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  1. Fuck arty, and everybody who plays it, and if you play triple arty platoon just get ebola.


  2. It depends on your play style. I would say you can choose between an A-44 and a Comet. Yesterday I played it with the 100mm, because I was in my yolo mood. 75mm to camp bush, 100mm if you want to insert your gun in someones ass.
  3. I already knew most of these, but this one was new for me: It definitely explains some of my failures. Thanks for the info.
  4. How horrific is the 113 grind? I would start at the IS2.

    The top gun on the 110 is like 60k xp ffs, that is like a tier 9 top gun price.


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    2. TAdoo87


      Thanks guys. I think I will go for it. Not many playable line left for me anyways.

    3. Nekommando


      well at least it has 250pen 122mm heat...

    4. Whole_Nutjob


      The 110 is fine for grinding with the stock gun as long as you don't mind using a bit of heat (or a lot). However, make sure you have 90k free exp banked for the 111-14. That way, you can put on the suspension equipment and then free exp the turret and top gun, which makes the tank very playable. Playing the tank with the 100mm is a bad, bad, BAD idea (coming from someone who did that for ~30 games).  The top engine only gives 20 more HP, so I didn't see a problem with grinding that out with the middle engine.

      but to answer your question, it's a very pleasant grind if you don't have to experience too much of the stock tanks. The IS-2 is playable, the 110 is enjoyable (if inferior to the IS-3), and the 111-14 is a fucking great tank despite how much the gun will troll you.

  5. I have all normal german tier 10 in my garage. It would be nice to get the new one for free, but I still find it hard to believe. I guess we will see, when the patch hits the live server.
  6. Are you sure about that? That doesn't seems to be okay. Why would they give away a free tier 10?
  7. I really don't understand what is wrong with this comment. I guess we need to read the 2017 edition of "How to not offend people on the internet".
  8. I would go with the nerf to oblivion Easy solution: 1. announcement on the WG portal: The class is cancer, we aim to reduce its popularity to 0,5 arty per game. If you want to keep the arty in its current form you have to play a lot of games in other classes. 2. Since it won't happen, I would start the nerf by cutting the alpha and pen in third without compensation. 3. Would introduce bullshit mechanics like ammo failure, siege mode for arty with long switching time, 50m view range, visible tracers etc. 4. If it would actually drop bellow 0,5 arty per game, then it is too unpopular, so after the arty players suffered enough, I would remove it. 5. Profit
  9. If I remember correctly vbaddict can do that if you use the ADU(Automatic Dossier Uploader). It uploads your dossier file, battle result, and stuff like that. The other option is to use the WoT Replay Analyzer. In case you have a lots of replays this is probably a better option. you can do all sorts of filtering on the replays and then you can go in the Replay menu => Stats => Get stats. You will get more statistics than you can comprehend. This way you can even check if Ensk sucks for light tanks. Have fun. PS: the result of the battle (win or lose) is only available if you don't exit from the battle after you die.
  10. Ps: Now that I think about it. I am very constructive these days.
  11. I think with the recent improvements in the game UI there is less and less need for mods, which is a good thing. @CheekiBreeki_ The bulb thingy in the XVM is useful, but I pay more attention to the mini-map since I am not using it. It is more of a convenience, than actually helpful on the long run. I use only one mod, and that is the Jimbo countur icon mod. In this mod the icons of each class has a different color (distinction between meds and heavies too). This might sound silly, but for me it is easier/quicker to formulate a tactic at the start of the battle, and sometimes later in the game too. I look on the team composition at first based on the tank types, and after that I refine my game plan based on the actual tanks. For example: 1. They have more top tier meds 2. They have more meds, but 2 of them Super Pershing, so they won't compete for X position. etc.
  12. Did you start your training with schockisch?
  13. The pew-pew is real in this one. The rocks are my arch-nemesis, especially the ones, which are covered with bushes from one side.
  14. I am not very well informed so maybe I am wrong. Gengish is playing again, so I think/hope OMNI will close up to G100. SANTI 22 players in the clan... IDEAL is getting more active, but it will remain social afaik. RSOP also rebuilding / reuniting with SPALE. I have no interest in CW, but I would be happy to see more competitive high level clan.
  15. No. I get your point. Generally the same dpm with bigger alpha is better, but this is a bad comparison. The problem is that it has 700 alpha with a derp gun, and low hp. So it either miss the shots on range, or potentially trades hp close range. Face to face the SU can't even reload once before it's dead against this tank. Also if you want to mention retarded DPM the SU152 with the 122mm gun has 4k dpm maxed out.(4.4k with the shell in the chamber) Imho it is pointless to compare a turretless TD with low hp to heavy tank with high hp. If WG will introduce 3-5-7 matchmaking, this tiger can be very good with some gold spam.