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  1. And thus the lurking turns into stalking...
  2. It works! So, what now...? Make this into a high-activtiy thread? I will contribute the way I can. With words put together in a somewhat correct order...
  3. As a response to this, I would very much like to quote the "Microsoft Employee" who called me at 06:30 on a Saturday morning to tell me that he wanted to fix my computer. "I'M GONNA FUCK YOU UP!"
  4. I bet you regret that you added me... I however loved the yellow and DZ credits you gave me. Thank you. <3 Atleast I let you have your revenge.
  5. Hey, Thanks for the ride. While I have been away for a little while playing some Division, it saddens me to see this. Though it is understandable. Thanks to everyone who was a part of making LOTI what it was, a great place with great people. Hope to see you guys around! <3
  6. Yeah, will add you. You can add me and RJ as well. Using the same nicks... See ya in-game.
  7. Dog doesn't bark. Game is broken. Rage at wargaming. Demand money back. Cry.
  8. Anyone planning on playing The Division? If so, send me a PM.
  9. ninz, your lurking here so much you'll become a member of LOTI in no time.
  10. Yay. Welcome home! SH at 2000 viking time today. Feel free to join the fun (beer required?!)... What's your hair colour and mental age? Also, Matra will get in touch with you... at some point.