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  1. Can you measure the activity of a clan based on a forum thread?
  2. And thus the lurking turns into stalking...
  3. It works! So, what now...? Make this into a high-activtiy thread? I will contribute the way I can. With words put together in a somewhat correct order...
  4. As a response to this, I would very much like to quote the "Microsoft Employee" who called me at 06:30 on a Saturday morning to tell me that he wanted to fix my computer. "I'M GONNA FUCK YOU UP!"
  5. I bet you regret that you added me... I however loved the yellow and DZ credits you gave me. Thank you. <3 Atleast I let you have your revenge.
  6. Hey, Thanks for the ride. While I have been away for a little while playing some Division, it saddens me to see this. Though it is understandable. Thanks to everyone who was a part of making LOTI what it was, a great place with great people. Hope to see you guys around! <3
  7. Yeah, will add you. You can add me and RJ as well. Using the same nicks... See ya in-game.
  8. Dog doesn't bark. Game is broken. Rage at wargaming. Demand money back. Cry.
  9. Anyone planning on playing The Division? If so, send me a PM.
  10. ninz, your lurking here so much you'll become a member of LOTI in no time.