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  1. @Never Next time you are doing maintenance (or when you have time), would it be possible to replace the Total XP column on the stat page, with Mark of Excellence? The total xp is not very useful in my opinion, and the MoE would be nice to have. I have not much clue about the API, but if I am not mistaken: tanks/achievements/..."marksOnGun" field. TL;DR: please gib marks
  2. It's entirely depends on the mm, and your tank. I think the only golden rule is for heavies, if you can't push the 1 line, then don't go 1 line. From green side: If my entire team camps in A1. The ridges give you cover against 3/4 of the map. You can also try to figure out which bush is taken by the scout, and blind shoot him. If there is no arty, and your armor is really solid. The rock there can be used to get cover against TDs. If there are arties or my armor is useless, but the gun is not too derpy. One can snipe from there while unspotted. If nothing else to do. Standard position, if there are not too many big hitting arties. If the 6. position is taken by the allies and you want to shoot the TDs, or early game if you want to kill an aggressive heavy in the red 5 position. With turret armor, spot/peek/farm depends on the situation. If you are Maus and you feel like doing something stupid. (It actually works, if the enemy team doesn't have a tons of TDs) If not every bot camping in the A1 corner. Luckily you also have some retards in A6/A0, but you are alone. The red positions are symmetrical. The numbering is fucked up but I hope it's understandable. The only special one is the 5. It is semi hull down, and only works if the enemy team has also a slow setup, there is no arty and you have support.
  3. Yeah, that is also a valid reason. But I prefer to shoot the enemy in the ass as a distraction.
  4. You get xp for caping only if the base fully captured. Since your xp is also related to the team performance its not worth it to fast cap unless you would lose otherwise. My rule of thumb is: Cap, if otherwise you would lose. Situations like that: 1. We are losing, there is no other way to win. 2. They are camping in an advantageous position and I don't have the tank to break it. 3. They can out cap us, if we don't cap. This maximizes XP. If you also consider xp/minute: 4. They have fast tanks running away/hiding, and we don't have anything that can kill them in reasonable time. I don't see any other reason to cap, but I might missed something.
  5. Based on my two games on the test server, I expected something like this. I am going to grind it, but not in the near future. I realized paper tanks should not be my priority, since I suck at the game and can't make them work in the current meta. Thanks!
  6. WZ1111111111111114 food or AFE?

    Not like I have too much credit to waste :(

    1. Whole_Nutmeg


      You will burn. I switched to AFE after getting lit up two games in a row.

    2. CarbonWard


      Max out FF, get food.

    3. TAdoo87


      I have a potato 1,5 skill crew. so I stick to the AFE for now

  7. XVM focus explained:


    1. SchnitzelTruck


      That dead toad tho

  8. Sold: '110' successfully sold. Received credits:  1 438 135. Spent gold:  30. 


  9. Why would they do that. Also, gib feedback, so I can force myself to play the 1390.
  10. A certain streamer did this yesterday for 4 hrs straight and he was only top tier in his tier 8s. Maybe it doesn't work on NA due to the server population.
  11. I would give it a try. The XP has it flaws, but it has a very important feature: it punishes CHAI sniping. I think this can't be done with any other parameter. Maybe something like XP*(dmg+assist) wouldn't be a bad idea.
  12. The changes to the game already killed it. Use WGPR for overall rating. gl&hf
  13. Today's news:

    1. I bought a Löwe with the trade-in thingy. It is memetastic. 112k profit with the first game :kreygasm:

    2. I got carried by a 47%-er. I am not even mad, that is amazing.

  14. Actually this will have almost zero effect on bad players, because of the skill gap is so big. Regardless of this, they will be the most pissed off.
  15. Luckly that is not the case.