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  1. 1.2kmx1.2km means actually an almost 50% bigger map (44%).
  2. The 5° is the absolute minimum I am willing to play with. This tank went from the "no way in hell" to the "here I come" category. I am still only at the WZ-132 but I am on my way...
  3. Can someone tell me what precentage of pen chance is represented by the colors of the dynamic pen marker. 

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    2. SaintLaurentius


      tbh, I havent paid any attention to the colors in years, I generally know where to shoot or switch to skill by pressing 2-2 in the follow-up shot.

    3. Fulcrous


      its like 30-70%chance pens. I found the range pretty huge

    4. Kolni


      why are you even using pen markers when your own eyes should be able to tell much better :kjugh:   

  4. If you are talking about high tier tanks, you should consider the first-shot DPM. (In case you don't know what it is: it is the standard DPM plus the alpha.) At the beginning of the engagement you already have a shell in the chamber. If you consider this (3700 dpm, 400 alpha) vs (3650 dpm, 750 alpha), then the question boils down to this:better RoF or better alpha. Imho alpha is the king, especially on slow platforms. PS: It is useful to discuss questions like this, so don't worry about it, if the community disagrees.
  5. I think a couple of years ago the devs stated, that wot only needs kbs/s. If you think about it, you have all the data on client side and tbe server only gives the information which one of the object should be visuallized and in what condittions. This is one part of the game, which is actually uncharacteristically well done. (I am not an IT expert its just my personal oppinion)
  6. See guys this is how wotlabs got its reputation. I am so proud of you guys. @jhoncito123 We do not understand your question. Make a print-screen about your issue.
  7. I shit you not, after the intro of the new MM pubbies were complaining, that they get same tier mm too many times. They wanted to be top tiers more often, so they can actually kill tanks. "Same tier battles are boring"
  8. non-pedo makrs, and you show an IS3. congrats btw
  9. Guys you talk like someone who born to be a developer at WG. 10/10 would hire you.
  10. IS-3: 24+1=25Object 416: 25 UDES 03: 9-3=6VK 100.01 (P): 21Lowe: 27.T26E5/Patriot: 28AMX M4 49/Liberte: 20Rhm. Skorpion: 20Obj. 252U/Defender: 28 Strv S1: 15Lorr. 40t: 23Chrysler K GF: 6 PS: @the_guys_who_deleted_Emil_I you guys are bad at the game, that tank is the very best in the game good. Since I am a true fan boy you can't convince me otherwise with reasoning.
  11. It makes sense. It is a well known fact, that the TVP VTU is the best counter of the defender.
  12. IS-3: 23 T32: 14 Object 416: 23 Emil I: 3+1=4 There are still objectively much worse tanks on the list, and I personally liked it a lot. UDES 03: 15-3=12 Siege mode is an idiotic game mechanic. VK 100.01 (P): 21 Lowe: 26 T26E5/Patriot: 25 AMX M4 49/Liberte: 20 Rhm. Skorpion: 19 Obj. 252U/Defender: 27 Strv S1: 17 Lorr. 40t: 23 Chrysler K GF: 12
  13. If I ever re-install the game then I will club the hell out of the low tiers with this tank.
  14. Then I wasn't far of with the dpg. I don't know, the AP velocity for that tier doesn't felt too bad to me, but I guess that is somewhat the matter of personal preference.