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  1. I disagree. The map meta is only part of it. Since it's hay days there was an accuracy nerf. We have a lots of derp guns now, and the new tier 10 power creepd the shit out of it. Just imagine Murazor would say one day the Super Conq is OP (which is), so they will "rebalance" it: It will lose a little bit of alpha 400 to 390 but it will keep the same rate of fire. The dispersion on the move will increase with 70%, but in exchange the final accuracy will be improved by 10% and the aiming time by 5%,the pen will be also increased by 3.5% The gun caliber will be also decreased so it will lose some over-match potential. Since the super conq is too strong ridge line fighter, we decide to take away 1 degree of gun depression The armor is also proven to be to strong, so all the armor was removed including all spaced armor except a small piece on the gun mantlet. The survival rate of the tank also needed to be adjusted, so it's hp will be decreased by 19% To compensate all these changes the increased it's top speed and mobility. The tank will be also renamed. The new name of the tank: Leopard 1. Have fun.
  2. I can't say anything about the reward tanks, since I don't have them and they are too rare. But the fact that they are so rare also tells a story. The shitbarn also a special case, due to its fear factor. It often denies agressive play just by being unspotted. Ofc the better players can predict its position, but I guess for a lots of player its just a danger that can kill them "anytime". I agree with the changes you mentioned. It should get at least russian med gun handling and dpm too. Ps: wow I just realized it has the second worst dpm as non-autoloader tech-tree tier 10 med.
  3. This guy is golden:


    He was pinging the map in his arty to spot a tank from the enemy team that was stuck and couldn't move. I just left the grille there to go to help the other flank since it was close.  The enemy team had three one shots but our arty held the shell for the grille, that couldn't move and when the grille drowned himself, this guy tried to shot me.:gokuderp:

  4. My third game in it. The gun is amazing. The package not so much. 100% lose rate so far.
  5. Nice meme https://clips.twitch.tv/TastySillyCougarKappaWealth
  6. Be ready. WG will approach you with a job offer.
  7. Be ready. WG will approach you with a job offer.
  8. It seems to be the case. Imho the heavy missions were too easy in the current meta.
  9. Dealing 25% of the total dmg is like a high caliber(20%) plus two shots. Since there is a dmg requirement I would try to do it with a S Conq.
  10. vbaddict last 30 days WR for tier 10s: The stats of the FV215B are skewed, since it is literally only played by fanboys and bots. The S.Conq is the same tank just better in every way. => The Leo 1 is the worst tier 10 tank. @igorCRO good buy.
  11. I remember once serb envisioned it that way. I think the statement was that it would one shot everything except the Maus just by splash damage.
  12. I play the IS to prepare for the patch. I just lost a tier 8 game on sacred valley, where we had a VK100001P. The enemy team had one tank that could have pen it with standard rounds frontally and a total of TWO tanks who could pen it with gold rounds. He died last I have to give him that, but you know he played it safe as in camping behind TDs. This is as easy as it gets with +-2mm. 60k games under his belt btw.

    He doesn't even have to jump over the bar, just kind of step over it.The bar is already on the ground. The only thing WG can do is make the bar thinner so this guy won't stumble in it. As long as people are allowed to shoot back at the enemy this can't get any easier.

    I just lost it. /rant

    1. GehakteMolen


      Campinovka, we get a T95 as top tier, in a +2mm game (and no arty).

      He dies in first minute (and was not even afk...)


      Some people should really stop using fucking crocodile, if rots away their ``brain``

  13. I signal to the SU12254 to "fall back", since he was about to push in the crossfire of two hull down heavy + where the arty preaims. He wrote in the chat "never" and drove into death. I mean, I am sorry I didn't want to interfere with your Bushido or what ever is going on in your head. Here I was thinking I am playing an arcade tank shooter and not a samurai game. My bad I guess.:MingLee:

    1. orzel286


      > SU12254

      He was probably afraid of the comissars.

    2. TAdoo87


      Can be.. :D

    3. Tarski


      We salute him. 

  14. I would honestly pay for reusable artillery-strikes in randoms, that would only work on 907 platoons. Extra cash if it's give 1min+ stun to the package.

  15. What ever works for you. I am curious if it you can pull better numbers with that setup. Let us know.