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  1. @GehakteMolen I liked it a lot. It's not the best tier 9 in the game, but for me it is one of the better one, and for sure better than the turd called 50 120. I think you just had some bad luck. You have decent armor frontally and you can bully the shit out of the enemy, that usually means good WR.
  2. It will be much better, especially for randoms, but I am not sure if it will be god like. I don't think it can replace the 907s or even the 140 in advances/CW etc. due to its weak turret cheek.
  3. Everyone said it is better than the tier 10 ligths. They don't want to buff the lights, so they nerf the BC. This way more people will grind the lights and that equals money. It doesn't matter if they earn less money on the long run.
  4. I expected this. They made the lights shit, so they have to nerf the BC to make the trash lights look better. This was absolutely not necessary. I admit the yoloing BCs are ebola sometimes, but WG just have to hide the names of the players to solve this. (Not like they think this is a problem) This fucking murazor guy. So the Maus is okay: Notice you actually can't possibly go below 50% WR with your Maus unless you are doing it intentionally. But the BC is OP and needs nerf: Edit: What is the difference between the new BC and the 50 100?
  5. Should I buy the Endless Space 2? Waiting for steam summer sale. (I didn't play the first game) 


  6. This top10% is a nice meme by WG. They almost tricked me to "try-hard". According to wot-news there are 900k players play the game at least once a week on EU. Even if only 10% of the population played the ranked during the season that is 90k player. So the best/most dedicated 0,7% makes it to the top 10%, and this will be likely lower by the end of the season. Nice fucking joke.
  7. WTF was WG thinking with this light rework. I started to play WZ-131. 370m base viewrange.... like what the fuck are they smoking. The fucking TDs  are outspotting me every fucking time. The fucking Tiger has more viewrange than that. Those devs are so out of touch with the game, they are not even on the same planet. 

    1. Fulvin


      that's what you get for not paying €€€ for premium lights :doge:

    2. TAdoo87


      yeah, the type 64 is flat out better, other than the hp and ammo capacity Feelsbadman

    3. saru_richard


      cause apparently WG thinks camo is more important that view range for scouts :novaserb:

  8. @7722 You should have just capped after 3 mins, instead of trying to snipe on super-heavies, with a tank which has shitty accuracy and shitty pen. There is a dip in the cap zone combine that with the low profile of the T100 and it was an easy victory. Even if you don't sit in the dip they have to get very close to spot you there. For me, there is pointless to talk about what your team mates fucked up, because that won't improve your skill. You had huge luck against the AMX, then your team mate wrote that the type shot, so you could have gotten closer to him earlier. If you weren't low hp you could have just side hug the type, but in this case it wouldn't work due to the obstacles around your low hp. If you are playing around an obstacle you can get some distance to get speed and get unspotted and then pick a side and hope he has slow reaction. Obviously at that point it is pure luck. Peaking at the end was the absolute worse thing you could have done. You peaked on a two-shoot type when there was so little time on the clock that you had no time to reload the second shell. There were a lot of other bad things and a few good things too, but these were the main points in my opinion. TL;DR: don't snipe with light tanks on super-heavies and stop the dmg-whoring.
  9. I took it out for a spin. I have no clue why. I was like: It can't be that bad... Yes, it is. The only reason I am not selling it for credit, because it is so bad, that WG have to buff it sooner or later. After the battle I just realized, it wouldn't even be OP as a tier 7.
  10. 'Kranvagn' successfully purchased.

    I think so far this is my favorite line all in all from tier 5-10. Imo, there is only one mediocre tank in the line, and that is the Leo. The STrv74 and the Emil I is amazing.

    I will see how good the Kranvagn is. I know a lot of people don't like it.

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    2. leggasiini


      WG would have implemented it way better tbh

      I dont know why they went in and gave every tank in the line similar armor layout and derp guns as O-I

    3. Fulcrous


      Honestly the Type 5 would have been fine as is with the derp, if it weren't for the fact it got significant armor profile buffs. Alternatively they could have buffed its armor and given it at least a 310 pen premium shell. Giving it both armor and the derp was completely unnecessary.

      In regards to the Maus, I can go on about it forever. Armor was already good and they made it even stronger. In combination with the HP buff, it's practically a tank that's guaranteed to soak 5k damage in pubs. Then the DPM buff is a big slap in the face to anyone who got the kranvagn/pz7/is7 recently.

    4. leggasiini


      Type 5 armor profile was pure aids for both ways; you still kinda needed gold but in return it wouldnt anyhow use it other than angling from corners.

      They should make upper front stupidly strong, like 300, remove cheeks, then make the lower front into UFP and LFP, latter weakspot, make the cupola bit smaller but weaker, make the mantle absorb hits little better, revert sidearmor buffs, remove derp and buff 14cm pen by 15mm or so on both rounds and buff accuracy to 0.37-0.38. Now its more like Maus - E100 mix, with own few traits (better depression, best AP pen of all heavies, worse side armor and bigger than both). Then make Type 4 just worse version of that tier lower and your good to go.

  11. @Sapros I would have tried my luck on the hill. The gun is not the best to snipe from the middle, and the tank is too tall to get a good position on that ridge. Even if you die on the hill imo you could have a much bigger impact. I think you could have gotten 2 clips of damage and probably some spotting too. The STB leaving the ridge on the hill and getting spotted was the game losing moment.
  12. It has 242 gold pen with the stock gun. That is just simply not enough. Free xp the gun if you can. Even with the top engine/track the mobility is not good enough to flank around with the low pen gun.
  13. @Vindi @BlackAdder I have to say in this meta, sometimes you can't do anything, and I am biased, because I like the tank. Simply because the gun just make shit happen. Also the camo is not a problem, because outside the spotting circle I have infinite camo. My opinion is mostly personal bias so it is not to be taken too seriously. Just imagine if the view range meta will make a come back at some point.
  14. Maybe you guys are shit.
  15. Allowing them to platoon with normal tanks is a terrible idea. It will make them MUCH more popular. These fucking window-licker developers are really hate players or what? If they do stuff like this based on professional reason, then someone is really fucking incompetent there. Either the guy how manage the game mechanic or the marketing or whatever department, that thinks this generate profit for them on the long run. I would really like an honest conversation with one of the lead developer, I am really curious why are they shit at their job.