have to play it like that. Take early shoots if you can, and after that just play sensible. If nothing to shoot change position, because you actually can You dont have to always shoot from 500m, moving in to get a new angle is an option. Being "close" doesn't mean you have to trade hp. If you are on an openish map, you don't have to camp bush. You can also VR kite. +1: you can steal a lot of clean up damage. This tank is really just about firing lanes and map awareness.