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  1. Anyone else noticed an increased amount of ammo rack blew ups since the patch? I am not complaining but today and yesterday also had a battle where I ammo-racked two tanks in one battle. Ammo-racking like 8 tanks in two day seems a bit off to me. 

    1. Hellsfog


      I find things like ammo racks run in streaks.

  2. @BlackAdder Yep, like Fulcrous said, I don't want to go that far with the price.
  3. I was thinking about this something like this one: ASUS FX502VM-FY256T Any tips about the brands? What to avoid? I want an SSD, at least a 1060, 8-16 GB ram, and i5+, for roughly 1000€.
  4. I ran it with GLD, rammer and bino. Generally you either fight in the city, where you don't need view range, so the optics is useless, or you are sniping and want to outspot sneaky shit. In that case the optics is also useless, because the base view range is dog shit. You definitely won't play like an active scout on an open field, so optics has no use. (I am a big fan of optics, but not on this tank.) I am also not sure about the spall liner. If you are fighting HE spammer, then they hit you for 300 and you hit them for 750, like who cares? Also fuck arty, but if you are getting shot by arty all the time then you are not positioning yourself well. You just simply should not get spotted on the open with multiple clickers, and if you do get spotted arty will kill you even with spall liner. This is my 2 cents. You are definitely not doing badly in it, so if it works for you...
  5. What you wanted to do with your tiger 2 was area denying. Which can be useful, but it only works if you are dangerous. The tiger 2 does not have a stopping force against a type 4. The best thing you can do is not fight them. Bouncing tanks won't win games. Try to pick flanks where you can actually fight tanks. If you can't pen them, then either run or flank. The only exception is when you have support or you are supporting someone. If someone is supporting you, then you can create a cross fire and then one of you can pen the tank. If you are supporting a TD or an autoloader for example you can track the tank for them.
  6. This tank was fun. WG has absolutely no idea about balancing.
  7. @Star_Dust Since yesterday I didn't play like shit, I feel entitled to point out your mistakes. I won't deeply analyze your replays, but I will point out some general mistakes, and bad habits. First of all because I am lazy, and secondly I ask you to watch and analyze your own replays based on the points I will make. If you can do that, then the next step is to analyze your gameplay while you are playing. As a clan mate once told me: "Did you ever see yourself playing? It looks like shit." I watched my replay and it indeed looked like shit. 1. Information game and positioning: I can tell you are probably tunnel visioning most of the time. Not just that but you don't watch the minimap. Example If you see your team takes the other flank without any resistance, that means every enemy tank is in your flank even if they are not spotted yet. You know they will try to push you, then you should either run, or create a crossfire and make them pay for the push as much as possible. If you are on a given flank check you surroundings constantly. I had to detach the camera in your replays all the time, because I didn't see what is happening in the battle around you. Questions you should ask yourself: Mini-map:How much map control do we have? Which tanks can be on my flank? Are they going to push us? Should we push them? Surroundings: What is my ally doing?Can they flank us? Can we flank them? Did the enemy tank shot? Who killed my ally?(It is useful to locate bush wankers.) 2. Trades and pew-pew: You need to learn more about the armor layout of the tanks. The following things need to pen an enemy tank: He need to be spotted (except blind shots), you need to have line of sight (fuck arty), your gun needs to be loaded, you need to hit him, and you need to pen him. If you can't do any of these on an enemy tank, then don't bother trying to shoot him. Examples: Don't try to snipe the turret of an IS-7 because you are never going to hit the 3 pixel weak-spot. Don't shoot the lower plate of the type 5 with tiger 2 because it never going to pen. Your peekaboo game is bad. You generally don't want to peek on multiple tanks if they can pen. You also don't want to play like that against tanks with bigger alpha. Those are bad trades you want to avoid. Specially don't trade badly on a losing flank. Questions: Can he damage me?(Does he see me?, Is he looking towards me?, Can he hit me?, Can he pen me?) Can I damage him? (same questions...) Would this be a good trade for me? There are much more to git good, but you should start with these. Good luck and try to avoid playing shit tanks.
  8. What to grind next. There aren't many line left. These are the lines I didn't grind for yet.

    30B - meh
    TVP - not meta and shit grind
    IS-4- meh
    Pz.7 - meh
    Type5 - fuck this
    FV4005 tempting for the memes

    Fuck the other TDs and ofc fuck arty.


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    2. hazzgar


      @TAdoo87 but for the 30b aren't you already like half way there on the BC12T? If yeah then it's a super easy grind. Especially since lights get exp very fast. 

      PZ VII should be also easy because all you need to do is grind the vkb which is annoying but doable.

    3. TAdoo87


      I actually went for the TVP simply because I have a tier 10 in every other nation. I will also start the shit barn grind because I seriously need memes in my life. At some point I will unlock the "meh" tanks as well, but I am not in a hurry because the tier 10s of those lines aren't interesting for me.

    4. hazzgar


      @TAdoo87 don't you have the fv183? It is also good for memes and doesn't require you to grind TDs. Even if they are better now.


      Also the Jap Tank grind is rather easy. Oni is better than people give it credit for (think Ferdi so its hard to maximize the armor but it somehow works). The only bad place in the line is type4 stock gun. Even the mid non derp gun on the type4 kinda works.

  9. I got my 260 way before the patch by completing 4 last missions for each set with honors. Do I get now the grills for the final clicker missions? If so, then how can I claim them? If not, then fuck WG.
  10. I just cant play tier 8s in randoms anymore. It is so annoying. I am not even doing badly in them, but it feels so miserable to play them constantly in tier 10. :babyrage:

    How do you guys grind credits? The SH is still Elo based? Team-battles? What is your secret?

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    2. Kolni


      I just spend money on the game cuz honestly I'd rather enjoy my free time instead of using it up on grinding shitty shit I won't enjoy. A fort knox until credits run out and repeat is honestly a much better way for me because 4h of work per month will supply that, and the amount of grinding it'll skip me is about 20h. That's all the free time I'd have for a week... 

    3. Strigonx


      i only grind credits when i have premium time and credit boosters on and the only thing i play is 252U.

      close to 200k per match isn't so bad considering.



    4. Diatomix


      100% gold spam


  11. Do you guys think we can keep the current 430? If so, I think I will power grind it. I am at the 416 at the moment.
  12. I just finished the T95 grind. 88 battles, 74% solo WR. It is very good against clowns. Here is a replay: Clownfiesta 1vs4 :MingLee:

    1. CandyVanMan


      So much good gameplay in that match...

      Holy shit what a cripple fight.

    2. TAdoo87


      I think the clownfiesta is a fitting title for this masterpiece.

  13. I got the ranked pay out. Feelsgoodman. :disco: